Dawn opened her eyes and looked around. She gulped at the sight in front of her. She was on a stage. The stage itself was covered in rose petals of random colors. Red, blue, white, yellow; any color you could think of was on the ground. The stands that surrounded her were filled with people wearing black jumpsuits. The jumpsuits were a familiar jolt that had Dawn's mind wondering. She wiggled around slightly, but found her hands and feet tried up in huge rope knots. That's when she remembered what she overheard. She was the star of a show. She looked down and gasped. 'Who changed my clothes?' her mind screamed. She wasn't wearing May's red traveling outfit anymore. She was wearing a really skimpy pink night gown that was fuzzy at the breast area. The rest of the gown was see-through. The see-through gown reviled that someone had changed her into silk panties. She looked up and around the stage; she couldn't believe her eyes.

Conway was standing next to a rope hanging from the ceiling. He was wearing the same outfit as every other grunt in the room, only he had some kind of button system over his heart, showing his rank. He looked towards Dawn and smirked. "Well, our little princess is awake," the entire room burst into laughter. Dawn didn't think it was funny at all. She wasn't amused the least bit.

"Where the hell am I?" Dawn yelled towards him. She knew it was useless, but she struggled to get out of the ropes. It was super tight. She knew it would leave marks when she finally got them off.

Conway's laugh cased a familiar chill to go down Dawn's back, stopping her from her futile attempt to get free. The stabbing sensation from his laugh was there. She glared at him as he said. "You're in Team Rockets secret Rustboro base, of course. It is hidden in plain sight. I'm sure you passed by it on the way to the Pokemon Center,"

Dawn's eyes became wide. "Team Rocket? But I thought-"

Conway nodded. "Yes, I had tried to make it seem like Team Galactic got to you. Of course, I wish I could still be part of them, or Magma and Lava, but they are not around anymore. That's all thanks to Ash," Conway shrugged. "But this works too,"

"Bastard," Dawn mumbled. She looked around to see that the room looked so familiar. She then realized it looked like a contest area. All contest halls looked somewhat the same. No wonder…

Conway smirked again and held the tip of his glasses. "Soon you won't be calling me bastard, but you will be calling me Boyfriend," he held his arm out behind him in a motioning way, "Bring them in," he ordered. Dawn gasped as the Team Rocket grunts pushed in Paul and Barry, both all tied up. Barry was his usual complaining self. While Paul, eyes closed, just let the grunts direct him where to go. When the grunts stopped, so did Paul. His eyes opened. He looked straight at Dawn. Then she saw anger flash in his eyes. He looked around the room, seeing all the men, and then looked at Conway. She knew he didn't like her dressed in such a way in front of so many men. Conway smiled at Paul and smugly said, "We meet again,"

"What the hell are you doing?" there was venom in Paul's voice. His eyes were narrowed. The room was silent in anticipation of what was to come next.

Many things could have happened. Conway could be childish, brag about how he won and Paul lost. He could have stuck his toungue out. He could have glared and said how rude Paul was. He could have smirked and said, "That's not very nice. You could have said 'hi',"

Conway merely motioned to the rope. "You have a choice, Paul. You can watch the show, and we can kill you later… or you can kill yourself now," Conway smirked. "You may not be pleased at what you'll see. If I was you, I'd choose death now. Same thing goes for you, Barry,"

Barry glared at first. He then took a deep breath. He looked like he was actually taking his time to think for once. Would he say yes and kill himself, making Dawn gultly for his death, or would he say hell no, and reluctantly have his long waiting hours, just to die anyway. He always surprised Dawn. He opened his eyes and said, "I'll do what Paul does,"

Paul looked at Dawn. She pleaded with her eyes. She didn't want him to die. But as she thought, she knew he wouldn't be able to live with whatever Conway had planned. She wasn't sure if she could even handle it. All in all, she was the one who wished she had a choice. But Conway would never give her that choice. She looked away from Paul with teary eyes. 'If he wants, he can. I want him to decide. Besides, I don't think I want him to see.' She was torn between wanting him alive, and wanting to make him happy. She didn't want him to see, but she wanted him alive. It confused Dawn. She wasn't sure.

"I'm not weak," Paul's voice made Dawn's head snap up. She was crying. She remembered that Paul couldn't take her crying, but he wasn't looking at her anymore. He was glaring straight at Conway. He had a certain look on his face. Dawn knew that he would never give up. It made her smile as he said, "If you think I'm going down without a fight, you've got another thing coming,"

Conway rolled his eyes at Paul's bravery. "I wish you wouldn't be difficult. And you should have known, even if you chose to live, you will still die. I even said that, didn't I? Well, being that you may annoy me during the show, you can die now," Conway flicked his wrist and the grunts grabbed Paul. Paul was right; he wasn't going down without a fight. He put up the best fight he could, but the rope went around his neck. Dawn started panicking.

"Conway, wait, please!" Dawn shrieked. Conway ignored her. She bit her lip. She screamed without fully thinking it through. "If you don't kill him, I'll willingly give myself to you!" After Dawn said it, she knew it was too late. She couldn't take it back. She was stuck, but she felt that she could get to Conway that way. Maybe she could buy time.

"Wait," Conway said just before a grunt was about to pull a lever. Dawn gulped as Conway looked at her with a sly smile. "You make a good offer, but you'll need to convince me," chuckles came from the audience as Conway crossed his arms and waited. Dawn gulped. She bought her time, now she had to make this good…

"Don't kill him, and I'll always be with you. I'll never run off. I'll never say no-" her voice broke and she tried hard to stop herself from crying. "I'll… really love you,"

Conway smirked. He flicked his hand towards Paul, and Dawn held her breath. She sighed with relief when a grunt cut the hanging rope. Dawn didn't meet Paul's, or even Barry's, gaze as they lead them away. She looked down at her legs, watching as tears dripped from her nose.

Some tears where happy; Paul was going to be okay. Some tears where sad, hurtful, unforgiving; she had to be with Conway and she felt as if she hurt Paul with the things she said. Willingly give herself to Conway… she felt like a whore. And she'd be Conway's whore. She never wished for that. And she knew Paul wasn't going to be happy with her doing what she said, either. He would rather fight to the death then see that happen to her. Well, he kind of just did try to fight to the death in a way. And Dawn said she would willingly give herself to Conway to save Paul. She did it for him. She couldn't let him die. She would do anything to keep him alive. She hated the feeling of never seeing him again…


Paul and Barry were lead back to their cells. Instead of separating them, they threw them in one cell. The guards didn't even bother putting them back in their shackles. They just locked the bullet proof, glass doors and headed back to the stage.

Anger filled every bone in Paul's body. It made him shake if he stood still. He started pacing, thinking of ways he could murder that stupid, no good, retarded, dumbass, bastard, Conway. And to top it all off, Dawn had said she would give herself to that low life to save Paul's life. Could Conway get any lower to have a one nighter?

To summarize what Paul was feeling; he was all around pissed.

"What are we gonna do?" Barry asked, sliding down the side of the wall to enter the fetal position. He rested his forehead on his knees. "How are we going to save her? I know she did that to save us, but she should be more worried about herself. Damn, why does she have to be so cute?"

Paul stopped pacing and turned around to see Barry blushing lightly. He walked over and stood in front of him. "You want to save her as much as I do?" his voice had more anger in it then he meant.

Barry looked up to Paul, still blushing. "Y-Yeah," He blushed more and his ears turned red. "I don't want to take Dawn away from you-!"

"I know," Paul looked away and muttered words he knew he would regret. "You're… a good friend…"

Barry shot up like a bullet. His eyes were sparkling. He held his hands in what looked like a pleading motion. "You really mean that?"-he threw his arms in the air- "You're the best!"

Paul held his hand up to stop his scatterbrained, giddy ranting. "Just never kiss her again,"

"Right," Barry nodded seemingly back to normal, but still smiling like a little kid.

"We just need a plan…" Paul muttered.

"Pikachu!" Paul turned around to see Pikachu still chained to the wall. Paul smirked.

"Pikachu, you can get out now,"

Pikachu smiled. With a simple Iron Tail Pikachu was out of the chains. Paul pointed towards the door. "Volt tackle!" at First, all that happened was a loud bang when the glass shook.

"With Pikachu, do you think you can beat Conway?" Barry asked.

"You're a fast runner, go find the Pokeballs. Pikachu, Iron Tail!" Pikachu used Iron Tail to make glass shatter. Paul smirked. "Glass, that was a mistake," Paul, Barry, and Pikachu jumped out of their cell.

"Get them!" a grunt yelled. Pikachu used Thunderbolt on a group of Grunts and their Pokemon. They flew up and destroyed the roof above them. Barry sprinted forward in search of the Pokemon. Paul and Pikachu went straight for the stage. Halfway there, they heard Barry yell, "Found them!" and then he screamed when grunts started chasing him.

"Wooper! Use water gun!" a grunt yelled towards Paul and Pikachu. The grunt and his Wooper were right in front of the stage doors. Pikachu started to use Volt Tackle.


"Well," Conway smirked and crouched in front of Dawn. "Let's get started," he held Dawn's chin. His other hand went to the small of her back and pushed her against him. Conway attempted to press his lips to hers, but she pulled away.

"I said that I wouldn't run off or anything. I didn't say I wouldn't play hard to get," Dawn gave him a fake sexy gaze while letting her bangs cover her eyes. She was buying time. She was always saved… somehow. But the people that could save her probably didn't know she was in trouble. But she still had hope. She also hoped it was all a dream, to which she would wake up and be in Paul's arms. Thence she would cuddle into him and probably cry. That was better that this.

Conway chuckled and pushed himself against her. If she wasn't tied up, she would have attempted to slapped him. "Well, this is not the right time to be playing hard to get, my dear. You're a little braver. Maybe being with Paul made you that way. Wait, you didn't have sex with him-?"

Dawn's face turned blood-shot red. She gulped. "He said I was too young…"

Conway chuckled and rolled his eyes. "Typical. Paul's too afraid to make love with someone-"

Dawn glared and rose her voice. "Paul's not afraid of anything! Not even death. You just saw that,"

Conway turned serious and possibly a little pissed. "I don't want to talk about Paul," his lips almost touched Dawn's. Dawn quickly made an excuse to stop.

"I can't willingly give myself to you with my arms and legs tied, now can I?"

Conway huffed. "If I didn't know any better I'd say you were-"

'Bang! Shatter… shatter… BOOM!'

The room became quiet after loud clatter and the floor shaking. Mumbling was heard from the audience of Rocket grunts. Everyone became confused. Conway stood up and looked at the doors that lead to the stage. "What the-?"

The doors suddenly burst open. Dawn couldn't believe what she saw. A yellow creature burst from the door, sparks flying from its face, and a cloud of smoke entering from behind it. "Pikachu?" Dawn cried. She was never more happy to see that electric Pokemon.

"Pika!" Pikachu nodded. And behind him…

Was Paul. He pointed at Conway with a seriously pissed off stare. "Pikachu, Volt tackle!"

"Pika pika pika-" Pikachu ran at full speed and tried to used Volt tackle on Conway. Conway smirked, as the attack was blocked by some kind of force field.

"Slowking," Conway ordered. Slowking appeared from Behind Conway. Dawn had a mental fit. 'He used protect!'

Paul growled. "Pikachu, Thunderbolt!"

"Pika-chu!" Pikachu's Thunderbolt, although it was aimed for Conway, was blocked by Slowking.

Dawn mumbled so that Slowking could hear but Conway couldn't. "You don't have to do this, Slowking!" He looked at Dawn with a regretful look, but didn't do a thing.

"Slowking, Psychic," Slowking used Psychic and it pushed Pikachu back. Pikachu got back up and growled.

Barry ran up from behind Paul and threw an armful of Pokeballs into the air before Grunts could restrain him. Barry kicked and screamed but he was taken off stage. Out of the Pokeballs that he threw came out Mightyena, Pachirisu, Gliscor, Kirlia, Luvdisc, Heracross, Zigzagoon, and Tailow. All the Pokemon looked confused as they looked around. Gliscor picked up Luvdisc, who was flopping around without water to contain her. Dawn quickly yelled. "Guy's over here!" and got the Pokemon's attention. Looking at Dawn, they realized what was happening, and became very protective. They stood in front of Paul, but Pikachu was in front of them.

Kirlia teleported to Dawn and used Magical Leaf to cut the ropes. Pachirisu skipped up to her and sat in her lap protectively. Pachirisu gave a seriously cute glare to Conway. "Chi-pa, Pachi!"

Conway glared at Dawn and her Pokemon. "Little liar," he murmured.

Dawn couldn't help but roll her eyes and say "Duh!" and she started frantically pulling the ropes away from her arms and legs.

Conway ordered Slowking, "Use Water Pulse!" Slowking let out Water Pulse and aimed it at all the Pokemon. Gliscor, Heracross, and Tailow flew into the air, while Mightyena and Pikachu quickly jumped out of the way.

"Pikachu, Thunderbolt!" Dawn saw Pikachu attack right as Slowking attacked. He was unprotected and venerable. Dawn jumped up and held Pachirisu in her arms.

"Pachirisu, Discharge!" Dawn threw Pachirisu into the air. Pachirisu used a very powerful discharge. The discharge was bigger than a normal one. It spread farther and looked more shocking. Dawn remembered seeing that once before… back on the Queen Swellow. What was it that caused Pachirisu to attack so powerfully?

The next thing Dawn knew, Slowking fainted from the powerful electric attacks. Conway glared at Dawn and pointed at her. "Secure her and her Pokemon!" He pointed towards Paul. "Attack Paul with all we've got!"

Dawn gasped when she felt her arms being retained and retied behind her. She fought to get free and succeeded. She turned around to gasp at a women. "Jessie?"

Jessie glared. "I know what you're thinking. 'Why the hell would Jessie be here?' Well, news flash! We want Pikachu! And the only way we could get Pikachu was get to you! That's why we messed with you and your boy toy! Now shut up and Turn around, Twerpette!" she grabbed Dawn's arm and tried to turn her back around, but Dawn was so pissed nothing could move her.

"Kirlia, Confusion!" Kirlia raised his arms and picked up Jessie. He then swung her and threw her into the audience that was now breaking up and joining the battle. Dawn ran towards Paul. Once she reached him, she kissed him.

He pulled her away and looked into her eyes. "You owe me!"

Dawn nodded a million times. She hugged him tightly, but was forced to jump away when an attack separated them. Dawn glared. "Do you mind?" she screamed. She raised her own eyebrow to see James and Meoth. Meoth had his arms crossed and had a look that said 'I'm not moving' and 'I don't want to be here'.

James Pointed at them. "Carnivine, use Bullet Seed!" He ordered. The Bullet Seed headed straight for Dawn, but was reflected by Pikachu using Iron Tail.

Dawn smiled but had no time to thank him. Paul grabbed her wrist. "Get out of here!"

Dawn gasped. "No!"

Paul grunted. "I'm not fighting with you. Go!"

Dawn crossed her arms. "No!" Paul rolled his eyes and stood in front of her. She became aware of everything around her. She looked at Gliscor in the air with Luvdisc in his grasp. Dawn had an idea, so she yelled. "Luvdisc, Use Ice Beam!" Luvdisc used a perfect Icebeam on a random Zubat. Dawn smiled victoriously. Dawn looked next to her to see Kirlia and Pachirisu working together to block attacks from random Pokemon attacking. That's when Dawn noticed the real fight that was going on.

Pokemon were everywhere. Zubat's and Growlithe's and many other Pokemon against their nine Pokemon. Dawn noticed that Conway had his Aggron out now. Aggron was only focused on Pikachu, and Pikachu to Aggron. Tension was in the air. Pikachu used Iron Tail and Aggron skillfully blocked it. Dawn gulped. Even though Every Pokemon was trying their best for them, it just wasn't going to cut it. There was a 1 in a million chance of winning at that rate.


Barry kicked the guy behind him where it really hurts. The grunt fell to the ground, holding his 'manhood' while the man next to Barry rolled his eyes and threw a Pokeball into the air.

"Chikorita, let's go!" he cried. The small Leaf Pokemon appeared from the white light and used Razorleaf without its trainers command. Barry prepared himself for contact by shielding his head with his arms… but nothing happened. Barry peeked from behind his arms.

"Wha-? Blaziken?" Barry cried in complete shock. Blaziken turned to him.


"Blaziken! Use flamethrower!" May's familiar voice rang in Barry's ear loudly. He cupped his ear and turned around to See May and Drew standing next to each other. They looked determined and ready for what was to come next. Barry looked at where the Chikorita once was to see it had spirals in its eyes. The man threw his arms up and yelled "I quit!" and walked away.

Barry turned back to May and Drew. "Hey, you guys look great!"

Drew raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"That was a nice entrance for such a nice couple," Barry said it purposely to make them blush, which they did. Barry shrugged. "Let's get to business! Paul is on the stage trying to save Dawn from Conway, who I think is trying to have sex with Dawn in front of the whole Team Rocket base. I threw all our Pokemon out there but I have no idea if that will help. We should go give them a hand," Barry opened his eyes which closed as he started explaining. There was no one in front of him. Barry turned to see May and Drew running ahead. Barry gasped. "Hey, wait for me! No fair! You got a head start!"


Gliscor used Sandstorm, Mightyena used Suckerpunch, Pachirisu used Spark, Luvdisc used Icebeam, Kirlia used Hidden Power, Heracross used Double edge, Tailow used Arial Ace, and Zigzagoon used Headbutt. When some attacks mixed, it caused a more powerful attack, making Dawn think of combinations in the back of her mind. Yet, with every Pokemon they took out, it looked as if two more replaced them.

"Dawn!" May's voice barely caught Dawn's ear. Dawn turned to see May and Drew running in with Barry on their tail for once. Dawn smiled her thanks to them as they called out their Pokemon; Flygon, Absol, Roserade, Masquerain, Butterfree, Glaceon, Blaziken, Venusaur, Wartortle, Beautifly, and Skitty. It was now 20 vs. who knows how many Pokemon Team Rocket had. But it still seemed hopeless to Dawn, yet she still had some hope. Which was still confusing.


Paul heard their voices, as well as seen them in the corner of his eye. May, Drew, and Barry.

May; she had struck Paul as annoying at first glance. She was so persistent and acted almost identical to Ash. Yet, once she realized he hated Ash, she acted different. Drew said she was being herself again. He said she thought Paul was friends with Ash, so she wanted to act like him. She just wanted to be Paul's friend. Drew said that was what she always did. She couldn't take it when people weren't her friends. So she tried hard. Paul wondered faintly if she knew she succeeded. She had become his friend… not that he would ever admit it. He had a reputation to uphold.

Drew; Once being only an annoying want-to-be, know-it-all Coordinator, had been enough like Paul to become his friend as well. They had a lot in common, including personalities, but only to a point. They both agreed they still had big differences, but they felt like cousins. Drew said brothers, but Paul already had one of those. One brother was annoying enough. Try two brothers; one a breeder that stopped after losing once, another a Coordinator that was stalked by fan girls… no thanks.

Barry; Childhood friend of Dawn, though he 'didn't remember'. He had met Barry in a rush, and almost instantly after, Barry had stood up for him. He didn't know much about him. He knew that he had taken in some of Paul's training styles, and changed them into his own. He also knew what Barry had blurted in the cells. That he thought Dawn was cute, and knew her secret from kindergarten (Being that he lied about not remembering her), he had also kissed her after being placed under hypnosis by Kenny's Bronzor. Paul wasn't mad, he was under the control of a Pokemon and a bad person that lied (again) to Dawn. And Barry said he didn't want to take Dawn away from Paul, which was the first time he heard that come from another male's mouth. He trusted Barry. Barry liked Dawn, but didn't fall to the Dark Side. (Capital D and S!).

Paul knew he had friends, and he didn't ask for them. But they asked for him. So there he was, battling against Conway to defend the first person that he allowed to become his friend, and also let himself fall in love with. He would fight until every bone in his body was broken, and then some. Dawn was something to him that was more than Conway could ever handle. And Paul wasn't going to let him man-handle her.

Over his cold, dead body.


"Look out!" a familiar voice screamed at Dawn. Dawn was suddenly knocked to the ground and a wave of heat was felt on her back. She gasped and looked where she once was to see a Fire Blast strike the spot. She looked at who knocked her down and gasped again.

"How did you get here?"

With a smile and thumbs up, Ash Ketchum called out, "I lied! I didn't go to Misty, Misty came to me!" Ash turned around and Dawn saw Misty. She squealed and tears filled her eyes.

"Misty! Thank you so much!" Dawn called. Misty could only smile. She looked healthy and didn't have a broken leg. May came beside her and high-fived her. She then threw her Pokeballs in the air and out came a Staryu, Starmie, Politoed, Corsola, and Gyarados. Another Pokemon came from her bag that she did not call out. The Yellow duck had his hands on his head and he tilted it. "Psy?"

Misty sighed in frustration. "Psyduck!"

Dawn laughed as Ash helped her up. Ash looked out of the corner of his eye and pushed Dawn again. Dawn saw yet another Bullet Seed from James' Carnivine. Ash pulled out his Pokeballs and smiled almost evilly. Dawn asked, "What do you have up your sleeve?"

Ash smirked and threw his Pokeballs. Out came a Charizard, Muk, Infernape, Torterra, and Sceptile. Dawn gasped. "No way!" 31 vs. how many Pokemon Team Rocket had. It seemed the odds where turning around. Dawn watched the Grunts Pokemon fall back. But, it wasn't over. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw grunts roll in a big cart full of Pokeballs onto the stage. Speechless, she tugged at Ash's shirt and he looked where she was looking. She heard him gasp.

"Charizard!" Ash pointed to the grunts. Charizard flew up and charged at the grunts. One look at Charizard made them run for mommy, leaving the cart of Pokeballs unattended.

Dawn then focused on Paul's battle. She saw Pikachu use Iron tail, but Aggron used his massive arm to knock Pikachu down. Pikachu skidded to Paul's feet, no longer able to battle. Paul looked down, then back up at Conway with a glare. Another wave of Grunts came in to start attacking, but Conway held up his hand and stopped them. "Any last words before we give the final attack?"

Paul was glaring. Dawn knew he was about to say something, but Drew appeared behind him placed a hand on his shoulder. Drew then whispered at a Pokeball before handing it to Paul. Drew said something to Paul and then backed up to leave him alone. Paul and Conway had a stare down. It was so quiet. The Tension in the air that had been so high rose even higher.

Suddenly, Paul smirked. The look on Conway's face changed. It was priceless to see Conway so speechless at a subtle change on Paul's face. Paul raised the Pokeball, and then threw it in the air.

Out of the Pokeball, came Xatu.

"Xatu!" Xatu cried. He was glaring at Conway, who was now even more speechless.

He shook his head and yelled. "Xatu? What are you doing?"

Xatu smirked. He looked behind him and winked at Paul, who grinned in return. Paul answered for Xatu. "Finishing you once and for all,"


Conway glared. "Traitor! Go Aggron, Metal Claw!"

Paul crossed his arms. It then comprehended to Dawn that he wasn't going to command Xatu. It was Xatu versus Conway. It was completely and utterly personal.

Xatu used confuse ray first. Aggron punched himself. Conway glared. "Aggron, snap out of it!" Xatu then used the move Future Sight. After that, Aggron snapped out of confusion and tried Metal claw again. Xatu Teleported to behind Aggron, and then used Hyperbeam. Aggron collapsed on the ground. Conway growled. "Get up!" Aggron slowly started to rise, but Future Sight took place. A type of lightning hit Aggron and he fainted. Xatu slowly turned to Conway, who was completely speechless on so many levels. In barely 2 minutes, he lost. Conway screamed out of completely anger. He pointed to Xatu. "You'll regret that! Attack!" and the grunts started forward.

Ash stepped forwards first. "Charizard, Flamethrower! Muk, Sludge bomb! Infernape, Fire spin! Torterra, Leaf Storm! Sceptile, Leaf Blade!"

Misty stepped forward. "Staryu, and Starmie, Rapid Spin! Politoed, Water Gun! Corsola, Bubblebeam! Gyarados, Hydro Pump!"

May's turn to attack, "Blaziken, Flamethrower! Glaceon, Icebeam! Venusaur, Vine Whip! Wartortle, Aqua Tail! Skitty, Blizzard!"

Drew stepped up to the plate, "Roserade, Petal Dance! Masquerain, Icebeam! Flygon, Sandstorm! Absol, Razor wind! Butterfree, Psybeam!"

Barry quickly yelled. "Heracross, Horn attack! Tailow, Arial Ace! Zigzagoon, Headbutt!"

Paul called. "Gliscor, X-Scissor! Mightyena, Suckerpunch!" Paul looked at Xatu. "Xatu, use Hyperbeam!"

Dawn smiled smugly as she called out. "Kirlia, Magical Leaf! Luvdisc, Icebeam!"

Dawn became slightly distracted by Pikachu standing back up. Paul gave Ash a motion that said, 'go ahead,' and Ash called out, "Pikachu, Thunderbolt!"

Dawn smiled again. She finally called out, "Pachirisu, Discharge!"

Out in the major battlefield, Pachirisu ran into the middle and unleashed the most powerful Discharge she had ever down. More powerful than her last two put together. The roof exploded and countless people and Pokemon blasted off.

And then, the battle was over. Dawn, who started crying again, looked towards Paul. He was looking at the demolished ceiling. He suddenly smirked, closed his eyes, tilted his head down, and slid his hands into his pockets. Dawn blurted, "Paul!" Paul turned to Dawn, seeing the tears running down her already tear stained cheeks. She started running towards him. He held his arms out and she threw herself to him. She cried into his chest. "I love you!"

"I love you," she heard the words leave his lips, and her heart melted. She stood on her tiptoes and kissed him. He dipped her as she did so.

And there they were, kissing in front of everyone. There was stirring ruble that caused Paul and Dawn to separate from their kiss, but they held on to each other. A piece of roof was flipped over, and Conway sat up, coughing. He looked up and the first thing he saw was Dawn and Paul holding each other in romantic embrace. He looked down. "I failed," he smirked. "Guess not even I can beat true love. But I wish I was the one," he looked up to gaze directly into Dawn's eyes. "I wish I was the one to first search the Unknown Territory that was Dawn's heart,"


"Thank you so much, Officer Jenny," Dawn said while smiling at the officer as she handed Dawn a long robe. She sighed as she leaned against the building they just destroyed. It was all worth it. Dawn gave one last triumphant smile to Conway as a police officer shoved him inside a police vehicle. Dawn tugged at her robe that covered her almost naked body. Dawn still wondered who changed her into that gown.

Paul walked up to Dawn with two mugs in his hands. "Want one?" he asked. Though the emotion wasn't there… it was. Dawn nodded and took it from his hand. It was silent for a while. They turned to each other at the same time to say something, but both stopped at the same time as well. They turned away from each other.

Dawn smiled lightly as she looked at the mug filled with hot chocolate. "You first,"

Paul turned back to her. "Why did you say that?" Dawn looked into his eyes. His dark, mysterious eyes that she loved looking into… yet, she didn't realize that until now. She sighed and sipped her drink.

"Well," she mumbled. "The noose was around your neck, and I didn't want you to die, at all. He was going to kill you anyway, so I thought I could find a way so that he couldn't kill you at all," Dawn looked back into his eyes. "I would do anything to keep you alive. Anything,"

Paul looked away with what seemed to be a blush on his face. Dawn paid no attention to it. Paul? Blushing? "I-I would have survived. You didn't have to say anything,"

Dawn leaned her head on his shoulder cautiously. He tensed his muscles for only a millisecond, and he wrapped his arm around her waist. Dawn smiled at his touch. Her eyes became moist with fresh tears. She bent down and placed the mug on the ground. She stood up, turned to Paul, and wrapped her arms completely around him, and she cried. She had to let the tears fall sooner or later. She sniffed and mumbled. "I'm sorry I said those things. I couldn't look you in the eye after I said them. I feel horrible for saying them. I know you could have made it through. I just panicked and I love you and-" Dawn couldn't let another word out. Paul's arms were tightly around her and she felt so safe. It was true, she loved him. And she wasn't sure before if she was over her fear, but now she was. She loved him. She really did. The emotionless plum-head that she would have never thought of before was now her love. She could only thank Conway for that…

"Hey, now, Dawn. No need to worry, right?" Dawn lifted her head to see a smiling Ash. She nodded and wiped her eyes. She looked around at all her friends. They were all there, smiling at her, being strong for her. She had to be strong. She smiled brighter than them.

"No need to worry!"

"And, hey," Barry stuck his fist in the air. "We kicked Rocket butt!"

"That's not where you kicked that guy," May giggled with her hand over her lips.

Barry shrugged. "Well, yeah, if you want to say we kicked Rocket balls then I guess-"

Everyone laughed at Barry. Paul only chuckled quietly, undetected by everyone but Dawn, whose arms were still firmly locked around his body.

Ash smiled at Paul. "You're a hero, you know that!" and he patted his back almost like a brother.

"My Hero!" Dawn cried as she kissed his cheek. She looked at his face and again saw another bush. Dawn giggled, she did see a blush. "Since when do you blush, Paul?"

There was a gasp. "Dawn's right! Look Drew!" May leaned closer with a wide smile. "He's blushing! Blushey blush blush!"

Paul remained blushing but was trying to stop. "It's none of your business!"

"We need a camera!" Ash said. He laughed. "This should go to a scrap book!"

Paul was about to retort, but suddenly there was a flash. Everyone's attention turned to a tall boy with Purple hair just like Paul. He lowered the camera and everyone saw Reggie smiling like he won the lottery. "Well, not only do I have a picture of Paul with Dawn holding him like she'll die if she lets go, but I have one of him blushing as well!"

Paul glared. "You have 5 seconds to delete that!"

Reggie held the camera up. "No can do!"

"Hey, Reggie!" Dawn giggled. "Do you have any baby pictures of Paul?" Dawn expected Paul to freak, but he showed no worry. He even looked smug.

"Sorry," Reggie had his hand scratching the back of his head. "Paul burned them. He knew that one day I would show the pictures to all his friends," Dawn sighed. But suddenly, Reggie's wallet was shoved in her face. "But I saved the best ones!"

"What? No!" Paul reached, but Dawn snatched the wallet away.

"Awwww!" Dawn cooed. "You look so cute!" she flipped a cover and awed again. "Look at you at three years old! Look at that big smile!"

Paul snatched it away. He was blushing again, but he was doing well at hiding it. Reggie tried to get the wallet back, but Paul was planning on burning it. Not just the Pictures, the whole thing!

"Chi-pa chi-pa!" Dawn turned towards May. She saw Pachirisu on her shoulders and held out her arms. Pachirisu jumped from May's shoulders and into Dawn's arms. Dawn looked at Reggie. "Hey, do you know how Pachirisu's attacks can suddenly become even more powerful? That's happened a few times,"

Reggie and Paul stopped fighting. Reggie looked at Dawn curiously. "Well," Reggie began. "Pokemon feed off their trainer's emotion. If your emotions are on high, maybe your Pokemon can use them as a boost? That's not something that happens a lot,"

"I know!" Ash said, sticking his hands up. "Pachirisu looked really happy, Dawn. During the whole thing! Maybe Pachirisu was really excited, pumped up, you know?"

Dawn looked down at Pachirisu, who was smiling still. Dawn smiled and pulled out Pachirisu's Pokeball. "For saving us, you deserve a nice rest,"

"Pachi!" Pachirisu cried before she was enveloped in the red light.

"Uh, Hi, I'm Misty," Misty Introduced. She smiled. "May I ask why you're here?"

Reggie jabbed his thumb behind him. "Mr. Contesta and I are on our way to Verdanturf. We saw this huge explosion and we called the news and-"

"You did what?" Paul yelled. It seemed like a regularly asked question to normal people. But, not to Dawn and Reggie. They knew he was mad. Dawn looked around Reggie to see T.V. reporters, news paper reporters, and magazine reporters. Dawn gulped.

"Well," Dawn mumbled. She turned to Paul. "They'll want the story,"

Paul sighed. He looked at Dawn and shook his head. "After you change into decent clothes,"

Dawn gasped. "What are you, my mom?"

"Well," Misty giggled. "You're mom may be watching,"

Dawn sweat-dropped. "Good point," Dawn smiled. "No need to worry! Has anyone seen my bag?"

Barry handed Dawn her bag and she ran back into the building. She came out wearing May's clothes again. She winked at everyone before she made her way to the cameras with Paul right behind her.

"This is Rhonda, from Sinnoh Now!" a news team lady announced. "Using Sinnoh Now's private jet, I have traveled to Hoenn, where a hug explosion has blown up the recently abandoned old contest building. We bring you live to the yellow tape that separates us from the victims of what we were told was a Team Rocket kidnap situation!" Rhonda held her microphone to Dawn's face. "Who are you and why do you think you where- wait! Aren't you Dawn Berlitz? The Runner up from the Sinnoh grand Festival?"

Dawn sweat-dropped, again. "Yes, Rhonda. It's good to see you again?" it came out as a question because them seeing each other wasn't exactly on 'good terms'.

Rhonda quickly got to business. "Why do you think that Team Rocket would want to kidnap you?"

Dawn thought for a while. "Well," She began. "It started out with a secret. A secret that I thought nobody knew. But, then everyone knew about it. And some people used it against me. The reason I was kidnapped-" Dawn looked behind her to Paul. "Along with Paul and Barry, was because the guy that kidnapped us liked me. He had liked me for so long it became an obsession. And when he found out I was going out with someone else, I guess jealousy took over. He made some pretty bad choices, and the worst was getting between me and Paul," Dawn blushed at the fact that she had just said that on live television. But, she didn't take it back one bit. It was already on 'Coordinator's today!' why not Sinnoh Now?

Rhonda smiled, knowing that she just got a two in one story. Team Rocket strikes in Rustboro, and Dawn Berlitz has a boyfriend! Rhonda looked behind Dawn to Paul. "And is this Paul?"

Dawn turned and saw Paul nod. She smiled at him and he smirked towards her. Rhonda looked like a little kid in a candy shop. "Please, tell us all about your relationship with each other!"

"W-wha?" Dawn could barely breathe out. Her face had flushed a certain shade of crimson.

"Don't you think you better get more information on the Team Rocket matter?" Paul said, saving Dawn from a blush/heart attack.

Rhonda pouted slightly. "Yes, I guess you're right. How did the explosion happen?"

"I'm your man on that!" Barry stepped in front of Dawn. He winked before he continued. "I'll tell you all about it! I'm Barry, and I'm-"

Barry started chattering away. Dawn grabbed Paul's hand and slipped away from the cameras and reporters that surrounded them. She didn't look for her friends; she went straight to the Pokemon center that was now open. Paul jerked her arm back, causing her to slow down to his pace. Paul put his lips to her ear. "We'll hang out around town a little after we put up our stuff," Dawn nodded and smiled.

Dawn was about to ask for a room when Nurse Joy said. "Dawn Berlitz? You have a call,"

Dawn gave a questionable look to Nurse Joy. "From who?"

"A woman by the name of Johanna,"

Dawn gasped. "Mom!" she ran to the video phone and quickly answered it. "Hello?"

"Dawn! Oh, I was just so worried about you!" Johanna's concerned voice rang in Dawn's ear. Dawn could see it all over her mother's face as well.

Dawn smiled. "No need to worry, mom! I'm fine!"

"Dawn, you know as well as everyone else," Johanna smiled lightly. "That's when I worry the most!"

"Right, right!" Dawn sighed to calm herself down. "You were watching T.V.?"

"The T.V. was on while I was cleaning, and I only heard bits and pieces. I did hear you where there with an explosion. I was so worried," Johanna seemed to look past Dawn. "And I also heard something about a 'relationship'?"

"Uh," Dawn blushed and turned around to see Paul. "Y-yeah!" She turned back to her mom. "I'm going out with Paul now! Would you like to meet him?"

Johanna smiled. "That would be nice, yes,"

Dawn waved Paul over. He hesitated, but sat next to Dawn on the bench. "Mom," Dawn began. "This is my Boyfriend, Paul Shinji!" Dawn stated proudly.

Johanna smiled at the purple haired boy. "Nice to meet you, I'm Johanna Berlitz,"

Paul nodded. He muttered. "Pleased to meet you," Dawn couldn't help but smile.

Johanna thought for a second, and then giggled. "I remember Dawn talking about you one time,"

"Really?" Paul asked. Dawn's face turned red. She remembered that day as well. She had always been able to speak freely with her mom, and she said a lot that day. She had even blurted that he was cute.

Dawn quickly waved her hands in front of the screen. "Please, mom!"

Johanna laughed. "I remember, 'He is a real jerk and was mean to his Pokemon, but I think there's something under that hard shell. Plus, he's cute, so he can't be all that bad!'"

Dawn's face turned rose red. "Mom!" Paul was smirking at Dawn. She only blushed more.

Johanna laughed. "I was so surprised when she said that because she never seemed interested in boys. I understand because her father died after she was born and she never got to spend any time with him and-"

"Wait! Wait, wait!" Dawn cried, causing her mom to stop her chattering. "Dad died? I thought he just… left,"

Johanna frowned at Dawn. "Didn't I tell you to read his journal? He died from cancer right after you were born!" Johanna looked sadder. "He only got to hold you once,"

Dawn's mouth was wide open. All this time… she thought he left, that he didn't care! But really, he did want to be there! He just couldn't because he died! Dawn slammed her head down. "All this time, I didn't like love… and it was for nothing!"

"Dawn?" Johanna asked. Dawn lifted her head and smiled.

"No need to worry! Everything is going to be okay from now on!" Dawn turned to Paul. "I promise!"

"Good," Johanna concluded. She smiled brighter. "You need to bring Paul over, I'd love to talk and show your baby pictures-"

"Mom!" Dawn cried.

Paul smirked. "Sounds good. It's a date,"


"Come around Christmas, I always through a big party and show Dawn's baby pictures anyway," Johanna smiled and giggled lightly. "I'll let you go now. Be safe, you two!" the screen turned black. Dawn was still blushing.

Paul chuckled and grabbed Dawn's bag. "Payback. Heh, I'll take this to our room," he said. Dawn sighed and nodded. She watched him leave until he was out of sight. Dawn sighed, so much in so little time!

"Hey!" Ash's hand was felt on Dawn's shoulder. She looked up and smiled. Pikachu was on his original place on his shoulder, and he never looked happier. Dawn knew she would miss Pikachu with her and Paul.

"Hey guys!" she cried, happily. 'No need to worry, anymore! I have my friends with me!'

"Paul!" Drew was looking at the hallway. Paul entered the room and Dawn stood and ran up to him. She kissed his cheek and giggled. "Ready to go?" before Paul could answer, Dawn suddenly yawned, which lead to her blushing. "I don't know why I'm tired. I must have slept forever!" everyone laughed. They waved Dawn off, telling her to get some rest and to hang out with them tomorrow. Her friends then left the Pokemon center, only to be cornered by reporters.

Paul grabbed Dawn's hand and led her to a room. She smiled as he climbed onto a bed, and she followed. She laid her head on his chest and closed her eyes.

That's what it should always be like. A peaceful room with the one you love. Just being with each other, and not needing to do anything at all to be happy. Just the presence of the one you love to keep you company. Though many loves like that never work out, or don't last long, Dawn was sure that she and Paul will be together forever.

"I love you," Paul murmured.

Dawn smiled at him. "I love you, too,"

Paul said something that surprised Dawn a little. "Do you Promise?"

Dawn raised her head from his chest and looked him straight in the eyes. But soon her face softened, and she pressed her soft lips to his.

"I Promise,"

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