Chapter 1 - The Letter

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December 18, 1990 Granger Residence

Hermione Granger was currently laying on her bed with one of her Advanced Science books on her legs as she was leaning against one of her pillows. She was currently wearing her favorite pair of blue pajamas pants with one of her light blue tops. Before Hermione went to bed every night she would read one of her books of her bookshelf. While this was normal for Hermione, most eleven year olds would not be caught reading a book on advanced science when they could be doing other activities right before their bedtime. However Hermione Granger was no ordinary girl. Little did she know that tonight her life would change in ways she could not imagine.

Hearing a knock, Hermione looked up from the page she was reading to see her parents coming in to her.

"Hey Mum and Dad, everything ok?"

Mr. and Mrs. Granger both smiled before Mr. Granger said "Just coming to tell my little girl good night and to not stay up too late reading."

"Dad, I won't stay up too late, it's not even that late." Hermione said as she looked out here window to see how dark it was.

Her mother looked at her watched and laughed "Well honey its all ready 8:30, most kids your age would have been asleep for about an hour by now"

Hermione couldn't help but crack a smile before saying "Ok Mum just let my finish this section in my book and then I will be off to bed."

Both her parent nodded their heads before hugging her goodnight and leaving her room.

While her parents worried about her lack of friends, they were constantly surprised with her thirst for knowledge. Even at the current age of ten, Hermione was the top of her class and even outside of her classes she continued to purse her thirst for knowledge every night after getting her homework done. They just wished she had a friend that she could confide in as well.

15 minutes later, Hermione finished the section in her Advanced Science book. Sitting up from her bed, she walked over to the book shelf on the other side of her room which was next to her bedroom door. This was the first bookcase her parents had gotten for her and soon she would be needing another one. With the exception of her parents, Hermione consider these books the only friends she had. Hermione put the book back where she had retrieved it from.

Turning around from putting her book on the shelf, she noticed something was starting to glow on her bed. Unlike most other girls or boys her age, her curiosity out won her fear of what the light may be and she decided to see what the cause of the glowing light was. As she walked towards her bed, the glowing light grew brighter and brighter.

The light was a mixture of golds and yellows with what seemed to be silver specks that seems to light up everything around her room, through the brightness. Hermione thought she could start to make out the form of a book taking shape on her bed out of the silver specks however the golden glow continued to grow in intensity till she had to cover her eyes with both of her hands.

Not five seconds went by before the glowing light completely disappeared and Hermione was able to bring her hands down from shield her face. Her brown eyes immediately focused on what appear to be a book on her bed. Walking over to her bed, her mind was racing with what had just happened. Being a very well educated eleven year old, she knew what had just happened to her couldn't have logically happened. Nothing can appear out of thin air.

Reaching her bed, she picked up the book which was currently facing downwards. Judging from the size and shape of the book, it looked to be someone's diary or journal.

Turning over the book, Hermione gasped when she saw the title of the book which simply read "Hermione Granger". The book's cover was mahogany with a brown spine. Her name was on the top of the front cover in gold colored lettering.

Opening the front cover an envelope fell out of the book and slide onto the floor. Hermione kneeled down and retrieved the letter that had slipped out of the mysterious book. The letter was sealed and one the front of the envelope there was a simple message which said "Read me first".

Hermione sat down on the edge of her bed as she put the book which had her name inscribed on the front cover down next to her. She carefully opened the envelope which contained a letter in which she began to read immediately.


Knowing you as I do, I know you have already have come to the conclusion that there is no possible way for this book and letter to appear to you in manner in which they did. However before we get to that there are more important things to talk about.

First, my name is Hermione Granger. I am you, from the year 2143. No this is not a prank and no you did not time-travel to the future, I am currently 163 years old. This is not a prank by any of your classmates and neither did Mum or Dad do this. To prove to you that I am you, you are currently reading the Advanced Science book on your shelf on the other side of your bedroom. While anyone could easily find that out what no one else but us knows is that you plan on asking you parents next week to get you a book on space and astronomy as you just finished reading the section that went into a general overview about space and the other planets in our solar system."

At this Hermione's eyes went wide. She hadn't told anyone about her fascination into space and had yet to mention it to either of her parents as well.

Looking back at the letter in her hand, her mind began to wonder how she was able to send herself a book and a letter through time. Hermione's questions would be answered in the next part of the letter that she held in her hands.

"First off I want to tell you that you are a witch, you can do magic. I know that sounds impossible however magic is hidden from muggles, people that do not have any magically ability.

Normally you would find this out on your eleventh/twelfth birthday when you would have gotten you letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry however I am telling you this now so that you can prepare for what will come in the future."

Hermione paused thinking it was odd that she would send herself a letter and a book to prepare to attend another school, however she got the impression that this was not going to be the case and continued to read the letter.

"You will quickly learn that in the magically community there are several prejudices especially for those witches or wizards that do not come from a family with magical backgrounds.

Furthermore not all witches and wizards are good. There are evil witches and wizards and unfortunately you are going to be involved in a wizarding war with Voldemort, the darkest wizard of all time.

Before you put down this letter and wonder why you would get yourself in such a war, it's for the best reason possible. You do it for you first and best friend, a boy by the name of Harry Potter."

Setting the letter down on her lap, Hermione was now crying to herself silently, not because she would have to prepare for war, but because she finally knew that she would have a friend, a true friend which was something she had dreamed and wished for almost her entire life.

Wiping her eyes with her the backside of her left hand she continued to read the letter that she had sent to herself.

"First off let me tell you that you need to find a way to get close to Harry Potter. If you thought we have had a difficult childhood, I can tell you that our childhood looks like heaven compared to what Harry is currently experiencing.

If I remember correctly, our parents were talking about a new office building that was opening in Surrey, see if you can talk them into talking there Dentist Practice there.

Harry Potter's guardian, Mr. Dursley, and I use that term guardian very loosely, is in the drill business and will be able to provide anything necessary for our parents equipment needs.

There is more however it is all contained in the book. This book contains the spells, potions, and all the tricks to being able to mastering various arts of magic.

Please note that only you and Harry Potter will be able to read this book. If the book is picked up by anyone, it will just look like an empty journal or diary that was given to you."

Hermione at this point was shocked that her friend could be living what sound like a worst childhood than she was currently experiencing. She immediately decided she would talk to her parents first thing tomorrow morning about moving their practice to Surrey so that she could get closer to Harry Potter.

Looking back at the letter she continued to read the last paragraph.

"Hermione, it is the uttermost important that no-one ever find out about this book or letter aside from yourself and Harry. Once you have finished reading this letter, all you need to do is say 'Griffindor' and the letter will burn itself. Don't worry it won't burn you or anything you place it on. Find Harry, and help him before you both leave for Hogwarts. When I meet him in our first year, he was almost completely broken. Only you can help him Hermione.

Good luck,

Hermione Jane Granger"

Hermione didn't quite understand what she had meant by broken, but she would do anything she possible could to help Harry get better.

Re-reading the letter one more time, she then went into the bathroom, and set the letter in the bath tub, wanting to be safe just in case the letter didn't extinguish itself properly, she then said in a firm yet quiet voice "Griffindor".

To her amazement the letter ignited in a blue fire and in less than a few seconds, there was no sign that the letter or anything had been burned in the bath tub.

Hermione satisfied that she had correctly disposed of the letter returned to her room going to sleep for the first time knowing that in a couple of weeks she might be getting to know her first friend ever.

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