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Chapter Three


My name is Paulo, and I was getting infuriated by the minute. Why, do I hear you ask? That answer is simple. I doubt that Alex, one of my friends, did manage to get his drivers licence.

"Look out!" Li yelped, making Amber, who was sitting with her in the back, jump violently. "That's a red light, Alex!"

Alex noticed it way too late. The car went whizzing past the red light. I started sweating. Alex was a really bad driver. I was really regretting that I'd got shot, causing me unable to drive. At this rate, we'd never make it to the hospital in one piece. Heck, I doubted we'd make it to the hospital in eleven pieces. And that's if we happened to get lucky. Us? Lucky? You wish.

We made it to the hospital alive. I don't know how we did it, but we did it. We have not been crushed by something, or splattered into a house. We hadn't even been stopped by the police, and after Alex's insane driving, I still do not know how.

I can't tell you the name of the hospital we were going to. The work that we do is so top secret, no-one knows that I'm writing this down. If I told you the name, you could figure out the state. Well, it's somewhere in America, but that's all you're going to find out.

We entered the hospital, and had no idea where to go. We hadn't been told the ward number that Hex was in. So we ended up going to the help desk, feeling like total idiots. I mean, we had no idea where to go. And this was a small hospital. A really small one for this state.

"Hell, how may I help you?" The receptionist asked in a bored, down-felt voice. She sounded like a little kid that had never had a Christmas, and was bored of everyone telling her how wonderful and jolly Christmas was.

"We're looking for He-…Melvin Hex Brown," Amber corrected herself.

"I'm sorry, but it's not visiting hours," she turned her attention to a magazine.

"We are here on official business," Alex spoke up quickly. He held up his new badge, you know, like the ones that secret agents and spies have on TV shows. "We need to speak to Melvin Hex Brown."

"He's always wanted to do that," I whispered to Li, who giggled. Alex heard, and turned around to give me a dark look. That set Amber off, giggling.

"He's in Section C, ward 11," she checked on her computer. "Good luck getting him to speak. He hasn't uttered a word since his accident."

That was typical of Hex. Such a loner. Even when the situation's desperate, like now. I mean, as far as we knew, he'd been shot five times. And if he wasn't telling anyone, that could mean disaster.

"Thank you," Li said to the receptionist. She gave a brief smile, and turned back to her precious magazine. It was a knitting ladies thing. How odd. I was unaware that you could get knitting magazines - and who would want to buy one?

We hurried off. It just seemed like you're average hospital - everything was clean and squeaky, all the walls and floors white. I don't think I've ever seen a hospital in this state not like that. We entered the elevator, which was a small, eight person one. I've been in ones that hold twenty.

We found his ward easily. He was the only person in there, although there was four beds in total. As I said, a small hospital.

He didn't notice us as we came in. He was sitting there, staring into space, quiet oblivious to the rest of the world. He looked terrible. His brown hair was messy, and looked like it hadn't been washed in days. His green eyes were no longer bright, it was a sort of hollowed darker colour. He had deepened circles around his eyes - he no longer looked like…well, like Hex.

"Hex?" Amber asked gently. He looked up, startled, obviously not expecting us. And she rammed him into a bear hug.

"Let the man catch his breath, Amber," Alex grinned, also walking over. Li and I followed almost hesitantly, believing that Hex would be wanting his own space.

"What…what are you all doing here?" Hex asked, looking at us all. His voice was rusty, like a hinge on a door that hasn't been oiled. It sounded like the first time that he'd spoke in a few days.

"They decided to get some officers in to catch down you're brother," I told him. "We're your own personal bodyguards."

Hex snorted, "Is that good or bad? Carlos is dangerous - my family aren't the first people he's ever killed."

"Yeah, but no jobs too big for Alpha Force," Li grinned. "We've survived through a lot more than anyone in the SAS ever has - trust me."

"When you didn't come into work we knew something was wrong," Amber looked at him. "And how right we were. Mr Rancho didn't explain anything, just said you'd meet us here."

"So, Hex, are you hurting anywhere?" I asked, turning into medic mode. "Where were you shot?"

"Five times to the arm," Hex winced. "I can't feel anything now, mainly because they've had to…well, create it into one big wound."

"What d'you mean by that?" Alex asked, frowning.

"I had a lot of infection in my arm," Hex explained. "Because all the shots were relatively near by, they stopped the circulation." He hesitated. "And, well…" He pulled his t-shirt down. "They had to amputate my arm."

I wasn't the only one of us that couldn't help but stare. Li gasped and stepped back, and Amber flew her hand to her mouth. It was a really strange sight. His arm had been cut of at his shoulder, but a flab of his skin had been stitched back, making it look almost natural. You couldn't see any bone or anything.

"Oh my god…" Amber whispered.

"Wow…" Li agreed.

"What about you're job?" Alex asked, getting to the important part.

"I'm keeping my job," Hex assured him. "I've got the permission." Amber and Alex threw a relieved glance at each other, but both for different reasons.

"So, Hex, how did this happen?" I asked, looking at my amigo. "How did you get shot?"

"I…I walked into my house, three days ago," Hex turned away. "I'd just had this big argument with my parents about this job. When I went in, Carlos…he'd shot my parents and Ben, my little brother. He had the gun in his hand. And then…he shot Mandy in the heart. And he was grinning…S-she di-died instantly…" Hex's voice started shaking, mottled with tears. "And then he shot me."

Amber put an arm around Hex, and he burrowed into her chest, sobbing.

"The police came," Hex continued. "My neighbour had heard some gunshots. Carlos got away…I was told that night that he'd got my cousins and aunties. Then my uncles and grandparents…" He tried to stifle a sob. "I've been here ever since."

We all stood in silence for a few minutes. Than Amber spoke up.

"Don't worry, Hex," She said, sounding confident. "We'll catch him."

And at that second, a gunshot boomed from outside.

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