A Note-

So, after a veryyyy long time I rediscovered this story. It's been around a year or something since my last update on this, which I absolutely hate thinking about.. My interest in Naruto kind of drifted because of the newer chapters (in my opinion they're not doing any justice to the way the story used to be... you'd expect the war scenes to be long and interesting, with new flavor, but I feel like they're rushed and trying to revert back to the older Naruto.. and it's not working. But that's my grumpy opinion, bah humbug, tis beside the point of why I'm posting this). Well, good news is, I'm picking it back up. There will be an update shortly, within the next few days if I'm lucky. When I do update it, this message will be removed and the new chapter will take it's place. Really sorry to keep you all waiting so long, hopefully those of you who are interested will keep reading, eheh.

I do love me some Itachi after all, and that won't really ever change, ha ha!