Chapter 6


Harry walked into the courtroom. The room was one of the interrogation rooms. Harry sat in the chair and they ordered the chains to secure him. However, each time they made the chains lock, they snapped right back open. After a half-dozen tries, Harry sighed. The restraints closed, shocking the Aurors. Hermione was whimpering as she saw him in chains. Harry had used his right as the Lord of the Ancient and Noble House of Potter to get her admitted to the trial. Harry looked up and saw the Minister for Magic, Cornelius Fudge.

"This is the trial of Lord Harry James Potter. He is accused of unprovoked assault against the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards, and the Headmaster of Hogwarts. You are also accused of creating false accusations and thievery."

"Thievery?" Harry asked.

"We will deal with the charges in order, Mr. Potter." Fudge said. "You are not to speak until spoken to. You do not have any registered legal council. Is that true?"

"Yes. I will defend myself. Come out, Albus. I have the right to face my accuser." Harry growled. "Unless you're scared of losing and want to give this up now?" There was laughter at that comment. An eleven year old boy thinking he could beat Albus Dumbledore in court?

Dumbledore stepped out and sat in a chair that one of Fudge's aides summoned for him. His ankle was wrapped in a metal band and, through use of advanced healing magic, Skele-Gro, muscle and tissue regeneration, and blood replacement potions, he had managed to generate a new arm. However, the arm's reactions were sluggish and it was weak.

"Mr. Potter, do you deny attacking this man, knowing full well who he was?"


"You are pleading guilty to the charges?" Fudge asked, skeptical.

"No. I am merely stating the simple fact that I did fight him. He attempted to attack me and I retaliated."

"Albus has told me that you simply walked into the Great Hall and attacked him. Now, what reason would Albus Dumbledore have to attack a schoolboy?"

"A schoolboy who is Lord of the Ancient and Noble House of Potter. This man has stolen over a million Galleons from me and directly defied an explicit statement in my parent's will. He installed himself as my magical guardian and proceeded to conceal the will, in order to keep the truth from anyone who investigated. He stole money from my trust vault."

Dumbledore chuckled. "What an absurd statement! You have no evidence!"

"Only the papers that're right here." Harry said, holding them up.

"What?!" Fudge spat. He glared at the Aurors. "He should not have anything on him besides his clothes! You were told to search him!"

"We did, sir." The lead Auror said. "He had no papers on him at the time."

"Of course not." Harry snorted. "I knew that you would try to steal and get rid of the evidence. I had a friend that I trust hold on to them until I sat down."

"Objection!" Dumbledore shouted, looking fearful. "The accused is not permitted to have anything in their possession!"

"I am allowed to acquire outside evidence during the trial." Harry said, scathingly. "Your argument is invalid."

Fudge looked apologetically at Dumbledore as he said. "Objection overruled."

"Now, about those charges." Harry said. "I believe that I am well within my rights to defend myself with lethal force when attacked. There were no false accusations. It clearly states that I was not to be placed with my aunt's family, yet Professor Dumbledore here placed me with them. "Would you like to examine them?" He asked Fudge. One of Fudge's aides walked over and took the paper, handing it to the Minister.

"By the way, what was that charge of thievery?" Harry asked.

"Professor Dumbledore has accused you of stealing the legendary sword, Excalibur, from him." Fudge explained as the aide handed him the paper.

Harry began to laugh, even though he knew what was going to happen. Fudge examined the document, then tapped it with his wand, setting it on fire. "It is fake. Mr. Potter, we must now add the crime of false evidence to-"

"It's not a fake. You two are the fakes." Harry looked down at the restraints holding him. "Release me." Instantly, the chains vanished.

"H- How did you do that?" Fudge stammered. "Those chains cannot be affected by magic."

Harry laughed. "Your rules do not apply to me." His wand flew off of Fudge's desk into his hand. He pocketed it.

"DEMENTORS!" Fudge called out. Two black-robed figures swarmed into the room, filling it with despair.

Harry could hear screams, desperate pleas for mercy. He saw a flash of green light and raised his arm. A beam of silver light smashed into the first dementor and passed right through into the second. They both dissolved as flames consumed them.

"How dare you!" Harry snarled.

"I am the Minister of Magic! We are in the Ministry!" Fudge spat. "I do as I please. Now, return the wand and get back into the chair before I get angry."

"Not anymore." Harry said angrily. "I hereby relieve you of your authority in this building."

Fudge stumbled backwards as if shot. "What- What the hell did you do to me?!"

"You no longer possess any power in this building. Any orders you give within the Ministry will have no authority behind them. In fact, the building itself rejects your authority. You won't even be able to Apparate into the building anymore. You have even less power within this building than the weakest wizard baby." Harry stated coolly.

"Who do you think you are?!" Fudge snapped. "Aurors, arrest him." However, the Aurors refused to move. "I said, arrest him!"

Dumbledore rose to his feet and pointed a wand at Harry. He was using his left hand and the wand was nothing like his old one. It had been Dumbledore's use of the Elder Wand that had enabled him to fight against Voldemort. When Excalibur had cut through the Elder Wand, it had absorbed all of the magical energy of the ancient wand, draining it directly into Harry, who had, in turn, transferred it to his own wand, since he couldn't use the magical power of a wand directly.

"What have you done, Harry?" Dumbledore asked angrily. "I order you to answer me!"

Harry chuckled. "Do you think that that'll work, old man? I am no simple child as you seem to believe. I am King Harry James Potter. I am the King of the magical realm." At his declaration, energy flowed into the room, encircling him. The nimbus of power wreathed him. Dumbledore was knocked onto his back as the wand was torn from his fingers. A moment later, the wand fell to the ground, crumbling into nothing more than dust.

There were gasps as the "most powerful wizard" crumbled before the eleven year old boy who had just proclaimed himself king. Reporters were scribbling madly in their notebooks. "You arrogant little-" One man started. He was cut off as a sudden surge of power flooded the room. The ring blazed on Harry's finger, still not visible to the others in the room.

"First of all, I cancel these ridiculous charges against me. As a result of Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore's traitorous behavior, I strip him of the titles Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, as well as his seat on the Wizengamot. I also remove him from his position as Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards." Angry shouts broke out as Harry dictated his punishment for the manipulative old man.

"I will be continuing my schooling at Hogwarts. During that period of time, I will govern less and delegate more tasks. Upon my next birthday, I will have my coronation. At that point, I will take a far more active role." He glared at Fudge. "Until that period, I will permit the Ministry to remain more or less as it is. However, any major legal decisions must receive my approval. Anyone responsible for keeping such information from me will find themselves in a very uncomfortable place for a very long time." Hermione climbed over the barrier that separated the spectators from the actual proceedings and ran over to him. She followed him as he stormed out of the room. A horde of reporters ambushed them immediately, but Harry simply placed his hand on her arm and they vanished with a flash of ruby light.

They reappeared just outside of McGonagall's office. The door opened to admit the King and his wife.

"Mr. Potter? Ms. Granger? What are you doing here? This door was locked." The professor asked.

"Headmistress, we are coming here to inform you that we are taking the VIP suite for the foreseeable future." Harry explained.

McGonagall raised an eyebrow. "And why exactly should I permit this? And how did you get out of the Ministry?"

"Because," Hermione chirped. "He is the King of the magical world."

McGonagall was stunned. "Is this some kind of joke, Ms. Granger?"

"I'm afraid not. You'll be finding out about the events of the trial anyway. Also, as a result of certain unavoidable events," He glared at Hermione. "Hermione is my lawful wife. Because we are soulbound, I am afraid that we have no choice except to change to different quarters."

"V- very well. I will connect the VIP suite to the Ravenclaw Common Room." McGonagall stuttered, shocked by the students' behavior. The VIP Suite was reserved for people of extremely high rank who needed to stay at Hogwarts. It could be connected to any of the four common rooms or to the Great Hall, as decided by the Headmaster or Headmistress. "You will have to set a password."

"We have no need for a password." Harry reminded her.

"Of- of course, Y- Your Majesty."

"Thank you, Professor." Harry followed Hermione out of the room, then paused. He turned to look at McGonagall. "You might want to try to stay away from Professor Dumbledore, once he returns. I stripped him of his two most influential positions for producing his fake charges. "

McGonagall was flabbergasted as the two students walked out of the room.

They passed through the entryway to the Ravenclaw Common Room and walked over to a large stone eagle by the fireplace. Thankfully, the rest of the students were at lunch, so the Common Room was empty. Harry placed his hand into the open mouth of the eagle and watched as a section of the wall slid open to reveal a door.

The door opened to admit them. As they entered, the door closed and the wall slid back into place. It was a luxurious room, with a beautiful central room just after entering. There was a massive bathroom with a large pool/bath, a massive master bedroom, and two smaller, yet still impressive, bedrooms. There was also a large office room, with an adjoining library, as well as a small potions lab and dueling room. It had a small kitchen, as well.

Harry went to the office, to write letters for certain members of the government, while Hermione made her way to the library and began to examine the books there. After Harry had finished, he found Hermione in the library. Harry was exhausted. He immediately went to the bedroom and fell asleep, Hermione quickly following suit.

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