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Black Magic Woman


Wicked Witchcraft

She stepped onto the crowded street, putting on her sunglasses and looking around. So many humans in one spot, she wondered how Children of the Night controlled themselves. She turned right, seeing the street sign she was looking for and headed in that direction. It wasn't unusual for Mundanes, or anyone for that matter, to let her pass without her pushing past anyone. A sort of hole almost as wide as the sidewalk appeared as she walked. People stared in awe, some in disgust, some in confusion. They had no idea why they were drawn away from her. It was almost as if they sensed her power. She smiled.

She stopped in front of the bar, pausing just for a moment before she went in. The room was smoky and smelled like food and stale cigarettes. She sat down at the bar, quickly assessing the creatures in her midst.

A demon couple to her right. Three warlocks on the left playing pool and another one at the end of the bar that had been staring at her since she walked in. The Bartender, a Demon trying to look human, walked over to her, smirking.

"Hey there, sweetness," He smirked, glancing at her chest. "What can I get ya?" She smiled flirtatiously, knowing she was going to puke later for hitting on this overweight, disgusting creature.

"Tequila, please," She said. "And if you could help me with something that'd be great." His smile grew.

Not that kind of something, you fat imbecile. She thought viscously, but kept her sweet smile in place.

"And what would that be?" He asked.

"I'm looking for a friend of mine," She said. "Magnus Bane, maybe you've heard of him." The man thought for a moment.

"Nope, don't know the name," He said, pouring her shot and sliding the glass over to her. "But I do think-" She turned around, officially uninterested. She looked over at the warlock that had been watching her and listening to her conversation with the perverted bartender. She slid over a seat, knocking the shot back.

"Hey there," She said, smiling at him. He was dirty looking, and smelling too. To Mundanes he probably looked like a tweaker. "Do you know where Magnus is?" She could tell by his expresssion that he did .

"Maybe I do," He said. "What would I get in return for-" His hand had been traveling up her thigh. Her eyes flashed and she kicked the stool out from under him, flooring him hard and pressing her heel to his throat, taking out a short dagger from the inside of her long coat.

"You get to live, you disgusting pig. Tell me where the High Warlock lives or I snap your jugular in half." She growled. The rest of the bar had froze, staring wide-eyed at this stranger.

"Br-Brooklyn," The warlock choked. "Or the Institute in Manhattan. Wi…With Nephilim." She removed her shoe, sheathing her dagger.

She smiled sweetly at him and tossed a ten dollar bill on the bar.

"Thank you." She turned and walked out without another word.

She knew where Magnus was. Good. She smiled as the sun hit her eyes again. She replaced her sunglasses and stuck her arm out. Every taxi on the street stopped. As if by magic. She grinned at the Mundanes shocked faces and got in the one closest to her.

"Where ya headed, toots?" The driver asked in his gruff voice.


"You sure you're okay?" Alec asked for probably the hundredth time.

"Yes, Alec, I'm fine." Clary said.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean-"

"I know, Alec, it's alright. I've told you that a dozen times now." She said. Jace walked over to her, turning her face.

"And besides," He said while he was examining her. "That demon threw you into her. You can't control where you land. Unless you're that guy in the Matrix, then you can." He grinned, still turning Clary's face.

"I still don't like having all of you Nephilim in my house." Magnus grumbled.

"Well thank you for letting us in anyways, Magnus." Isabelle said.

"If it weren't for a certain party," He glanced at Alec, smiling gently. "I would have made you all catch a cab."

"Wow, your kindness is overwhelming." Jace said, looking at a deep bruise on his shoulder. Magnus rolled his eyes.

Alec walked into Magnus's room, intending on getting a clean pair of clothes and changing out of his ripped ones.

Magnus watched him go. There was a beat before his face quirked into a small smirk that went unnoticed by the sore Shadowhunters.

He slipped out of the living room and into his bedroom silently, once again, not noticed by the others.

He smiled when he got into his room, watching Alec slide a pair of tattered jeans up his legs and fasten them. He watched the late afternoon sun coming through the window dance off the pale muscles of his bare back as he bent down and dug through the dresser where an extra shirt was. Magnus came up behind him, still effortlessly silent. His hand ghosted over his lean body, barely touching him at all.

Alec gasped as if someone had dumped cold water over his head and spun around, finding himself face to face with bright green eyes, cat-like.

Magnus pressed his lips lightly to Alec's, gentle and slow. Alec closed his eyes, holding Magnus's waist. With a brush of his hand Magnus quietly shut the door. A snap of his fingers and the lock clicked.

They didn't speak. The only sound in the room was their breathing. Magnus gently caressed Alec's back, making the younger boy gasp softly and deepen their kiss by a fraction. Magnus stroked his cheek before cupping his face, other hand still on his back.

"Magnus…" Alec breathed.

The warlock edged toward his bed, holding Alec to him so he wouldn't move from their current position. He turned around and carefully lied Alec on the bed, leaning over him and softly kissing his neck. He knew to be gentle. He could never be rough with Alec, the innocence in his eyes told him that. When Alec looked at him like that he acted as if he were made of glass, not wanting to take any of that innocence away. He was too beautiful.

Magnus discarded his jacket somewhere behind him and Alec started unbuttoning his shirt, fingers shaking.

Magnus tossed his shirt away. Alec sat up, brushing his fingers over Magnus's chest. Magnus sighed. Alec started kissing his neck, hesitantly and very gently at first. When Magnus tangled his fingers in his dark hair he pressed harder and biting softly. Magnus's eyes flew open for a moment, surprised.

"Alexander!" He gasped, tightening his grip ever so slightly.

That's when Magnus felt something, a like a power surge. Energy, a lot of it coming from somewhere close. He stiffened, like an animal sensing a predator.

Alec felt his neck tense underneath his lips and his shoulders go rigid underneath his fingers. He looked up at him. His eyes were narrowed and he looked like he was listening to something only he could hear.

"Magnus, what's wrong?" He asked. Magnus looked at him.

"Something's coming. Something big."

As soon as the words were out of his mouth the buzzer from downstairs sounded through the house.

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