Much as I love me some Rachel/Quinn, Puck/Rachel is always going to be number one for me and I couldn't resist writing a fic about them, even though I have like several on the go that are in dire need of updating.

This is set before the Pilot but it will eventually expand into the actual Glee universe we all know and love.

Rachel will be slightly OOC at certain points due to the circumstances, she's still the crazy Berry we know and love though, don't worry.

Chapter One: Unhealthy

Rachel wasn't a stupid girl, far from it actually. She was very aware that she was engaging in one of the most unhealthiest relationships she had ever had in her life. However it appeared this was one aspect of her life that she wasn't smart about, and for the life of her she couldn't understand why. She didn't even like him sometimes; well actually most of the time would probably be more suitable. She knew he didn't like her, he obviously found her sexually attractive but other than that she highly doubted he had any form of romantic feelings towards her. She knew that what they had wasn't love, and if she even so much as thought different his daily treatment of her reminded her swiftly.

She was startled out her thoughts as teeth bit sharply into her collarbone, which was soon soothed by his tongue. She let loose a moan as she registered his hands massaging into her upper thighs beneath her skirt, fingers dancing under the hem of her panties, knowing that if she lifted her hips he'd hit all the right spots. She pushed her hands forward grasping the sides of his face to bring his lips to hers in a sloppy kiss, her teeth nipping and tugging at his bottom lip. She smiled as she felt him press even further into her with a growl, she tensed however when he started to drag her panties down her thighs. Her hands dropped to grasp his wrists stilling his movements, ripping her mouth from his with a pant.


He grunted burying his head in the crook of her neck, "Babe, seriously…"

She almost smiled at his obvious frustration, "The bells about to ring and you know I don't condone tardiness, it would put a black mark on my otherwise imp–"

He swiftly cut her off with another heated kiss before pulling back running his hands down her sides, "You're killing me, you know that?"

She nodded numbly as he leaned forward to press a kiss to the tip of her nose before sitting up pulling her swiftly after him, causing her to almost hit her head off the roof of his truck.

"Move your ass then."

Rachel left first period still conflicted over the tender kiss she had received earlier, perhaps she had miscalculated and he did indeed have feelings for her. Then again he probably didn't due to the fact he was heading right towards her with a large slushie griped firmly in his hand. She clenched her eyes shut just in time for her face to be covered in freezing ice; she poked her tongue out to swipe her lips. Grape, her favourite.

Wiping off her eyes she blindly walked to her locker to retrieve her extra set of clothing before beginning her way to the girl's locker room. However her journey was altered when a hand shot out to yank her into a supply cupboard. She gaped as he smirked down at her, his eyes trailing up from her legs and seemed to stick at her chest, a leer making its way onto his face as he realised her top had went see through. She watched warily as he leaned close to her, breath hitching as his tongue darted out and licked slushie off her cheek.

"Mmm, Berry flavour, my favourite."

Shrieking in outrage she wacked him on the arm with her bag, pausing before deciding it made her feel good and continued to hit him until he grasped her arm causing her to drop her bag. Grunting she tried to twist away, wet hair sticking to her face, but he held firm and eventually she found her back pressed against his front.

"You can't seriously think we were going to engage in any form of intimacy after you so callously doused me in a slushie!"

He peered down at her over her shoulder, smiling in amusement, "Well, yeah."

She glared at him, refusing to give in to his pathetically charming smile. Her eyes widened when she felt his lips latch onto her neck, sucking and biting up to her earlobe which he then took into his mouth. Her knees buckled as he began to grind himself into her backside and she swore she thought she'd hit the floor if his arms weren't wrapped around her. She felt boneless as he turned her around and kissed her mouth firmly, tongue sweeping across her lips demanding to be let in, she let him convincing herself she was only continuing for a few minutes before she pulled away and slapped him. She got as far as panting in his ear which really did nothing other than spur him on. She eventually got her body under control and pulled away from him.


"Shut up."

She shook her head leaning in closer to his body, hands gripping his shoulders, "We shouldn't – I mean I don't want –"

She abruptly shut herself up as he dropped to his knees and his head disappeared under her skirt. She found it highly disturbing that he was the one capable of making her see every gold star she dreamed of.

Well that's the first chapter, the plan is to continue, but you never know, I might leave it here. Also yeah she calls him Noah, not Puck, there's a reason.