Grand Finale

Adriana materialized in the corner she had been standing in when Maryse had entered. That was all Magnus and Alec needed, to see Maryse have a total break down and scream at the top of her lungs and make sure that Magnus would never go near her son again.

"You!" Maryse yelled. Robert's eyes grew.

"You haven't changed a bit," Adriana smiled, walking toward her. "Still cold and prejudiced. I don't think that's the way your parents intended you to be."

"Don't you dare talk about my parents, witch!" Maryse snarled. "Why are you here? What do you want?!" Robert held her back, not wanting her to antagonize such an infamously powerful warlock. Adriana sat down, crossing her legs.

"To tell you what happened to your son, and that it is nowhere near Magnus's fault," she said matter-of-factly.

"I should've remembered that you were his friend," Maryse snapped, looking absolutely homicidal. Robert remained in silent shock.

"I was his only friend for a very long time," she corrected. "Now, do you want to know who hurt your firstborn or not?"

"Yes," Robert interjected. "Yes, I want to know who hurt my son." Maryse glared at him.

"Armand Incendia," she said simply. Maryse's eyes grew. "Yes, he had your son. That is who tortured him."

"Why?" Robert asked. "Why would he want to hurt Alec?"

"Because your son has something that he could never had," Adriana said. "Your son can love. He can't."

"You're not telling us something," Maryse growled. Adriana sighed.

"Armand and Magnus were together once, centuries ago. Armand, well…he never really got over it when Magnus left him," she admitted, predicting Maryse's tirade that followed.

"You see?!" She turned to her husband. "You see, I was right! I was right! Because of that, that THING Alec was hurt! I WAS RIGHT!"

"Maryse, stop!" Robert said, grabbing her shoulders. "Blaming Magnus is not the answer! Why can't you accept that Alec LOVES HIM?! It doesn't matter what you say or do, it doesn't matter if you banish him from this house forever he will still be with Magnus! I don't like it, but…but he's my son. If he's happy, so am I. And you should be too!"

He slowly let Maryse go.

She looked at Adriana.

"What did you have to do with all of this?" She asked much more calmly than she had been.

"I knew Armand was going to try and hurt Magnus. I was here to help. In fact, I healed Alec less than an hour ago," she smirked. She stood, straightening her coat. "And for that reason, you're going to let me walk out of here without trying to arrest me."

"What makes you so sure?!" Maryse asked, clenching her fists. Adriana walked past her, heading toward the door.

"Because you haven't tried to yet." Neither Maryse nor Robert moved.

Adriana opened the door, preparing to leave. "And Maryse," she turned to look at her, "I want you to understand something. You may not like Magnus, but I'm telling you now that he will never, ever hurt Alec as long as he is alive. I promise you this. He loves Alec more than anything in the world. I've known him for eight hundred years, and I have never seen him love anyone so passionately. Please, try and understand that."

And she was gone.

Magnus held Alec all night. He spent it lying against the pillows, holding Alec to his chest, kissing his face, soothing his nightmares and promising him it would be alright.

Right now, Alec was sobbing harshly into his neck, making his heart hurt.

"I know, I know, shh…hush, darling. Shh…it's alright. Shh…don't cry, baby. Don't cry it'll be alright. Shh…"

"Ma-Magnus," Alec sobbed. "Magnus, make it s-stop." His eyes were filled with horrible agony, trembling. He couldn't shake his nightmare.

"Shh…it'll stop, it'll stop, Alexander. Shh…" he cradled him close, kissing the tears off of his face. "Shh…I've got you, I've got you, I'm here."

He combed Alec's hair out of his face with his fingers, trying to get him to either wake up and realize what was happening or go back to sleep.

"He can't hurt you, baby. He can't hurt you, it was just a dream. Shh…" He caressed his cheek, kissing him again.

"I-it was a, a dream?" Alec choked.

"Yes," Magnus hugged him tight. "It was only a dream, go back to sleep. I'm here, he can't hurt you if I'm here, alright?"

Alec nodded, sniffing. He rested his head on Magnus's chest, holding onto him for dear life.

"Shhshshhh…it's alright, baby."

It took a few hours, but Alec finally got back to sleep, leaving Magnus drained and on the verge of his own tears. He kissed the top of Alec's head.

"Quies," he whispered. "Sleep without dreams, Alexander. Just sleep."

Alec woke before Magnus the next morning. The clouds and rain had gone and sunlight remained.

He looked up at the sleeping warlock, noticing how tired and haggard he looked.

Magnus had saved his life, risking everything, just for him. And it showed on his sleeping face that he needed the rest.

Alec kissed him softly, unable to help himself. He'd missed him so much. He gently thumbed his cheek and placed butterfly soft kisses on his neck. All he wanted right now was to stay in his arms, forever.

Magnus's eyes fluttered open. He smiled and caught Alec's surprised lips in a deep kiss.

"Feeling better?" He asked. Alec nodded and kissed him again. Magnus pulled away too early for his liking. "Alec, I…I need to tell you something. Armand and I-"

"I know," Alec said, looking down. "He told me." Magnus shook his head.

"I doubt he told you the truth. But we were…he was…" He couldn't find the right words. Alec placed a finger to his lips, shushing him.

"I want to know more about you," Alec said, his bright eyes curious. "About your life."

"I will tell you everything you want to know," Magnus promised. "Tomorrow." Alec frowned.

"Why tomorrow?" Magnus smiled and rolled over, sending Alec underneath him.

"Because I have an idea," he said, smiling mischievously. "What if we don't get up today?" Alec smiled.


"I thought I might lose you," Magnus said softly, touching his face. "I thought I might never see you again. I want to love you, Alec." Alec smiled and kissed him.

"As you wish."



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