Blurred Lines: The Fast and the Furious Remake

Rated: M (mostly for language and bothersome situations – although I promise it won't be too intense.)

Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

Chapter 1

Alyssa Connelly was at her best friend Kayla Lancaster's house, rehashing another date that had gone badly over coffee, when her cell phone rang from its position on the counter next to her elbow. It had initially startled her, but she froze for a moment when she recognized the ringtone, her green eyes widening. That particular song hadn't crossed her phone in over six months. She ignored her friend's concerned voice asking what was wrong and flipped her phone open quickly, not wanting it to go to voicemail. It would be important.

"Hello?" she questioned into the phone.

A soft, distraught voice came from the other end of the line, "Ali, we need your help."

Her eyes widened, "Mia, what happened?" she asked seriously. She stood from the bar stool and crossed back into her friend's living room for a semblance of privacy – and an attempt to stop her rising panic.

"Dom's in trouble", she said quickly, "Everything is screwed up. You need to come down here."

There would be no questions. Questions could wait until later; she would go because she was asked, despite the consequences. Well, one question had to be asked, "Where the hell am I going?" she asked immediately.

She heard a sigh, "We're in Mexico", Mia answered.

Alyssa's eyebrows furrowed contemplatively, "Exactly how much trouble are you guys in?" It had been less than sixty seconds, but she already wanted to pull her hair out. "I mean, I would assume it's pretty bad, considering you are, in fact, calling me-"

Mia interrupted her guiltily, "He didn't want me to call you. He nearly bit my head off when I suggested it two weeks ago", she admitted. She didn't have to specify who. "But things have gotten worse, and Brian got the rest of the guys to get him out of here for a while so we could try to get ahold of you."

"Mia", she whined, "He's gonna be pissed." She ran a hand through her now chocolate brown hair.

"Yeah, well, you know better than anyone that my brother can be an idiot sometimes. Even Letty wanted him to get you to come down here", Mia continued.

Alyssa snickered, smiling lightly, "Oh, I remember. But stop", she said calmly, "you don't need to convince me."

"You'll come then?" Mia asked hopefully.

"I'll come", she answered seriously. "I want everything explained to me when I get there, but for now, you asked, and that's enough."

"Thank you", her friend said gratefully.

"I just have one question", Alyssa finished. "What's the closest airport for me to land at?"

"We are currently in La Nanchita", Mia explained, "So I think if you land in Culiacan International, it should be fine. I think its roughly eleven or twelve kilometers away."

"Alright", Alyssa agreed, still skeptical about the situation, "I'll need someone to pick me up", she said finally. "I'd rent a car, but I don't really feel like getting lost in Mexico tonight", she laughed lightly.

"You're going to come tonight?" Mia asked surprised. "It can wait until morning, at least."

"No need to sound so excited", Alyssa joked. "But, really, I'd rather have less time to talk myself out of it."

Mia sighed, "I understand. I'll have Brian pick you up", she said.

"Thanks, hun", she said. "Let me see what I can do about a ticket; San Francisco International might not even have a flight going there tonight. I'll call you right back." She hung up and turned to ask her friend for the airport phone number, only to find Kayla standing no more than a few feet away from her. "Geez, Kay, you nearly gave me a heart attack", she complained.

Kayla raised a pointed eyebrow at her, "Who the hell was that? And what was that about Mexico?"

"An old friend", Alyssa said warily. "She needs my help. Can you get the number for the airport for me, please?" she asked, changing the subject.

Kayla nodded reluctantly, her chin length blonde hair bobbing with the movement, "I will, but after you figure your shit out, I will expect an explanation." She walked out of the room muttering in an undertone that she knew Alyssa could hear, "Always with the drama."

"That's a huge exaggeration", Alyssa called down the hall. She just heard her friend's tinkling laugh.

Fifteen minutes later, Alyssa had a seat on a straight flight to Culiacan. And thanks to her boss Erin, who was also a personal friend, she had an indefinite amount of time off from her work at The Ivy Luxury San Diego Hotel.

She sat on the couch next to her friend, "Can you take me to the airport tonight?" she asked.

Kayla rolled her bright blue eyes at her, "What else do I have to do tonight, moron?" she teased. "I'll even go back to your apartment with you and help you pack."

"You're the best, you know that?" Alyssa said bumping her friend with her shoulder.

"Oh, I know", Kayla laughed.

Alyssa fake-scowled, "Just for that, I won't let you keep my car while I'm gone", she said.

Kayla gasped, poking her friend in the ribs, "You're gonna let me drive the shiny car", she nearly moaned.

Alyssa had a black two-door Aston Martin Mercedes. While she had had a better, faster car five years ago, she was quite proud of this one – even if she hadn't put it together herself. Alyssa shrugged, "Only if you wanted to", she said nonchalantly.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Kayla said excitedly, clapping her hands childishly.

"Oh, god, Kay, don't have an orgasm over it", Alyssa said sarcastically. Kayla stared at her in shock for a moment, mouth dropped open in shock, before they both doubled over in laughter. Alyssa had met Kayla six years ago in a Starbucks, during her first week in San Diego. She had just turned twenty - two, and her life had been turned upside down by things that she hadn't really had control of at the time. She had been lonely and lost in what she had then felt was a huge city. Kayla had been the only other person sitting alone in the coffee shop, so she asked to sit with her. It took only minutes before they were best friends; Kayla helped her get her job at the hotel and find her amazing apartment. The only thing Kayla didn't know about her, was the sketchy details surrounding her move to San Diego from Los Angeles.

"Anyways", Alyssa continued, "Let me call Mia back, really quickly and let her know when to send Brian to pick me up." She picked up the phone, still sitting on the couch and redialed the previous number.

Mia answered almost immediately; the phone must have been next to her, "When's your flight?" she asked, not wasting time with pleasantries.

"It gets in at eleven-thirty tonight", Alyssa said apprehensively.

"Oh, thank god", Mia said gratefully.

"You thought I would change my mind!" she accused her friend.

"It was a possibility", Mia said plainly.

"If it was anyone else, maybe", Alyssa conceded. "Can I speak to Brian for a minute, Mia?"

"Sure, hold on a minute", she said. Alyssa heard her calling her boyfriend who was probably watching the news in the other room.

A minute later, he was on the phone, she could tell he was grinning, "Hey, Buttercup, what's shakin'?"

Alyssa let an almost laugh, as she held back a sob aware of her friend watching her intently. "That's still corny, Brian", she said.

"And you still love it", he said confidently. "Besides, how the hell else was I supposed to get that guy to back off that night", he said laughing. "You always got into trouble with someone when we went drinking."

She growled unhappily, "That's still not fair. There has to be a statute of limitations with something like that. Besides, you're the blonde, not me."

"Are you seriously trying to include made up laws in this conversation?" he asked incredulously. "Did you forget who you're talking to? And no, there is no limit on making fun of your awesome drunken moments."

"Good to know", she said dryly, rolling her eyes. She cleared her throat, not wanting to think about it at the moment, "Anyways, you're picking me up tonight", she said abruptly.

"Yeah, Mia said your flight gets in at eleven-thirty?" he questioned.

"Yes", she confirmed. "And I'm telling you now, if you're late to pick me up, I'll kick your ass."

He chuckled, "You can try", he teased. "I'll be there", he said quietly, picking up on her anxiety.

"Thank you", she said, "Besides, you know how I feel about long flights; you're not gonna want to mess with me, because I will not be a happy camper."

"Alright, I'll play nice", he agreed.

"Stop laughing at me", she complained, "I can hear you smiling over the phone."

"Sorry", he was clearly choking back a laugh, "See you in a few hours, Buttercup." And he hung up on her before she could respond. She snapped her phone shut with a growl, she glared at the appliance in her hand, daring it to ring again so that she could throw it across the room.

She felt Kayla run a comforting hand through her hair and she leaned her head on her friend's shoulder with a whine, "This is not going to be fun."

"Come on", Kayla said after a moment, forcing them both into a standing position. "Let's go get you packed, and you can fill me in."


A few hours later, her bags packed, she boarded a plane, taking her back to the one place she didn't want to be – and the people she had missed terribly. Three and a half hours later, the plane landed in Culiacan International Airport. The length of the flight was nowhere near long enough to calm her nerves, and she was fighting the urge to throw up as she made her way to the baggage claim.

Five minutes later, she snatched her two suitcases off the moving belt, adjusting her carry-on, and turned around to see a tan, blonde-haired man with sparkling blue eyes staring at her intently with a shit-eating grin on his face. She bit her lip momentarily straightening her shoulders, before walking sedately across the large hall to the wall he was leaning casually against, wheeling her bags behind her. She stopped in front of him, raising an eyebrow, "Brian", she said teasingly, tilting her head.

"What the hell did you do to your hair?" he asked suddenly, realizing that it was no longer tinged with red.

She let out a laugh, "Cut it, dyed it brown, do I need to state the obvious?"

He rolled his eyes, "Alright", he said, reaching for her, "Come here". He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into a tight hug.

She let out a sigh, returning the hug. The adrenaline that had ruled her body for the last five hours began to fade, leaving her body shaking. "I missed you", she admitted.

He pulled back from her slightly, his hands still on her waist, "We've all missed you", he said pointedly. "You look good", he said, eyeing her carefully.

She squinted at him in amusement, "Thanks, I think." She had changed out of her comfortable outfit before heading to the airport. Kayla had been amused and curious, but Alyssa had only said, 'You only get one chance at a good first impression.' And then she spent the next fifteen minutes explaining that, no, it wasn't because of a guy. Except that it was, just not like that. Now she was in Mexico wearing a tight, red halter top and dark wash skinny jeans, with Brian staring at her. She had a black zipper hoodie in her carry-on bag, knowing that Mexico got cold at night. She rolled her eyes, "Put your eyes back in your head, Brian, or I'll tell Mia."

He laughed, "Just observing", he said lightly. "It was in my job description, you know."

"Moron", she muttered lightly.

He grabbed the handles of her two suitcases and they began walking back towards the exit, "Come on let's go before Mia wonders what happened to us", he said over her shoulder.

Alyssa stopped dead, "I have to pee", she announced – probably a little too loudly, if the man walking past her giving her a dirty look was any indication.

Brian snickered, turning around to face her, he let go of a suitcase to point, "Restroom's that way." She nodded, seeing the sign. "I'll meet you by the door", he said, pointing down the hall a little ways to where she could see a wall of windows and doors made entirely of glass. "Don't take too long or I'll come in there and cause a scene", he threatened.

She bit back a smile, "Give me five minutes before you send for the hellhounds", she said calmly. He nodded and they separated. She was glad she wouldn't have to deal with all her bags in the bathroom stall. She locked herself in a stall and leaned against the door, taking a few deep breaths to calm down before doing what she needed to do. Brian had been serious when he said he would come after her if she took too long. He had done it before, and it hadn't ended well, to say the least.

Four minutes later, and wearing her jacket, she met up Brian at the door, "Let's go, Buster", she called over her shoulder as she passed by him.

"Only Dom gets away with calling me that!" he complained, as she laughed at him not being able to chase her and tackle her to the ground like he clearly wanted to as he fought with her luggage – besides the fact that they were in an airport.


He threw her bags into the backseat of his remodeled black '97 two-door black Camaro, ignoring her whining to be careful. Brian opened her door for her, an eyebrow tilted in amusement, "When did you get so damn bitchy, woman?" he wondered absently before shutting her door instead of letting her respond.

When he got in the car, she had her arms folded across her chest pretending to be angry. "I'm not bitchy", she complained, "You were traumatizing my luggage."

Brian gave up trying to put his key in the ignition as he laughed his ass off until she couldn't help but join in. When he finally stopped laughing, he turned on the car, the engine roaring to life, "Ali, you're ridiculous, you know that?" his eyes glinting at her teasingly.

"I'm a breath of fresh air", she countered, sinking into the familiar seat. She let out a groan, "I've missed this car", she said running a hand over the dashboard. Brian just looked over at her with a knowing smirk. "What?" she questioned.

He shook his head, "Nothing", he said with a smile. He tossed her his cell phone, "Here", he said, "Text Mia. Let her know we're on our way, and ask if Leon texted her yet."

She did as he asked, and a few minutes later, the phone buzzed in her hand, she read it and related the message. "She said get our asses home, and she hasn't heard from them yet."

Brian nodded in approval, "Good. We should have perfect timing."

Alyssa looked at him warily, "Alright, what half-assed scheme did you guys come up with to get me into the house?"

"Well, everyone knows that Dom probably wouldn't just let you into the house", Brian explained, "So we got the other guys and Letty to get him out of the house until twelve-thirty or so. We were hoping they could keep him out long enough to get you and all your stuff into the house before they got back. In any case, Leon is supposed to message Mia when they're on their way back."

Alyssa flinched, "He's so not gonna be happy. And I hope you realize that I'm blaming it on you guys."

He nodded, "It's okay, he just needs someone to knock some sense into him."

Her eyes widened, "You're all delusional if you think me being around is going to help his state of mind", she said sternly.

"He'll listen to you", Brian argued, "after he ignores all of us for the next two or three days. Which to be honest, would be welcome in exchange for all his stupidness."

"Oh, my god", she muttered, horrified. "This is such a bad idea, I can't even tell you. Me talking to him is not going to happen like you guys all think it will."

"Why did you leave?" he asked seriously. "Everybody knows something happened between you and Dom, but he never said what – except to refute Vince asking if you two slept together. He was very vocal about that much."

Alyssa laughed cynically, "I would imagine he was. No, Brian, we never slept together. That's so far from what happened that it's laughable. We didn't even sleep together when we dated twelve years ago."

"Well, what happened then?" he asked quietly.

Alyssa shook her head wearily and sighed, "Can we drop it, please? I don't want to talk about it right now."

Brian nodded reluctantly, "We'll be there in about ten minutes", he said after a moment of silence. "You ready?"

She rolled her eyes dramatically, "Hell no, but it's a little late to change my mind now." She leaned her head against the headrest and closed her eyes wanting to block out the world for just a few minutes.

"We're here", Brian said quietly a few minutes later. Alyssa opened her eyes and looked out the window to see a Spanish-styled, white, three-story house with a wrap-around porch. She couldn't see much else because it was the middle of the night, but she noticed the absence of any other houses in the immediate vicinity. It was almost exactly like she had imagined – it suited them perfectly. She squinted towards what she assumed would be the backyard and could make out the outline of a large garage.

Alyssa smiled tightly, "Let's get it over with", she murmured. They got out of the car and she made a big show of taking her luggage out of back of the car carefully while Brian watched with amusement. She left them sitting on the gravelly driveway for Brian to take, and she grabbed her carry-on and walked up the porch stairs slowly to the door, letting Brian catch up to her so he could go in first.

"Hey Mia!" he called loudly through the house stepping through the doorway with her bags in tow. Alyssa followed him reluctantly, and looked around. She saw the expansive living room that was painted a light blue. The floor was a dark cherry wood and the room, full of white furniture, save the coffee table, was probably a testament to Mia's belief that the guys could in fact be neat. Something Alyssa was sure had never been proven. Against the farthest wall there was a giant flat screen TV, and directly to the right of it, she saw part of the stair case hidden behind the wall that led upstairs.

She saw part of a giant dining room table around the corner of a half-wall that meshed with a floor to ceiling wall with an arch doorway which she assumed hid the kitchen. That was all she had time to notice before she was literally tackled by Mia. Her shoulder hit the wall roughly as arms were squeezing the oxygen from her lungs. The only thing she could see when she opened her eyes was Mia's long dark brown hair. "Mia", she squeaked, gasping for a breath, "I missed you and all, but I really like being able to breathe."

Mia pulled back slightly and she could see the tears in her eyes, "I'm so glad you're here", she said in disbelief. "I've missed you so much."

Alyssa took in her friend's features. Her face was thinner than it had been the last time she had seen her two and a half years ago, and although her hair was still long, she now had stylish bangs. She tugged gently on a lock of Mia's hair, "I've missed you too, baby sister", she said softly. Alyssa hugged her friend again, this time more prepared, before pulling away. She looked down before she moved, not wanting to trip over her bags, and promptly noticed they weren't there. She looked at Mia quizzically, "Where-" she started.

"Brian took them upstairs to your room", she said, interrupting her. Alyssa nodded with a slight smile. "Come on", Mia said grabbing her by the arm, "Let's go into the kitchen and enjoy the quiet for a few minutes", she said knowingly.

Alyssa smiled with relief, "You're the best." She saw Brian coming down the stairs without her bags, "Thanks, hopefully you won't have to play chauffeur for me again anytime soon", she said with a laugh as he play bowed in her direction.

He slung an arm playfully around her shoulders and they both pulled her into the kitchen to sit at the large island. They chatted idly for several minutes before Mia's phone buzzed on the hard surface. Mia flicked it open and shut in less than three seconds. "They'll be here in five minutes", she said shooting Alyssa a worried glance. "Maybe this was a bad idea", she muttered.

Alyssa rolled her eyes at her friend, "A little late for that, don't you think?" she questioned dryly. She turned to give Mia and Brian a wicked grin before getting off the barstool and moving to the large refrigerator. She opened it and glanced around for a moment before pulling a bottle out of the bottom drawer and swung the door shut gently. She ignored the stares that she was receiving and rifled through two drawers to locate the bottle opener and she popped the lid off and it clattered to the counter. She turned around, "What?" she asked rolling her eyes.

Brian spoke first, "Do you have a death wish?" he asked in astonishment.

Alyssa smiled and shook her head while Mia stared at her with raised eyebrows clearly telling her to explain herself. She glanced at the Guinness in her hand, Dom's Guinness. "He's gonna be pissed I'm here anyways", she said with a shrug. "I might as well give him an actual reason. Besides, I should have some fun with it all", she said calmly. Nobody drank the Guinness. The Corona was replaceable – if it was done in a timely fashion. Simply stated, if you so much as touched the dark bottles, you were in deep shit. She leaned her hip against the island counter, "Are they coming in that door?" she asked, motioning to the kitchen door that led to the back of the porch.

Mia nodded, "Yeah, they usually park out back."

Alyssa nodded once, "Good", she said, taking a sip from the bottle, she choked lightly at the identical looks on their faces. "Stop looking like the world is about to explode!" she laughed.

Brian had opened his mouth to speak when a flash of headlights came through the window. Two cars pulled into the long winding driveway and disappeared into the large garage, the door automatically closing behind them. "Well, they're here", Mia said after a moment.

Alyssa nodded, staring resolutely at the door, still leaning casually against the island. The kitchen was silent until the doorknob turned slowly and the door was swung open. She watched as Leon, Vince, Jesse, and Letty walked through the door, all sporting grins on their faces. She smiled but rolled her eyes at them. She felt his presence before she saw him walk through the door, slightly hidden behind Vince; it was like being punched in the stomach. There hadn't been time to prepare for this. Vince glanced at the bottle in her hand giving her a look that clearly asked if she was crazy – which she ignored, ducking her head for a moment.

Then he saw her, obviously not recognizing her, "Who the hell is this, and why is she drinking my beer?" he questioned in a tone tinged with anger.

"Nice to see you too, Dom", she said, looking up with a smirk.

"What is she doing here?" he growled. It was a question clearly directed to Mia or Brian, but he was staring directly at her.

She broke his intent gaze long enough to look at Vince, who answered her unasked question, mouthing, "He's not drunk", and she felt her stomach calm down slightly. She stared back at him, waiting for his tirade to continue – she knew from experience that it was best to just get it over with.

He moved towards her purposefully, everyone moving reluctantly out of the way, until he was less than a foot away from her. She tilted the bottle up to her lips tauntingly and took a long drink, her eyes never leaving his. Her heart was pounding in her chest - and she was sure he could hear it - as their staring contest continued. He stared at her like he hadn't in years. The few times they had been forced together during the past six years, he had treated her with an intent disinterest, if he hadn't ignored her completely. The man in front of her, was the one they had all relied on without question. Each and every one of them had jumped in and out of cars for him with little more than a word. The trust had been implicit. He protected all of them.

She had known him since she was fourteen, moving in with their family a year later. He had been an older brother to her for the better part of her life. He had taught her to drive when she turned sixteen, and had helped her build her first car. And right now, he was looking at her in the way he knew she hated. No one could read her better than he could, when he stared at her, she felt naked, like he could see straight through her. He usually could.

"You shouldn't be here", he said finally.

"I was invited", she said quietly.

He took the bottle from her hand and drank the rest of it. He set it on the counter with a clatter. "You need to leave; now", he said turning away from her like that would be the end of it. Once upon a time, it was, but not tonight.

"I'm not leaving, Dom. Not until I get what I came for", Alyssa said, tilting her head up at him and sliding her hands into her back pockets defiantly.

He whirled on her, invading her space, using his height in an attempt to intimidate her. It might have worked on someone else, but she wasn't afraid of him. She knew he wouldn't physically hurt her. He narrowed his eyes and towered over her, "There's nothing left for you here", he said.

She took a step closer, "You must have misunderstood", she said coldly, "I wasn't asking your permission. I'm staying", she said determinedly, "You'll just have to get over it. Besides", she finished quietly, "I don't think you actually want me to leave." It was a hunch, but she was desperate for it to be true.

"You're wrong", he said, eyes hard.

"I don't think I am", she said calmly.

His eyes flickered with an emotion she couldn't decipher, "You are", he said turning around, heading back towards the door.

She was aware of the others, still silent in the kitchen with them, but chose to ignore their presence for the time being. "Then say it", she demanded desperately.

"I already have", he said deliberately not turning around.

"No", she said, "Say the one thing that you know will make me leave."

He was in front of her again in less than a second, pressing her against the counter, she saw the regret in his eyes. "Dom! Stop it!" Mia demanded in shock.

Alyssa shot her a look, "Mia, it's fine", she said softly. She looked back up at her captor, with hard eyes, "Go ahead, say it", she insisted. He stared at her until she flinched and he backed away from her.

He went over to the tiny basket setting on a shelf by the door and pulled out a key chain with a few keys on it. He twirled one key off of it and dropped it back into the basket carelessly and walking back to her. "Here", he said, dropping a familiar looking key into her hand.

She stared at it for a moment, eyes widening, "How – why?" she rambled looking up at him with furrowed eyebrows showing her confusion.

"Take your car when you leave this time", he said pointedly.

"Why didn't you sell it, or something?" she asked in shock.

"It wasn't my car to sell", he said.

"Bullshit", she said in disbelief, "It was yours just as much as it was mine. I left it here; you could have sold it." She was watching him so intently, she didn't notice Letty sneak up next to her until she was punched in the shoulder. "Ow!" she exclaimed, rubbing her arm. "What the hell was that for?" she demanded.

"Speaking of you leaving", Letty said, "What the hell were you thinking just taking off like that without a word? You're lucky I'm not gonna kick your skinny white ass!"

Alyssa's jaw dropped, "I – you didn't-", she stopped to glare at Dom angrily, "Of course you would save your own ass", she bit out sarcastically.

"Could we please not start talking about my brother's ass", Mia pleaded dryly. She heard Brian chuckle.

"Shut it, Buster", Alyssa demanded. "And you", she exclaimed, poking Dom in the chest, "How dare you make them think that I abandoned all of you when you were the one who told me to leave in the first place!" she yelled.

"You did what?" Mia questioned in disbelief.

"I had my reasons", he said.

"I thought you said you two didn't have sex", Vince said.

"We did not have sex", Dom said loudly. "And she didn't have to leave."

"Are you kidding me?" Alyssa exclaimed. "I come home and find you in my room, pissed as hell, you hand me a plane ticket – to fucking Texas – practically pack my stuff for me, tell me it would be better if I left, and then you went out to your car and took off! What the fuck did you expect to happen?" she yelled.

"I came back two hours later, and you were gone", he said darkly.

"I waited for an hour", she choked, "I took me another twenty minutes to get the rest of my stuff, and then I called a cab." She wiped a tear viciously from her face.

She watched his jaw tighten out of the corner of her eye. "I wanted to protect you", he said tightly, "Bad shit was about to start happening, and I didn't want you in the middle of it."

"I was twenty - two, Dom, not fifteen", Alyssa said crossing her arms. "You should have told me the truth and given me a choice. And you definitely shouldn't have sent me to Texas!"

He rolled his eyes, "How long were you there before back to San Diego?" he asked pointedly.

"Two days", she said in exasperation. "You know how much armadillos freak me the hell out! I was pretty sure that was a message", she said.

He sighed, "Why would you believe for one minute that I would actually want you to leave?" he asked incredulously.

"I'd known you for six years", she said, tears running down her cheeks, "And in all that time, you had never lied to me. What choice did I have besides taking it at face value?" He reached for her, clearly intending to comfort her like he had so many times in the past, but she backed up slightly. "Please don't", she cried angrily, "I just – I can't, I can't let you hold me right now, please."

She heard him sigh in frustration as he walked in the other direction and she felt arms wrap around her and pick her up from her sinking position – Vince.

"That's not cool, man", she heard Leon say angrily to Dom.

"What the hell would you like me to do?" she heard him say defensively, "She doesn't want me near her right now."

"Can you blame her?" Leon retorted. "But that's not what I'm talking about. You two need to fix your shit already. And you owe her a huge ass apology", he finished. Alyssa would have laughed if it wasn't about her. These guys may not have been eloquent, but they sure as hell could get the point across.

She heard a door slam as she was carried to a couch in the living room and she curled herself into a ball on Vince's lap. It was ironic how almost nothing had changed. She felt someone squeeze her hand and she looked up reluctantly to see Letty, a very pissed off Letty. "I've gotta go after my stubborn ass boyfriend", she said, "But don't worry, we got your back, girl."

"Thanks, Let", she said looking determined, "But you can bet your ass I'll being dealing with his shit myself very soon."

"Good enough for me, girl", she said, "But that asshole still has to answer to me for lying."

Alyssa laughed through her lingering tears, "Go get him tiger", she said. Letty nodded and left, slamming the door behind her. "If he what was good for him, he'd be running far away and not just throwing wrenches around the garage", she muttered to the rest of them.

She heard Vince laughed behind her, "She's gonna tear him a new one", he agreed, his arms tightening around her to stop her attempts to sit up. She gave up easily, not really wanting to move anyway and turned slightly to lean her head against his shoulder so she could see everyone, her family.

The expressions on their faces varied as they all processed the new information. Alyssa knew she had a few minutes, at least, before someone spoke, and she took this time to remember past situations that had led her to almost this exact position.