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I decided to mix things up a bit. There are a few changes with Bella.


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The Cullen family are professional kidnappers stealing wealthy children and holding them for ransom. They return the child unharmed back to the parents once they get paid.

Everything always goes smoothly and no one ever gets hurt. What happens when they men they hire bring them the wrong girl? What will the family do when they find out that the wrongly kidnapped girl has family ties to the FBI?

Chapter One.(Bella's Point Of View)

I was sitting at my desk in U.S. History, sixth period. I sighed. Ever since I changed schools three weeks ago everything has changed. The schoolwork in public school was beyond easy. I had finished my test a good thirty minutes before everyone. I realized now that switching from private school to public was a bad idea. Not to mention the fact that every other student here was very immature. They were all chattering about a party that was going to be at the house of the generically popular Mike Newton. He thought of himself as the next Johnny Depp/Brad Pitt hybrid. I, however, didn't see him as such. I saw him as the pretty boy with an ego the size of Europe. The girls in the school, Jessica Stanley for example,drooled over him.

She didn't find him attractive it was his parent's bank account she wanted to get her hands on. I grimaced as the thought of how she would get to it involuntarily flashed through my head. Then I jumped as I heard the bell ring.

"Okay have a happy four day weekend everyone," The history teacher spoke.

It was Thursday and we weren't due back in school till the following Tuesday. There was a God

Everyone gathered their things and started talking more about the lousy party. I rolled my eyes.

"Bella," Jessica spoke. I looked up from placing my notebook in my backpack.

"Yeah?" I asked

"Are you going to Mike's party tomorrow?" she asked. I also knew when people were fake. You may call it intuition; I call it the bullshit detector. As soon as she opened her mouth my little detector started to beep.

She was as fake as Barbie with her overly glossed lips and her eye liner so thick she could put the lead singer of The Cure to shame. I laughed on the inside. A smile formed on my lips as I made the comparison.

She was waiting for my response so I answered her. "No, I have a competition this Monday and I want to practice."

Equine jumping was my passion in life. I loved it more than any other hobby out there. Being one with the horse as we fly over the jumps. Life was carefree, and when the horse and I were in sync, it felt like pure freedom.

"A horse?" She responded incredulously. "You're ditching Mike for a horse? why?"

Well for one the horse is smarter… and better looking.was my first response but I kept that to myself.

"Sorry Jessica," I said in a neutral tone.

"That sucks," she replied. I knew she was beyond happy with my excuse. For some reason, she thought I was a threat to her future plans with Newton and his money. Even though he would ask me out and I would refuse his invite to whatever he had planned, she would always shoot daggers at me when she thought I couldn't see.

"Sorry," I said again and walked away to find Angela.

Angela was a nice girl. She was kind hearted and always caring. She was also my only real friend here. She would never judge me and always back me up when I was accused of having a crush on Mike.

I liked her; she was a "true" person. She never lied and even though she would think the truth would hurt, she would tell it. I met her at her locker. She saw me and smiled.

"Hey Bella." She greeted me when I walked up to her.

"Hey Angela." I smiled. "Did you want a ride home today?" I asked her.

Angela's family was not wealthy, her mother worked as a nurse at the same hospital that my mother did. Her father was a car salesman only earning a paycheck when he sold a car. She didn't care that she never had much money or that my parents drove around in a new BMW. I wasn't filthy rich but my parents were well off and like to splurge every now and then.

"No thanks I have an after school program I have to go to," she said, smiling .

"Alright I'm going to go to the stables, bye!" I told her.

"Good luck on Monday," she told me and I started walking to the parking lot.

"Thanks!" I shouted back

She was my only company really. My father was an FBI agent and my mother was a heart surgeon. Living in New York City meant that they were always busy. They didn't have much time for me which was okay, since whenever they did have time off they spent every moment with me. I had the same nanny since I was two, now that I was seventeen my parents saw no need for a live in babysitter. I, on the other hand, wanted her to stay; she was my second mother but I also knew it was time to grow up. It has been eight months since I drove myself to school every day and cooked myself dinner. Sure, I got lonely sometimes but I was an only child it was normal. I walked out into the school parking lot and got into my Honda Civic. I didn't need a fancy car, just something that was safe and wouldn't break down in the middle of nowhere. I drove out of the lot and turned towards the riding center.

I pulled into the Equestrian center and turned off the engine. I got out my car and walked towards the barn. I heard the familiar snicker and snort of my horse.

"Hey handsome." I smiled as I straightened out his forelock. I was answered with another snort and a whinney.

"Want to go for a ride, Modoc?" I asked the sixteenhandshigh thoroughbred.

My mother had gotten me into riding when I was three. It wasn't long after when I fell in love with jumping. His ears perked up and I took that as a yes. I put on his halter and led him out of his stall over to the hitching post.

I groomed him and saddled him up. His bridle came next; he graciously accepted the bit and I fastened it on him.

"Hey Bell," A girl named Lilly said.

"Hey Lilly, going for a ride?" I asked her

"Yeah, want to come?" she asked.

"No thanks I want to do a few jumps runs before it starts to rain," I replied.

"Alright then," she said and started to groom her horse.

I led Modoc out to the small jumping area and started to warm him up. After a few laps around the arena, I turned him towards the first jump.

Heels down toes up. My mind told me

1...2...3 I thought as I jumped over the first five foot jump and lined him up for the second. Something caught my vision and I got distracted and turned my head.

A black SUV was parked on the side of the road. The windows were tinted dark and I couldn't see the driver. As soon as I looked at the car, the driver started the engine and took off, burning the tires in the process. Modoc spooked at the sound and refused the jump. I was distracted and wasn't paying attention to his movements. I leaned forward in the saddle when he refused. This action caused me to fly over Modoc's head and land flat on my back in the dirt.

"Oh shit," I heard someone yell.

Then I felt a pair of hands on me.

"Are you alright?" asked the newest employee at the ranch. He was a stable hand. I have never actually met him before but I had seen him from time to time.

"I 'm fine… I think," I replied, wincing as I stood up.

"Easy now… does anything hurt?" he asked I looked into a pair of brown eyes that seemed unnaturally nervous.

"I'm fine," I repeated. There was no serious damage but I would be sore in the morning.

"Are you sure?" He asked I then remembered his name was Alex… I think

"Yes I'm sure…Alex right?" I asked hoping I didn't get his name wrong.

For some reason he was still nervous maybe even more so now that I was talking to him.

He didn't answer only looked down.

I cocked my head to the side. Maybe I never really talked to him because he seemed so shy. He wouldn't look me in the eyes and shuffled his feet and looked down every time in stared into his. Or, maybe he was always like this in front of a girl…

"You should go home," he told me with too much intensity.

"Umm, I'm okay, really," I said in a confused tone. Why was this guy so damn serious?

"No!" He responded in a harsh tone. Then checked himself and spoke in a low rush voice. "I-I- think Y-You s-should go-go home" He stuttered yet again. Just then thunder struck spooking Modoc again as he ran around the arena.

I looked up at the sky and then back at the guy… He never confirmed that his name was Alex. He was glancing at his watch.

"You're right, the weather looks nasty," I stated and told him goodbye. I started walking to my horse when he stopped me by grabbing me by my wrist.

"Y-you should g-g" He paused frustrated I assumed because he couldn't finish his sentence. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "Get ho-home, b-before the weath- weather gets to-too bad," he said looking at my arm.

"My horse-" I started to say before he cut me off.

"I'll un-un tack him and p-put him u-up. It is-is my j-job after-after all," he said and let go of my arm.

The wind whipped around me and stung my face. I felt my nose getting numb. Usually I put my horse away myself but I was cold and wanted to get home.

"Okay, thank you," I said

He nodded and walked towards Modoc,grabbed his reins, and started leading him back to the barn.

I turned and started walking to my car. I got in, turned up the heater, and rubbed my hands together.

I cranked the engine and glanced in my rearview mirror. I could see Alex and Modoc. Alex had tied my horse to a post and he had a phone in one hand and a grooming brush in the other.

He glanced at my car and then looked directly at my horse. He started talking on the phone; it wasn't in English. It sounded Russian or maybe German.

I backed out of my parking space and headed home. A while later, I pulled into the driveway and entered the security code into the front gate and it opened. Glancing to the right, I saw a white van. It had "N.Y. Cable" written on the front.

"Cable must be out," I thought to myself as I pulled my car in and drove down the pavement that led to my house. After parking my car in the garage, I walked to the front door, turned my key in the lock, and walked in. I put my keys and phone in the basket on the counter that was located at the front door.

"Mom?" I yelled. She had a little over three hours before her shift started.

No answer.

"Lucy, I'm home!" I yelled as I passed the stairs and walked into the kitchen. There was a yellow post it note on the microwave. It was written by my mother.

Hey honey,

Got a call, had to go to the hospital early. Dinner is in the microwave and check the answering machine. Dad said he would call. I have a seventy-two hour shift. I will be home early Monday morning I will meet your father at the airport. Love you


I sighed; I didn't really like eating alone. I walked over to the phone, and sure enough there was a red flash indicating there was a message. My father was the common workaholic and was in California working on a case. Mom said he was going to call, as he did every day. I pressed the button and walked over to the microwave and pulled out my dinner. It was a hamburger and fries. I shook my head; it was from Burger King. I laughed to myself. A doctor who feeds her kid animal fat dipped in a deep fryer, healthy. As I shook my head at the meal, a message from my Dad played.

Hey ladies,

Work is taking longer than I thought but I will be home Monday in time for your show, Bella. Take care and call me when you get this and don't forget to lock up the house before bed… it is New York you know. Love you both. Call me.

I stuck a fry in my mouth and picked up the phone. Four rings later I got the answering machine. I rolled my eyes. We were the kind of family that should just text each other. I cleared my throat and left a message.

"Hey Dad, it's me. I'm just calling you back. I guess you're busy so be safe and I'll see you Monday. Love you." With that, I hung up the phone.

I went into the cupboard, pulled out the dog food, filled up the tray, and placed the bowl on the floor. I walked to the backroom and opened the sliding glass door and whistled.

"Moscow, dinner time, come on boy!" I shouted. I didn't want to walk outside, it was about the rain. The sky was an angry gray color and the thunder was loud.

"Moscow!" I shouted even louder. Just then I saw him run up the steps of the porch and walk inside.

"Take your time, why don't you?" I grumbled as I turned on the heater.

The Rottweiler just looked up and me and whined.

"Go eat," I told him as I finished my take out.

It was a quiet dinner with me and the dog. I decided to go take a shower to get the smell of horse off me. Moscow was right behind me as I started walking up the stairs. The phone rang and I sighed, turned around, and started down the stairs again. I picked up the phone in the kitchen.

"Hello, is the Mr. or Mrs. of the house available?" said a rather husky voice.

"No they are not, can I take a message?" I asked grabbing a pen to get ready and write the number.

"This is Mark Dublin from the New York Post. Do you know when they will return?" He stated in a sure voice.

"Um they won't be back until Monday, you can try then," I told him

"Will do. May I ask who I'm speaking to?" he said. I figured he wanted a statement from my father concerning something to do with the news.

"This is his daughter." I said

"Oh okay," he said in a friendly voice. "Is there anyone in the house over eighteen I can possibly speak with?" He asked.

Damn reporters, I thought.

"Nope, sorry call back on Monday," I said then hung up the phone and went upstairs. Moscow followed me to my room and crossed my bed to lie down on his dog bed.

I turned the shower on and grabbed some pajamas. I took my time brushing my hair, undressed and stepped in, letting the hot water soothe me. I let the spraying water linger on the spot on my back where it hurt when I fell off Modoc. Then, I washed my hair and wrapped a towel around myself. I walked into my room and turned on my gas fireplace that was located a few feet from my bed. The phone in my room started to ring. I readjusted my towel and walked over to it

"Hello?" I answered in an irritated tone.

Whoever was on the other end hung up.

I shrugged and placed the phone back on the hook and went into my bathroom.

I turned on my stereo and pulled my blow dryer out of the door and plugged in it. My favorite band came on so I turned the music up so I could hear it over blow drying my hair. When it was mostly dry I unplugged the dryer and stuffed it back where it belonged. I pulled on my silk shorts and spaghetti strap and stuffed my feet in my slippers. Just then, the bell for the security gate rang. I slipped on my robe as I went down stairs.

I walked into the kitchen where the out gate speaker was. I pressed the button and talked into the speaker.

"Yes?" I asked

"This is NY Cable Company, we have a problem with the cable in this area and I need to check your transmitter," a male voice said.

"Umm, can you come back another time?" I asked him. I didn't want someone I didn't know in my home without my parents being here.

"Sorry Miss, the whole neighborhood is without cable. I checked everyone else's and I think yours might be the problem," he said

Oh, so that's why the truck was sitting outside the house?

"I don't even have to come inside. I just need to check the transmitter and you will have to sign a piece of paper. Please, my boss will not be happy with me if I tell them that a whole community is out of cable," he pleaded.

Well he didn't have to come inside and I didn't want to be the cause of him losing his job. Plus, the neighbors wouldn't be happy if they found out we were the cause of the cable problem.

"Okay then, let me know when you're done," I said and pressed the red button on the side of the speaker to open the gate.

A few moments later Moscow came running down the stairs his teeth were bared. He snarled and snapped at the door.

"Moscow get down!" I said grabbing his collar. He was stronger than me and continued to jump and growl at the door.

"Come on!" I yelled at him. He didn't stop instead he took a stance in front of the door and bared his teeth, releasing a long angry growl. I stood there for a good ten minutes and tried to get the dog to move, he refused to move.

The doorbell rang.

"Cable guy," he yelled over the barking Moscow

I grinned and thought of Jim Carrey yelling "Cable Guy!"

"Just a sec!" I hollered finally grabbing Moscow who refused to calm down by the choke chain. He didn't have a choice but to follow me. I led into the garage and shut the door. I still heard him barking by the time I opened the door.

I opened the door and saw him standing there with a smile.

Something was wrong my head screamed! The smile on the man's face was wicked and evil looking. His eyes were cold and angry, I went to slam the door closed but he caught it and pushed it open.

I ran to push the security alarm. He caught me by my hair and pulled me back.

"Where are you going girly?" He sneered

I screamed loudly until he covered my mouth with his hands.

"Shut up," he warned.

He tried to pull me backwards I fought against him shaking my legs and twisting my body trying to snake my way out of his grasped.

I heard Moscow barking and growling in the garage. The garage was located through the door just a few feet away from where I was struggling with the stranger. I bit down on the man's hand that was covering my mouth.

"Little bitch!" he screamed as he pulled his hand away. The movement caused him to let me go I ran for the door. I knew that I would never make it to the kitchen in time so I ran towards the garage. I opened the door and ran towards the old phone we kept in there. Moscow ran into the house and I heard the man yelling. I realized I had left the garage door open so I ran slammed it shut and locked it from the inside. I raced back to the phone. My lip was swollen and I had tears that were blurring my vision.

I picked up the old phone I put my ear to it. I wasn't working, that was the reason it was in the garage instead of the house. I slapped the phone in my hands and shook it a few times.

"Please, please, please" I begged the phone.

It then made a dial tone. I quickly dialed 911 but before I even pressed the number nine the line on the phone went out… and so did the power. Everything went dark but I lived here I knew where to go…

I quietly put the phone down and crept towards the back of my father's parked BMW. I still heard the intruder fighting with my dog. I quickly thought to myself that I owed Moscow my life.

I heard a new noise coming from near the front door.

"What the fuck is going on?" A husky voice said.

I instantly knew the voice. It was the same man on the phone who said he was from the New York Post. I whimpered, I was now out-numbered and in the dark.

"Help me man!" The first guy screamed as he hollered in pain. I heard Moscow's deep growl and the odd breathing/growling noise that Rottweilers make when they are tugging on something.

"Hold still," The second man ordered and then I heard a pop noise I jumped from my hiding place and Moscow went silent. It was like my brain stopped working, when I realized they had a gun. They had shot my dog and I knew I was next.

"Mother Fucker!" The first man screamed "He fucking bit me, look at my fucking leg!" bellowed.

"Idiot," The first guy grumbles.

"Fuck you," was the reply he got.

"Where's the girl?" The second man asked. I froze; they were after me…

Why me!? My head screamed.

I was still frozen when I thought of one word, hide.

I quietly sneaked into one of the cupboards that were on the left side of the garage wall. I remember I use to play hide-in-go-seek in this very cupboard. I suddenly wanted my dad more than ever. I covered my mouth because I was sobbing and I was afraid I would be heard. My breathing sounded loud. It was one of those moments where you're trying to be as quite as possible but everything you do seems so loud.

"Little whore ran through that door after she turned the damn dog on me" he growled.

I sunk lower into my position in the cupboard. My whole body was shaking with sobs as I pressed my hand harder against my mouth.

"When you want something done, you have to do it yourself." The husky voice said in an irritated tone.

"Fuck you! Do you see the size of that fucking dog!?" the first man defended himself.

"Pussy, don't worry I'll go get her and make it all better," the husky voice seemed to be teasing.

Oh my god. They were coming to get me! They wanted me? Why? I covered both hands on over my mouth as sobs racked through me. I tried to calm myself and breathe through my nose and not my mouth.

I heard the doorknob on the door that led to the garage jiggle. I stopped breathing.

"Pumpkin," The husky voice said in a sick sing song voice. "You're going to have to open the door for me. If you don't, you're going to make me mad." His voice was soft yet cold.

I didn't move there was no way I was going to let him in.

"We promise not to hurt you Sophie," he said.

Sophie? Why the hell was he calling me Sophie? I realized I was holding my breath I took a small breath of air through my nose.

"Honey I'm going to give you until the count if three to open this door okay? We know the layout of the house little one, we know there is no other way out in that room you're in," He said in a mock clam voice.

They knew the house's layout? That meant they have been here before? How could that be? They were waiting for me?

"One…Two…Three," he grunted and I heard the sound of wood cracking.

"Damn it, now you made me mad," He sneered

His voice was closer; it was in the room. He had to have busted down the door somehow. I started shaking and trying to not whimper out loud.

"Here Kitty, Kitty," he said as he made a clicking sound with his tongue. My stomach twisted.

I heard things being moved around in the garage.

"Were not leaving till I have you, Kitty," He said in a sickly voice. I whimpered.

I lost all hope the moment I whimpered. For as the moment the sound came out of my mouth he stopped moving around. I knew he had heard me. That's why he was no longer talking.

It was dark and my breathing seemed too loud. They say when one of your senses is cut off, the others are enhanced. Was it possible that since we could not see in the dark that our hearing got better? I couldn't hear anything thing over my own heartbeat and my breathing. I stopped breathing when I heard another click.

I saw a flash of light go on then off again.

The man had not moved from his spot. He had brought a flashlight with him and he was clicking it on and off. My breath stopped when the light shinned on the cupboard.

"Kitty?" He asked. He sounded excited and it only brought more fear into me.

He chuckled and then turned the light off.

Then I heard faint footsteps coming closer and closer. I stopped breathing again. I squeezed my eyes shut.

The footsteps stopped and silence followed. I didn't know if seconds or minutes had gone by since I last heard the noise.

I was too scared to breath.

I whimpered as I heard the cupboard door slowly creak open.

I screamed in the dark as I heard him chuckle and he placed a wet cloth that smelled bad over my mouth and nose.

My screams were muffled by the strong man that I uselessly tried to fight off. I started to get dizzy and then everything started to spin so fast… I couldn't even form a thought. It felt it as everything went blank.