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six thousands years ago, the planet Zalera was filled with darkness, death, misery, monsters around the world attacked friends and foes by equal, the humans fight against them but sometimes they fight each other for survival, humansalways fight for survival, empires destroyed in mere days by demons, humans lost all their fate in their Gods, the world seemed to be damned for the eternity, until one day a sorceress fought a powerful arch-demon the higher class of all demons, Mastema was his name the one who initiated the invasion in first place, after a seven days of battle both of them fall to the ground, the sorceress was badly injured the same for the arch-demon Mastema but his natural healing abilities help him to rise again and give the final blow the sorceress, but just before to strike he fell in love with the woman, he healed her wounds and take her to the castle he raised from the oblivion the very day of the invasion months before they battle, the sorceress was surprised but with the time she too loved Mastema, she revealed her name to him, Artema was her name, both of them do the forbidden, they conceived a son , Abaddon was his demonic name, not the demons neither the humans could believe something like that, Mastema ordered to all the demons to return to the oblivion, most of them cursed the arch-demon and so they were killed instantly, no one couldn't stand against him, the time passes and peace returned to Zalera, the child grow like a normal human but he was aware of his heritage, in order to maintain peace the Sorceress Artema and the Arch-demon Mastema ruled the world together, at first no human accepted the fact that demon ruled them but others agree with it since he can prevent another invasion, years passed and the child become a man, his parents always feared that he could do something rash, Abaddon always were hot-tempered and tend to destroy structures when he was upset, he befriended with a human boy who was a servant of the castle, Abaddon always hate humans but this boy was different, he seemed to had some bond to the magic and he didn't consider him totally human although the boy had only eight years Abaddon consider him like a little brother, the boy which his name remains a mystery nowadays share the same feelings towards humans as Abaddon had, hate for weaklings

Abaddon always fight with his father about why he retreat the demons, that the demons or at least non-humans, like wizards and monsters should rule Zalera, her mother scolded him for say such things.

One day while Abaddon's parents sleep he sneak in their room with a dagger in each hand, in the middle of the night he jumped on them stabbing his daggers in his parents heart's, as much demons Abaddon had super strength, speed, and some powers, he knew a lot of magic from his mother, when they parents eyes grew wide feeling the cold blades in their hearts Abaddon didn't hesitate to absorb their souls and powers, the half-demon half-wizard become King and don't waste any time, the same night he called for all the demons in the oblivion to rise again and destroy the humans and anyone who stands in their way

armies of demons and monsters of all kinds gathered around the Castle of Abaddon and move forward to to attack the armies of humans and allied wizards, the battle lasted three years and the humans were losing, it seemed that everything was lost again until a figure in the distant appeared with a great staff, in was a woman another sorceress, it was young compared to the old wizards around her, the sorceress focused some power in her staff and an white beam was fired out of it decimating thousands of demons in one shot leaving only the humans standing, Abaddon knew this could cause trouble for him and rose his castle to the air until it reached the clouds where he could easily cast spells from there, he believed he would win the war but the sorceress appeared in front of his throne, they battled inside the castle no one could see what was happening, all of the humans, wizards and demons remained in the ground waiting for a victor, for hours the clash of magic and demonic powers could be hear on all the planet,a moment later all was silence, inside the castle a defeated Abaddon lied on his throne barely breathing, the sorceress focused all her energy in her staff again ready to strike but the demon use his last energies to make a protection spell around him, when the sorceress attacked the spell reflected on the castle itself, all the windows, furniture, doors were crystallized, the sorceress was unharmed but the demon was crystallized as well, the sorceress tried to break it and kill him once and for all but the crystal was too strong for her, it contained her magic as well as the demon's, she decided to leave it like that since the demon looked dormant, she made a last spell maintaining the castle in the clouds and sealing the demon in his own prison of crystal, she returned to the battle grounds and the demons retired from there as soon as she touch the ground and so the world live in peace since then, the nameless boy who befriended Abaddon was never to be found, some say he was eliminated along with the demons in the white beam, others say he still wanders the flying castle protecting his friend and master from any harm until he return to our world...

"interesting story boss, why we listened to it again?" a tall, corpulent man asked to a blond almost white haired aged woman with a ancient book

"because Junpei my boy...it's history of our world" the blond aged woman said

"do you mean it is real!? I thought it was some legend or fairy tale" Junpei said

"J.P., we had killed monsters and supernatural beings and you don't believe this!?" a more young around nineteen years old asked

"I know that Zoe but I mean a flying castle!? Demons that had sex with humans and fell in love!? Please that just bullshit!" J.P. Said raising from his seat

"I know we'd never saw a demon before but that's just because the sorceress drive them off from our world" Zoe the blond young woman said

"seeing is believing Zoe" J.P. Retorted

"enough!" the older woman shouted, both J.P. And Zoe remained silent "J.P. , due to the modern technology nowadays the sorcerers, wizards, witches, warlocks or whatever you want to call them, are almost inexistent now, our family had taken care of any supernatural being since the great war and the people ignore the past...like you" the older woman said, J.P. Raised an eyebrow still unbelieving the words of his leader "still don't believe me? Well, see for yourself then" the elder woman opened a small box in her desk, it had a panel with numbers and letters on it, she pressed the correct password and a big hole opened in the middle of the room, a long white staff came out from it, glowing with power

"w-what is-" J.P was cut

"it's the very staff of the sorceress in the story, it has been in our family since ever" Zoe said proudly

"now you believe in history J.P.?" the old woman said

"y-yes ma'am I'm sorry for doubting" J.P. Apologize

"I forgive you boy, it's is normal that you don't believe it since it was six thousand years ago, now the reason of why I had tell you this is because we believed that the flying castle was lost in the sky forever but intelligence says the empire of Khana had found it a few hours ago" the old woman said

"the empire? How they know about it? If it so secret how they knew about it? I mean I work here and I didn't know either" J.P. Asked

"we don't know, we don't know what they're gonna do when they get there but I know what you two are gonna do, stop them from enter the castle at any cost" the aged woman said

"we must prevent them to enter or they can wake up the demon Abaddon" Zoe said

"only the two of us!? Khana have a great army how we're supposed to prevent them to enter?" J.P. Asked

"the castle doesn't have much ground around it, they'll send a small squad of investigators and soldiers" Zoe answered

"how we do know that!?" J.P. Again asked

"we have a lot of bases around the world, our contacts in the empire told us, besides other two agents will join to your mission so it will be four people" the old woman said

"still is dangerous who are these other agents? Did we know them?" J.P said

"I really doubt it, they'd lived in the empire all their life but are perfect spies, they're Kouji Minamoto and Kouichi Kimura they're twins in case you have any doubt when you see them" the old woman said

"why they had different last name?" J.P.

"who knows we don't really care,we care about their loyalty and skills" the old woman said

"any other question J.P.!?" Zoe said a little annoyed

"um well no...not at all" J.P.

"good we're leaving now" Zoe said and take bag with weapons in it

"remember, you must stop those people from entering the castle at any cost! Kill them if you must!" the old woman said

"I know mother...we'll be back soon" Zoe said

"take care dear...you too J.P." Zoe's mother said

"of course boss" J.P. Said following Zoe to the hangar, Zoe's mother sat on her chair taking a look to the glowing white staff before lock it again on the floor

"hope everything goes right, if Abaddon awakes we'll be doomed this time" Zoe's mother thought

in the hangar, the plane was ready to take off, it was a commercial plane so it wouldn't raise any suspicion when they arrive to the meeting point with the other agents in the empire of Khana, as soon as Zoe and J.P. Boarded it the plane go to the lane and elevated in the sky

"so Zoe have you practicing your magic?" J.P asked

"not much, only healing spells, with bullets and bombs flying around those are more useful" Zoe

"maybe you should learn how to make fireballs or something" J.P.

"I know how to do them but...are dangerous...I'm afraid of using them" Zoe

"why?" J.P.

"long story...we better get some rest I have a feeling that this mission is going to be dangerous" Zoe

"you might be right" J.P.

They take a small nap on their seats while the plane reach it's destination, when they arrive the twins where next to a helicopter waiting for their arrival

"good evening, you must be Zoe" Kouichi the short haired twin greeted

"and you must be J.P. They were right, you're tubby" Kouji the long haired twin said

"you son of-" J.P. Cursed but Zoe interrupted him

"and you must be Kouichi and Kouji they said that one of you was very annoying I think I know who is" Zoe said

"smart ass"Kouji smirked

"enough brother we have work to do, lets go" Kouichi said

everyone boarded the helicopter and flied away, to the sky

"so what are you good for" Kouichi asked

"I'm good with any kind of gun such as Zoe" J.P. Said

"that's all?" Kouji asked not surprised

"I do some healing magic and a little of everything else" Zoe answered

"healing magic, that's good a doctor always come handy" Kouji said

"we as you must know are spies, we knew little magic but enough to turn ourselves invisible for some time" Kouichi said

"the cowards way..."J.P. Said

"better than being an easy target such as you fat-ass!" Kouji

"who are you calling fat ass!?" J.P

"enough! We're almost there" Zoe yelled at the two

the four were amazed when they saw the flying castle, it was more bigger than the story books said, it had seven towers in total, the castle was full covered in crystal like diamond, they surrounded the castle hoping to find any signal of the empire's team, they found other helicopters outside the castle's entrance and the only space to land, unfortunately they don't found a place to land themselves and apparently the empire's team had already entered to the castle

"what do we do now?" Kouichi asked

"we jump and you try to find were to land this thing or wait flying until we came out" Zoe said

"as you wish lady, be careful in there" Kouichi said and the others jump off the helicopter

they proceeded carefully inspecting the vehicles of the empire, they were empty but still warm, they doesn't have much time there

"looks like everybody's inside" J.P.

"let me take a look first" Kouji said, he closed his eyes and take a deep breath a second later he vanished from Zoe and J.P.'s sight

"where did he go!?" J.P. Asked then he felt someone slap the back of his head

"I'm here fatty, I'll be right back" Kouji said and entered the castle while he was invisible and Zoe and J.P. Remained outside, minutes passed and Kouji was still inside

"why is he taking so long?" J.P. Complain

"maybe something happened to him we should check" Zoe said

"hey don't worry people I'm right here!" Kouji said turning visible again at the very main door

"what did you find?" Zoe

"these guys are armed to the teeth, but most of them are scientist and rookies" Kouji

"what about the castle did they get to the throne?" Zoe

"nope, they're trying to enter though, they have some kind of drill which is performing the thick crystal, they almost there we must hurry!" Kouji said and Zoe followed him inside

they proceeded carefully through the halls of the castle, walls, doors, statues all covered in the thick crystal, it looked like an ice palace, Kouji lead them to a safe place he discovered before, they were watching the empire's people working, the soldier's heavy armored with black metal plates protecting vital organs, they helmets had a mas resembling a skull with glowing eyes, probably were some part of special equipment

"there they are, what do we do now?" Kouji asked

"we killed them" J.P. Answered

"no wait, lets see if they can open the door" Zoe stopped his fat partner

"but your mother-" J.P. Was interrupted again

"ssshhh....I know what my mother said, but I'm curious, I want to know the face of the demon" Zoe

"why? He'll probably awakes when they enter" Kouji

"don't think so, the sorceress of the books tried to break it and she couldn't so I think they won't do it either, just wait until they open the kay?" Zoe

"okay" both the guys said

the drill was penetrating the thick door with some difficulties, the machine was giving it all

"c'mon! You can do it baby!" a scientist yelled

"who is that guy?" a soldier asked to another one

"it's your boss rookie, he's a little eccentric but very intelligent" he answered him

"oh almost there!" the scientist yelled again, a second later the drill opened a path between the hall and the throne room, Zoe and the others quickly rushed to ambush them but a voice stopped them in their hideout

"well, well what we got here?" the voice echoed all over the castle, it sounded like a boy's voice

"who's there!?" a soldier said stepping in to the throne room along with the rest of the team

"step into my parlor, said the spider to the fly" the voice continued followed by a chukle

"okay who's plying this joke people?" the leader of the soldiers asked but no one answered him

"forget it captain! It may be our imagination, look at there is the throne!" the scientist pointed, Zoe was about to fire when she saw a boy in a green robe step in front of the scientist

"you!? You're the one who give me the coordinates of this place, but you're a kid! How-" the scientist was confused

"how I did to be here before you!? Or maybe you're asking how is a grow up man is a kid now...the answer is simple...magic!" the boy with said, it had the same voice that echoed in the castle, the robe covered his face enough to prevent being seen by Zoe or any other person there, however what he said perturbed Zoe

"magic?" Zoe muttered

"I-I-I don't care! Step away kid! I need to see the body of Abbadon!" the scientist tried to approach the throne with the crystallized body if the fallen demon but the kid stooped him

"what's the rush doctor Hillman? I haven't finished yet..." the boy's voice suddenly changed a little more high pitched and deformed "ALL OF YOU WILL BECOME A PERFECT SACRIFICE FOR MY MASTER!" the boy's body began to spasming, eight gigantic and hairy legs came out of his small body, one of them impaled the doctor Hillman from the stomach, the soldiers were paralyzed in horror, the kid was transforming, changing to a more gruesome form, eight eyes formed in his face, fangs leaking drops of a substance like acid, a second later the body transformed in giant tarantula

"EVERYONE WILL DIE, EVEN THE ONES WHO ARE HIDDING IN THE BACK!" the giant tarantula yelled with a grotesque movement of its mouth, Zoe's eyes grew wide at his comment

"he know we're here!" she thought

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