Okay, here is the first chapter of my newest story, based on the video game Left 4 Dead. This chapter will be a bit long, and may not resemble the game right away. But that is because it is the first chapter and is the intro. So hold off any complaints until after the second chapter has been posted, where things will look a bit better. I hope you enjoy it and I hope that I did an okay job so far. And for the record, the zombie-type creatures are referred as 'the infected' or 'the commonly infected' and not actually 'zombies cuz they're not dead. That way you don't think I made a typo somewhere.

Dark Sanctuary

Chapter 1: First Encounters

His rapid footsteps were thundering as he sprinted as fast as he could. Behind him, he could hear them approaching, trying their best to keep up with him.

He turned around and pointed his Uzi submachine gun at them, his chocolate-colored eyes narrowed. Takuya pulled the trigger and the Uzi went off, shooting a barrage of bullets to the group. Infected beings collapsed to the ground, their blood and organs spraying every which way over the dead lawn.

As Takuya fired at them, he gradually backed up towards a nearby house, careful not to trip over any debris. Before him the large group dwindled down, and he was feeling a bit confident. That was until a Smoker stepped forward, its long, grotesque tongue swaying from side to side out of its mouth. Half of its face was puffed and bloated, and its skin was a sickly pale color.

"Shit!" Takuya stopped ceased firing and ran towards the house as fast as he could.

He managed to yank the door open, get inside, and slam the door shut all within one second. However, the Smoker's tongue had managed its way inside the decrepit building, and it wrapped around Takuya's neck.

"Fuck!" He grabbed a knife from his belt and sliced the disgusting tongue right off, letting fall to the floor.

He heard a high-pitched yelp from outside, along with pounding fists against the door. Thinking quickly, he moved an old desk in front of the door to barricade it, hoping to stave them off long enough to find another way out, undetected.

The banging and scratching grew louder, then one of the boarded up windows was busted open. Takuya opened fire once again, shooting the infected beings as they attempted to climb in through the window. The Smoker whose tongue had been sliced off, managed to jump in. Takuya aimed carefully and shot it squarely in the head, causing its brains to splatter all over the floor. A rush of smoke exploded from its body, but Takuya managed to move away before it could obscure his vision.

He annihilated the remaining zombie-like humans, though he knew that he was not out of the woods just yet.

"Gotta find a way out of here," he muttered, dashing up the stairs.

With every creak and groan inside the building, Takuya's grip on his gun tightened. He reloaded the Uzi as he walked, his eyes scanning in every direction. As he reached the second floor, he could hear the approach of yet another group of the infected. They were gradually making their way to the staircase. He cursed, rapidly making his way down the empty corrider.

On a table in one of the rooms he spotted a first-aid kit, and grabbed it.

"I'll sure as hell need this later," he said to himself.

From downstairs, he heard the door creaking and giving away, as more of the infected were climbing through the destroyed window. The stairs also squeaked from the approaching group.

"Fuck." He walked back towards the top of the stairs, seeing at least ten of the infected swaying halfway up the steps.

He pulled the trigger of his weapon, the bullets piercing through his enemies. Blood and bits of bone littered the floor, and any of them who attempted to ascend the stairs were immediately blown away. Takuya pulled a grenade from his belt, throwing it down towards the window. He ran away from the explosive, turning back towards the corrider he had recently walked through.

There was a loud explosion, and Takuya could vaguely make out a mist of blood in the backround as he continued to sprint down the hallway. He needed to get to higher ground, away from the infected.

Yet another staircase was close by, and Takuya ran up the steps as fast as he could, trying to ignore the thundering of footsteps climbing up to the second floor. At the end of the staircase was nothing but a single door. He yanked it open, then locked it behind him. Although locks were not very reliable, they would still buy him a few extra seconds. There were only four doors in the corrider, and there was no way to the attic from the hallway.

Before he could find the way to the rooftop, hopefully he would be able to come across a few helpful items. He checked the first room, and was fortunate enough to find a box of shotgun shells, as well as ammo for his Uzi on the table. Other than a corpse rotting in the corner of the room, there was nothing else to see.

"Dammit." Takuya could hear the second staircase creaking and knew that they were drawing closer.

The second room was completely empty, so he quickly ran to the third. Two blood-stained steel blades were on a dresser, as well as a simple handgun, and a grenade. He took all four items, and moved on to the final room.

Once inside, he locked that door as well. The windows were boarded up and the room seemed bare of any useful items. He could see a simple closet in one corner, and what appeared to be the latch of an attic on the opposite side.

Just as he was about to make his way to the attic, he heard a scuffling from inside the closet. Takuya's eyes darkened and he pointed his Uzi at the door. Instead of simply shooting at it, he cautiously inched over. The door was slightly ajar, and Takuya knudged it with the toe of his boot, careful to stand back. Just as it creaked open, a powerful shotgun blast from inside the closet caused the door to fly off in a wreckage.

"Fuck!" He jumped away even further, surprised by the powerful blast.

"Go away!" A voice screamed from inside, followed by another ear-shatting shot.

"Wait! Stop shooting!" Takuya commanded.

There was a brief pause. "Who's there?"

"Just don't shoot," Takuya said, showing stepping towards the closet.

He half-expected to be shot at again, but to his relief, the person inside held their fire. Sitting on the floor beneath an empty coat rack was a young woman around his age. She wore blue jeans, a tight white t-shirt, along with a fitted red leather coat. The girl's blond hair was tied back into a ponytail and the front of her clothes were stained with blood. She had jade-green eyes, and a pump-action shotgun was clutched in her hands. Takuya noticed a large bloodstain on the right leg of her jeans.

"Who are you?" The girl asked, suspicious. "Are you another survivor?"

She stared at him intently, unsure on whether or not to trust him right away. The young man had messy chestnut brown hair, and his dark brown eyes were one of the best features of his handsome face. He was wearing a camoflauge pattern outfit, complete with pants and a standard jacket, as well as a plain white t-shirt beneath it. His clothes and dark combat boots were stained and caked with blood. A belt was around his waist, where an array of blades, grenades, two handguns, and extra ammo hung from. He had a first-aid kit slung over his back.

"Yeah, and I take it that you're one, too." He pulled the girl up, letting her use him as a support. "We don't have much time. They're breaking in."

The girl cursed, then jerked her head to the attic latch. "I tried to get in, but it was stuck. And I was too afraid to shoot at it and risk destroying the ladder inside."

"No problem." Takuya took one of his handguns, then gave it a clean shot right at the lock. "Let's go."

He pulled the hatch down, then gave her a boost up. Behind him, the door to the room was groaning in protest as the infected tried to push it open. Takuya jumped up and climbed the ladder, entering the attic. He pulled the hatch back up and secured it with a piece of rope nearby.

Suddenly, a shotgun blast then went off, causing both Takuya and the girl to jump.

"What the hell?" He demanded, looking at the girl.

"It wasn't me!" She exclaimed.

"Who's there?" A young man's voice came from behind an old dresser of the cluttered attic.

Takuya sighed. "Two of the few survivors of this fucking pandemic. Now don't shoot us."

The young man in hiding came out, his weapon similar to the girl's. He wore black dress pants, and a blood-stained white button -up, as well as a red tie. His brown hair somewhat resembled Takuya's, and his hands were shaking. He looked to be around nineteen years old.

"Who are you?" He asked.

"Well, I'm Zoe." The blond girl was holding her hand to her leg, wincing. "Dammit...."

Takuya made his way over to her and pulled out one of his first-aid kits. "Sit down. By the way, I'm Takuya, kid."

"I'm Tommy," the boy in the button-up finally said. "Looks like we all had the same idea, huh? Coming to this friggen house and whatnot."

"I'm running low on ammo, so I came here to stave them off until I could find more. And what happened to you?" Takuya asked Zoe, pulling out some guaze.

Zoe flinched as she rolled up her pant leg. "Ambushed."

"Did they bite you?" Takuya asked, wiping the excess blood away.

"No, one of them tackled me and knocked me over. Just as he was about to bite me, I shot his head off. But before I could get up, another one slashed at my leg. Needless to say, he lost his head as well," she told him.

"Can you walk?" Takuya wrapped her wound up, then helped her stand.

The blond nodded. "Yeah, I'll be fine. How much ammo do you have left anyway?"

"I just loaded up and have one more set for the Uzi," he replied. "And I have one handgun with three bullets left, along with three grenades."

"I have two more reloads I can use," Zoe added. "And one that is already in the shotgun, of course. And I only have two grenades."

Tommy cursed. "I'm almost out of bullets. And I don't have any grenades to add to your collection."

Takuya tossed the box of shotgun shells he had found to Tommy. "Here, use these."

"Thanks," Tommy said, stuffing them into his shotgun.

"Okay, so when those fuckers get in, we're gonna have to make do with what we have," Takuya said.

Tommy's eyes widened. "What do you mean, 'when they get in'?"

"Kid, they're not stupid. They'll find a way into the attic. By the way, is there a way out? Like a window or anything?"

Tommy sighed and shook his head. "No, I already checked. We're stuck in here."

"Fuck." Takuya's eyes narrowed. "Looks like we'll have to go back the way we came then."

"Are you crazy?" Tommy asked. "Go back out there where they can rip us to shreds?"

Takuya shrugged. "Well, that is one option. The other option is to stay here and use the last of our ammo until we run out. Then we're trapped and they have free reign to finish us off that way."

"I'm going with the first option," Zoe said. "At least that way we have a chance."

Tommy thought for a moment, then nodded. "Yeah, I guess you're right."

The three of them aimed their guns at the hatch, where the infected humans were trying to push it up.

"Hey, what the hell were those things with the long tongues?" Tommy asked. "I've never seen those before."

"Those would be Smokers," Takuya replied. "Nasty pieces of shit you'll want to kill quickly."

Zoe made a disgusted face. "I've dealt with them before. Not pleasant."

"None of them are," Takuya said.

Just then, the hatch was busted open, and the zombie-like beings climbed into the attic. Takuya furiously shot at them, running towards the hatch. Zoe and Tommy followed suit, firing their shotguns.

"We gotta get these guys away from the hatch so we can get down!" Takuya shouted over the roar of the guns. "From there, we have to make our way to the first floor. And pray that we have enough ammo to take them all down. The house is probably swarming with them by now."

"Stand back!" Zoe called out, throwing a grenade down the room beneath the hatch.

She and the others dove away, just as the explosive detonated. High-pitched screeches filled their ears, and there was a firey blast combined with blood and destroyed organs.

Takuya peeked down once the fire had ceased. "Okay, it's clear. I'll go first and then I'll cover you guys if anyone comes into the room."

He jumped down, then aimed at the doorway, where more of the infected stumbled in. Zoe went next, helping him shoot the enemies, while Tommy hopped down into the room last.

Takuya threw a grenade, hoping that it would be enough to clear a path for them. Luckily, it worked in their favor, and another spray of blood covered the walls and ceilings.

"Let's go!" He led them into the corrider, where they were coming up to the first staircase. "We have two staircases to deal with. I'll shoot down the bulk of them as best as I can, and you guys finish off the ones I miss or are too close to us, okay?"

Zoe and Tommy both nodded, not about to argue with him, for he seemed to know what he was doing. They ran down the staircase, shooting at the delerious beings as accurately as they could. The lifeless bodies tumbled down the steps, and Takuya jumped down to finish off the ones that were still squirming. One tried to make a leap for Takuya, but Zoe shot it squarely in the head, blowing it off completely.

"How many are there?" Tommy continued to fire at the infected. "They're everywhere!"

"Don't know!" Takuya replied. "Plenty of them, that's for sure!"

Another one of the infected humans attempted to bite at Takuya, but he jabbed one of his blades under its chin. It went through the flesh, and when the infected man opened his mouth, the blade was piercing upward towards the roof of its mouth. Takuya yanked the knife out, then shot the man in the head.

Five minutes later, they had managed to make it back down to the first floor, where the infected men and women continued to swarm in. Unfortunately, they were also on the last of their ammunition.

"Look out!" Takuya called out, throwing another grenade.

The three of them jumped back as far as they could and ducked. The grenade exploded, killing over a dozen of the infected humans. Severed body parts were strewn across the room, along with more sickening puddles of blood. A Smoker leaped in through the window, its long tongue hanging out.

"Shit! Not another one!" Takuya fired at it, but it jumped out of the way.

Its tongue wrapped itself around Tommy's leg and caused him to crash to the ground. It then began to drag him over.

"Let me go!" Tommy attempted to shoot it, but was being swayed around to much to get a clean shot.

Zoe fired her shotgun at the disfigured human, hitting its shoulder. The Smoker turned its attention on her and released Tommy.

"Oh, fuck!" She shot at it again and it began to run at her.

"Shoot it!" Takuya commanded Tommy as he fired his Uzi.

The younger brunette nodded, scrambling to his feet. The Smoker hurled itself at Zoe, who screamed. She fell back, but was lucky enough to pull the trigger at the right time. Its head exploded in a sickening mess, and it collapsed to the ground. A cloud of smoke blasted from its corpse and covered Zoe, who cried out as it blew into her face.

"You okay?" Takuya rushed over to her and pulled her up.

Zoe nodded, rubbing her eyes. "Yeah, but that was the last of my ammo. Damn smoke...."

"Fuck." Takuya took one of his handguns, the only one with with any remaining ammo. "This only has three bullets left, so use them wisely."

"Alright." She took it from him, blinking rapidly to clear her vision. "And between us, we only have two grenades left."

Tommy, who was shooting at more of the infected, suddenly lowered his gun. "I'm out!"

"Dammit! Get behind me!" Takuya yelled to him.

The door was still blocked with too many infected humans for them to make as safe escape. If they were bitten, it would be all over.

"Zoe, give me your grenade," Takuya said.

Zoe obliged, her heart pounding with fear. Takuya threw both of the explosives and the three of them jumped away as far as they could.

"Let's hope it works!" He exclaimed.

The grenades detonated, and the room was completely coated with blood seconds later. Chunks of wood fell from the ceiling and clattered around them. They could feel the heat of the flames, which quickly died out seconds later. When they looked up, the doorway was clear.

"Run for it!" Takuya told them.

Just as they did, more of the infected stumbled in. Takuya fired at them with the last of his ammunition, completely emptying his gun. He swore under his breath, and Zoe used up the last three bullets in the handgun.

"I'm out," she said in despair.

"There's no way out!" Tommy exclaimed. "There are too many!"

Suddenly, the infected humans were gunned down from behind, sending their mutilated limbs flying every which way.

"What the fuck?" Takuya looked surprised.

A young man with black hair entered the house, an Uzi held in his hands. "Need a hand?"

"That would be good right about now!" Tommy said.

"Well, we can't go that way," the young man said, jerking his head outside. "There are too many approaching. I'm low on ammo, so I came here hoping to find some."

"Well, we already cleaned this place out." Takuya glanced around and, to his surprise, saw a door behind them. "What? There's a back door?"

Zoe raised an eyebrow. "Huh, convenient..."

"By the way, I'm Kouji," the black-haired man said.

"Skip the intro!" Takuya told him. "We'll do it later!"

They ran to the door, just as another bloated Smoker entered through the front.

"Run like hell!" Zoe cried out.

With that, they took off through the house, hoping that the back exit would be clear.

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