Disclaimer: I don't own Furnace or any of the themes or characters.


The world is afraid of kids.

It was always sort of that way; some parents, teachers, hell, even cops were too scared to go up to certain kids and set them straight. There was only so much they could do. At least without going overboard anyway.

The Summer of Slaughter changed everything. There was so much blood and killing that it gave them just the excuse they needed. Suddenly, kids that committed crimes weren't kids.

They weren't even considered human anymore.

It was then they built Furnace.

Dug a mile deep into a canyon, Furnace is the place people send you away to so they don't have to expend the effort to deal with you. It's where parents send you so that they can forget about you, so that they can pretend that you never existed.

Guards that have damn near supernatural strength, huge skinless dogs, and a Warden that may be the Devil himself…

Furnace isn't a prison.

It's the last stop on the way to Hell.


Tell me what you think. The Furnace series is a book about a penitentiary that is more than what it seems. It's a great horror read. I just had to write a story giving the gist of what it's about!