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Neji let his head fall against the wall as he heaved a deep sigh. Perhaps there really was no point in looking for someone to spend the night with on a Wednesday evening but it just had been so long since he'd had a good nice fucking. It wasn't exactly in his character to actually go out and look for someone but lately, there had just been no one that grabbed his attention.

Pale and slender fingers raked through waist-length chocolate tresses and he idly checked the ends to make sure they were still in good health. Ah, who was he kidding? His hair was perfect and the rest of him wasn't too bad either. His body was slightly toned and lithe – everyone assumed he spent hours exercising but he didn't have to do anything to keep it that way, skin a beautiful pale and soft to touch, a rounded face that was free of any blemishes and large, unusually pearlescent eyes. All in all, he looked like a living porcelain doll and other people were only too eager to please him as long as it meant that he would even just notice them. Was it presumptuous of him to use it to his own advantage? He assumed that in a way it was, but he still had his friends that put him with his feet on the ground should he become too cocky. Looking around him, he started wishing that his friends were here with him. At least it would be a lot more fun to sit here in this club.

"Oi, what's a pretty thing like you doing here all alone?" Neji rolled his eyes and looked up. A rather large man with dark hair pulled back in a ponytail smirked at him, his hands confidently settled on his sides.

"Nothing of your business. Get lost," Neji grumbled.

"You'd better watch that mouth of yours!" the man bit out, clearly not handling the rejection well.

Neji wanted to just get up and leave but damn him and his big mouth. "Or what? Are you going to-"

"Hey babe, you okay?" a voice interrupted. They both turned to see who was the new addition and found a man, about twenty years or so frowning, his dark eyes focused on Neji. Luckily, Neji picked up on it and walked over to him, an arm quickly settling around his waist and pulling him close to the other. He was just a tiny bit taller and had black hair that fell down to his shoulders. As he grazed his fingers over the arm that held him, he felt slight muscle underneath sun-kissed skin. Perhaps tonight isn't going to be so bad after all… The one that had bothered him cursed under his breath and walked away but the arm around Neji's waist stayed. Neji turned in the embrace so they were facing each other.

"Hi, I'm Neji."

"Shikamaru," the man now smirked. "Pleasure."

Neji let his eyes wander over his face, taking in every little detail. "Oh believe me, the pleasure is entirely mine…" he breathed. "So, are you going to let me go or do I have to start getting used to another person glued to my side?"

Shikamaru bent his head slightly so his mouth was directly next to Neji's ear. "That depends entirely on you." He took an earlobe into his mouth and nibbled on it, feeling Neji shudder at the sensation. His left-arm joined the other around a narrow waist and pulled him taut against his body. Neji lifted his hands and placed them on Shikamaru's cheeks, forcing him to let go before crashing their lips together. The response was just as enthusiastic and Neji moaned in Shikamaru's mouth. The man could kiss, appeared to have a great body – his wandering hands were quick to explore this aspect – and was apparently not averse to the idea of them hitting it off for the night.

Hands found their way under his loose silk shirt and kneaded every expanse of skin they touched and Neji couldn't help but flutter his eyelids. Few people found it necessary to pay attention to the other's back during sex but he always got reduced to a wobbling mess when receiving a back-rub for some bizarre reason. Deciding to make his intentions clear, he let his own hands slide in the back of Shikamaru's black jeans and harshly ground their hips together, eliciting a moan from the other.

"Your place or mine?" Shikamaru whispered. Neji had to focus for a bit, his mind so fogged that the words seemingly made no sense at first.

"I have flatmates. You?" Their hips met in another bruising kiss and they clumsily walked, both refusing to let go until Neji's back hit a wall gently and his body was covered by Shikamaru's.

"I stay in a hotel… and have to drop off a friend first… but meet me there in 30 minutes, okay?" Shikamaru attacked Neji's neck and he wanted to smirk at the sounds Neji made.

"What's the hotel and room number?" he finally gasped.

"Uchiha, suite 5." Neji wanted to laugh as he heard the hotel's name. Uchiha was his two best friends' surname and the pair were practically raised in that hotel (which was part of an entire hotel-chain and only a fraction of their family's source of income). He, Sasuke and Sasuke's older brother Itachi had spent hours in the penthouse when they were still children although now they all lived in another penthouse which was closer to their college. Even if the place was only meant for three people, more often than not there were two additions; Sasuke's girlfriend Sakura and Itachi's boyfriend Kisame. It's so much fun to be the only one single… He knew this part of his life wasn't going to change after tonight though. Tonight was only about getting sexual pleasure, no more, no less. Neji had always found it the safer method. No one was going to clip his wings anytime soon, even if that meant being forced to look at his best friends and their respective partners entangled on the couch acting all love-love.

He slipped one of his hands to the front of the pants and wrapped it around an already hard erection. Mentally, he was doing an overly-excited happy-dance. Even if Shikamaru didn't know how to work it, with such a cock Neji would be more than able to get himself off. Long but not too long and thick enough that it would give ample friction but not hurt like a bitch. For a night of which he feared would turn into an absolute disaster, he had certainly hit the jackpot. But all this thinking about Shikamaru's cock did pose a question. He jerked his head back and looked into hazel eyes that seemed to pierce through him with their confidence but he had certainly met his opponent in Neji who wasn't deterred in the slightest by the intense gaze.

"Top or bottom?"

"Top." Neji smirked at the answer and resumed kissing, his hands still in Shikamaru's pants. He was rewarded with a rumbling groan and Neji got the unwavering desire to hear more of those delicious sounds that seemed to go straight to his own erection.

"Just walk straight up, I'll be waiting in front of my room." Shikamaru said before he let go of Neji, softly pulling his hand out of his pants and walked off. Neji was left behind and smirked, pushing himself off against the wall and making his way to the exit.


Neji drove his black Mustang into the hotel's own parking-lot and got out. As he walked to the entrance, he was confused as he saw many reporters loitering around, most of them taking a break in the form of a cigarette or a steaming cup of take-away coffee. Probably all waiting for some big movie-star staying here. As they saw him pass by, some of them whistled and jeered at him but he just kept walking. There was someone much more handsome waiting for him already and even then, it wouldn't do to have sex with a reporter as the heir of Byakugan. Just imagine the terrible publicity.

He was glad for the wave of hot air that rushed over him as he entered the lobby and he already wanted to go to the elevators before a voice stopped him.

"Excuse me, sir, are you staying at the hotel?" the girl behind the lobby questioned. Neji knew that she must have been new at the job, otherwise she wouldn't have been so overly zealous. He stepped closer to her and gave her a mocking smile.

"Why, I'm not. You do realize this is a hotel and people walk in and out all the time?"

"Of course, but the manager demands that if you are not a guest at Uchiha Hotel, you come to the front-desk first." This Yamanaka Ino was really too annoying. Neji sighed.

"Fine. Let me speak to your manager." A voice interrupted them, calling out to Neji in a jovial tone.

"Ah, Neji-kun. It's been a while that we have seen you here!" Hatake Kakashi, the manager walked up to him and wrapped an arm around his shoulder.

Kakashi suspiciously peered from one to the other. "What's going on?"

"Yamanaka-san here demands I come to the front-desk first."

Kakashi awkwardly scratched his hair, a big seemingly-exploded puff of silver hair that did nothing to hide his attractiveness – the mask covering his lower face however, did. When they were younger, he and the Uchiha brothers had plotted many times against the man, trying to see what was under that damned piece of cloth but even with their prodigious minds combined, it still remained a mystery. "Ne Ino-kun, this is Hyūga Neji. Personal friend of the Uchiha-family." That alone was enough to make Ino gasp and then slap a hand over her mouth.

"Sumimasen, Hyūga-san!" Neji waved her apology away and continued walking.

"Oi, Neji-kun. Fugaku and Mikoto-san aren't at home," Kakashi yelled after him. Neji looked at him over his shoulder, a devious smile on his pale lips.

"Oh, I know." Kakashi's laughter echoed across the sparsely-decorated lobby. Once in the elevator, Neji looked at his cell-phone and cursed. He was already ten minutes late. Het hated being late…

"Suite five," he softly said to the bell-boy. Raking fingers through his long hair and briefly checking his overall appearance for any obvious flaws, he deemed himself good enough for the night and focused on what was to come.

"Here we are, sir," the boy announced and Neji stepped out. The doors slid closed behind him but before he could move, a now quite familiar voice reached him.

"I was already afraid you wouldn't come." Neji turned around and simply walked up to Shikamaru, pressing his lips on his. His hand was quickly grabbed and he was dragged through the hallway and into the suite.

Shikamaru couldn't believe his luck. He never had been one to go out and look for some purely physical satisfaction but after three years without any partner – one-time or long-lasting – even he had to admit that a hand could only do so much. And then to find someone so beautiful on his first try, who clearly didn't realize who he was; the bass-player of and brain behind Kagemane, a band of high international fame. It felt so good to see someone that wasn't interested in his money or status but was simply attracted to him for his looks. As shallow as that may be, it was the same for him and for both the objective of the evening.

A hand undid his belt and was quick to open up the fly of his pants. Shikamaru groaned as it kneaded his steadily growing erection. It was still a hand but the knowledge that it belonged to another person changed the entire picture. He was dragged to the bedroom, the hand never leaving its place.

Neji crashed their lips together, their tongues quickly finding each other and Shikamaru let his hand rake through that long hair and was surprised as the feeling of silk slid over his hands. Was it even possible to have such beautiful and soft hair? His mind stopped though, as his erection was harshly jerked off and as shameful as it may be, already felt the first indicators of pending orgasm. Perhaps it had been too long. His body had luckily remembered all the necessary motions and he slipped his hands into the back of Neji's pants, letting them touch a firm ass, perky almost and he tried to suppress the urge to grin. He really did get lucky tonight.

Neji pulled Shikamaru's shirt up and bit his lip as more and more of that tan and absolutely delicious chest was revealed. The moment the shirt was discarded on the floor, he let his tongue slide across his neck, biting slightly and let out a surprised sound as he was pulled as close as physically possible. Apparently, someone was only too eager to begin. Well, that made two. Shikamaru deftly undid his shirt and he slid his hands out of his pants to let it join the other on the floor. Not wanting to bother with foreplay, he retrieved the tube of lube from his pants and shoved it in Shikamaru's hands before dropping his pants and briefs to the floor and stepping out of them, crawling on top of the bed. Looking back, he saw Shikamaru staring at him open-mouthed and made a beckoning motion with his finger. His eyes took in every detail as Shikamaru stripped further and he quirked his eyebrow as he saw the even tan on every part of his body. Spreading his legs for Shikamaru to sit between, he smirked as he saw him opening the tube of lube and lathering four of his fingers with the substance. A first finger quickly found its way into his body and he made clear that he was more than able to handle the intrusion. Now, it was Shikamaru's turn to smirk and he added a second, and then a third.

"Enough," Neji groaned, eager to be filled with something more than just fingers. He sat up and grabbed the lubricant, pouring it over Shikamaru's erection and giving it a few jerks, deeming it prepared enough. He got down on his knees and felt slick fingers ghosting over his ass before a cock started spreading him open. He had been right to think it was a perfect cock. He wasn't crying out in pain because it was too big but there was still that strain that he loved so much when having sex. Shikamaru let him determine how fast he wanted to go and he slowly took in more and more, not wanting to rip himself in his enthusiasm. He let out a deep breath as he was in to the hilt, leaning on his elbows to set himself ready.

Shikamaru breathed heavily as he saw Neji curving his back, letting his cock sink deeper into that gripping heat. He settled his hands on slender hips and thrust in a slow pace but made sure to sink in as deep as he could. Neji raised his head, his mouth falling open in silent ecstasy. This was beyond good, this was amazing. Shikamaru had remembered where his prostate was and hit it with nearly every inward movement. He formed tight fist in the blankets and slammed his lower body backwards, a cocky smirk on his face as he heard Shikamaru's gasp. He never had been one to just lie on the bed and take it; the perfect uke. It didn't mean that if you were on the receiving end that you weren't in charge – if not, Neji would never feel satisfied bottoming. He was a control-freak after all. But it did feel nice that Shikamaru knew what he was doing. Oh hell with it, it wasn't nice, it was nearly mind-blowing. He sat up, straight in Shikamaru's lap and wrapped an arm around his neck, his head falling on his shoulder. The new position slowed their pace down considerably but neither cared, Neji content with lifting himself slowly so he could feel every ridge of Shikamaru's erection and Shikamaru with letting his hands glide over skin so soft it could have belonged to a woman. Even if he was 100% gay, he certainly didn't mind that Neji had a quite effeminate appearance since it just made him more beautiful and unique. He liked people that stood out slightly.

Shikamaru placed gentle kisses on a pale neck and wrapped his arms around Neji's chest, biting the skin between his teeth slightly as he slammed Neji down while lifting his hips. Neji almost screamed but could just prevent it by tightly clenching his jaws, although some noise still seeped through.

"Hurting?" Shikamaru breathed. Neji hung his head, shaking it vehemently. "Good." Shikamaru grinned before repeating the same move once, twice, thrice… He knew from experience that this could give an amazing orgasm for the uke, just with a slightly different way of reaching it. He thrust in, waited and did it again. Orgasm was so close and then kept at bay but he certainly didn't hear Neji complain. And he would get him screaming before this night was over, he silently promised.

He had lost control, someone had actually taken the one thing he had relied on since the moment he could form coherent thoughts away from him and he was torn between wanting to escape from Shikamaru's grasp or just take it all in. He was pulled down again and clenched his eyes shut, tears nearly slipping out. It did hurt a little but his prostate had never been stimulated as it was now. A fresh approach he wouldn't have come up with, he had to begrudgingly admit. His orgasm was building with every thrust, waning in between breaks but then the feelings returned twice as hard when Shikamaru snapped his hips up. He whined, his orgasm so close yet so far away.

"Focus, just focus," Shikamaru said. Neji rolled his head so he could look at him and got a small smile before he was slammed down again and his eyes grew impossible wide as his orgasm suddenly hit him, his body twisting and convulsing and he let out a high-pitched moan that was quite embarrassing but at the moment, he honestly couldn't care. He had never had an orgasm like this, completely catching him off-guard and… shocking him really.

Shikamaru kept staring at Neji's eyes as his orgasm hit him and quickly thrust a few more times to reach his own, wanting to be pulled in by Neji's twitching ass. He sank his teeth in Neji's shoulder as he finally fell over the edge and heard Neji taking in a shuddering breath.

They tumbled to the bed on their sides, Shikamaru still with his waning erection inside Neji.

"You're… good," Neji said. Shikamaru grinned. It had been easy to figure out that such encounters weren't unknown to Neji, judging by his confidence and eagerness and he guessed it was quite the compliment from someone as experienced as him. He pulled out and Neji sat up, wincing slightly before grabbing his shirt and pulling it on. Shikamaru sat back and lit a cigarette, disappointment clear that Neji was leaving so soon. But he wasn't called a genius for nothing.

"You tired already? he jabbed. "Troublesome." He wanted to pat himself on the shoulder as he saw Neji jerking his head towards him, eyes narrowing. It was so obvious he was a very proud creature and that he would go to great lengths to keep his pride intact.

Neji knew what he was doing, he knew. He wanted another round without sounding desperate or too dependant and so he hit him in his weak spot. Neji had to give him credit for figuring that out so soon since most people took months, years even to find his weakness. He let his eyes wander over Shikamaru's naked body, taking in that evenly tanned skin and that slightly muscled chest and then looked up. Shikamaru really was quite handsome with his sharp features and thick chin-length hair. Well, since this was a one-time thing, he concluded that another round couldn't hurt. It wasn't really customary for him; usually, he left as soon as they had both got off. But Shikamaru was good… He pulled his shirt off again and crawled over until he was leaning over Shikamaru, who was grinning, taking a long drag from his cigarette.

"You're quite the perceptive one, aren't you? Don't think I don't know what you're doing. But I'll forgive you." Neji smirked as he said the last part.

Shikamaru, however lifted an eyebrow. "You'll forgive me?"

Neji shrugged his shoulders. "You have a fantastic cock and you're attractive," he said bluntly.

"Thanks," Shikamaru grinned. It was amusing that Neji was so straight-forward since most people would beat around the bush and bore him with their attempts to be subtle. 99 percent of the time he already knew where they were going but it was too troublesome to get them to be completely honest.

"I'll smack you if you turn all arrogant now," Neji threatened lightly.

"Meh, I'm too lazy to be arrogant."

Neji jerked his hips and Shikamaru fluttered his eyelids a bit as his cock started growing. "Too lazy to go for another round? I should hope not…"

Neji fell on the mattress, his chest heaving and fearing that he wouldn't be able to walk for a week. Shikamaru had fucked him so good, for the fourth time in a row, something no one had ever been able to convince him for. Did he regret not leaving after the first time? Hell no! Did he regret not finding the strength to get up and go home? Definitely. He knew that if he tried to go home now, he would either crash to the ground somewhere on the way or cause a traffic accident and he loved his car too much to see it be reduced to bits and pieces. Now it was just a matter of making Shikamaru clear that he wasn't fit to move.

"Sleep," Shikamaru mumbled and dragging the blankets over them. Neji's eyes grew in confusion and then glared menacingly. How dare he peer inside his mental processes!? Those were private, damnit! Still glaring, he crawled deeper under the covers and was muttering obscenities at that conceited asshole who thought he had him figured out so easily.

"Yeah, yeah. Love you too," Shikamaru said and Neji could hear the laughter in his voice. An arm was wrapped around his chest and he was pulled over to lay against that asshole.

"Let me go!"

The arm stayed, tightened even. "Either you go to sleep or I'll knock you out so you'll shut up."

Neji spluttered, wondering if he should pay any attention to the threat but finally laid his head down.

Shikamaru heard his breathing evening out and let his own eyes close. The last thing his conscious registered was a body cuddling against his chest and he grinned slightly before surrendering to sleep himself.

Instinctually, he curved his back as he felt something grazing his prostate but then his eyes flew open, coming face-to-face with Shikamaru who was leaning over him and fucking him at a languid pace.

"What the hell do you think-" but he forgot any protest as his prostate was stimulated harder. His body was still tired but quickly responded to the sensations coursing through him. Suddenly, Shikamaru pulled his cock out and when it didn't come back, he lifted his head to glare at him.

"Get on your knees." Part of him wanted to shout obscenities at the man again but he still did as told. Shikamaru's erection entered him again, so very slowly and he breathed in shakily. He was still really sore from last night but it was kind of hard to tell Shikamaru to stop when he was fucking him so deliciously good. Biting the blankets, he leaned backwards to coerce Shikamaru into increasing the pace and his mouth fell open as he was slammed into. His whole body shook at the frenzied motions but he enjoyed every single second of it and screamed for more. Shikamaru grabbed his shoulders so he could slide in deeper but Neji knocked them off and forced Shikamaru's back on the bed, moving along and not letting him slip out. Elegantly lifting his legs, he turned so they were facing and saw Shikamaru's surprise at his flexibility. Not bothering to comment on it, he steadied himself and fucked Shikamaru's cock, quickly finding his own prostate and moaning softly. Hands kneaded the taut muscles on his back and he shuddered although not slowing down the flexing of his hips. Judging by Shikamaru's own sounds of pleasure, he knew he was close to coming and he found a last burst of speed. Dual shouts filled the room as they were simultaneously pulled into an orgasm and Neji tried to focus on the other's face. He really was quite handsome.

He climbed off of the bed with shaking legs and grabbed his clothes. "Bathroom?"

"There," Shikamaru drawled out, pointing to a nearby door. He nodded, determined to enjoy the shower he had more than deserved.

He walked out of the bathroom, feeling much fresher and no longer smelling of sex and sweat. Shikamaru looked up from his laptop with narrowed eyes to shield them from the smoke of the burning cigarette in his mouth.

"You ready?" Neji nodded and grabbed his cell phone on the nightstand, shoving it in his pocket and fiddled a bit with his hair, unsure of what to do. He honestly wouldn't object to meeting up with Shikamaru again but then he would have to ask his number and act too much like a teenager in his puberty and it would seriously damage his pride.

"If you want to meet up some other time, you can call me at this number." Damnit, he did it again! Neji stared at him suspiciously as he held out a slip of paper, finding it peculiar how Shikamaru often seemed to figure him out but accepted it, glad that he won his own mental battle and came out unscathed. He simply nodded and walked to the door but his arm was grabbed and he got one last kiss which made flashes of the past night flit behind his eyelids.

"I had fun."

Neji smirked. "Me too. Bye." He opened the door and went to the elevator, ignoring the pain in his backside every time he took a step.


"Neji!" Someone, he suspected Itachi, jumped on his still sleeping body and he let out a groan at the pain that sprung up. Even after two days, his ass was still a bit sore from his little sexcapade with Shikamaru but all it did was bring up memories of that night and how fucking good it had felt.

"What?" he muttered. He blearily opened his eyes to find indeed, Itachi sitting on him and grinning that supposedly malicious smirk that made even his teachers at university cower in fear but Neji had long-since become immune to.

"You little slut. So that's who you were doing Wednesday night!" Neji's confusion only grew until Itachi held up Look, a ratty gossip-magazine. His eyes grew as wide as saucers as he saw a picture of himself feeling up Shikamaru in the club and then one of him leaving Shikamaru's hotel in the morning.

"What!? Why am I on the fucking front-page? Why am I even in there?" A pale finger tapped the picture, right on Shikamaru's head.

"Ah, my sweet innocent Neji. That is Nara Shikamaru, bassist of Kagemane, one of the most popular bands in the world and also called one of the best producers the music-business has ever seen. You do pick them out, Neji-chan." Neji listened to it with a mixed feeling of shame and anger.

"B-but why is it splashed on the front-page? He's probably had hundreds of groupies!"

Itachi snickered, actually snickered. "Because you turned him gay. Read it." He helpfully opened up the magazine where the same pictures as on the front-page were printed on the whole page, only a tiny bit of text in the right-corner.


Nara Shikamaru (20), widely acknowledged as one of the greatest musical geniuses in the world, apparently opened up his chances for the future. Wednesday night he was spotted in a local gay-club, kissing a man and in the morning, that same man was seen leaving Shikamaru's hotel. The man, H.N. (21), is the heir to one of the biggest companies in Fire Country, a resident of Konoha and a student at Shō-dai.

While the other band members of Kagemane are often seen together with different love-interest, this is the first time we have been able to capture one of Shikamaru's, a man no less! We couldn't get a comment from Shikamaru but did gather some reactions from fans.

Nana (19): "I think it's great. As long as Shika-san is happy!"

Kaori (16): "It's so disgusting. I honestly hadn't expected it from him."

As you can see, very mixed reactions but be sure to keep your eyes open, people there in Konoha. Who knows Shikamaru decides to come back for his H.N.? We'll be sure to keep you updated!

"You have to be kidding me… I'm going to kill that bastard!" Neji violently pushed off Itachi, who just rolled to the side.

"Shika-chan sure has big hands," he commented idly. Neji stared confused before diverting his eyes to his hips where you could still see the slightly rosy handprints of Shikamaru half-hidden by his pyjama pants. He fought down the blush creeping up on his cheeks and grabbed his cell phone, slamming the door of his bathroom shut and twisting the key. Angrily, he scrolled down his phonebook until he found what he looked for and clicked the most recent addition. As he waited for someone to pick up, he tapped his foot on the ground frustrated. Even someone with thick glasses would be able to recognize him from those pictures and his uncle certainly would. That man always knew what was going on and Neji doubted that he would approve of this 'promiscuous behaviour'.

"Yeah?" Neji was pulled out of his musings by Shikamaru's supposed greeting.

"You asshole! You couldn't have told me that I would end up on the front-page of some stupid gossip magazine?" There was a moment of silence on the other end before he heard a deep sigh.

"Ah, gomen. I really thought no one was following me."

"Well, they did! You couldn't have just told me beforehand that you were some big celebrity?"

"This'll blow over, okay. Just don't get too aggravated. If they don't see us together again, they'll eventually give up." Half of him rejoiced that at least that would end in due time but the other part was more reluctant to get it over with so soon. Normally, he never considered calling someone back but with Shikamaru he had. One doesn't easily forget the greatest fuck of his life.

He only managed to let out a soft "Oh" but Shikamaru easily caught on.

"I wish there was another way. God knows I hate being harassed by those paparazzi myself and I never had the intention of involving you in any of this. But the only way for us to meet again is if you don't mind showing up in gossip-magazines." It was all said in a lazy drawl but somehow, Shikamaru could still make it sound caring. Neji heard him light a cigarette and inhale deeply. "Look, you decide what you want to do and call me if you want to, 'kay?"

Neji nodded before he realized he was on the phone and Shikamaru couldn't see him. He slapped his forehead. This whole thing made his intelligence drop with every passing minute.

"Okay. Bye."

"Bye." Neji snapped his phone shut and sank down on the cold bathroom-floor. For the first time in his life, he feared he might actually feel something for someone else.

Shikamaru stretched out comfortably in his chair and looked around the music-studio. He had just been busy with mastering Kagemane's latest album but his phone call with Neji made him awfully distracted. It honestly had never been his intention to involve him in his fame and he could certainly understand his anger. But he still hoped that he would receive a call despite everything. Neji had succeeded in capturing his attention and that was a very rare thing in Shikamaru's life.

"Oi, Shika! You never told me you were gay!" Naruto, the singer of Kagemane burst through the door, waving a magazine in his hand. Shikamaru rubbed his eyes and sighed.

"Troublesome. Give me that." The magazine was handed over and he cursed as he saw the front-page. He would have known about this sooner if he hadn't been living in the studio for the past two days.

"Shika! Come on, tell me what happened," Naruto whined as he plopped down in the nearby couch. Shikamaru didn't answer as he leafed through the magazine, looking for the article.

"Page twenty. He is rather pretty, isn't he? 'H.N.' Kind of looks like a woman. Are you just bi, maybe?"

"I'm gay and I can assure you that he isn't anything like a woman." Naruto's ears perked as he heard this; it was very unusual of Shikamaru to disclose any personal information. Even after being in the same band for four years, Naruto still barely knew anything of him. He decided to tread carefully, hoping for any more details. While he himself wasn't gay, he could certainly appreciate an aesthetically beautiful man.

"So… was he any good in bed?" Shikamaru lowered the magazine and looked at him with a raised eye-brow. Naruto cursed under his breath. Not carefully enough, apparently. Shikamaru was always way ahead of him. Heck, in a past life he was probably a war-strategist if you saw how he planned everything out way ahead of everyone else. Naruto realized that if it wasn't for Shikamaru's strategic planning – his musical genius had been helpful as well though – Kagemane would never have been as successful as they were now.

"I promise I won't tell anyone!"

Shikamaru shook his head. "It's no one's business. Besides, it was a one-time thing." Naruto groaned, annoyed at Shikamaru's typical distant behaviour. He loved the dude as a friend and Shikamaru was always there for him, whether it be for something personal or professional. But he could be so bloody annoying!

"What about Kagemane's image?" Naruto said it in a serious tone since there was a real chance that this whole affair could damage it.

"We might lose some fans but we'll probably gain some too. You shouldn't worry about it."

Naruto looked closely at him and for the first time saw how exhausted he looked. He had near-black rings under his eyes from lack of sleep and he looked unusually pale. For someone that was fond of his privacy, his international fame must take its toll and added with keeping Kagemane a successful band and being responsible for many other artists' albums, it was easily explained why he looked as he did. Naruto stood up and stretched out his hand for Shikamaru to take.

"I'll buy you lunch. You need to get out of this studio, Shika." Shikamaru stared at the magazine in his lap, briefly brought back to Wednesday night before putting it away.

"Sure. Not too long though. The record company wants the master-version in two days."

Naruto comically copied a nagging house-wife before sticking out his tongue. "All work and no play makes Shika a dull boy! Oh, there are some paparazzi outside but just ignore them."

Shikamaru gave him a sceptical glance. He wasn't new to the concept of paparazzi, not after them being a constant factor in his life for the past four years. He shrugged on a green waistcoat over his black shirt and lit a cigarette, following Naruto out the door.

"We'll take my car." Shikamaru nodded and they unlocked the outside-door. Naruto certainly had been using a euphemism when he said 'some paparazzi'. The studio's parking-lot was filled with them and they already started seeing black spots because of the many flashes. Shikamaru did listen to the many questions yelled but he responded to none. He knew that doing so would only make it worse for both himself and Neji.

"How long have you been seeing him?"

"Are you gay or bisexual?"

"Was he a prostitute?" As he heard that, Shikamaru had to force himself to stay calm although he was usually a very composed person by nature. Onlookers could only see him take a drag from his cigarette and worming his way over to Naruto's car. He got into the passenger's seat and just muttered out a command.

"Drive." He brought out his cell-phone and checked his received calls. A few clicks and the number at the top of the screen was added to his phonebook.


Neji walked over to the kitchen after taking a steaming hot shower, hoping to relax a bit and actually succeeding. Shikamaru's words had made sense. He would just have to stick it out for a few days. He pulled at his black jacket which reached down to his knees and held a grey scarf in his hand. The weather had cooled down considerably these past few days. In his mind, he ran through all the things he would need to get done for school and it was also his turn to get groceries. Luckily, he only had two classes today. He stepped into the kitchen and lifted his head. Four pairs of eyes stared back at him, all miserably failing at keeping their curiosity hidden. In normal circumstances, Neji would just walk out of the loft but this time, he reasoned that his friends were the lesser of two evils. Seemingly unperturbed, he sat down and filled a plate. He pretended not to notice Itachi whispering something in Kisame's ear, evoking a rumbling laughter from the large man. Beady eyes turned to him and Itachi gave his boyfriend a small push. Next thing he knew, Kisame is holding his upper body, crushing his arms in the embrace.

"Let me go, you prick! Goddammit, Itachi, tell your pet to release me." He flailed his legs around but Itachi grabbed them in a quick motion, locking them with his left arm. The other was used to lift Neji's loose black woollen sweater.

"See Kisa, I always suspected Neji was a sucker for rough and kinky man-sex." The entire thing was said in a cold and unemotional tone but Neji glared daggers at him, knowing well enough that mentally, he was probably laughing his ass off. Kisame peered over his shoulder at the hand-imprints and let out another laugh.

"Kinky vixen, you are." The next moment, Neji was released and unceremoniously dropped on his ass on the hardwood floor. A sharp cry of pain escaped him but it only made everyone present snicker but finally, Sakura made her way over and helped him up although she was laughing all the while.

"You okay?" Neji pulled his hand back and sat down again, trying to do some relaxation techniques. Now his flatmates decided to let him eat in peace and Sakura told a story about a patient of hers at the hospital that would literally climb onto his closet every time he needed to get an injection. She told it so humorously that even Neji had to smile.

"Come on, children. Time to go," Itachi announced. They all helped to clear the table and gathered the things they would need for today. Neji wrapped his scarf around his neck and hid half his face behind it. He really didn't handle the cold well.

"Neji, don't forget to do the groceries," Sasuke reminded him. Neji shook his head and waved goodbye. The moment he was out the door, excited murmurs sounded in the loft.

"I can still hear you in the hallway, you bastards!" The noise quieted down and Neji let out a frustrated groan. Even his friends wouldn't let him live this down. He took the elevator to the ground floor and was relieved to have a momentary moment of peace. From this moment on, he knew it would only get horribly worse. Oh joy, I'm right. He stepped out of the elevator to find flashing lights from behind the glass entrance. Suppressing the urge to lash out, he took in a deep breath and just walked forward, straight outside. He had to use his elbows to get through the gathered mass of people and kept his head down as he stepped into his car, throwing his bag on the seat next to him. He revved the engine in warning to the photographers in front of the car and carefully slid out of his parking-spot but then stepped on the gas-pedal and sped of.

"Well, he's certainly an ice-queen," one of the reporters commented as he stared at the disappearing car.

"But a pretty one. Hell, with that hair and shit, you could just pretend he's a woman. And he apparently has no qualms about shoving his hand down your pants," another smirked, making everyone within hearing-distance chuckle.


With his eyes focused on the textbook in front of him, Neji tried to ignore the gasps and murmurs all around him although it was kind of hard when he heard his name being mentioned every minute or so. He did look up when something blocked the light and came face to face with an annoyingly smiling guy, surrounded by his friends that were all whispering him encouragements.

"So… you want to go out some day, since you're clearly into men?" Neji rolled his eyes as he noticed how childish the boy looked with his acne and sinewy body.

"Not in the least bit interested. Get lost." He kept on reading but he got a shove against his shoulder.

"What? You only interested in guys that are loaded, fucking gold-digger!"

Neji rubbed his temple, wishing that this was all just a bad dream. "Just go away. Go find someone else to take out on a date because even if you were rich, I still wouldn't go out with you." Finally, they drooped off although he got many angry glances.

The professor walked in and for the first time this year, Neji was actually glad to see him. That quickly changed when he saw the intense gaze directed at him. Orochimaru-sensei always looked quite perverse and had already expressed an interest in Neji – in Sasuke and Itachi as well - but never quite so aggressive with just a look. He fought down the urge to twitch in his seat and prayed to the gods that he would just start his lesson. Orochimaru-sensei began writing on the board and Neji let out his breath. This whole insane situation made him remember why he had never wanted to come out of the closet. It could jeopardize him becoming the heir to his family's company and that really wasn't worth it. He had worked so hard all these years to get where he was and now, it could be taken from him in a heartbeat. As he peered around him and saw everyone's attention focused on him, he wanted to cry for the first time in five years.


Sasuke saw his childhood friend coming through the door, looking unusually out of it but he guessed that with everything that was going on, it wasn't really quite so unusual. He heard him dropping the shopping-bag in the kitchen and walking into the living-room again.

"Hey, Neji, a-" Neji held up his left-hand and the other formed a tight fist.

"Don't Sasuke. I've heard enough jokes and comments for today. Just leave me alone." He turned on his heels and walked to his bedroom, slamming the door shut behind him. However, Sasuke knew him well enough to know what he needed and when he needed it. He made his way over and simply walked into Neji's room.

"Leave me alone!" Sasuke saw him rolled up on the bed, his head buried in a pillow. He sat down next to him and yanked the pillow out of his grasp.

"What happened?"

Neji sat up and looked him straight in the eye. "What do you think, Einstein? Everywhere I went, I had those bloodhounds following and everyone making comments, saying that I'm a slut, fucking my way to the top. All of my hard work just went down the drain and my uncle can call me any minute and I don't even want to imagine how he will react. Everyone knows who I am and what company they were talking about in that stupid magazine. Every nightmare happened in one day!"

Sasuke shook his head and flopped down on the bed, readying himself for his big speech. He loved to

play the voice of reason for someone as Neji. "If those bloodhounds no longer see you and Shikamaru together, they will give up. I've known you all of my life and have met virtually every person you ever slept with. I've never considered you to be a slut and I know you don't need to fuck your way up for the money. You're loaded, Neji. And while it isn't the best publicity stunt for Byakugan, it isn't the worst either. It can even get you more clients because that Nara is a very respected musician. Lastly, if even my father can accept that Itachi is flaming gay, then your uncle will as well. He isn't so old-fashioned and just look how he acts towards Itachi. He still considers him as one of his proverbial sons and I've personally heard him say how he liked Kisame. You're in for a rough patch now in some aspects but it's temporary." Neji groaned and hid his face in Sasuke's shoulder.

"You weren't supposed to make sense, Sasuke." He got a soft pat on the head.

"I know. So, was he really worth all the hassle?" Sasuke asked idly.

"…Yes, and that's the worst thing about all this. I normally forget them the moment I step out of the bedroom but I couldn't stop thinking about him Thursday. And… even with everything that went on today, I still would like to meet him again. Fuck!"

"Don't tell this to Sakura or she'll start squealing about love," Sasuke muttered with a deep frown etched on his features.

Neji lifted his head so he could look him in the eye. "Aren't you supposed to love your girlfriend of five years?"

"Doesn't mean I have to say it." He rolled his back to Neji, wanting to pout in peace but Neji crawled over him, forcing his hands from his face.

"Aha! I kn-"

"Hyūga Neji! What the hell do you think you're doing?" Both boys immediately stopped what they were doing, looking at each other horrified before slowly turning to the door where a fuming Sakura was shaking her fists. Suddenly, Neji realized in what a compromising position they lay and hurried out of Sasuke's lap, holding his hands up in defence.

"Sakura, you know I wouldn't touch Sasuke," he squeaked out. For being the only woman in the household, all the boys could form an alliance to plot against her and they would still terribly lose. She could be damn scary for being such a slender and sweet-looking girl. Sasuke started grinning and Neji threw him one of his patented death-glares but alas, as it went with all his house-mates, he had become resistant. Sakura now laughed as well as she went to Sasuke and gave him a kiss.

"Don't even think about doing anything on my bed."

Sakura looked up, her green eyes mischievous. "Who says we haven't already?" Neji's jaw started trembling, his eyes wide.

Sasuke now stood up and led Sakura out of the room by her hand. "Remember what I said, Neji. Itachi is practically a drag-queen and he is still taking over the hotel-chain."

"If you wish to kill me, hate me-" Sasuke turned around to meet his brother's eyes.

"For fuck's sake, Itachi! You seriously need to stop copying sayings from that anime! It's getting really old."

Itachi pouted, before chasing Sasuke. "Detest me, and live a detestable life-" The two brothers stormed around the apartment and Neji shook his head.

Sasuke pointed an arm at his brother. "That's not how it goes! It's 'survive in an unsightly way'!"

"Foolish otouto," Itachi smirked before racing over to Sasuke.

"They'll always remain like when they were younger, won't they?" Sakura commented with a laugh.

Neji stood beside her, a smile now on his lips as his eyes followed the hilarious chase. "Always."

She turned her eyes towards him. "You okay?"

Neji nodded. "Yeah."

Kisame appeared through the front door and immediately ran to Itachi, tackling him so they both fell down on the couch. Itachi wanted to frown before he saw who it was and a devious grin formed on his lips. The others knew how this was going to turn out and yelled simultaneously, "Go to your room!"


Neji was sitting in the couch with Itachi, who was reviewing his paper, searching for any mistakes. It did help to live in a house with two prodigies, even though he had quite the brilliant mind himself.

"You need to rephrase that last argument. It's too ambiguous. That's about it."

"Thanks." Neji added some notes with a pencil and heard his ring tone. He ran to his room but almost dropped his cell phone as he saw the name of who was calling. Swallowing the suddenly appeared lump in his throat, he picked up.

"Good evening, Hiashi-sama." The moment his uncle's name fell, everyone raced to his room and sat down on his bed; he futilely scowled at them, knowing they wouldn't go away.

Hiashi chuckled as he heard the ruckus on the other end. "Could you put it on speaker for a moment, Neji-kun?"

Neji held out the phone and they all shouted, "Hello, Hiashi-sama!"

"Hello. I hope all of you are doing excellent as usual?"


Neji turned the speaker off and placed the phone near his ear. "I assume you want to talk about my little…mishap?" The nervousness in his voice was clear but when it came to his uncle – and Sakura, he could painfully easily be reduced to a cowering mess.

"You can calm down, Neji-kun. I am not mad at you. On the contrary even, since Nara Shikamaru is quite a talented musician, wouldn't you agree?" Neji's mouth fell open as he found out his uncle knew that wretched band of Shikamaru and actually liked their music.

"A very pleasing sound, yes," Hiashi mused. "While it is of course not very good for the image of our company to find you in such promiscuous positions, I wanted to let you know that I would support it if you decided to pursue a relationship with Nara-kun." Sasuke saw Neji shaking on his legs and quickly dumped him in his desk-chair before he toppled over.

"But you're really not mad? I mean, I never mentioned my… sexual preferences."

Hiashi laughed and now Neji actually cowered, wanting to hide under his bed and keep his phone as far away from him as possible.

"We're not living in the Dark Ages anymore, Neji-kun. It is the twenty-first century."

"O-okay. I have to go, Hiashi-sama. Give my regards to the family."

"Of course. I'll see you and the others at the dinner this Sunday?"

"Hai." Neji snapped his phone shut and slumped down in his chair, his face ashen and eyes staring into oblivion. The others glanced at each other, silently debating on what to do before all creeping closer.

"Do you think he's in shock?" Itachi snatched the phone out of Neji's hands and pressed some buttons, his face lighting up.

"Who wants to talk to Shikamaru?"

Sakura pounced her boyfriend, screaming right in his ear. "I do, I do!"

"Sakura, we've talked about this. No yelling straight in my ear."

Itachi walked away with the phone near his ear. Neji got his wits together and knew what time it was when he saw Itachi giving him a victorious smirk. He wanted to run over to him but he was hoisted in the air, a strong arm wrapped around his waist. "Damnit, Kisame. Not again!"

"Ah yes, is this Nara Shikamaru? Nice to meet you. My name is Uchiha Itachi, I'm one of Neji's flatmates. Well, we were all wondering if you were available this Sunday to join us for dinner?"

"ITACHI! GIVE ME THAT FUCKING PHONE!" Itachi clacked his tongue.

"Honestly, Neji-chan. Haven't I thought you any manners?" He luckily did hand over the phone and Neji soon regained his footing.

"Wait a sec," he said and marched to his bathroom, locking the door behind him. Well, this seems oddly familiar… "Sorry for that."

Shikamaru chuckled as he heard Neji's laboured breathing. He must have really fought for his phone.

"Meh, it's okay. I assume the invitation was just a joke?"

Neji hesitantly gnawed on his bottom lip. "Well, it's with the entire Uchiha and Hyūga families. I doubt it would be a pleasant experience for you." He cringed as he thought of how it must have sounded; no, you can't come. "But… when are you back in Konoha?"

Shikamaru's face lit up at the other end. He had feared from the moment he picked up his phone that it would all be one bad joke but hearing Neji ask him this could only mean one thing.

"I'm back in Konoha in three days. You want to meet up?" The last was perhaps pronounced a bit too hopeful and he smacked his forehead. He really sucked at social skills.

"Yes! I mean… that would be nice." Apparently, Neji sucked in it as well.

"You do realize that the paparazzi will be following us?"

Neji clenched the phone between his head and his neck and tapped his index fingers together. "Yeah, but I just got a call from my uncle that he has no problem with it that I'll appear in the newspapers."

"Ah, that's right. Your family owns that big company. Troublesome."

Neji snickered as he heard the last word. It sounded so strange coming from someone who was only twenty years old.

"And will you be okay with it? It's bye-bye to privacy for a while."

"As long as I don't get photographed anymore with my hands down your pants I think I'll manage."

Shikamaru snorted a laugh. "It won't help if I say that the other band-members have that picture framed?"

"No, not in the slightest as a matter of fact. Bastard," he muttered under his breath but Shikamaru didn't sound the least bit offended.

"So, where do you want to meet up and when?"

"You can… come to my place if you want. You will have to face those four raging lunatics that call themselves my roommates."

"Hey!" four voices yelled from behind the closed door.

"Okay. At around seven?"

Neji quickly told him the address and after a simple 'goodbye', hung up. Then it hit him. He hated even one day of those paparazzi crowding around him and now Shikamaru was coming here and they already knew his address. He was royally fucked and definitely not in the good sense. And calling back to tell Shikamaru their 'date' was off, would be too cowardly, his pride once more standing in the way of an easy-going life. Why did he insist on always continuing with these expeditions that were… troublesome really. He got up from the floor and opened the door, four people tumbling in. "Morons. He's coming here on Monday and I'll kick your asses if you do anything to embarrass me!"

The others all rolled their eyes and Neji could just feel how they were already plotting against him.