Mystery of the Future

Ash and Co. are interrupted from their daily duties with a visit from an old friend who takes them 15 years into the future to help stop a tyrannical leader with the help of two mystery helpers and another old friend. AAML Rated M for Violence


Paged into a world of great unhealing, the only way to escape was the destiny through the clouds, in which blanketed the darkened world. Vegetation was scarce. But the amount of lives lost was not blamed on this daily permutation, but rather the war summoned it. It at the time, was believed to be the apocalypse brought on by the age of men. As the story unfolded, it became obvious there were more unseen forces at play, twisting and corrupting those of darkened thoughts, creating a force of irrational beings whom no longer saw love in the world. They thrived in their own sins. But the worst of all, were the creatures standing the middle of it. Captured and force fed evolutionary tactics to become nothing but pure monsters of closed hearts. They were controlled to battle to the flesh and bone. Why? Instant enjoyment. And what had happened to the heroes who could have prevented all this? Seemingly vanished and dusted off the Earth like ants. Those who had born to the world were most unfortunate. Innocence tainted. Welcome to the World of hate, where even several days can poison your mind with illicit thoughts.

Silence. All that could be heard was the howling wind. The sky was covered in clouds of darkness. The earth was a harsh red. Some areas were flat as table, others were hilly with sand. Two figures stood atop a cliff in the distance. A tall, blue cloaked figure with ruff red hair and another, a green cloaked figure with a spiky beard. You could only see the bottom halves of their faces.

"Are you sure this is going to work?" asked the blue cloaked figure with a deep raspy feminine voice. She whisked back her hair and watched as her cloak romanced with the wind

"Positive. I found this little fella yesterday. It appears to still remember us." Commented the green cloaked figure with a deep masculine voice. He pulled out a Poke Ball.

The blue one gasped. "You didn't capture it did you?"

The green one bowed its it head. "Of course. I had to. I had to keep away from...him."

The blue one stayed silent. "Alright. Lets head back to base and confirm our mission."

The two headed back to a large tree. The tree was twice as tall as a Wailord but it was dead. No sign of life in it or on it. The blue one pulled out a small device from her pocket. Looking down, the hatch in front of them begins to open. The two head down the hatch. They entered a large hall with several people and some Pokemon inside.

"I got it!" The green one pronounces, holding the PokeBall up proudly.

The people around looked concerned. "So this is part of your plan Lord Green?"

"Not just my plan, The Blue Maiden helped me out with this as well. She's been a great help."

The Blue Maiden looked at Lord Green. "I just wish I didn't suggest it..."

Chapter 1 Another Day

"Alright Pikachu! Finish it off with Thunder!"


The ever so ecstatic Ash Ketchum and his best friend Pikachu were pumped throughout the battle. A stimulant if you will.
Ash Ketchum. You wouldn't notice it by face alone. But he was a boy of extraordinary achievements. Strove through life like many other trainers, but had lived his life the way he had always dreamed. Sometimes even encountering the impossible, reaching beyond what his mind could comprehend. But still, loved it. Every corner displayed a new picture. He'd never turn back if he could. There was no other. Ash Ketchum, Future Pokemon Master

Pikachu was versing a Tropius, a tall Grass/Flying Pokemon. According to Ash, they were about to win another. According to his friends, every winning battle counted towards his ego, but he would never use it against his opponents, because he knew how that turned out, with a familiar and unsuspected Sandshrew. In his opinion, all battles are as different as snowflakes. You could never enact the same thing each time. Even against the same foe and same Pokemon. New strategies and new theories had up-risen all the time.

The lighting bolt seared from the sky and sizzled the leafy Pokemon. Charred, the Pokemon fell. Pikachu, your friendly electric mouse. Capable of taking down Pokemon hundred times its size. Inundated with the most spectacular miracles and even overshadowed with his most spectacular friendship with his Trainer. Never refers to him as his master, but honorary best friend.

"We did it!" Exclaimed Ash, who was jumping up and down in excitement.


The trainer withdrew his Pokemon and approached Ash to shake his hand. "You're a great trainer!"

Ash smiled. "Thanks. Yours are pretty good too!"

As they parted ways, It started raining....again...

Today our heroes Ash, Dawn and Brock are heading off to Dawn's next Contest in Shadow Town.

But they have been having nothing but the pouring rain for the past few days. The group aren't too pleased. But Pikachu sees something in the distance. A bright light.

"Pikapi!" He shouted to Ash.

Ash looks ahead. "Ah!"

"The Pokemon Center!" Dawn announced

"Finally somewhere dry!" Brock said with relief.

The Pokemon Center was rather small. It was covered by tall thick trees that surrounded it. It was made of logs, like many other small Pokemon Centers. The group ran off down and entered through the automatic doors. Pikachu shook himself from head to the tip of his tail.

"Bah Pikachu! We're soaked as it is!" Ash scolded. Pikachu just smiled at his friend.

They all sat down in front of the fireplace to dry off. The Pokemon Center appeared to be smaller than usual Pokemon Centers. It is made of the usual environmentally friendly timber. It had its usually desk and usual Nurse Joy as well as seats.

"Lucky we found this Pokemon Center in time..." Said Brock as he stretched on the couch.

"Yeah...or we would have been really washed up..." Sighed Dawn as she took off her shoes.

"Piplup pip!" Chirped Piplup, who was eating his Pokemon food along with Pikachu.

" nice and warm and dry..."Said Ash who sat down on the ground and stretched his legs as well.

As Dawn was placing her shoes on the ground, she noticed the painting on the wall.

The painting was of three people in cloaks. One in Red, One in Blue and one in green.


Ash and Brock looked at Dawn. "What is it?"

Dawn pondered for a moment as she continued to look at the painting. She swore to herself she had seen something similar. She began to pace back and forth trying to figure it out.

"I know I have heard this story before. This Pokemon Center has a history to travelers..."

"Really?" Ash asked, as curious as his Pikachu who's head popped up.

"You're right..."

The three turned their heads to Nurse Joy.
"That's the three Legion Leaders stated in a Celebi Prophecy...quite well known in Sinnoh." She stated.

Dawn shot up. "Yeah that's it."

Ash scratched his head. "Whats a Legion Leader?"

Nurse Joy sighed. "This Pokemon Center has been remade and renovated more times than I can count. I've had ancestors here as well...."

Brock all of the sudden had a big grin on his face. He jumped in front of Dawn and grasped Nurse Joys hands.

"I heard a Prophecy once, it said that you and I were meant to be ARGH!" Brock said before being interrupted by a friendly neighborhood Poison Jab from his beloved Croagunk.

Croagunk smirked. Nurse Joy just had a blank stare of confusion.

"Don't mind him." Ash chuckled. "I'm Ash, this is Pikachu" "I'm Dawn and that is Brock."

Nurse Joy smiled. "Nice to meet you all."

Joy approached them. "As I was saying, this place was popular with Aura Guardians because a large presence of Aura was found to rejuvenate their strength and also held other magical properties that helped the Guardians predict the future."

"Aura huh?" Ash asked.

"Yes...have you heard of it?" Nurse Joy asked.

"Heard of it...Ash here has it!" Brock proclaimed with a massive smile on his face.

Nurse Joy froze. "Oh my, you're the first one in a long time." She unfroze and nodded.

Dawn went back to the painting. "From what I remember from the stories I was told, the three legion leaders are supposed to be some sort of Aura Guardians in the future, in charge of massive armies against each other for a certain jewel..."

Ash retained a surprised look on his face. "Wow Dawn how do you know that?"

Dawn crossed her arms in pride. "Well my mum used to read me those bed time stories...and in the end, the three stopped the fighting and became friends..."

Nurse Joy nodded. "Yes...but I'm afraid the Prophecy was never completed..."

The three gasped. "How come?" asked Ash.

"I don't know. I believe one of the places that was built on this ground had a fire and burnt down; along with several Aura Guardians."

Ash appeared depressed. He looked at his Pikachu, who had the same expression as he did.

"But you're the first user in years!" Nurse Joy declared, with her sudden change of face.

Ash had to reassure Joy. "I have it, but have hardly any idea how to use it..."

By then, Nurse Joy grabbed Ash's hand. "Leave it to me..."

She brought to a shrine in a Green House out the back.

It turns out, Nurse Joy's ancestors were Aura Users. They were known as Aura Healers who used their abilities to heal humans and Pokemon.

"Does this mean all Nurse Joys are Aura Users and that you all look the same because of it?" Dawn asked.

Nurse Joy giggled. "No of course not. Though our hair style was copied off our ancestor who helped build the first Pokemon Center. Though back then apparently there was hardly any difference between humans and Pokemon. So they were just call Spa Centers."

Nurse Joy opened the shrine gates. She pulled out a transparent ball. Ash glazed at its smooth surface while Brock and Dawn adored its pure beauty.

"Wow...its so pretty..." Dawn commented.

"We call this the Aura Orb. Its usually for the Aura Guardians when they come by. They often meditate around it. We had to build a Green House because it rains about 50% of the time here."

Ash glazed at the ball amazed at its brightness. "So how do they see the future?"

Nurse Joy raised the orb into the air and squinted at it as if trying to look for something.

"I am not sure. I've tried all the time but nothing seems to come up for me." She lowered the Orb down and looked at Ash. "Maybe you should try."

Ash had a dazed look on his face. "Why me?"

Nurse Joy laughed. "Well do you or don't you have Aura?"

Ash shook his head and made one of his proud stances. "Of course I do!" He said as he made a fist in the air. Pikachu sighed.

"Very well then." Joy said as she handed the Orb to Ash.

Grasping the Orb, it shone a very bright light. Ash closed his eyes as it was far too bright for him. The bright light faded and Ash opened his eyes to see a vast desert with a large Yellow Crystal in front of him. The desert seemed to go on forever, its mixture of brown dirt and harsh red sand that forged lots of bumps and hills. Dead trees were spotted here and there. Several bones were scattered across, as well as ruins of old buildings, buried deep within the sand. He was shaken with amazement. He walked up to the Crystal before it was snatched by a mysterious Pokemon who went as quickly as it came. It perched itself on top of a distant tree


"I have it!" It bellowed. Ash looked around. It was a brown cloaked figure. He looked on to see a long purple tail. I wonder what Pokemon that is... he thought to himself.

"All right fall back!"

Ash turned around. He saw a familiar figure.

"They must be part of the prophecy."

He looked back around. A red cloaked figure stood before him.

"Return that crystal now! It does not belong to you Lord Green!"

"Nor does it to you Master Red." answered the Green Lord.

"However; if you prepare to surrender to us; I will ensure the crystal its safety from that creature!"

Master Red grew angry. "Do you even realize what is in that Yellow Crystal? Well do you?" He shouted. His voice sounded deep and cold.

Lord Green turned around. Ash noticed the swarm of ground and rock types that followed him.


Another bright light flashed. This time he was smack in the middle of a massive battle. It was between ground, rock, water and fire type Pokemon as well as other ones. He also saw three people who appeared to commanding some of the Pokemon. He watched one of them, who appeared to have red hair. The ground was more flat and thick desert bushes were numerous.

"Ok Gyarados use Hyper Beam!" One of them yelled.

"Gyaraaaaaaaaaa" the Pokemon roared.

Ash weaved and dodged the Pokemon that were fighting each other to reach the person in battle.

He avoided a Beedrill, managed to get passed a Salamence and barely escaped a Gabite. He noticed a Scyther heading towards the person. Ash bolted and tried to save them, but unfortunately another Scyther appeared out of nowhere and pierced one of its scythes into the persons back.

"No!" Ash yelled, before being pulled back into reality.

Ash fell down, dropping the ball. Luckily, Pikachu managed to save it before it hit the ground.

"Ash are you alright?" Asked a concerned Brock.

Ash, visibly disturbed, didn't stand up and just sat there and slumped. "What happened?" Asked Dawn.

Nurse Joy frowned. This wasn't the first time this had happened. "Why don't we all come back inside and talk about this?"

The fireplace still was lit up. The group sat on the couch, with Ash still disturbed from what he saw. He had a blanket wrapped around him with Pikachu trying to comfort him

Dawn and Brock had concern written on their faces. "Tell us what you saw." Asked Nurse Joy.

Ash looked up at the painting on the wall. "I saw two of them." He answered while pointing at the painting. "I saw the green one fighting the red over some sort of Yellow Crystal."

"Hmm..." Nurse Joy exclaimed. "That would be the Green Lord or Lord Green as he is usually called and Master Red."

"Are they part of the prophecy?" Asked Brock.

Nurse Joy nodded. "Yes...many of the stories told from the Guardians all saw three cloaked figures. Fighting it out with one another."

Dawn rubbed her chin. "What about the blue one?"

Nurse Joy turned her attention to the painting as well. "That's the Blue Maiden. She was involved the war as well apparently. But hardly anyone saw her. "

Ash looked down. Could that have been the one I saw...he thought to himself.

"Most Guardians barely got a glimpse of her. But the rare few who did, like the Aura Guardian who came last time, commented on seeing her with several kids."

Dawn grabbed her blanket and wrapped it around herself. "Could she possibly be...well...assisting those who had lost loved ones because of this mess?"

"Possibly...the same Guardian said he saw Master Red before he became a leader. He said he witnessed him losing one of his precious Pokemon and might have tipped him over the well as losing his eyesight."

Ash rubbed his head. "Then how did he get around being a blind leader?"

Brock stretched out on the bean bag. "They say if you lose once of your senses, your other senses are heightened greatly."

"That's correct Brock." Nurse Joy commented. "But other Guardians saw he had a strong Aura himself. And a very strong Aura at that."

The trio were very deep in thought. Ash mostly, trying to make sense out of what had been presented to him. Nurse Joy looked at the clock. "Oh my, look at the time. It's way passed your bed time!"

"Thanks for the information Nurse Joy." Said Dawn.

"No problem. Night."


Ash twisted and turned all night. Eventually he kicked Pikachu off the bed. he whispered. Pikachu grumbled. He jumped back on the bed and poked Ash in the face until he shot up and ended up knocked Pikachu off the bed again.

"Sorry Pikachu..." Ash said. "Piikaaa..." Commented Pikachu with a sad look on his face. He had clear worry for his friend. He felt something was wrong and knew there was more to the story than he told them. He watched as Ash went to go lay back down and fell right asleep again. Pikachu sighed and did the same.

That was until a bright red light appeared on the floor in the middle of the room. The red light only woke up Pikachu.

Pikachu crawled across to see what it was. And then it appeared.

It was Celebi. Pikachu cocked his head around. The Celebi was strangely red...the same colour as its shiny form. Pikachu hopped off the bed to greet the Celebi. The Celebi shook Pikachu's hand.

Pikachu smiled as Celebi bounced around. He knew this Pokemon. The two began to whisper to one another and tried not to wake the others up.

Celebi waved its arms around. Pikachu stood back in shock as Celebi lit up again, this time the entire room. The entire room was engulfed in a red light. As soon as the light disappeared, so did too everyone else.

Ash was the first to wake. He slowly opened his eyes to find himself in an entirely different room. This room was long and filled with beds. The walls and roofs were high and made of a silver-white metal while the floor was made of a nice blue and green patterned carpet. No windows, only one door at the end of the room.

Ash looked around at the beds. He saw Brock and Dawn to his left, and to his left saw...

someone familiar. A red head wearing yellow. He knew this person.

"Misty?" He whispered in confusion.

He also saw May and Tracey for some unknown reason, with all sleeping still.

Pikachu was also awake, giving Ash a look of complete confusion.

"Hey whats going on here?" Said Ash, grabbing his clothes and getting out of the bed.

"Good I was hoping you'd be the first one to awaken..."

Ash gasped at the familiar creature before him. It was tall and was coloured in light and dark purples. It had large legs and a long purple tail.


Authors Comment: I started this story ages ago and I also have had this account for years but never ever used it. For me, I have issues with commitment. BUT! I have managed to start almost of the chapters so I know what they're about. I can't promise too many updates I assure you.