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the omnipotent castle approached slowly but menacing to the H.Q. Of the mysterious agency, the young wizard kid was in his cell, jumping on his bed, because he knew he could sense his master coming to get him

"everyone's gonna die!" the kid yelled then laughed like mad, he still had the collar that prevent him to use magic

"shut up already!" the guard shouted "I got enough with that damn alarm!"

the kid smiled at him, not a childish smile but a grim one, his eyes felt like piercing the mind of the guard

"and stop staring at me like that!" the guard shouted again

the kid chuckled "you're going to die soon you know?"

"what do you mean?" the asked arrogantly, knowing that the kid couldn't do anything with the collar in his neck

"you'll see" the kid sat on the bed, staring at the ceiling of his cell, it was made of a thick transparent material, like glass but as hard as stone, same with the walls, it was like a small invisible box with a small door, suddenly someone knock the door of the jail's entrance, the guard rose from his leather seat, discarding the newspaper he was reading and opened the door

"who the fuck are you!?" the guard asked, a dark figure standing in front of him, it's red eyes glowed like the bottom of a volcano, it take the guard from his mouth and the figure transform into liquid to later enter to the guard's digestive system, the kid saw in amusement how the guard was chocking with the black liquid entering in his body by force, the guard walked a few steps back form the door, there was no sign of the shadow figure but the kid knew it was inside the guard because the guard was skinny and now was big and round like a ball, his eyes were dropping black liquid instead of tears, he slowly approached the cell door of the kid and opened it with his hand, it slide to one side as kick as the light, the Kid approached to the fat blob of guard and spoke

"lord Abaddon sent you?" the kid asked, the fat blob of guard nodded "good, you can leave that thing now, thanks" with that the fat body of the guard exploded, blood and black liquid stained the walls and the kid's prisoner clothes, from with turned red, chunks and organs flew across the room leaving a bloody mess behind, the black liquid however begun to put back together until it formed a small pool which then formed the original shadow human form from before "lets go then we must harvest more souls" the kid said before leaving the jail

"what!? How is that possible!?" Mrs. Orimoto demanded an answer, as she was informed of the kid's escape, she grab on of the soldiers by the neck and stare at his eyes

"I-I'm sorry madam, but we believe someone let him out, i-it's impossible to escape from those cells without magic" the soldier answered her, fearing for his life as he knew well that Mrs. Orimoto wouldn't hesitate to kill one of her own

she let him go and sighted rubbing her temple "send all the squads to stop that wizard and the rest try to figure out how to stop that castle before it land on us!" old woman said on the speaker

the kid was wandering through the many hall of the base, he no longer had the collar which disable his magic, the darker figure was close behind him like a bodyguard, behind them a trail of blood, bones and flesh was all over the walls, ceiling and floor, the alarms were making a lot of noise, blast doors closed at the kid's path trying to stop his advancing

"go and look for any magical or demonic creature willing to kill humans, tell them that Lord Abaddon is here" the kid commanded to his companion who only nodded in agreement and disappear like the wind

the kid continue his way killing anyone who stands in his way, his hair was red due to the blood spilled by his victims, however his grayish eyes transmitted joy and pleasure, the kid obviously liked his evil deeds, he couldn't transform into a giant spider again, the walls were very narrow to walk freely, so he sticked with normal spell, fireballs, light beams capable of cut through steel like butter, soon he found himself before a great door with the word Hangar on it, he blow it away with a fireball, when the smoke dissipated his eyes grew wide due to what was there ready to attack him

"all right boys, time to kick some asses" JP. Said, he was piloting an exoarmor, a type of machine with humanoid shape were a pilot get inside the chest, capable of lifting a tank and resist most of the bullets created to date, the exoarmor moved can move faster than any human and the appearance was stylish compared to the first models that looked like metal boxes, JP. Had a blue one with a chaingun on the right arm and a deflector shield on the other one, it was a 15 feet machine, other soldiers where on similar in style but in a white color, with the same weapons, fifty units where aiming at the kid twenty of them where exoarmors the rest were normal soldiers with rifles

"do you think you can stop me with your toys?" the kid mocked as his eyes darkened "humans they'll never learn" the kid laughed a bit

"fire!" J.P. Ordered, all the soldiers fire their weapons at the kid, he casted a barrier in front of him which protected him of the bullets, lots of dust covered the boy, the soldiers hold their fire until it dissipate, the boy was still there but not alone, other dark figures behind him with their glowing red eyes waited for the boy commands

"you found all these shadows here?" the boy asked, the dark figure from before shake it's head and appear to whisper something "I see so my Lord has more power now" he chuckled "lets finish with this shall we?" the dark figure say other thing "what? That thing is here!? Change of plans then, you finish this idiots and I'll go for it" with that the little brunette boy made his way to another direction, the shadows as he called them stepped into the hangar

"don't let him get away, fire!" J.P. Shouted, all the soldiers fire their weapons once again, the shadows keep advancing besides the barrage of bullets getting through their bodies like their were made of fog

"exo squad activate the shields, the rest pull back and get to that kid!" J.P. Ordered, the exoarmors activate their shields which began to glow with a with light, the other soldiers get to another exit to regroup and get to the boy, the shadows quickened their pace, they were at least one hundred of shadows in the hangar, the exoarmors seemed to repel their attacks with the shields but hey were too many to contain them all

"Die fucker die!" Lester, one of J.P.'s friend yelled while he pressed a shadow against another shield which made it to disappear "take that fucker!" Lester celebrated, J.P. Watched how he and the other soldier destroyed the shadow with their shields, the only thing capable of repelling them for the moment

"people! Crush those things with your shields!" J.P. Commanded, everyone began to strike the shadows with their shields, crushing a shadow with two shields seemed easy but the shadows were quick and learned fast, a shadow was a about to be destroyed when another one became liquid and infiltrated in the exoarmor of Lester

"what the fuck!? Help!" Lester cried for help while the black liquid entered into his body like the guard, this time it isn't make him to explode, the shadow take control of his body consequently it take control of the exoarmor "w-watch out!" Lester led escape a small warning to his comrades before drowning with the black liquid

"Lester!" J.P. Called him but only static could be heard in the intercom, the exoarmor was still but suddenly it moved again taking the chaingun, the exoarmor of Lester fired against the other soldiers, J.P. Didn't waste time and charge at his friend's armor and slam it to a wall "sorry friend" J.P. Said before firing his gun at the core of the exoarmor destroying it

the kid moved fast following one of the shadows as a guide to the object he was looking for, something that was important to help his master, suddenly the rest of the soldiers catch him up just before a sturdy metal door, it looked important and well protected

"stop or we'll shoot!" a soldier yelled ready to fire

"I don't have time for you!" the brunette boy extended his pale hand at the eighty soldiers in front of him and a white beam got fired form his palm "fir-" a soldier got killed before he could end a word, their bodies disintegrated at the touch of the white beam, since it was a hall not too wide not too narrow, some of the soldiers only got burned or lost some limbs, their squirming bodies and noisy screams of terror and pain annoyed the pale boy, in other circumstances this would amused him but he was in a hurry "finish them, they're bothering me!" the boy ordered to his loyal dark companion who only nodded and possessed a body to kill the rest of the soldiers with their weapons, the boy only made his way to the gigantic metal door, it said Mrs. Orimoto, H.Q. Leader's Office "Orimoto..." he thought, trying to remember, for that name was familiar to him, he tried to open the door but was locked, he studied it for a bit, he didn't want it to blow it, the object he was looking for might me behind the door and he didn't want to broke it, suddenly he heard something behind the door, he leaned pressing his ear against it trying to hear clearly "with this I'll kill him" the boy heard a woman said behind the door, he take a few steps back but the door was blasted away by a white light, the door hit the kid and sent him flying twenty meters away from it, the kid recovered form the blast and in the entrance of the office a blond, old woman was holding a glowing white staff

"so you got the staff eh? Give it to me and I'll spare your pathetic life" the pale boy said obviously he wasn't to keep his promise

"Tommy Himi, the only person, the only friend of Abaddon, here in my own office" the blond woman said

"oh you know about me, that makes me happy" Tommy the pale boy brunette boy said with a smirk "but I know about you too, Mrs. Arelia Orimoto descendant of Yizmat the sorceress who battled my master" Tommy said rosing from the ground

"and won, don't forget that boy!" Mrs. Orimoto said arrogantly

"only when you kill your opponent the battle is won! As I'll do with you, I'm gonna won!" Tommy charged at the blond woman, she fired a red beam which Tommy evaded with ease casting multiple fireballs at her who evade too with ease, the continued battling, the sounds of explosion echoed all over the base

"fuck this! Pull back everyone! Pull back!" J.P. Orderd while he destroyed another possessed exoarmor and friend, of the fifty units most of the half where already killed or possessed by a shadow which would lead to an immediately extermination from the rest of the team, the shadows who apparently were only a hundred, began to multiplying their number with the pass of time "shit!" J.P. Said noticing the black liquid filtrating into his armor, suddenly a white fog passed through his exoarmor disintegrating the shadow, J.P. Turned to see who saved him for he knew that was magic, to his surprise it was Zoe who saved him

"are you okay?" Zoe asked

"yeah, thanks to you, what are those things?" J.P. Asked

"shadows, a manifestation of a wizard, the wizard can do as many as he wants as long as his power is big enough to do that many" Zoe explained, J.P. Killed another of his possessed comrades and he realized he and Zoe were the only ones alive in the hangar

"we better out of here, climb in my shoulders!" J.P. Crouched his machine so Zoe could climb on the shoulder of it "ready?" Zoe nodded, with that a small compartment in the back of the exoarmor opened revealing a turbine which began to work, this sent the machine away from the shadows, it hover at high speed while Zoe tried not to fall from the machine "we better get out of the base, we have nothing to battle those things" J.P. Suggested

"we must get to my mother first!" she said

"roger" J.P. Turned the machine in a corner

"you were saying?" the brunette boy asked mocking at the unmoving body of Mrs. Orimoto who Tommy has a foot on her chest "see you were all talk now I'll finish you so you'll stop bothering me!" Tommy raised a hand and a blade made of red energy appeared in his hand, he was about to cut the head of the old woman when "mother!" Zoe cried out, Tommy looked at the direction of the voice came only to be slammed by the body of the exoarmor of J.P., Zoe had jumped from it before he slammed the boy and pressed him against one of the walls

"mother...are you okay?" she was still, Mrs. Orimoto was barely breathing "please mother answer me!" Zoe shake the body of her mother, tears fell form Zoe faces when she noticed all the bruises and burns she had all over her body, Mrs. Orimoto opened her eyes and rub her daughter's cheek

"Zoe...you must..." Mrs. Orimoto tried to find the strength to finish her sentence "you must escape from here...take the staff with you..." Mrs. Orimoto said handing her the white staff to Zoe

"no mother this is yours" Zoe said desperately to do something to help her mother

"I'm dying Zoe...no healing magic can cure me now...I...I was too confident...watch out for that boy...I lov...I lo..." Mrs. Orimoto's sight was dull and still, she had died, Zoe cried on her mother, the same she called bitch and other things a few days a go.

"boss...?" J.P. Looked at Zoe, a small tear fell from a corner of his right eye, he then hear a small voice mumble something

"it was about time...bitch!" Tommy cursed and laugh at the tragedy he just caused, but his laughs were muzzled by multiple stomps of J.P. And his exoarmor

"how dare you, you son of a bitch, I'll kill you for this!" J.P. Continued to stomping the fragile body of the boy, her bones breaking with each stomp, only one thing was on his little mind now, his master and friend

"master...I've failed you...I'm sorry" Tommy was lost in his mind

none of that Tommy, you haven't fail me

"Takuya? Master? Where are you?" Tommy asked in loud voice, this made J.P. To stop, confused by the kid

"with who is exactly talking to? Who is Takuya and why he call him Master?" J.P. Asked

"Takuya...was the name his mother give him...he adopted the name of Abaddon years later" Zoe said still looking at her mother's corpse

I'm in the castle Tommy, let me take your body for a while

"but my body is broken it's useless now" Tommy said, blood gushing from his mouth due to the organs destroyed in his body

let me take care of that, now I need you to lend me you body

"yes friend, as you wish" Tommy closed his grayish eyes and appeared to be dead

"looks like he died, finally" J.P. Said making his way to Zoe's but a small laugh stopped him, it came from the boy, the shambling, broken and almost dead boy, Zoe's eyes grew wide when Tommy began to regenerate, his bones cracked as they fixed, his crushed body regain his normal form, but his eyes were brown, deeply brown, Zoe could see a dark aura surrounding the boy, she knew that it wasn't the same as before

"J.P. Come over here quickly!" Zoe yelled but it was too late, the boy crawled on the exoarmor's back and rip the head like helmet of the machine revealing J.P.'s face

"so you're the one who caused so much trouble to my friend, you'll pay for this!" the possessed boy bury his hand on one of J.P.'s eyes who screamed in pain and tried to fight back, however since he was inside the armor, he could only move the mechanic parts and he couldn't reach his face, Tommy or better said his master, bury even more his hand, the screams of J.P. Scared Zoe to the point she was only staring with her wide open and her legs trembling "time to die!" the possessed boy made explode J.P.'s head with magic, pieces of brain and bones flew all over the place, the exoarmor wasn't moving anymore it fell to it's knees and then to the ground letting escape all the blood from J.P.'s corpse, the boy stared at his blood covered hand in amusement "I haven't had this fun in a lot of time" he said and then noticed Zoe's gasp when she looked at him, the boy approached at her and take the white staff with him "you're pretty it would be a shame if I kill you, my servant have memories of you but don't worry I'm not going to kill you" Zoe watched him, it was totally different person, he protected fear and she was feeling it "you better hurry of getting out here, my castle will crush this place" the boy made his way out of the office, as soon as he got out Jeremy another employee of Zoe's mother entered by other door

"miss Zoe we must go" he said, Zoe was in a shock, her mother, his friend, all dead and on top of it she didn't move a finger to stop it "damn, James! Help me with her, we must get the fuck out of here!" Jeremy called for another person, they take Zoe to the exit, tears began to fall from her eyes, she fell unconscious then

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