Chapter 10 - Friends Defended

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May 4, 1991

Harry and Hermione sat on their usual seat on the bus. They had smiles on their faces. With exams finished, it was officially the start of their summer break. Both thought back on the past few months and on how much had changed.

The dinner with Grangers and the Dursley's had gone very well. Both party's left happy, the Grangers because of the new drills and the Dursley's because of the promotion that Vernon would receive because of the contract.

A week after Vernon began to process the order on the Granger's contract, he received a raise and was promoted to head sale's manager in Surrey. Harry didn't have to complete any chores for a week because Vernon was so happy. It was the best week Harry had ever spent at the Dursley's house, even Petunia and Dudley treated him better.

As the weeks passed, much to the relief of Helen and Dan, Hermione and Harry's friendship only grew. Whenever possible, Harry and Hermione spent time together, regardless if it was doing homework, or just hanging out. After the 6th weekend in a row, the Granger's stopped calling the Dursleys to invite Harry over. Harry showed up for lunch every Saturday and Sunday after doing chores in the morning for the Dursleys.

Harry loved this as he got out of the house and the Dursleys enjoyed Harry's absence. It allowed the Dursleys to go out without having to worry about leaving their nephew in the house alone.

For spring break, the Granger's invited Harry to stay with them. Vernon had only been too delighted to let Harry stay with the Grangers. The Dursleys left to go on a week long cruise, happy to have their nephew out of their life for a week.

Harry and Hermione learned whatever they could from the journal. It had quickly become apparent that unless they already knew the name of the area in which they wanted to study, they wouldn't be able to read ahead. Hermione had theorized this was so they didn't change future events too quickly. That would allow the book to be relatively accurate throughout the next decade, at the minimum. Harry and Hermione both had strong occulumency shields, however neither had a of way testing them.

Hermione turned to look at Harry. His eyes were closed, the window of the bus open, wind blowing through his hair. She couldn't help but smile at how much she had seen Harry change in the last couple of months. Harry had grown a couple of inches so now that he was about the average height and weight of those in their class. They had spent the first day of spring break practicing occulumency, though that was not what Hermione remember about the first day, it was that night she remembered clearly.


March 3, 1991 9pm.

Dan and Helen came downstairs to see if Harry and Hermione had finished watching 'Back To The Future'. The movie had just finished rewinding in the VCR. Hermione had fallen asleep with her head on Harry's shoulder while Harry's arm was wrapped around Hermione.

Dan and Helen had to smile as the peered into the living room from the kitchen. In the time they gotten to know Harry, both had quickly come to consider him an adopted son. He was well mannered and intelligent, more than able to keep up with Hermione's sophisticated conversations with ease.

Dan turned to Helen saying in a quite whisper "You know Helen, I'm so grateful we moved. It was truly the best thing we could have done for Hermione and for Harry, though at the time we didn't even know him. Its almost creepy how well Harry and Hermione complement each other."

Helen just nodded her head before she added "I know what you mean Dan, and they aren't even dating, they are just friends. You know, if their friendship last till their adults, you might very well be looking at your future-son-in-law." joked Helen wanting to see Dan turn white.

Usually whenever she talked about their daughter growing and getting married, Dan seemed to have an anxiety attack. Instead Dan just stood there with a serious expression as if he was thinking deeply about something.

"Dan?" Helen asked wondering if he had listened to anything she had just said.

"Would it really be that terrible if Harry was our son-in-law?" he asking his wife. Helen couldn't believe what she was hearing, Dan noticed this before continuing "I'm serious Helen, it use to terrify me the idea of Hermione marrying. They are way too young now, but if Harry was to be her husband, I don't think Hermione could do any better. I was serious when I said the complement each other well."

"I was joking when I brought up them marrying, but your correct, I don't think Hermione could find a better person than Harry. I'm just so happy that Hermione has a friend. Its strange though, Dan, have you felt like… I don't know how to say this."

"We've been put under Harry as Hermione's most important people in her world?" Dan finished for his wife with a sad smile. Seeing her wife nod her head slowing, he continued "I have to admit Helen, when Hermione said she made a friend I was thrilled, and then she said it was a boy. I honestly thought the boy must have had less than honorable reason for befriending our daughter. I regret ever thinking that about Harry. Nothing about that boy could be further from the truth."

Helen looked at Dan before looking at the two sleeping kids in the living room. "Yeah I had similar thoughts as well untill I met Harry. When did we shift in positions though, not that I'm upset. I knew it would happen someday, I just didn't imagine it would happen this soon." pondered Helen.

"I remember when I realized I was losing the position. It was the first Saturday when I called Vernon to invite Harry over for the day. The way Hermione hugged me and thanked me, I knew I was not going to be her most important person for much longer."

"Well lets go wake them so that they don't sleep on the couch all night, they're going to be sore if we don't." Helen told Dan as she started walking into the living room. "Harry, Hermione, time to go to bed." Helen said as she gently shook the two friends.

Hermione woke up first, noticing immediately how she had fallen asleep on Harry. Grateful she had awoken first, she turned to wake Harry.

"Harry, time to go to bed." said Hermione while trying to stifle a yawn.

Harry hadn't noticed how he was sleeping with Hermione, saving him the embarrassment from Hermione and her parents. Standing up he said groggily "Ok, sounds good to me." It was obvious he was not completely awake as Hermione helped him get upstairs.

Harry and Hermione both brushed their teeth before going to their rooms for the night.

March 4, 1991 2am.

Hermione awoke to the sound of someone screaming. "Harry!" Jumping out of her bed, she ran to the room next door where Harry was staying.

Opening the door, Hermione saw Harry sitting up in bed, shaking with his head in his hands. "Harry?" Hermione asked quietly.

Harry turned his head sharply towards Hermione before saying in a scared voice "Hermione?". Without a second thought, she walked across to sit on his bed.

"Its ok Harry, I'm here, what happened? Did you have a nightmare?" asked Hermione trying to figure out what had her best friend scared so badly.

"I saw him Hermione" Harry paused before he continued trying to keep the tears at bay "I saw him kill my mother Hermione… I… I saw him." Harry never finished. The flood gates open as he launched himself at Hermione, feeling as if his entire existence depended on her being there. Harry cried for the all injustices he suffered in his short life.

Hermione comforted Harry, holding him as he cried his soul out to her. She whispered repeatedly "Harry, my Harry its ok, let it out, let it all out. I'm here, I'm not going anywhere." while rubbing her hand over his back. Hermione held Harry till he fell back asleep. After shifting Harry so that he was laying down, she stayed a few minutes to make sure he was sleeping peacefully. Pulling the sheet and quilt over Harry, Hermione bent down and kiss the green eyed boy on his lighting bolt shape scar before saying "I'll never abandon you".

Hermione didn't notice her parent's door was still open when she went back to her room, she was too distracted to notice. She fell asleep but not before vowing to herself "I will do whatever I can to protect you Harry, even if it means sacrificing my life for yours." None of the occupants at 7 Privet Drive noticed the small golden glow that began surrounding Hermione and Harry. As soon as it had began the glow disappeared.

March 4, 1991 7am.

Hermione woke up to the sun shining through her window. Getting out of bed, she stretched trying to get some of the kinks out of her back. Hermione thought about checking on Harry, but decided to let him sleep as long as possible. While she was thankful she was there for her friend, it broke her heart seeing Harry like that. She could only imagine what it had been like to dream about his parent's being murdered in front of him.

As Hermione walked into the kitchen, her mother was sitting at the table staring at her cup of coffee, looking as if she hadn't slept all night.

Worried, Hermione asked "Mum are you ok? You don't look like you've slept at all."

"Hermione I heard what you said to Harry last night while you were in his room." pausing to look at her daughter.

Before Helen could continue, Hermione exploded in a silent yell, so that she would not wake up Harry who was still sleeping above them, "I will not be lectured for what I did last night Mum. Harry needed me, he reached out and I held him because I don't think anyone else ever had. Don't you dare tell me I'm to young to understand what I said to Harry last night either because…" she stopped immediately when her mouth was covered with a hand.

Helen paused, surprised by her daughter's outburst, before placing her hand on Hermione's mouth. Helen removed her hand after saying "Hermione, I wasn't trying to reprimand you for what you did last night, I was going to say that it was the right thing to do."

Hermione stared at her mother before turning her head ashamed at how she respond. "I'm sorry Mum, I thought that . . . I don't know." Helen smiled at her daughter, seeing Hermione confused was a rare occasion. Helen hugged Hermione before asking "Last night, Harry said he saw him kill his mother. What happened to Harry's parents?" Helen and Dan had been told, by Vernon, that they were killed in a car accident.

Hermione shifted uncomfortably, she couldn't tell her mother about magic yet so she lied, replying hushed voice "I promised Harry I wouldn't tell anyone, and I'm not going to break that promise Mum."

Helen was about to reply to Hermione when Harry, standing in the doorway to the kitchen, said "My parents were murdered by a mad man when I was just over a year old. He tried to escape but was shot and killed by the police that had come to investigate reports of gunshots. My relative's tell people it was an automobile accident because it doesn't sound so horrible." in a strained voice. Harry lowered his gaze, before adding "I'm sorry I woke you all up last night, and I'm sorry I kept you awake last night Hermione."

Hermione walked over to Harry, hugging him. "Harry you have nothing to apologize for."

Helen walked over as well, adding to the group hug saying "We all have nightmares and ghosts that haunt us Harry, some are worse than others. If you ever feel the need to talk about anything, please do not hesitate to come talk to me."

Dan wandered downstairs to see Harry embraced in a group hug with is daughter and his wife. Like always, he had slept through everything last night, meaning he had no idea why his family and Harry were in a group hug.

Dan smiled as an idea came to him. "Harry you should be careful, Helen is a married woman you know" with a wink, he instantly lighted the mood in the kitchen.

End of Flashback

Getting off the bus, Harry turned to Hermione saying "See you tomorrow morning after I get my chores done. Do you mind if I come over for lunch?"

Hermione smiled before saying "Harry, you know you are always more than welcome. See you tomorrow Harry."

Both walked to their homes, not knowing their friendship was going to be tested in the next few hours.

8:13pm Dursley Residence.

Harry was packing his duffle bag in his bedroom. Starting in a few days, he would be spending a few weeks with the Granger's while the Dursley's went on holiday. He was excited to be staying with the Grangers. Harry was getting his stuff together when Dudley walked into his room.

"So Potter, going to be spendin' time at the bookworm's house. You know you weren't popular before, now your even lower in the social order." said trying to get a reaction from his cousin.

Harry just stifled a laugh before saying "Nice one Dudley, is that the best you can come up with?"

Vernon walked up the stairs to change when he heard the exchange between his son and nephew. While all the Dursley treated Harry better, none of them liked him anymore, they only did it because it brought in more money through all the drill contracts. "I never thought that treating the boy would indirectly bring about a promotion and two raises, guess I did the right thing giving him Dudley's second room" thought Vernon. Just as he reached the top of the starts, he heard his son continue taunting Harry.

"At LEAST my parents are alive Potter." barked Dudley. Vernon paused to see Harry's reaction. Vernon had stopped beating the boy because of the contracts but if he stepped out of line, Vernon would feel no guilt in punishing him.

"Shut up Dudley and get out of my room." answered Harry angrily. Harry went back to packing his bag for his stay at the Grangers. Dudley last comment had stung Harry, but he was trying to think of the fun he was going to have with Hermione and her parents. Harry noticed Dudley moving to leave the room, thinking he had escaped the last of Dudley's tormenting.

Dudley stopped however when he saw his Dad's stomach sticking out in front of Harry's door, a poor attempt at trying to hide. Dudley turned around with an evil smile on his face, "I know what I'll do to get my revenge for having to do the bloody chores for the last few months."

Dudley turned around with a pure evil grin saying "You know Potter, it really is a sad story how your parents died. Your father got your mother and himself killed by driving drunk. Didn't care enough to ask someone else to drive. Hahah but you know thats not even the best part. The kicker is that your mother obviously hated you so much that she didn't even drive the car instead of your piss drunk father. They must have really wanted to be rid of you… UGH".

Several things happened at once. Vernon turned to stand in the doorway once Dudley had started laughing. What Vernon saw next released all the pent up rage he had held for having to treat Harry better.

Harry had stopped packing when he heard Dudley start talking. When Dudley started to comment on his parents not wanting him, Harry lost all control of his temper. Harry turned around, swinging his fist with all the strength he could muster at his cousins face. Harry hit his cousin square in the cheek sending his overweight cousin toppling against the dresser and then the floor.

Harry didn't see his uncle in the doorway. "You fucking WHALE of a moron. My parents, Lily and James Potter didn't die in a car wreck."

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?" Vernon screamed. He was surprised by the punch Harry landed on his son. However when he heard Harry say his parent's names, Vernon had nothing put rage coursing though his vanes.

Charging into the room, Vernon punched Harry in the face, breaking his glass's left lens, causing Harry's face to bleed from the shattered glass. Vernon had put his full weight, all 400 plus pounds behind the punch as well, sending Harry tumbling over his bed into the wall.

"Dudley get up, and hold that freak down. We're givin' that brat a beating he will never forget." ordered Vernon with a vicious smile. Even though Dudley's cheek hurt, he was smiling as well.

Petunia walked into the room wondering what was going on, screeching "What the hell is that racket?". Vernon just turned to his wife saying "Petunia darling, go get the cricket bat, the freak stepped out of line, we'e punishing him for his misbehavior."

Petunia eyes lit up with excitement as she went to her closet to get the cricket bat. Harry was unconscious. Dudley went to picked up his cousin, but not before kicking him several times in his side. After hearing a loud crack, he knelt down to grab him. However Harry regained consciousness, rolling so that Dudley missed Harry as he bent down to pick him up.

Harry noticed that it hurt to breathe and his vision in his left eye was tainted red, from the blood that bleed around his eye were the glass had cut him. Seeing Vernon standing at the foot of his bed, Harry's only thought was "I gotta get out of here".

Acting quickly, Harry rolled across his bed, screaming in pain as he put weight on his broken right side ribs. Only taking a split second to recover, Harry darted for the door.

"Oh no you don't freak." thought Vernon racing after his nephew. Vernon caught him just as Harry turned to go down the stairs. With all of Vernon's strength and girth, he shoved Harry as hard as he could. Harry already unsteady on his feet didn't have a chance to recover. While trying to stay on his feet, Harry went flying through the bathroom door, colliding into the full length mirror on the bathroom's wall. Harry fell to the floor as glass cut through his shirt and the skin on his back.

Petunia came out of her room, cricket bat in hand, and with revenge on her mind. "Vernon, heres the cricket bat. OH no Harry broke the mirror as well, need to make sure we punish him for that as well." Petunia said with a sadistic laugh.

"Give the bat to Dudley sweetheart, this all started when the freak punched our son." Vernon replied as he walked into the bathroom picking up Harry's blooded body. Vernon backhanded Harry saying "Standup freak!"

It took all of Harry's remaining strength to stand. Opening his one good eye, he watched as Dudley approach him, cricket bat in hand, revenge in his eyes. "Lets see how you look Potter after I use you for batting practice."

Time seemed to slow down for Harry. He watched as Dudley wand up to swing at him. From the look on his face, Harry knew Dudley was aiming for his head. "Hermione help me!!!" was Harry's last thought.

Dudley, Vernon and Petunia watched in shocked horror as Harry screamed before disappearing with a loud crack as if thunder had struck inside the bathroom.

8:19pm Hogwarts, Headmaster's office.

Dumbledore sat at his desk going over his graduation speech when the fireplace in his office roared to life, Alastor Moody's face looking around saying "Albus you there?".

Albus walked to the fireplace quickly, noticing the urgency in Alastor's voice. "What's going on Alastor? Has there been a death eater attack?"

"I don't know Albus, we detected a massive amount of magic at 4 Privet Drive and almost immediately afterwards another spike of magic at number 7 Privet drive."

Albus expression changed instantly "Did someone get to Harry? The bloodwards should still be intact." thought before turning back to Alastor "Alastor, go to number 7 Privet drive! See if you can figure out whats going on, I'll get Kingsley and meet you there as soon as we can."

Alastor didn't even respond, he just disappeared from Dumbledore's fireplace. Dumbledore apparated out of his office, hoping he wasn't too late to save Harry Potter.

8:18pm Granger's residence.

Hermione was on the couch with her parents. They ordered pizza for dinner and were currently watching Doctor Who re-runs on BBC. A shudder of went through Hermione's body for no apparent reason.

"Hermione are you alright?" asked Helen.

Hermione just looked at her mother before saying slowly "I think so, I'm not sure what that was." Hermione stood up to get another slice of pizza when a huge clap of thunder went through the living room causing the Granger's to all duck down, covering up their ears not knowing the source of the noise.

Harry Potter, having never apparated before, went tumbling across the living room, leaving a trail of blood were he skid against the carpet.

Hermione looked up to figure out the source of the noise. Seeing Harry crumbled on the floor. "HARRRRRY" screamed Hermione as she went running to him. Dan and Helen both looked up when Hermione screamed, both horrified at what was in front of them.

Harry Potter was lying on the floor, each breath a struggle to get out. His shirt was cut in several places, blood pouring through the fabric of his shirt, because it couldn't hold anymore blood. His shattered glasses were still on his face, though the remnants of the left side lens were embedded in his face. On his right cheek, a massive bruise was forming.

Hermione knelt next to his head, making sure not to move him just incase he had other injuries. "Harry, Harry look at me, its Hermione, your safe, what happened?"

Helen and Dan both rushed to Harry just as they heard him say "Dursleeyy…" Harry's eyes rolled into the back of his head.

Dan immediately went to work, ripping the boys shirt. All three Grangers gasped, they could see pieces of glass sticking out of Harry's back. "Helen, clear off the coffee table, we need to stop the bleeding." Looking at the blood still coming out of Harry's back, Dan turned to Hermione screaming "Hermione get the med kit and all the towels from up stairs NOW".

Hermione turned around to get the supplies. Her face showed pure rage, Hermione's only thought "The Dursley will pay for what the did to Harry."

Just then, Alastor Moody apparated into the Granger's living room. Quickly scanning the room with his magical eye, instantly noted three facts. First, Harry Potter was unconscious on the floor bleeding badly. Second, the two adults turned to look at him with blood covering both of their hands. And lastly a young girl who looked like she was ready to murder someone.

Auror training kicked in, Alastor raised his wand shouting "Stupefy". Hermione recognized the wooden stick as a wand, she knew that this strange man with a rotating eye was a wizard. When she heard the man yell, Hermione thrust her hands forward as if trying to prevent the spell from hitting anyone in the living room.

Everyone in the room was shocked when the spell ricocheted off a golden shield that appeared about a foot ahead of Hermione's hands. Alastor froze for the first time in over a decade thinking "That girl just deflected my spell without a wand.", while Hermione's only thought at the same moment was, "I can protect him".

Helen and Dan watched in a mixture of horror and fascinations as a strange looking man started hurling different colors of lights at them, Harry and Hermione. At the same time they watched as Hermione somehow deflected each different colored light that approached with a golden wall that seamed to appear in front of her hands.

After Hermione deflected the third spell, she thrust her left hand forward without thinking. To her and the wizard surprise, a blue spell shot out of her hand. The wizard barely dodged the spell. Hermione's expression and stance changed, she could now use both offensive and defensive tactics, her only thought being "Harry I can do this, I will protect you."

Helen and Dan froze as if petrified. Their minds couldn't comprehend the battle that was taking place in their living room. Helen fainted after Hermione had thrown what looked like, to her, a beam of light at the man with the stick. Dan tried working on Harry but was too distracted by the battle that his daughter was engaged in.

Alastor had never seen such raw power and control of magic in someone so young. After dodging the spell the girl threw at him, Alastor moved to get better protection from the battle that was taking place, he noticed that the girl's eyes were glowing a soft brown. Alastor volleyed spells as fast as he could in hopes of overwhelming the witch.

Alastor began shifting positions every few seconds to reduce the chance of her hitting him. He noticed the girl began doing the same, thinking "The girl has a good sense of tactics as well as power."

Hermione just let her body do what felt natural, she used her right hand to deflect incoming spells while using her left to cast spells back at the wizard. At this point, Hermione was running purely on adrenaline.

Alastor kept trying to maneuver himself in the living room so he could pin the girl in a corner, so that he could reach Harry Potter. However every attempt was met with the correct movement from the girl to counter his strategy. Hermione threw another spell at the wizard as he again tried to change positions, she grazed his shoulder causing Alaster to lose his balance momentarily. Another volley of spells came her way, this time faster, causing Hermione to have to use both hands to deflect the spells.

Kingsley Shacklebolt and Dumbledore both apparated into the house at the same time with their wands drawn. Kingsley immediately started casting spells at the girl seeing Alastor battling her. Before Albus provided shielding for the two Aurors, he looked at the scene with some confusion. There was a young girl, with glowing brown eyes, battling two fully trained Auror's with nothing but wandless magic. Secondly he noticed Harry Potter was crumbled on the floor, his blood all over the living room. A woman was passed out on the floor and the man seemed to be lost in confusion. "Something isn't right, what happened here?" thought Albus as he began to cast various defensive spells.

With Albus taking care of defense, Alastor and Kingsley both started to volley various spells as fast as they could at the girl. Hermione was sweeting severally at this point, desperately trying to deflect all the spells that were coming at her. To her horror, a single spell flew past her before she could deflect it, hitting her father sending him to collide with the fireplace. Hermione screamed as she tried to continue to deflect the volley of spells, but many were flying past her now. "HARRRRRYY"

Harry thought he heard Hermione screaming. Pain shot through his whole body, but he forced himself to open his eyes. With his one good eye, he saw three wizards attacking Hermione, two were on offense, while an older wizard with a long white beard seemed to be concentrating on defense. Helen was unconscious next to him, and Dan looked like he had been thrown into the fireplace. "GET UP, PUSH THE PAIN TO THE SIDE HARRY. HELP HERMIONE" Harry screamed to himself, desperate to help Hermione.

Just as Harry stood up, he watched in horror as a spell hit Hermione. To Harry, the next 3 seconds seemed to take an eternity to pass. When the spell hit Hermione, she went flying through the air spinning before colliding with the recliner, however her momentum continued to carry her until she finally collided into the wall with a loud crack. Harry, now standing, looked in anguish as Hermione lay perfectly still.

"Damn that girl's powerful Albus, Kingsley make sure shes..." Alastor paused. Albus, Kinglsey and Alastor all felt the crackling of magic in the air, it almost felt like all the oxygen was being replaced with magic. Searching for the source, all their eye's landed on Harry Potter, who was now standing, his eyes fixed on the unconscious girl. Harry turned to find the wizards responsible for attacking Hermione.

When Harry made eye contact with the three wizards, the magic in the air intensified ten fold. Harry had blood dripping off his back and face from his injuries caused by the Dursleys. His hair was swaying back and forth from the amount of magic that was radiating off of him. Albus, Alastor and Kingsley didn't notice any of this, all they looked at was Harry's eyes, his bright glowing green eyes that shown Harry's intentions perfectly. Revenge.

"Ah fuck" was all Alastor said before casting his strongest shield. Kingsley and Albus attempting to do the same.

Harry screamed as he thrust out his hands sending a shock wave of pure magic at the three wizard's.

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