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Cloud Strife was obsessed with General Sephiroth ever since his ninth birthday when there had been a news special on the "Demon of Wutai" on television that very day. He'd watched the man manoeuvre himself amongst thousands of monsters, cutting them down with one smooth swing of his long, thin sword. His silver hair had flown around his handsome face, green cat-like eyes sparkling dangerously. Thrills had run up the young boy's spine and he bit his lip to keep from squealing when there was a small section where the man was shirtless.

His promise to Tifa, his childhood friend, had only been a small part of why he'd decided to leave his hometown of Neibelheim and go to Midgar to join the SOLDIER program – the one Sephiroth partook in. He wanted to see the Demon of Wutai in person, train with him, maybe even be partner one day. Was it a foolish dream? Yes; but it was a dream nonetheless. A dream is something to reach out for, to fight for, to live for. It's necessary to leading a good life, or at least Cloud thought so.

When he arrived in Midgar, he didn't have much and he didn't know much about fighting either. He went straight to the Shinra building without making any stops and, as soon as he was in the cool lobby, surrounded by SOLDIERS and businessmen, he proclaimed that he was ready to become a SOLDIER. The receptionist at the time, Kori, smiled awkwardly and pulled Cloud over to the side before the dark glares cast at him by the others dampened his fiery spirit. She gave him a thick document for him to fill – the document to enrol into the SOLDIER program. He filled it in excitedly under her gaze and once he was done, she claimed the document once more and promised she'd contact him within a week with an answer from the higher-ups. Since Cloud, being a true country boy, did not have a cell phone, she was nice enough to give him the address to an inn of which she knew the phone number so she would call there. He smiled gratefully and waved goodbye as he ran out of the building.

Three days later, Cloud got a call saying he was accepted in the program and was awaited for his first class at six the following morning. And so began Cloud Strife's life at Shinra.

Cloud did not meet Sephiroth during the entire first year he had the pleasure to train at Shinra with the other cadets. He did, however, become friends with another first class named Zachary Fair – Zack for short -, who had the talent to lift his spirits even on the darkest of days or after the worst of exams. Cloud was grateful for Zack, for he did not have many friends at Shinra; he was generally a quiet boy who didn't socialize unless it was necessary. The other cadets ignored him at times and chatted idly with him at best when they were in a good mood. As Cloud spent more time at the military facility, Tifa began going further and further inside his mind until she almost disappeared. No matter if she sent letters almost every day. He read them once, put them down in his nightstand and forgot all about them.

It was a month before the SOLDIER exams and the cadets were nervous, spending most of their free time sparring with one another or studying for the written part of the exam. Cloud, who excelled surprisingly well at fighting, only had to bother with the written part of the exam and spent the rest of his time with Zack in LOVELESS avenue next to a pickup truck. That's where they were at that moment, their backs pressed against the dirty bricks of the old building behind them, watching strangers walk past them. Zack had changed out of his SOLDIER uniform and wore casual clothes while Cloud was still wearing his. It was rather itchy.

"You'll do fine, Spiky. You kick ass at swordsmanship. Damn, I wish Sephiroth would get a second out of his work to come see you. He'd be impressed, no doubt," Zack laughed, swinging his arms very monkey-like. Cloud smiled but a blush spread across his pale cheeks.

"Why would he want to watch a cadet like me?" Cloud laughed half-heartedly.

"Because he admires honest, hard-working people who know how to use a sword. He's much nicer once you know him, I swear," Zack chuckled.

Cloud thought about that. He was hard-working, yes, and very focused as well. Nothing was more important to him than to make it to SOLDIER and do his best for Shinra. He was honest, sure, and extremely goal-oriented in every sense of the word. Did he know his way around a sword? He wasn't a master swordsman like Sephiroth, of course, but his teacher seemed impressed and the other cadets seemed averted to sparring with him whenever weapons were in play. Was he, Cloud…Sephiroth's 'type'? The thought made him laugh inwardly. It sounded so unreal!

"I don't know. Besides, the General is really busy right? No use messing up his schedule. He must not get a lot of sleep," Cloud mused to himself. He could imagine the silver-haired man prowling the battlefield during the day and completing mountains of paperwork at night.

"He sleeps about two hours a night, but he's infused with mako so it doesn't really affect him. And yeah, but he cleared off a few things to assist the SOLDIER exams next month. He seemed kind of pumped about it."

Knowing that his idol would be watching him as he fought against some unknown enemy made Cloud slightly nervous and he felt his stomach flip and turn uncomfortably. He pushed his hair back, feeling hot all of a sudden. Zack had walked off a few feet and was scavenging through a trashcan like a street dog, throwing things behind him in his search.

"What are you doing?" Cloud snorted. Suddenly Angeal's nickname for him, Puppy, made a load more sense.

"I thought I saw something shiny," Zack whined miserably, flipping a banana peal off his head – how it had gotten there was beyond him.

"What are you, a bird?" Cloud asked irritably. Zack turned around, his face covered in grime, and crossed his arms over his chest.

"What are you, a hedgehog?" he countered with just as much irritability.

Zack and Cloud continued to argue uselessly about this and that until the sun sunk behind the tall skyscrapers of Midgar city and the sky turned as black as ink. They returned to the barracks, nudging each other playfully. When they reached the door, Zack began to pout.

"Don't leave me alone, Spiky! Let me cuddle with you in your bed," he begged, much to Cloud's embarrassment; people were beginning to stare crookedly, whispering to one another.

"No! Now go to your room and I'll see you tomorrow," said Cloud sternly. Zack continued to pout until he was officially shooed off by the cadet's sword, which he always wore strapped to his back. He pelted into the safety of the Shinra building, panting.

As he was making his way to his quarters, Zack noticed Sephiroth standing in the middle of the hallway, rigid and still and looking haunted. There were dark circles around his mako-infested eyes and his shoulders were stooping low as they never had before. He was just staring openly at the ceiling, mouth slightly agape. Zack snuck his way over to the General, but it was useless; the General was so out of it that he couldn't see anything around him. Zack poked Sephiroth in the side and the man snapped out of it suddenly, groaning.

"What do you want, Zachary?" he pinched the bridge of his nose.

"I was making sure you were alive!" Zack piped up, slapping Sephiroth in the back. The man grunted and rubbed his shoulder as if that had hurt; Zack knew better.

"I'm fine, Zachary," the General stated dully.

"Sure you are," the first class SOLDIER rolled his eyes. The General sure was horrible at lying, really. Thankfully, Sephiroth didn't give a damn what Zack thought.

"I've just been…" the General paused.

"Feeling lonely?" Zack guessed in a serious tone. Sephiroth raised an eyebrow and stared at him before letting a small smile spread across his face.

"Maybe," he chuckled lowly to himself.

A picture of the blushing blonde cadet popped inside Zack's head and an idea formed itself in his surprisingly smart mind. Cloud was exactly what Sephiroth admired in someone and Cloud, he knew, even though he hadn't told him, thought highly of the silver-haired General. Plus, Cloud was just so adorable! He felt a little twinge in his chest at the idea of giving the cadet to the General, but Sephiroth needed it way more than he did. He, Zachary Fair, would the Ultimate Matchmaker. Oh yes, watch out Cloud and Sephiroth.

"I know someone you might like to meet…" Zack smiled.

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