Lying on the ground, the katana still in hand, his chest covered with blood. The slow breathing, tired, his eyes half open, lit by the sunlight filtering through the fissure that he had opened with a powerful attack. Death would come soon for him, he would close in her cold embrace and brought it with him. Where, he did not know.

"And this is my destiny?"

Found himself thinking Kaku.
He hadn't the strength to speak. He hadn't the strength to stand up, breathe, live. Lying in a pool of blood that had formed behind his back to the ground.

"But after all, I don't care... Nobody cares"

He had no family, relatives, and the only friends he had… He disowned them, betraying them in the day of the end of the five years of his undercover mission. No one would weep for him, nobody would have remembered him, if not as a traitor. Indeed, they might even enjoyed his departure.

"How unfair... Like the Life, that is fragile as crystal, just as easily can be broken. It's an elusive dream, that every day slips from our fingers like smoke, more and more, and we can't do anything but watch it fly away, helpless. But the Death, however, is eternal. A sweet rest that cause pain to those who love us. But I don't have to worry about that...'

He coughed, splattering blood, staining his lips and face of red. He tried to open his eyes a little more, being dazzled by the light. There's no time for redemption, Kaku.

"... The time when all suffering ends, and we come to the eternal peace"

Finally, the Death arrives for him. Compassionately, it took his soul and grasped him. Compassionately, it took his hand. Kaku finally smiled and closed his eyes.