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Here's the deal with this one, i've been playing a crapload of AC, and just beat number 2 for the third time, so i've got assassin on the brain. even working on a costume for halloween... anyway, like i said, i wanted to get this out of my head, and figured I'd share it with y'all. (hopefully it'll help to relieve my writer's block)

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"God will punish you for your heathenistic ways! And not just you, but your families, your friends, and this entire sinful village!"

"He's so annoying." I think as I move through the crowd, my eyes never leaving the 'preacher' on the stage. He had been coming to Konoha for quite some time now, and it was only recently that few people found out why. While this man spent hours preaching about this village burning, and gathered the whole village around him, his allies would sneak into shops, homes, and banks and steal every bit of money they could find.

Well, they used to, that is. His allies haven't been talking much since they met with the ANBU a few minutes ago. The ANBU would've taken this guy as well, but Tsunade thought it should look like it had to do with something that didn't involve the Hokage wanting someone dead.

"You must repent!" he held his cross high above his head, "Only the light of the cross will save you! Repent! Repent! Rep…!" he stops short once he sees me. I twitch my wrist and my blade extends.

I plant my foot on the bottom step of the stage as he shouts to his guards, "Assassin!!" and then he shouted no more.

His bodyguards, a pack of skilless mercenaries, charge up onto the stage at me. I side-step the spear that is thrust, grab its shaft, and use my foot to kick it out of its owner's hand and into mine, before shoving it through his chest.

I unsheathe the ninjato (1) from my back and block a swipe by a rather burly man's strike and extend my hidden blade again, shoving it into his throat.

"I can't linger!" I grab the man's body and pull it around, letting it shield me from several stabs, and kick it back into the pack. I sheath the ninjato and run, vaulting off the stage.

"After her! Get her!"

I don't spare a glance back. I turn to run into an alley, but somehow, one of them is there before me, the aura of freshly used chakra surrounding him. He hefts his club over his head and brings it down. I leap out of the way and plant my foot on a dumpster before channeling my chakra into my feet and vault off the dumpster onto the adjacent wall, and kick off of that to the other before I dash up.

It'll take them awhile to find a way to the rooftops, so I have a chance to find a place to hide.

I leap between the rooftops, my boots thunking on the shingles. "There she is!" I hear one of them shout as I pass over the street he's standing on. I breathe a sigh of relief as the river that runs through Konoha comes closer. I can feel them on my tail. That, and their occasional throwing of shuriken and kunai are a tip. I activate my Byakugan to see how close they are; they're pretty close.

Thanks to the Byakugan I can see an ambush waiting for me up ahead. And I was hoping to do this with as little bloodshed as possible. Two mercenaries jump in front of me as I unsheathe the tanto I carry on my belt. I side-step a downwards slice, and shove the dagger into the gut of the second attacker.

I yank out the blade, and, before the first can strike a second time, cut his throat. I don't stop to watch the bodies fall, instead, I throw myself off of the building and into the water below, letting the current carry me down to the lake faster than they ca follow.

I don't surface at the lake. There's a pipeline there that leads straight to the Hokage's mansion. I take the key out of its pouch and unlock and pull open the grate. My held breath is burning in my lungs as I swim the long way up the pipe to the tunnel that will take me the rest of the way.

I climb up into the darkened tunnel with a gasp for air. There's only one torch burning, as always. I'm in the clear now, so I can walk back, rather than run. A shudder runs through me. I'll need to take a shower when I get home to avoid catching a cold.

Tsunade-sama and Shizune-sama are waiting for me at the end of the tunnel, where it forks, "Well," the older woman says, "the whole village is in an uproar. I take it you were successful?" I nod in response, and pull down my hood. "Good. Your payment has already been transferred."

"Thank you, Tsunade-sama." I bow. They leave up the ladder closing the access port behind them, and I walk down the tunnel on my left, which will take me directly to the Hyuuga compound.

Every so often, Tsunade has jobs that she feels are too difficult for even the ANBU to accomplish, that's where my family comes in, where we've always come in. Each of the ANBU specializes in something, be it tracking, poisons, or medical ninjutsu. My family is the best at erasing life from this world, both with, and with out jutsus.

My name is Hinata Hyuuga, and, like my ancestors before me, I am an Assassin.

(1) A ninjato is a shorter version of the katana used by real ninjas that was designed for a faster draw and cut.

Alrighty then, there you go! This is going to be the only chapter written in first person. lemme know what you think! and yes, i know it's short. my first chapters are always short...