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May 2009 (Present Day)

I woke up today feeling extremely relaxed. I actually got a full night's rest, even though I couldn't stop thinking about her. I saw the sun shining in through the blinds and knew it was going to be another gorgeous day. I laid with the covers over me for a few minutes before finally sitting up and stretching. I did not want to leave the comfort of this bed, but I knew it was time to start my day. Looking over at the clock I noticed it was 8:30, Emmett was going to want breakfast soon and I desperately needed to do his laundry. The mountain of clothes on the floor of his room was starting to develop an extremely grotesque smell.

Hesitantly, I removed my blankets and swung my legs over the bed. I really didn't feel like getting in the shower right now and since I took one last night I wasn't in a rush to hop in. So, I opted for door number two, which led to the hallway. I hopped out of bed and pranced my way to the door, dodging a few toys that were scattered on the floor, how someone so little can make such a big mess, I have no idea. Opening the door I found myself nearly skipping my way down the hallway so I could make my way out to start breakfast.

I padded my way down the stairs deciding to make waffles and bacon. When I got to the bottom of the stairs, I noticed the TV was on in the living room. Usually Emmett doesn't get up till 9:00, so it could only mean one other person, the man I had secretly fallen in love with, Edward. He basically lived here so it was no surprise to see him lying on the coach, covered with a blanket and a light snore escaping his lips. The TV was left on Sports Center, because even though men slept, apparently they would be able to hear all the details of their sports and absorb them better while they rested their eyes. I laughed thinking about that conversation when Edward and Emmett informed me of these hidden talents that men have with ESPN.

I stood there watching him for a few minutes. His one hand laid over his chest, his long fingers wrapped around the softness of the Nemo blanket, while the other hand stretched over his tousled head. He was pretty tall, so his feet would hang over the other arm of the couch trying to make room for his frame. Looking at him, I couldn't help but remember how he used to come to my room and hold me after my nightmares. They don't happen that much anymore, but back at the beginning, they happened a lot. Each time was the same, I'd wake up screaming and crying and Edward would rush in and scoop me in his lap just rocking me back to safety. He always talked me down from my panic and then he'd slide us both under the covers where he would hold me until we both fell asleep.

That's when I started developing feelings for him. He'd always be there when I woke up and he never pushed for me to talk about it. I didn't want to talk about it, so he would just hold me while I cried and then keep me safe while I slept. He was always there for me; he was even there when we welcomed her into our lives. I never thanked him and he never acted like it was a burden, we just had this silent way of expressing our feelings without talking about them.

I think Emmett was more grateful than I was for Edward. Big ol' tough Emmett was actually too much of a softy and couldn't control his own emotions seeing his baby sister in that state. He attempted a few times, but it always ended in his tears and frustration because he couldn't "fix" it. I think Emmett lasted a week before turning it over to Edward. Emmett just didn't understand I wasn't ready to talk about it, I just wanted to be held, just wanted to feel safe. I do feel safe with my brother but he always tried to push me for all the information, but he was the last person that I wanted to know.

Snapping out of my ogling session, I turned and made my way to the kitchen. I figured while I waited for the bacon I could start some of the laundry. Oddly enough, when I went to the washing machine Emmett had an enormous pile in front of it on the floor. Most of these were UW shirts from his daily runs, where'd he'd flick them off and toss them aside coming into the house. At least I didn't have to sort anything out; this would be one load of the same sweaty crap thrown together. I enjoyed cooking and cleaning and taking care of people, so it doesn't bother me doing these things for my 21 year old brother, but honestly how hard is it to put the clothes in the flipping hampers? I know he sees them, he drops the shirts right in front of them.

Laundry started and breakfast almost finished, I heard both men waking up and starting to move around in the living room. Neither one of them were big coffee drinkers so I never make it in the mornings, otherwise, I probably would be bringing two mugs with me right now to the living room. Instead I'm empty handed and just want to say good morning.

Both Edward and Emmett were sitting on opposite sides of the couch watching "their" channel with such intensity it was almost scary. Apparently, football season has ended and now baseball highlights are on. I enjoy watching games with my brother, really I do, but he watches every game. I mean EVERY game. Baseball, football, basketball, hockey, American, Canadian, East coast, west coast, college, you name it, he knows it. But then again it's his passion, if someone asked me about different cheeses, hell I could list ten right off the bat, just goes to show you what a person is passionate about. Not so much cheese for me just food in general.

"Hello boys," I said to my two favorite men, tossing a tiny wave in the air.

"Hey Belly," both greeted me at the same time. Turning their heads just long enough to acknowledge me without being rude then proceeded to watch the same highlights they had seen yesterday. Whatever.

"Breakfast is almost done, how many waffles do you two want?" I really wasn't sure what their appetites were going to be.

Emmett flashed me my favorite dimply smile and let me know three would be suffice today, while Edward stuck with just two. I could suffice with one, so I knew there had been just enough batter for waffles because there were already four in the oven staying warm and one was almost finished now. I would just fix theirs up once I poured the rest of the batter in the waffle pan. I knew Emmett would want an insane amount of syrup and Edward would want a generous amount of powdered sugar. Both would want five pieces of bacon. I took them their plates and went back to the kitchen to check on mine. It still had a few minutes so I put the clothes in the dryer and started a new load, this one of towels.

Shutting the lid to the washing machine I yelled to my brother over my shoulder. "Emmett is it really hard to see the laundry basket next to the washing machine? Because I swear since we've moved here the only items in it are the ones I put inside." Not really expecting an answer I just wanted to let him know that there really is a place to put dirty clothes and the floor isn't it.

Heading back to the kitchen, I made my plate and walked in the living room to eat with my boys. I easily fit between the two on the coach so it was never a problem for us. Emmett seemed to be really hungry this morning, I was only half way done with mine and he just had bacon left. Edward too, I noticed.

"So I take it you liked them?" I said teasingly.

"The best."

"I need you to bring me down more of your clothes if you want them washed. Please tell me you want them washed Emmett. I can't take the smell much longer." I glanced over so he knew I was joking, but at the same time serious.

"Oh come on Belly, it's not that bad. Most of my socks pretty much walked away by themselves anyway."

"I don't think it's your feet I smell up there Emmett, maybe we should go under wear shopping for you soon." Both Edward and Emmett laughed at that one.

This was the best part of having a brother, the playful banter. It was pretty funny because Emmett always leaves himself open for jokes like that.

Our parents died in a car accident March of my 8th grade year. I was 14 and Emmett was 17 almost 18, so he was awarded guardianship of me and never complained once about it. In fact, Esme and Carlisle helped Emmett fight my aunts in court for custody. Emmett was having none of that. He pleaded his case to the judge and since I was old enough to make my own choice I chose to stay with him. I think we both needed each other at that time anyway. The Cullen's were technically our guardians until Emmett was legally able to take over wardship.

The last few months of that school year were a little difficult. The school threw so many events towards the end and I was without two of the most important people in my life. I know I had Emmett, and he was doing such a good job at being a big brother but still I missed my parents. It was difficult not getting to experience the mother-daughter brunch that the school threw for Mother's Day. That was one of the worst days I think. It was that day when it truly sunk in that I was never going to see my mother ever again.

Mother's Day 2005

When I woke up today I planned on going to the school, the brunch was going to start at 11:00 and I wanted to at least show up and get the plaque I had made for my mother and the rose which was to be given to her. I was going to take them to her headstone. I put my dress on and did my hair in nice soft waves, added a little lip-gloss and grabbed my jacket to head out. When I got downstairs I saw Emmett sitting on the couch holding a picture and flowers in his lap, crying. He looked up when he heard me enter the living room and my heart jumped into my throat. His face was so sad and tears were streaming down his face. I couldn't hold it together after that, I threw myself into his arms and we both cried while holding on to each other.

I knew the picture he had in his hands; we had given it to my dad for Christmas last year. It was a picture I had taken of my mother when she was outside on the patio. Her hair was in a messy bun on top of her head and there were a few fly-a-ways around her face. The sun had hit her skin just right and it gave her this angelic glow. Her eyes had just the tiniest squint due to her facing the sun while she was watching Emmett and dad throw the football around in the front yard. She had the most beautiful closed lip smile; she just looked so full of love and in complete bliss in that moment I snapped the picture. I had to have it blown up for my father for a present. Emmett came with me that day and picked out a frame for it and we chose to have it developed in black and white, which only intensified her beauty.

We sat and cried for a good hour just holding each other and touching her picture. She was never going to be coming home. I'd never get to go shopping for prom dresses with her. She wasn't going to be teaching me make- up tricks or brush my hair when I was having a bad day. I'd never be able to make her breakfast in bed on her birthdays. Emmett would never get to sneak up and scare the crap out of her again, which he did on a daily basis. She wouldn't be there for his graduation or mine either. She wouldn't be able to dance with Emmett at his wedding whenever he and Rosalie choose to wed. Neither one of them were coming home, it was just us. We were both missing them so much and Mother's Day just hit us hard.

We wiped our faces and stood staring at her picture before I turned to Emmett, "Will you take me to Esme's?"

He didn't question anything he just hugged me once and we headed to the door. He still had his flowers and her picture in his hand as we left the house. The ride in his Jeep was very quiet but there weren't any words that needed to be spoken. He held my hand while we stared at the road ahead of us. As we reached the beginning of the drive way, this wave of grief flooded the Jeep and I knew Emmett was thinking the same thing as we looked at our mothers beautiful landscape design she did for the Cullen's. Her favorite flowers, Calla Lilies, surrounded the light posts which were at the start of the driveway. The entire drive up was surrounded by my mother's favorites. It's was beautiful, yet at the same time I was in complete misery. She was so talented and she put so much love into her job, it just radiated off this driveway, and it made me miss her that much more.

We pulled up to their house and noticed all their cars were parked in their usual spots, which meant everyone was home. They never cared that we stopped by unannounced, but today was a day for mothers to be with their children; I had a sudden case of panic thinking that we were going to intrude on their very intimate day. I think Emmett could sense this from me, because he squeezed my hand tighter and said, "There's no other place mom would want you to be." His voice was still so shaky and I knew he was on the verge of tears again. I squeezed his hand back and nodded my head.

We got out of the car and I noticed he still had the picture in his hand but only one flower this time. He came around to meet me on my side of the Jeep and we headed for the Cullen's door. Before Emmett had a chance to knock, Carlisle opened the door smiling at both of us. His face instantly turned to one of sorrow and compassion as he shook Emmett's hand. I didn't meet his eyes because the moment I looked over my brothers' shoulder I saw her standing there looking at me. I pushed past my brother and Carlisle, I completely ignored Edward and Alice who were at the stairs and I threw myself into her welcoming arms. I wanted to tell her sorry for ruining her day, I wanted to tell Alice I was sorry for stealing time she should be spending with her mother. I wanted to tell Edward I was sorry for interrupting, but I couldn't do anything but hold her for dear life. She held me just as tightly and let me cry. I cried for my loss, I cried for Emmett's loss, I cried for Esme's loss, I just cried because I missed my mom.

"I miss… her… so… much, "I finally choked out. "Why did she have to die? I want her back so bad." I could feel Esme shaking now too and realized she was crying with me. She just held me and stroked my hair like my mother used to do, which made me cry harder.

"She loved everybody so much Esme, she was so beautiful and I miss her." I cried out. She just held on to me and let me release every bit of hurt I was feeling. We stood there for what seemed like hours.

Esme was still shaking and her voice cracked several times as she started to speak, "I know you do Bella, I know you do. Even though you can't see her she's with you always." She pulled away just a tiny bit, enough to grab my hand and place it over my heart. "Right here, Bella, she's in here and no one can take that away." I rested my head on her shoulder and sobbed while she held me. I lifted my head when I felt someone sit down next to me and start to rub soothing patterns on my back. I looked over to see Edward sitting next to me with tears in his eyes and nodding to the left. I looked over to where he was suggesting and I saw Emmett sitting in the chair with his head down staring at my mother's picture. I'm not the only one missing a mother's touch so I looked up to Esme and gave her one last long hug and whispered, "Emmett might just need you more than I do right now." She nodded against me and I let go of her arm, so she could comfort the one man in my life who would mask his own pain in order for me to get rid of mine.

As soon as I let go of Esme, Edward's strong hands pulled me to his side and cocooned me against him, one arm around my shoulder and his other reached around and held my hand in his. I rested my head against his chest and watched my brother, who has been holding in so much pain, finally let go completely and weep into Esme's embrace. She sat there in front of him on her knees holding him to her like her life depended on it. It wasn't gentle and tender like mine; no this was a much more powerful hug. This hug was for a son who would never let himself fully express how much he was missing his mom. This was for a son who needed to be held, but could never ask. This was for a son who lost a best friend. She was telling him with that embrace to let go, and he did. He hugged her so tight I really thought she was losing circulation. He let out every bit of pain he was feeling into that hug and he cried. She just held onto him that much tighter. He needed this and she was there for him.

I looked up when I felt Edward sobbing, he was staring at me now and he had tears running down his face. He loved my mom too and I know these tears weren't from pity they were his way of mourning my mother. His hand slowly came up to the side of my face and he tucked a piece of my hair behind my ear. It was so intimate the way his hand brushed against my cheek and lingered on my face for those few extra seconds. We both held each other's gazes and then he slowly lowered his face to mine and placed a soft kiss at the end of my nose. It was the sweetest thing and all I could do was smile up at him hoping to show my appreciation.

I saw Alice being held by Carlisle at the door; both had tears in their eyes. From the look on Alice's face I could see she was fighting with herself to come over to me, but she was giving Edward the chance to comfort me also. I held my hand out to her and she all but flew over to the other side of me and crashed in for a hug. We held each other and started crying again. I lost my mother and my father but I gained another family as well. Nothing could replace my mom and dad and they never tried, they just added more people to our two person family.

I felt Edward get up and noticed him walk over to where Emmett was now standing hugging Carlisle. Esme came over and sat next to me and Alice on the coach, both of them had their arms around me and I had put my hands on both of them. I looked up to see all three men stood the same way we were sitting. Everyone felt our pain and everyone was hurting with us. We stayed that way for awhile until I felt steady enough to speak.

"Do you think you guys could come with Emmett and me to visit mom?" I choked when I said mom.

Esme just brushed my hair behind my ears and said, "Of course."

We stood up to leave and Emmett came over to Esme and handed her the single Calla Lily he had brought in with him. "Happy Mother's Day, Esme."

That was all he could make out before she was in his arms crying her thanks. No one ever said we interrupted them that day and it didn't feel like we were supposed to be any other place than with them. We haven't spent a Mother's Day away from Esme since.

Back to present

Living with my brother was sort of like a marriage in a way, I took care of all the household things and he took care of all the finances and legal stuff. Our parents both had life insurance policies, so we were pretty much financially secure which meant Emmett didn't have to work and go to school. He was planning on doing just that until the judge informed him of our parents leaving us with over $450,000 each.

We also got the house, which we lived in until the summer before my junior year. We found a house closer to Emmett's campus. Although, it meant that I would have to leave Forks and switch schools, I really didn't need much convincing on that part of it. I would miss going to school with Alice but it was just too painful for me there. Not just because of my parents, but because HE knew where I lived. This was a chance for us to have a fresh start. In addition, we needed more room before she arrived.

He's been the best brother to me and has never made me feel like we were holding him back from anything…and I love him for it. There's no one else I want to be around and there's no way I could live alone right now. Even though I was 18 and at the end of my senior year, with everything that had happened, I was still too scared to be alone. I didn't think Emmett would want us to live without him anyway. So I cooked, cleaned and shopped and Emmett did what big brothers do and protected me and her, win/win situation for all of us.

I gathered our breakfast dishes and headed to the kitchen while Emmett ran upstairs to grab more of his clothes. After throwing the pile in front of the washer he followed Edward, who was on the phone, outside. I could see them both smiling at whatever was happening over the phone, but since I couldn't hear the conversation, I would have to ask them about it later.

After the kitchen was clean I made my way over to finish up with the laundry. I noticed Em had brought an even bigger pile than what was here before, mostly shirts. Why does he need so many shirts? Removing the clothes from the dryer I tossed them into the empty hamper and replaced them with the wet towels. I started another load in the washing machine. I folded all of the clean UW workout shirts and placed them on the closed lid of the washing machine. Apparently, there were a few pairs of shorts in this load too. Finished folding, I grabbed part of the stack and made my way through the kitchen. As I walked through, I realized I left the sink running, as I turned off the faucet I noticed Emmett and Edward both outside talking to someone. I couldn't see the guy's face, but apparently he's a friend because they looked really happy to see him. I started making my way through the kitchen and I could hear Emmett talking to the other guy.

"Aw man, just wait 'til Belly sees you, it's been a couple years hasn't it."

As quickly as those words left his mouth, I heard the laugh that I knew all too well. The sound froze me where I stood, causing me to drop the pile of clothes that were in my hands.

"Yea, we've all been here about two years now, I don't have my own room but I basically live with these two," Edward said.

Still frozen in place, I didn't know what to do. Were they going to invite him in? 'NO! Please I can't see him, oh God don't let Emmett bring him in here.' I heard his voice, the voice I haven't heard since the end of my sophomore year.

"Yea, I guess it has been about two years since the last time I saw the three of you," he said. I avoided him for two years, I got away from him for two years, but just like he told me back then, if I ever tried to hide I couldn't hide forever.

'Oh my god, what am I going to do? I don't want him to see me; please don't let him see me.' When I looked up I saw the smile on Emmett's face and I heard Emmett tell him to come inside and take a look at our house. They all turned to come inside but he seemed to have forgotten something and turned around and headed towards his car.

Emmett bounced up the few porch stairs and eagerly started yelling to me, "You'll never guess who dropped by."

Emmett opened the screen door as he finished the last of his sentence and I couldn't mask the panic that over powered my body. His smile immediately disappeared and nothing but worry was etched onto his face. He took a look at the clothes that were on the floor then looked back to my face, I ran for my room. I skipped two stairs at a time and ran faster than I ever have in my life, trying to make it to the sanctuary of my room. When I reached the inside of my room, I slammed the door and tried to blend my body into the wall next to the door frame. I had my back against it and my hands were desperately clawing at the wall on my sides. I could see it out of the corner of my eye before I actually heard the door knob turning. 'Why don't I have a lock? Please just go away, please.'

I couldn't move... my fear had paralyzed me.

I couldn't scream…

I was frozen and terrified with a constant chill spreading through-out my body.

I could feel my face breaking out in a cold sweat and I was sure there was no blood left in my body, when Emmett opened the door.

He saw me and all I could do at that point was silently sob. I was so afraid of having to go downstairs and face him. I thought it was over, I thought I was finally going to be ok, but he's here, downstairs, in my home.

I looked over to my brother silently begging him with my eyes, he doesn't understand though, how could he?

"Bella, what's wrong?" Emmett's voice cracked at the end of the sentence. "Bella you're freaking me out."

I was too scared to talk all I could do was shake my head back and forth over and over again.

"Please Emmett, I can't see him. Please."

"Bella, see who?"

I continued to shake my head. I felt the tears falling down my face. I knew I was close to hysterics now.

"Please Emmett; don't tell him I'm here. Don't let him see me. Please Emmett I can't see… James." His name was barely a whisper when it left my lips.

I fell to floor sobbing uncontrollably, but still so quiet. I wrapped my arms around my legs that I folded up to me and just sat and begged Emmett with my eyes. We stared at each other until I heard two voices and the screen door shut. Emmett looked through the doorway and then looked at me. I felt all blood rush out of my head. My eyes were huge with fear and I began to shake my head with more intensity now. Emmett dropped down next to me and put his arms around me. He kissed my head and rocked with me; it wasn't until we heard footsteps that I gasped and he grabbed my face, "You're going to tell me later, Bella, no more hiding this from me."

He didn't say it in a way to scare me; he said it in a tone that big brothers use on their little sisters when they want them to realize they are serious.

I still couldn't move to acknowledge him; all I could hear were the footsteps getting closer up the stairs. Emmett let go of me and rushed to the door just in time to have it shut before they reached the top.

I could hear Emmett now; all three of them were right on the other side of the wall. James was just a few feet away from me, he had been right the entire time. I would never be able to get away from him. I was his and he would stop at nothing to get me. I would never be able to out run him. And he was right, because here he stood on the other side of my bedroom wall with my brother and I was sitting on the floor scared out of my mind.

I could hear them talking now and was hoping Emmett would make him leave.

"Hey, something happened with Bella, I think she ate too much this morning, she kind of just got sick in the bathroom." I could actually picture Emmett grabbing the back of his neck and looking down as he said this.

"Should I go check on her and make sure she's ok. I was looking forward to seeing her. I know it's late, but it took me awhile to find you guys after I got back into town," James said in a very sincere voice. This, of course, was all for show.

"Yea, well, she's not up for company right now, so let's just do this some other time ok."

"Well do you two want to go catch up at the bar and watch some Sports Center?" James was asking them.

'Please don't leave me alone Emmett please, I can't be alone. I need my big brother.' I could hear them talking and I prayed Emmett wouldn't leave me.

"Nah, why don't you two go down, I want to make sure she's going to be ok. I can catch up with you guys later."

"Alright man, tell her I hope she feels better, and tell her thanks for breakfast." Edward said.

My panic started to slowly die down knowing that Emmett was making him leave. I could hear Emmett walking back up the stairs and was not looking forward to reliving the nightmare I silently went through that year. He knocked softly before he opened the door. He quietly shut the door and plopped himself down next to me on the floor. I dropped my hands from my legs and stared into my brother's eyes.

As the weight of the situation finally hit me full force, I crashed into his body, wrapped my arms tightly around his neck and sat sideways in his lap. Holding on for dear life, I started bawling. No need to be silent and hide anymore, I poured out my true feelings from all the horror I went through and what I'm going through right now, right onto my brothers shoulder. I realized I had no other choice but to tell Emmett everything. He held me just as tightly and told me over and over, "You're safe now Belly, you're ok. It's going to be ok, I'm right here."

As much as I wanted to believe him, I was not convinced, not now that he'd found me… just like he promised he would. But it's just not me anymore; I have to worry about her now. She was my main priority, keeping her safe. My subconscious must have known this was going to happen because for some reason I didn't hesitate to let her go with Esme yesterday. They've been bugging me for months to let them take her to the Zoo and spoil her rotten for a weekend, also giving me a break. I've just never been able to part with her, until yesterday. And I was so grateful I did, she was safe with Esme and Carlisle, away from here, away from James. That thought put my mind at ease a little and I let out a big sigh.

Emmett was still holding me, waiting for me to start talking. I gave him one last pull for a hug and then adjusted myself so I could start a story that began my freshman year. Emmett gave me a minute to compose myself before he asked, "Are you ok now?"

I wiped the trails my tears left off my cheeks and nodded 'yes'. He simply nodded his head back and started to stand up, reaching his hand down to help me as well.

"Why don't we go downstairs and talk, ok?" Emmett suggested.

"Yea, I think I could use some tea and you might want a beer for this" I jokingly told him. He smiled at me and opened the door so we could head downstairs. As we got to the top of the staircase, I looked at Emmett when I heard voices and realized Edward and James were still here. I grabbed onto Emmett's hand and tried to pull us back towards my room. Before I was able to turn around, James and Edward walked into the foyer, both backs were turned toward us and I saw James touch a picture frame hanging on the wall next to the door.

"Hey Edward?" James asked.

"Yea, what's up?" Edward says while putting his hand on James' shoulder.

"Who's that with Bella?"

My heart dropped when I saw the picture he was pointing to.

"She's the girl that stole my heart 18 months ago." Edward tapped on the glass of the frame next to James' finger. "She's Bella's daughter."

After hearing this, James got a disgusted look on his face, his eyes grew big and his mouth formed into a tight line. His hand pulled back from the frame like it had been burned and dropped to his side in a fist.

I knew that picture inside and out, it was taken right after her first birthday. We had been playing outside on the play set Edward had bought for her. At some point, Emmett came out with a camera and snapped some shots of us playing. I'd wait at the bottom of the slide and Edward would help her climb the stairs and hold her while she readied herself to slide down. I'd be right there to catch her when she would finally tell Edward 'again'. He'd give a little push to help her out and every time she'd get the biggest smile on her face and her eyes lit up like it was the Fourth of July. She was so excited each time she slid down, it was the cutest thing; watching how much fun she was having. The shot Emmett took was right after she slid down and I scooped her up in my arms, twirling her and kissing her cheeks. Emmett called our names and when we looked over he snapped the picture.

She had her arms around my neck and I had her against my chest. We both have the same big, happy smile on our faces. Her big brown doe eyes have the same twinkle in them as mine, which is why Emmett calls her my mini-me. She is too; everything about her is identical to me, even down to her little blush. The only difference between us was the beautiful blond ringlets she had sprouting from her head, surrounding her face with little fly-aways.

My face is flushed from twirling us around and her chubby little cheeks have the same color blush on them from her laughing so hard.

"She's a little cutie." Edward said with a smile. Both of them sat there for a few more minutes just staring at the photo.

"18 months you said?" James whispered and leaned in to touch the picture. He studied it for just an instant and I could tell the moment it clicked in his head. Without removing his eyes from the picture he asked, "What's her name?"

"Emma," Edward said. "Emma Charlotte Swan. She named her after Emmett and Charlie."

James closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. When he opened them, he reached out to touch the frame again.

"Emma." he said with an evil gleam in his eyes and a wicked smile. Seeing that look on his face had me completely horrified and I gasped out loud, which caused them both to look my way. James' eyes immediately sought out mine, and I was again frozen in fear. I knew right then that there was absolutely no way I could hide from him, now that he knew about her. What if he tried to take her from me? My stomach dropped at that thought and I started to shake. I could feel Emmett put his arm around me but it was no use, nothing could keep us safe now.

"Hello Bella," was all I heard and then everything went black.

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