Dawn slid out of the cozy ship-rocked bed. The soothing motion of the bed rocking made it easy for Dawn to sleep last night, and hard for her to wake up. She sighed and stretched, waking for the day that the ship lands... in Hoenn.

It wasn't Dawn's idea to go to Hoenn, it was Kenny's, her child-hood friend that loved to call her De-De. He was on his way to Hoenn when she was seeing Ash and Brock off. Ash, being homesick for the first time since she met him, was ready to go home, to Pallet. And Brock was ready to go back to the gym. She wanted to go with them, to continue traveling with them, but there was no contest in Kanto. Since Kenny was on his way to Hoenn, she decided to go too. Hoenn was unknown territory to her, it just waited to be explored.

But not everything turned out as planned. She bought the wrong ticket, and was heading for Littleroot town, instead of Petalburg City with Kenny. Luckily, the ship captain was nice, and was friendly enough to become easy friends with Dawn. It was Captain Marty that made sure Dawn was right at home in her little room with a porthole looking out to open sea.

The sea wasn't open anymore, though. Dawn could clearly see the town of Littleroot appearing out of the blue. Though Dawn traveled alone without her friends, she wasn't entirely alone. She had her trusty Pokemon to keep her company. She patted her Pokeball as she began to leave the room.

Captain Marty was outside her door, waiting for her like usual. "Good morning, Dawn. You have a pleasant sleep?"

"As always, Captain Marty!" A little squawking sound came from the Captain's shoulder. Dawn smiled. "Good morning to you too, Taillow," the small Taillow squawked it's good morning back at Dawn, Happily.

"we shall be docking soon, Dawn. This is your last chance to find someone you know on The Queen Swellow. If you don't find someone you know, you could very well get lost in Littleroot,"

Dawn smiled at the kind Captain. "yes, I know, but I have someone I can call if I get lost. She might not be in Littleroot, but she will come help me,"

The Captain nodded. "Yes, it is good to have friends in other regions. That way, you are never truly lost,"

Dawn nodded, turning away to do what she did every day on the grand ship. She waved bye as she ran to the commons area.

The commons area had different people in it everyday. That's why she always went there first. She didn't think anyone she knew would be on this boat. Zoey was at Snowpoint, training, so her best friend wasn't there with her. She had her Pokemon with her, but she wanted a human friend with her. But, she stuck with what she had as she grabbed her Pokeball and released her Pokemon. "Pachirisu, spotlight!"

a cute little white and blue Pokemon danced around in one spot, showing off cuteness that would make the judges happy. Dawn went with Pachirisu because cuteness was the easiest thing that could attract a judge, so she didn't have to work very hard. She figured she would have a cute Pokemon for the first stage, and a strong one for the battle stage.

"Okay, Pachirisu! Think of this as training! We will work on your speed and eyesight. We need to find someone we know! I promised May I would only contact her when necessary, and she is very busy at the moment,"

"Pachi pachi!" Pachirisu smiled brightly and nodded happily.

"Okay, if you find anyone, try to bring them back here. Can you do that?" Dawn asked, already knowing her Pokemon could do it.

"Pachi! Pachi pachi!" Her Pokemon scurried away. Dawn nodded to herself. Truthfully, she didn't care if she found someone or not. She wanted to try to get to Petalburg on her own. She wanted to show everyone she could handle it, but she knew she would get helplessly lost.

Dawn walked around the commons area, looking at people's faces and smiling to boy's who gave her flirty smiles. She was caught in the gaze of one boy when she bumped into someone. "Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-"

Her voice cut off when she knew who she was talking to. His sharp gaze stopped her apologetic babbling. His Purple hair was in his eyes as he looked at her. He rose an eyebrow, "Well, if it isn't that girl who travels with Ash," his hands were in his pockets as he looked at Dawn like she was trash. That made her mad.

"I have a name! And it's Dawn, D-a-w-n! Dawn!" Pachirisu scampered up behind Paul and pulled at his pants leg. Paul looked down and moved his leg, allowing Pachirisu to scurry to Dawn.

"Pachi pachi!" The small Pokemon cried as it pointed to someone behind Paul. Dawn leaned over just a bit and gasped. "Conway?"

Conway grabbed his glasses. "I thought it was your Pokemon. I could tell by it's beautiful coat and it's charming grace as it ran," the boy with dark green hair smirked towards Dawn, giving her a type of Chill that didn't feel good at all. Conway looked at Paul, and his smirked disappeared. "Who is this? Isn't he the one who was with Ash in the-"

"y-yeah, he was, but for some reason he doesn't know my name!" Dawn glared at the purple haired boy. He merely shrugged and began to walk off, making Dawn more mad than before. "Hey! I'm talking to you! You think you could be nicer to me!" She yelled it, but she asked it seriously.

Paul turned his gaze to Conway. "Is she always this loud?"

Dawn puffed up. She was seriously thinking about making Pachirisu shock him.

Conway smirked again. "She can if she wants to be. If you want her to stop, you better answer her,"

Paul rolled his eyes. "I just don't see the point of remembering her name if she's not important to me,"

Dawn gasped, Pachirisu started to yell at him, which only made it cuter. Dawn was really hurt by his words. Her hurt turned into hate as she yelled. "You, me, one on one Pokemon battle, now!" Pachirisu backed her up with a seriously cute yell. "Pachi pachi!"

Everyone turned to them. Some eager to see a battle, and Dawn thought that would help her. But Paul rolled his eyes. "Are you kidding? I could beat you in my sleep. It's not worth it,"

Dawn didn't know what to say. She was appalled that he turned her down. Her anger didn't help her calm down a bit. "A real trainer never turns down a battle!" She yelled.

Paul chuckled at her. "Your not considered a real trainer. All you worry about is how good your Pokemon look, and there is nothing real about that. People have opinions on Pokemon's looks,"

Dawn's anger spiked. "You're just afraid to battle me!" Dawn could see that she hit a nerve as he angerly pulled out his only Pokeball. People around them began to cheer as they made room for the battle. It made Dawn realize that the entire commons area was a huge battlefield. Dawn was already in her spot and she watched Paul make his way to his.

Dawn saw Conway walk to Paul. They whispered something to each other before Conway gave an evil grin and stepped out of his way. Dawn called Pachirisu to it's spot and it took position for it's battle. It was that moment Dawn started to feel scared.

'What if I loose? What Pokemon does Paul have? What was I thinking? I can't win to Paul! Oh no!' she ranted inside of her head till Paul through his Pokeball.

Out of the Pokeball, came Gliscor. It floated in the air above them.

'Yes!' Dawn thought. 'Gliscor is a flying type! Sure, it's a ground type, too, but I have a chance!'

Conway shouted. "Begin!"

"Pachirisu! Sweet kiss!" Dawn shouted loudly, and Pachirisu used it's attack as fast as it could. A huge heart flew at Gliscor so fast it didn't see it coming. Gliscor was practically in love with Pachirisu.

"Gliscor, X-scissors," Paul yelled. Gliscor, even when in love with Pachirisu, used it's attack, but missed epically.

Dawn took it to her advantage. "Pachirisu, use spark and spin on your tail!" Pachirisu did as told, spun on it's tail and used spark. It's outcome was like Piplup's whirlpool, only electric. Gliscor was drawn towards Pachirisu by it's cuteness and was trapped in the electric whirlpool. Dawn laughed. "Who's stronger than who know?"

Paul was so stubborn. He smirked at her. "Gliscor, firefang!" Gliscor broke out of it's attraction and dove right into the middle of the electric whirlpool to bite Pachirisu's head with firefang. Pachirisu screamed in pain and panicked, moving from foot to foot trying to shake Gliscor off. It caused Gliscor to let go and fly back up. Dawn saw that Pachirisu was burned and mentally growled to herself.

"Pachirisu, Discharge!" Pachirisu fought through the burn and used discharge. The electric attack spread farther than it usually did, which was probably because the burn stung the Pokemon so bad, it used all it's power, all it's frustration, on the attack. That possibility scared Dawn, she was worried about loosing the battle, but more worried about the Pokemon's health.

The Discharge hit Gliscor with a force that knocked it out cold, making Dawn the victor of the battle. Dawn didn't care about that, though. Pachirisu wouldn't stop using Discharge. It didn't stop till it's power was drained and it passed out as well.

"Pachirisu!" Dawn yelled, running over to the injured Pokemon. When she got to it's side, she saw how deep Gliscors bite was, and how bad it was for her Pokemon. She knew it was bad, because never had she seen after a Pokemon battle, a Pokemon bleed.

The ship's nurse Joy noticed it too, and ran to Dawn and Pachirisu. She quickly checked over Pachirisu and sighed. "It's not that bad, Dawn. Pachirisu will be fine after I wrap up it's head and you check it in it's Pokeball,"

"Thank you," Dawn said, but something made her wonder. "Does every boat have a nurse Joy?"

Nurse Joy giggled. "No, I'm afraid not. But in my case it's different because I'm married to the Ship's Captain,"

and as she said it, Captain Marty, looking strong and healthy, stood next to the two girls. "Did I miss something?" He asked, his Taillow squawked.

"Dawn had a Pokemon Battle and won, but Pachirisu is hurt," nurse Joy said, picking up Pachirisu and handing it to the Chansey that was next to her.

"Well, I'll trust you to take care of it," the Captain smiled at nurse Joy, and she smiled back. It was times like that that made Dawn miss Brock and Croagunk. She could see Croagunk just standing next to Brock because he didn't have to use his poison jab to make him behave for nurse Joy was in love with the Captain.

The captain said goodbye to nurse Joy and he turned to Dawn. "Dawn, we are going to be landing soon, I'm guessing you found a friend?" It was then Dawn noticed Paul and Conway behind her. It scared her that they were just there, out of no-where.

She sighed. "Yes, I found Paul and Pachirisu found Conway," she motioned to the two boys behind her.

The Captain raised an eyebrow. "Funny, I remember him watching you yesterday. Always out of sight from you, but watching you," Captain Marty was pointing at Conway, now had a hint of a blush on his face. Dawn rose an eyebrow, waiting for an explanation.

"I, uh," Conway scratched the back of his head. "I didn't know whether to say anything to you or not,"

Dawn was confused but laughed. "Why so shy? You could have said 'hi',"

Conway chuckled nervously. "Yeah..."

the Captain left to steer the ship, leaving Dawn and the guys. Dawn smiled at the two boys, but frowned when she saw the looks on their faces. Conway looked mischievous and victorious. Paul looked defeated and, well, mad. Dawn opened her mouth but it closed when Paul started to talk.

"I don't care if I lost the bet, I'm not gonna do it!"

Conway chuckled. "You would have made me do it if you won, but you lost, so you have to,"

"You want me, me, to travel with troublesome?" Paul asked it like he had been insulted. Dawn was insulted when she realized he was talking about her. Then it clicked in Dawn's head.

'They had a bet. And who won the battle, determined who won the bet. Since I won, Conway won. So he bet Paul to-' Dawn's eyes got wide. "Wait! Paul has to travel with me! Do I have a say in this!"

Conway laughed and shook his head. "Even if you say no to it, he still has to follow you around Hoenn,"

"No!" she screamed. "I don't want a stalker!" Paul glared at her but she didn't care a bit. She thought 'How creepy would it be if someone had to follow you around Hoenn!' It didn't help calm her nerves. "If I knew about this bet, I would have lost on purpose!"

Paul rolled his eyes. "Which is why he made the bet for you," Paul pointed at Conway. "Damn bastard,"

"So, what would have happened if you won, Paul?" Dawn wanted to believe that would have been better, but she knew she was wrong.

Paul opened his mouth but Conway said. "If she knew, then it would have been like you won the battle, and you didn't, so don't answer,"

"no fair!" Dawn claimed.

"Life's not fair, my Dawn," Conway had that weird smirk on his face that freaked her out, so she looked away with a pout on her face.

The intercom stopped the pre-teens from continuing. "Attention passengers of the Queen Swellow," Captain Marty's voice echoed from the intercom. "We are arriving at Littleroot town's harbor. I advise you gather your Pokemon from the spa's, gym's and the Pokemon center at the center of the ship, so that everything will be ready as you leave the ship. Remember, if you leave your Pokemon on the ship, you may not get it back for over a month, and we wouldn't want to separate you for that long. Be sure to gather all your belongings, I remind you we are not responsible for any lost items on the ship. And if you leave your Pokemon, we will be sure they are taken care of properly at the Pokemon center until we can get them back to you. I hope you enjoyed your voyage, and be sure to choose The Queen Swellow, again,"

"Looks like we're here," Dawn muttered as she looked back at the boys. She bit her bottom lip, "Paul has to come with me?" she asked.

Paul did nothing but look angry at nothing as Conway nodded his head. Dawn sighed again as she turned around. "Fine, meet me at the exit of the ship, I gotta find Pachirisu," she ran off.


"You do realize, I could easily leave when your not around. And, I could tell her," Paul grumbled as he walked away, Conway following him to gloat in his face about losing with a girl.

Conway stopped gloating when Paul said that. He just simply smirked. "You're not going to leave her. Face it, you lost on purpose. I gave you what you wanted. I don't blame you, Dawn's cute,"

Paul rolled his eyes. "Dawn is no where near cute,"

Conway laughed like it was the funniest joke ever. "I saw the way you looked at her. I also saw the way you purposely bumped into her. You're gonna take this opportunity and flirt with her. Say it, say it's true!"

"You are absolutely ridiculous. And the way you look at her, it looks like you just want her for her body,"

"See, even you admit she has a hot body! And, I just realized, you said she wasn't cute, you must mean you think she's hot!"

"You are completely perverted. I bet you sneaked into her room before,"

"Well, not here," Conway said slyly, causing Paul to glare at him.

"You're a perverted son of a bitch. All you want to do is fuck her,"

Conway looked offended. "I'm appalled! I do not want to fuck her!"

"I'm gonna tell her what would have happened if I won," Paul smirked at the look on Conway's face.

"You can't!"

"I can, and I will. I'll tell Dawn you love her, and that you were going to kiss her if I won, which will piss her off. She doesn't like you, pervert,"

Conway blocked the door to Paul's room. "You tell her, I'll personally kick you're ass. She knows I like her, but love will freak her out," Conway smirked. "Which I should warn you about. Don't go falling in love with her. And if you just like her, and she likes you, fine. But if you think you will make her happy by saying you love her, don't. She is afraid of love. She was ever since her mom and dad separated. And it'll ruin your friendship, too,"

Paul had enough. He pushed Conway out of his way and closed the door behind him.

It wasn't that Paul didn't like Dawn, because, sadly, he did. But he didn't know well enough to think anything of it before. When Conway made the bet with him, he figured it as a win/win. He wanted to know Dawn better. He never wanted to really fall for her, and he didn't plan to. But being told that he could never tell her that he loved her, made him mad. He didn't want to feel mad, he just was.

He didn't want to fall in love with her. But being told that he practically couldn't, made him wish he really could love her.

Not that Dawn will ever know that.


"Thank you, nurse Joy," Dawn smiled at the nurse as her Pokeball was handed back to her.

"Remember, don't take Pachirisu out of his Pokeball unless absolutely necessary. He needs to be taken to the one in Littleroot before so he can rest there till fully healed,"

"You got it nurse Joy!" Dawn waved bye to the nurse. "Tell Captain Marty that I'll be sure to find this ship for my trip back to Sinnoh,"

nurse Joy laughed. "Will do, Dawn,"

Dawn smiled as she ran down the halls of the ship that seemed emptier than usual. Everyone had rushed out of the ships so fast that Dawn couldn't even tell. She ran for her room and got there without being caught from running, which was a first on this ship.

She opened the door and grabbed her ready-made bag and took off. She had to meet him at the Exit of the ship, and she was late.

'At least I wont be traveling by myself. Yeah, I told Kenny I would travel with him, but he will be out of Petalburg before I get there. He might as well leave without me. I'll call him when I get to the Pokemon center and tell him he needs to leave without me.'

Dawn really was glad not to be traveling alone. She was also glad she didn't have to travel with Conway. Out of the two, Paul and Conway, she would have chosen Paul anyway.

Six reasons why--

1). She ran into Paul first.

2). Conway scared her.

3). Conway sneaked into her room before.

4). Conway was stalking her before, says Captain Marty, anyway

5). Conway is a know-it-all

6). Paul is cuter

blood raced to Dawn's face at the sixth one. 'Did I just think that!'

"Hey, slow down there. You're gonna trip and hurt something," a ship employee called to Dawn. She didn't realize how fast she was going. And it seems that thinking #6 caused her to run faster, as if to get away from it.

"Sorry!" Dawn called, slowing her pace and speed-walking to the Exit.

When Dawn got there, Paul wasn't there. Anger flushed Dawn. He had left without her!

"looking for Paul?" his voice sent a chill down Dawn's Body. She turned to see Conway, leaning on the wall.

"Y-yeah?" It came out as a question because of the way he was staring at her. His eye's left hers and trailed down her body, causing yet another chill.

His eye's didn't go back up for a long time, when they did he was talking again. "Paul said 'fuck her' and left without you. He's too chicken to travel with a girl. I guess you'll have to-"

"you're so full of shit," Paul walked out from behind Conway, making Dawn relieved. She didn't like being alone with Conway. 'o.m.g. You were just relieved to see Paul!' Her mind screamed to her. Dawn shook her head.

"That is not a nice word," she mumbled as she adjusted her bag on her shoulder and started to turn around to leave.

"It's true, which doesn't make it bad," Paul stated as he followed her out. Dawn decided a conversation is what she needed.

"How would you know? You haven't known him for very long,"

"I have seen more sides of him just going to my room than you may ever see in your life," he grunted.

Dawn turned to him questionably. "More sides of him?"

the conversation stopped after that. They walked in silence to the Pokemon center. Dawn noticed as she walked with Paul, that Conway seemed to have disappeared...