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*Suika is the Japanese word of watermelon in case you some of you didn't know*

Suigetsu. He drove me absolutely mad and he knew it. He could make the simplest things irritate me to no end! That stupid, snaggle-toothed smile, his cockiness, the fact the he constantly teased me about Sasuke. It was maddening! I couldn't leave the team. Then I'd just be leaving behind Sasuke too! But he'd come around, I was sure of it. I had plotted a fool proof plan that would have dear Sasuke-kun head over heels for me! Today was the perfect day to put my plan in action.

There he was, sitting beneath a tree sipping water after training all day. Sasuke! He'd discarded his usual white shirt and his raven hair stuck to his cheeks with sweat. My heart pounded painfully in my chest and I removed my glasses, practicing my 'sexy eyed' look. I could barely see I thing, so instead of the strut I'd planned on executing I ended up tripping over Sasuke. I heard my glasses crunch in my pocket as I hit the ground ungracefully. My face turned as red as my hair as I scrambled back on my feet, hoping to save the little dignity I had left. Sasuke smirked and looked at me at me with a hint of annoyance on his face.

"Brush the dirt off your face, Karin," he said coldly as he stood to resume his training. Hastily, I rubbed my face clean. My plan wasn't going so well!

"Sasuke-kun," I said in what I hoped had been a seductive voice. "Why don't you quit training for today and come with me?" I reached out to grab his had, but my blurred vision caused me to grab his rear instead.

"Karin, I'd appreciate it if you kept your hands to yourself. Leave me alone now so I can continue my training," he spat, his onyx eyes smoldering.

"G-gomen, I'll see you later then," I mumbled, as I hid my face in shame. I shoved my broken glasses back on and ran as fast as I could to our current hideout. Of all my failed attempts to win Sasuke over, this was by far the worst one!

I sat at the kitchen counter with a defeated feeling in my chest and tears trickling down my cheeks. Rejected by Sasuke yet again, nothing could possible make me feel worse right? Wrong.

"Aw, was poor little Karin turned down by Sasuke-kun again?" Suigetsu mocked, playfully pulling a strand of my hair. Angered, I drove my fist in his face but as always his transformed into water and my efforts were in vain. Still, I pounded his head without stopping. It felt better to let out my frustrations on my enemy/comrade.

"What does it mater to you what happened between me and Sasuke! It's none of your business! Why do you care you arrogant, selfish, stupid, cocky prick!" I managed to scream out between punches. I felt some of the water become solid again and I saw Suigetsu's hands grabbing my wrists, preventing me from beating him any further. Panting, the furious look never left my face.

"Your glasses are broken," Suigetsu stated, not letting go of my wrists.

"Yes, they are. Are you going to make fun of me for that to?!" I hissed. Suigetsu laughed and shook his head. Tentatively, he released his grip and sat beside me.

"How'd you break them?" he asked, grabbing a banana from the fruit basket on the counter. I blushed and hung my head.

"I tripped because I took them off," I mumbled. I looked up and Suigetsu was extending the fruit to me. I shook my head.

"I'm allergic to bananas," I said, a little more anger behind my words then I intended to. Then again, everything I said to Suigetsu was angry so I'm sure he wouldn't notice. He smiled that ridiculous smile of his and put the banana back in the basket.

"Let me guess, you took off your glasses because you were trying to impress Sasuke and everything backfired and that's why you were crying?" Suigetsu said, now rummaging through the other fruits.

"I was not crying! I just had-"

"Something in your eye, of course," Suigetsu laughed. I held back the urge to smack him.

"Karin, have you ever thought that maybe Sasuke just isn't for you?" he suggested. How dare he even think it!

"Of course he's for me! He doesn't see it right now, but we're perfect for each other!" I snapped back.

"Have you tried looking outside the fruit basket?" he said, ignoring my previous comment. Outside the fruit basket? What was that supposed to mean?

"I don't get what you mean," I said, trying to regain my cool.

"Look at people like fruit, say Sasuke is a banana. You can't have bananas because you're allergic to them. Instead of an allergic reaction though, you're going to end up with a broken heart again and again if you keep insisting that each time you try a banana it'll be different. Look outside the fruit basket," he explained.

"What's outside the fruit basket?" I inquired now that he'd caught my attention. He grinned, headed over the refrigerator and pulled out a plate of sliced watermelon that Jugo had brought earlier.

"Suika," he beamed.

"Suika?" I questioned. He nodded and pushed the plate in front of me.

"Try another fruit besides bananas. I don't think they'll give you a reaction and they might even think you look cute with broken glasses and dirt on your chin," he winked before tugging my hair once more and heading back to his room.

Perhaps suika wouldn't be so bad after all…

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