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Chapter 10

"He saved Camelot?" Uther questioned, pointing a bony finger towards Merlin.

Athur stood firm. He wanted his father to believe him.


Uther just stood there, as if he was frozen in shock. Suddenly a smile came across his face and he was laughing, no- he was hysterically laughing. He could not believe what his son had just told him. Is this a joke? That idiot of a manservant saving Camelot…

The same idiot of a manservant who almost bought it to its destruction. Uther became serious once more.

"Very funny Arthur. But if you think fabricating a story about your manservant saving Camelot is going to get him out of what he did at Cedric's kingdom, you are completely wrong." He turned towards Merlin.

"Look," he said gesturing around the square, "Look what you have caused. You almost had our kingdom destroyed because you were selfish enough to seduce my son. How could you do this? And here I was, asking you to go with him on the trip because I knew… well I thought that you were a loyal servant and then you go and do this? I should have you hanged for yours and Arthur's actions. Don't think I have forgotten that you were involved in this too Arthur and you will be punished accordingly as well. I was surprised that there was no sorcery involved in this."

"What is the nature of Arthur's punishment?"

The king turned to Merlin who had addressed him.

"Who do you think that you are to question me boy? You're in enough trouble as it is."

"What will be the nature?" Merlin persisted.

"Well, if it is a must that you know, the punishment would be disownment. No son of mine would do this without being punished in such a way."

"But father..."Arthur started.

"No Arthur. You should have thought of the consequences of your actions before you disgraced the entire kingdom. I should…" Uther was now charging up to Arthur, fists clenched. Arthur did not move, he stood firm. He knew that his father would not hit him in front of the entire kingdom. Once Uther and Arthur were inches apart Uther raised his fist.

Oh shit, Arthur thought, maybe I was wrong.

"Stop!" Arthur heard Merlin yell. Uther turned around to see Merlin glaring at him. Merlin took a deep breath.

"It was me," Merlin said. Uther looked confused. But Arthur was not.

"Merlin don't…"

"I bewitched your son. I'm a sorcerer."

"Merlin no!" Arthur screamed trying to hobble over to him. He screamed in pain and was stopped by Lancelot.

"Lance move!" He yelled, "I'm trying to get to Merlin."

"I know," Lancelot said turning to the king who was smiling at him. "Let me help you."

"Even after what Merlin said?" Lancelot smiled.

"It was pretty obvious that he was lying. Don't let him do this Arthur." Arthur nodded.

The smile fell from Uther's face as Lancelot helped Arthur walked slowly over to Merlin. Arthur took Merlin's hand.

"What the bloody hell do you think you are doing Merlin?" Arthur whispered harshly to Merlin.

"I'm trying to save you. Your father was going to disown you and then you would have not been able to become king."

"God damn it Merlin, I don't care whether I become king. All I care about is making sure that you are safe."

"And that is exactly what I am doing, keeping you safe so you can fulfil the destiny that was planed for you," Merlin said.

"I don't sodding well care about any destiny if you're not in it," Arthur said, "and I don't care whether you are trying to keep me safe, I can manage fine on my own."

"Really?" Merlin smirked, "Wasn't I the one who just saved your arse from certain death a few minutes ago?" Arthur smiled.

"You see Merlin," he lowered his voice down to a whisper, "We need each other."

Merlin smiled. Arthur pushed up on his good leg and stood tall. He turned around to face his father and drew his sword.

"You touch him, you deal with me." Uther looked horrified.

"You're protecting him? After what he said. He's a sorcerer and he bewitched you Arthur, can't you see that?" Arthur glared at his father.

"I knew that he was a sorcerer. He saved me from Cedric's prison where I was going to be executed. He saved the entire kingdom using magic. And you know what father? I don't care. I don't care whether he used magic to save us. I don't care whether he bewitched me to love him. Because even if I was not bewitched, I still would." His father gasped.

"And he did not bewitch me father. He only said that to help me."

"He used magic? In my kingdom? How dare he! He knows the penalty for using magic in this kingdom and now he must pay the price. Knights! Arrest that man!" Uther screamed the last sentence at the top of his lungs, making sure that the whole of Camelot heard him.

Lancelot was the first to move towards Merlin. He smiled. Merlin looked terrified as he walked towards him, certain that he was going to turn his back on him. He came closer to Merlin and whispered, "Don't worry, I'm with you."

Merlin let out his breath that he seemed to be holding and smiled at Lancelot. Lance was always a good friend to Merlin. He had known about his magic even before Arthur, and had kept it a secret from everyone. Merlin had never forgotten. One day, he would repay him for being such a good friend.

Lancelot drew his sword and turned to face Uther slamming it into the ground in front of him.

"Merlin is a good man. I will no longer serve you."

Uther snarled.

"If you will not arrest him, then you will die with him." He gestured to the other knights.

"Arrest them all."

Slowly the knights started to move forward each doing exactly what Lancelot had done. Uther felt like he was going to be sick. The knights of Camelot, protecting a sorcerer. Uther looked up; all of the knights had now stood in front of Merlin, each with their sword down in front of them like Arthur and Lancelot.

"What had happened to you all? You have all been bewitched! All of you. All order is gone. No knights to arrest the… Oh god!" He turned to the people who were standing there watching.

"See? This is why magic is evil and will always be evil. I have been trying to prevent this all along and look what happens. One servant, whom we all trusted, goes and turned on us. No one is safe. Come stand with your king in the fight against magic."

Uther looked upon the people waiting for them to move. He then saw some movement in the crowd to reveal a small boy walking towards him. The boy looked to be about ten of eleven years old, holding a small stick in his hand. Uther smiled. But the boy was not.

He stopped about two feet away from Uther, just looking at him. This happened for about thirty more seconds before the boy did something Uther would never have seen coming. He picked up his stick and placed it out in front of him. He then turned and walked in the direction of Arthur, Merlin and the knights. Once he was there he turned around flicking his stick and slammed it into the ground in front of him. Arthur smiled and reached out to ruffle the boy's hair. He then turned back to his father.

"You see father? Even young children can see the error in your ways."

"He is just a child!" Uther screamed.

"But we are not," a voice came from behind him. Uther turned around to see every single person in the crowd with sticks, spears, pitchforks, brooms or walking sticks. One by one, they walked up to Arthur, bowing and placing their object in front of them.

This went on until Uther was alone, the whole of the kingdom standing in front of him. Uther was breathing irregularly, still not believing what had just unfolded in front of him. He saw Arthur hobbling to the front of the crowd, Merlin supporting him. Uther didn't know what to say to him. He knew that he had lost. Uther fell to his knees.

"Is this what you needed to see how wrong you were?" Arthur yelled, gesturing to the people standing behind him. Uther bowed his head.

"Look how blind you have become. No one in this kingdom lived in respect for you and your rules against magic, they feared it. You have killed innocent people on suspicion of using magic to save your kingdom and then in the end, magic is the thing that ends up saving it." Uther did not look at his son.

"I believe that every single person makes choices for a reason. And even though yours have been wrong and selfish and stupid… I thank you for them."

Uther looked up at his son, shocked about what he had just said. The statement has also caused a few stirs from the crowd. Arthur turned around and told them to be patient.

"I thank you, because without them, we would never have got to this point that we are at now. We would not be standing all together against something, instead of suspecting every second person to be doing something wrong. We would not be here now, doing something that we all believe in. So for that father I thank you."

Merlin smiled at Arthur and the whole square erupted in applause. Arthur grabbed Merlin and they turned to leave.

"Wait," Uther said from his place on the ground. Arthur turned around to face his father. Arthur gasped as he saw tears coming down from Uther's face.

"You are right," he said. Arthur nodded.

"The truth is I was never a great king. I thought that… I could be a fantastic king, one that would be looked up to and one that enemies would crumble to. But I was not. It seemed that people trusted magic, more than they trusted me. So I vowed to destroy it. All those people lost their lives because of my insecurity. I deserve to die. For the death and the suffering my people faced, all on a superstition that magic would somehow become a better ruling than me. I see now that my past decisions were unjust and unkind, fast made and with no facts. I was the one who was supposed to keep my people safe. But I created the kingdom that put them all in danger." He looked up at the people of Camelot.

"And for that I know you cannot forgive. But it will not hurt to tell you that I am truly sorry. For what I did. It is unforgivable and I should be condemned to death for thinking the way that I did." Uther looked down at his feet and continued to sob, showing weakness to the whole kingdom before him. Uther suddenly stopped as someone took his hand

"You are right we can not forgive you- right now. You have admitted that you were wrong. We will start from there." Uther tightened his grip and looked up at Merlin, who smiled at him. Uther smiled and started to laugh and pulled Merlin into a tight embrace.

Merlin welcomed it. He was not scared now that Uther was going to have him killed, or that he was going to be caught doing magic. He now knew that Camelot was going to be a safe place. He felt Uther break the hug and looked into his eyes. Uther looked over to Arthur who was watching them.

"You really love him, don't you?" Uther whispered. Merlin smiled.

"More than anything." Uther walked over to his son who was now crying and hugged him.

The two Pendragons cried in each other's arms, happy that they could now work together towards a new future. Uther then stepped back and pushed Arthur down so he was on one knee. He then took off the crown that was sitting on his own head and smiled as he placed it on Arthur's. Arthur looked at his father as he was helped up.

"You are ready," he bowed, "my king."

The whole square cheered in celebration everyone gathering around the two men, patting them on the back. Uther thought he had never seen this much good come out of any of his rule and in the two seconds Arthur was king, well… at least he knows he will do a good job. He felt Arthur grab is wrist.

"But father, I do not have a Queen." Uther turned towards Merlin who was still standing where they had embraced. He turned to Arthur and smiled.

"He will do," he said. Arthur smiled at his father with more joy than Uther had ever seen him show. He nodded towards Merlin.

"Go," Uther said smiling.

Arthur gave a quick nod and then limped over to Merlin. Merlin smiled.

"My, king," he said bowing.

'Yes I am your king," Arthur said.

The two of them stood in silence for a while and watched the celebration that was going on in front of them. Merlin then turned to Arthur. He bent down in front of Arthur and touched his knee. Arthur jolted in pain. Merlin chuckled and whispered something that Arthur couldn't hear. Suddenly a bright light came from Merlin's hand and spurred onto Arthur's knee. Arthur gritted his teeth as pain swept through his body for a second before going away. Merlin looked up at Arthur. He smiled and lightly slapped his knee. He hardly felt any pain.

"You… you healed me," Arthur stuttered.

"Of course I did," Merlin said, "How did you think that we were going to celebrate with you hardly being able to move." Arthur smiled.

"Well it's a good thing you did." Arthur pulled Merlin close to him. Merlin licked his lips.

"We're a good thing," he whispered, before kissing the new king.

Merlin could not have thought of a moment in his life that felt more perfect than this. Camelot had not fallen, Uther was reformed, the kingdom stood together, his magic was known to everyone- and he wasn't dead, there was new king and Merlin had never felt more loved in his life. Merlin smiled as Arthur took his hand and lead him towards the castle.

A week ago, Arthur would have thought Merlin was someone who was not needed in his life. Now, he knows he was the only one that was.

A week ago, he was afraid of his feelings. Now, he could scream them from the rooftops.

A week ago, he thought he was insane. Now, he thought Merlin was the one thing that kept him sane. A week ago, he hated magic.

Now, he thought he could not have lived without it. A week ago, he thought starting a relationship with Merlin was the riskiest thing he had ever done in his life.

Now, he knew it worth the risk.



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