Alright, this is just a little something I came up with. Nothing big, but it'll have a few chapters. It's set just after Untouchable, the last book to be published in the series. I'll take a new character for each chapter. Most likely I'll do 5 fairly short chapters. I'm not good at long stories. Or short ones, come to think of it.

Disclaimer ; I don't own Alpha Force or any of the characters. Chris Ryan does, much to my horror. I'm trying to buy them off him. :D

Chapter One


My name is Alex. Alex Craig. I live with my dad and my mum, in Northumberland. Nothing special, is it? Well, I wanted to be in the army, but was turned down. So that's how I became a full time worker at something that I never wanted to be and only did as a hobby ; an environmentalist, fighting to bring justice all over the world.

We actually work for a government controlled company. And now you're wondering 'we' is. It's me and my friends. Together, we make up Alpha Force, a unique group of kids that are just old enough to be out of school. There's me, Alex. And Li, the butt kicking Anglo - Chinese girl. Paulo, the medic and mechanic. Hex, our personal own computer hacker. And of course, Amber, the rich girl that's rarely, if not ever, lost for words.

We all showed up for our first ever assignment at a top secret location in America. Sorry, I can't even tell you the state, it's that secret. Hey, I don't make the rules!

I spotted Paulo from across the car park and went over to say hi. He's this large Argentinian that's been one of my best friends for years. He's got this mop of Curly dark hair, dark eyes and tanned skin. His parents own a ranch, and he loves Animals and riding horses. He's a good mechanic, and can patch up people just as well. He was recently shot at our last mission ; something that he said the pain was unbearable.

"How are you?" Asked Paulo. His eyes studied my face, as if he were searching for something.

"Fine," I answered. "Yourself? How's the bullet-wound coming?"

"Along perfectly," Paulo grinned. "I've got permission to come with you guys to - well, to where ever we're going. D'you know where we're going?"

I shook my head, "Not a clue."

At that moment, Li came bounding from out of the building towards us. Her long black hair was flying out behind her, and her dark eyes sparkling mischievously. As normal. Paulo gave her a wave with his good arm. Li lives with her parents, and is an expert at martial arts and free-climbing. Out of all of us, I'd say that she can get to grips with the situations better than anyone else.

"Hi guys!" Li hugged me hard, and then moved on the Paulo. I saw a tiny grin at the end of his mouth ; I think he like's her more than he'd care to admit.

"Hi, Li," we both chorused. "How are you?"

"Brilliantly," She beamed. "I mean, the lot of us get to work together! This'll be so much fun!"

"Where are we going?" Paulo asked her. "We haven't heard anything yet ; no details, no location, no mission…"

Li looked mystified. "I have no clue. I just got here."

Amber was walking over to us, looking as excited as we felt. When we first met her, she was a snooty rich girl that was mourning the loss of her parents. And now, she's the total opposite. Amber's a diabetic, and has to be really careful. When we only did Alpha Force as a hobby, her uncle was our financer. Only he knew what we did in our spare time. Now, all of our parents and siblings know.

"Amber!" Li shrilled, running up her friend. "Hi! It's so good to see you!"

"You two, Li," Amber grinned. "So, where's Hex?"

We all looked at each other, puzzled. Where was Hex?

"I'm sure he's just coming," Said Paulo hastily. "So, will we go inside or what?"

We got into our office. Yes, we had our own office. It was brilliant! My desk was at the head, because I was the leader. Then Li on my right, Paulo on my lest, Hex beside Li and Amber beside Paulo. Perfect.

Except we were missing one of our members.

"Where is he?" I ranted. "Surely he can't be late for his first day! That'd be terrible."

At that moment, our official boss walked in. He smiled tiredly at us all. "Alright, Alpha, you've got a plane to catch."

"What about Hex?" Amber demanded. Out of all of us, she was closest to him. She had a reason to be concerned for him, but then again, we all did. Hex was a member of the team, and a good friend.

"Hex is already there," the boss, Mr Rancho, assured us. "He'll meet you there."

"Wait a sec!" Paulo looked alarmed. "Where are we going?"

"To London," Mr Rancho looked at us. "You'll be picked up by the police, taken to our base there and informed what is happening."

As he gave us the tickets and assured us out, I couldn't help but think that something was wrong. Sure, London was Hex's home town, but the way that Mr Rancho had put his words, made me believe that Hex was more involved than that.