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"For a plant needn't have two SUNS…

But one."

A year has passed after the quarrel incident between Teru and Hinata, and everything seemed better and better for Sumino.

She was the previously 'unnoticed' identity that lurked in the shadows, until her two suns, Hinata and Teru, brightened up the formerly dimmed path towards friendship and relationship.

Unbeknownst to most, a sun also has its obscure crater well hidden because of its glowing appearance- hence, can only be lightened up by a different source of light…

And Sumino had been 'that' light.

After the said incident, had they realized the intensity of their respective feelings for her. Both, confessed, sworn to each other that though they're best friends and love rivals, they'll definitely withstand one another 'till the time Sumino realizes the difference of her feelings for the latter.

Hinata, known to be a serious and straight guy, became more of an expressive person for his feelings for Sumino. Teru, on the other hand, sheepishly expresses his feelings for Sumino; Otherwise, to hold back his emotions, which is ironical to what his shown attitude is.

For that, Hinata's obvious feelings for Sumino caused the unending spread of rumors of exclusive dating and the likes, swarming like a pest on hall ways and corridors of the campus.

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