The stakes are high for our favorite bad girl, Bella Swan, as she takes on a challenging bet from her closest friends. How much will it take for Bella to turn Prudeward into a member of the Dark Side? Follow our favorite characters as their lives intertwine and mold into a new and beautiful relationship. AU/AH Lemons Definitely some OOC. A collaboration between Luvrofink and Chartwilightmom. Beta'd by Linsadair.

A/N by Luvrofink: EPOV will be written by me and Chartwilightmom will take Bella's. Be sure to put us both on alert so you don't miss the updates. This is our first collab together (my first at all) and we'd love to hear your thoughts. Enjoy!

Chapter One: The Good Boy Edward: This Is Where the War Begins

I was an upstanding, respectful, young man. My father taught me to always be polite and to be respectful toward ladies. Isabella, however, wasn't a fucking lady. She was a hot fiery bitch that was born out of the depths of hell to torment me. Not only was her snarky attitude annoying as all get out but she was my competition for Valedictorian and she was the hottest, sexiest female I had ever seen. I hated her, everything she stood for but that didn't stop me from looking at her tits every chance I got. My father and mother would be appalled if they knew the lewd fantasies I had about Satan's Mistress.

It was the first day back from Christmas break and that meant new classes. I was sure we'd have some of the same but I was blown away when she plopped down next to me. Her fingers flicked her hair behind her ear revealing the industrial piercing she had. I could also see the first hints of a tattoo that was behind her ear. It looked like a bumble bee. The stripes of black and yellow stood out from her pale skin. Shit, that was fucking hot.

As if God himself was laughing at me, Mr. Banner paired us up for a Physics project. It was a joke. If he put the two of us on a project together and we didn't kill each other first, the curve would definitely not be in everyone else's favor. Not only was I paired with the Demon Bitch, but she fucking blew me off. I had no idea how she got the grades she did with her work ethic. Since she wanted to be nasty and ditch her responsibilities I decided I'd go down to her father's shop where everyone knew she'd be.

I had tried to reason with her outside of the school but as soon as she saw me leaning on her bike, I was sure I'd lost any hope of being civil with her. Could the girl be any hotter? Not only was she an icy bitch but she also rode with that fine piece of homemade machine between her thighs all roaring and purring to life. Her hair flowed gently from under her skull cap helmet as she zipped up her black leather jacket. I watched her drive off, once again adjusting the party in my pants.

Charlie Swan was one of those mother fuckers that you did not fuck with. I swear he could have had Tyler Durden and Hitler pissing their pants. He owned the only car dealership/auto shop in town that housed a group of misfits.

First there was the beautiful and dangerous Rosalie Hale. She was a blonde bombshell in tight leather that could rework an engine blindfolded. She was in her early twenties and ran the auto shop like a tight ship.

Next on the band of grease monkeys was her younger brother, Jasper Hale. He was the strong silent type, a James Dean of our time. He wore a worn leather jacket with jeans that were cuffed at the bottom. His hair was long but slicked back and he always had a smoke behind his ear. If I wasn't scared he'd knife me I'd call him a cliché.

Up next was Jacob Black. He was one of the Quileute that lived on the nearby reservation. He was tall and burly with long black hair. I cold imagine him on one of those romance novels with the wind blowing and his hair flying all over the place. Fucker always made sure to take his shirt off when the garage door was up and open to the public. He was by far Bella's number one accomplice.

There was one more, a tiny little thing name Alice Brandon. She was the least scary of Bella's Army of Darkness. Her fashion sense was insane and she always had some made up outfit on that would rival any of those freaks on Project Runway. Her black spiky hair was only one of the things that made her stand out in the crowd.

I decided that I'd swallow the irrational fear of being killed and made my way into the dealership. I was in the market for a new car. My dad promised that if I won the debate finals that I'd get a new car. I had driven his old Volvo for awhile and since I took good care of it he felt that I was ready for something a little nicer. Charlie Swan had all types of vehicles on his lot but he specialized in restoration and classic cars. Once on the lot I was engulfed in a sea of testosterone as I homed in on my dream car. Sitting across the lot was a 1967 Camaro SS. It was a soft cream color, hard top, with black interior. She was beautiful.

"Nice pick, son," the Charlie bellowed out from behind me.

I turned to see him in a tailored suit, blue with a white shirt. He looked a lot more normal than he really was. Charlie was an abrasive, mean son of a bitch when he wanted to be. Today though, he was good ol' Charlie, car salesman.

"Yeah, she's beautiful," I said as I turned to shake his hand.

His palm pressed against mine and his grip was firm. The roughness of his hands reminded me that he was one tough mother effer that I didn't want to be on the wrong side of.

"My dad's thinking about letting me get a new ride. I've got some money to put down and I wanted to take a look at what you got. And, uh, Isabella and I have a project to do in Physics that I needed to talk to her about," I said as he released my hand.

"A project, huh?" he asked as he rubbed the scruff on his chin.

"Well, you're lucky to be paired up, she'd give any other student a run for their money," he stated proudly.

I wanted to sneer at him and tell him that as of last semester I was ahead by .2 points. My class load was a little more trying than Isabella's shop and art electives. Instead I just gave him a winning smile and asked him if I could look under the hood of my soon to be car.

Charlie was eager to show me the Camaro. He pointed out all the spec from the 450 horsepower engine to the aftermarket shifter inside. When we were through he directed me toward the back of the lot where I could see Bella's band of rejects hanging out near the open garage. I took slow steps and tried my best to calm my nerves. I had no reason to be nervous or afraid of all those misfit degenerates but my palms were sweaty none the less.

"Lookie what we got here!" Jacob bellowed as he grabbed a dirty rag to wipe his grease stained hands.

"What the hell does he want?" I heard Jasper grumble.

"I'm here to see Isabella," I stated firmly, looking past them all at Bella who sat on one of the red stools.

"Isabella?"Jacob mocked as he stepped into my line of sight.

"Bella, Isabella, whatever," I shrugged in nonchalance.

I didn't like Jacob and he didn't like me. His dad was the chief of police and he got away with everything. If that wasn't corruption I don't know what is. I had it on good authority that he was one of the kids who spray painted my dad's car. The rez kids didn't like it that my dad was backing a lawsuit that accused the tribe of laundering money a few years back when we first moved here.

"Bells, Masen's here to see you," he shouted a little too loudly and I cringed at the volume of his voice.

He was one brute mother fucker.

"Tell him I'm not available," she titled the stool so that she could smirk at me from behind Jacob.

"Should I schedule an appointment?" I bit back.

Bella slid off the stool like a snake and sauntered over to where we stood. Her Bite Me t-shirt hugged her perky breasts and I couldn't help but noticed the way they bounced. She always wore some kind of tight ass pants but these were fucking leather and I knew she had to have Rose or Alice pour her into them in the morning. As I stared at her thighs I momentarily had a vision of what it would be like to peel those pants off of her, after I gagged her smart mouth of course.

"I've got shit to do, Eddie, so if you please," she motioned for me to step out into the parking lot.

I followed the sway of her hips until we were out onto the cement surface. The sun was out and it shone in the highlights of her hair. Being this close to her I could make out the different shades of chocolate and mahogany as her hair shifted in the light.

"Well, I was thinking that we could agree on a subject matter and then take different parts to work on. That way we won't have to spend too much time together. I think we'd both agree that would be best," I explained as I tried to hide the way she made me hard by licking her plump lips.

"If you didn't hear Banner, he said we had to do everything equal. So, it looks like we'll have to spend a lot of quality time with each other," she smirked.

Fuck. I had missed that part.

"Then we need to find a time that would work best," I suggested.

"Well, I'm free on Tuesday nights," she sighed as she looked at her black painted nails.

"I volunteer at the hospital on Tuesday nights," I countered.

"Well, change your schedule," she spat.

"No. I go and see sick kids, Isabella. I'm not going to change my night. They look forward to my visits," I growled.

"Look forward to what? For you to bore them enough for them to be able to go to sleep?" she barked out a laugh.

"For your information, I play the piano and my guitar for them. Not that what I do is any of your business. And I am not boring," I spat angrily.

"Oh, excuse me, Mr. Candy Stripe. Do they make you wear that cute little red and white dress? I bet it looks great with your skin tine, she snarled.

"Whatever, Isabella. Pick a different day," I told her.

"Fine, what about Sunday afternoon? Maybe after good little Eddie goes to church?" she teased.

"Fine," I spit back.

"Good, now run along home. Don't wanna keep mommy dearest waiting with dinner," she shooed me away as she turned to leave.

I walked quickly back to my car and once I was shut inside I let out a loud roar of frustration. The girl was insane. She was the meanest, most vile woman I had ever met. I didn't want to do the project with her and I didn't want to have to spend time with her. As I sat there trying to cool down my temper I realized that my cock was so fucking hard in my slacks.

Fucking traitor.

I groaned as I palmed my dick trying to move it so that I'd be more comfortable to drive. The speed I used to get home was beyond legal and I was thankful that I made it home without Chief Black stopping me. I raced up the stairs after a quick hello to my mother before hopping into the shower where I knew no one could hear what was about to happen. I leaned my forehead against the shower wall, the tile cool underneath my heated skin as I fisted my cock with my right hand. As I stood under the hot spray, I reverted back to my favorite fantasy; Bella on her knees in the shower with me. I imagined her dark hair wet and tangled as she kneeled naked in front of me. Her big doe eyes looking up at me from those long, painted lashes.

"Now that I'm down here what are you going to do?" she taunts as I stroke my cock in front of her face.

"You're real chatty ya' know that? It gets a little old listening to your fucking mouth," I growl as I press the head of my cock to her lips.

Bella opens her mouth and I let my cock slide into her mouth. Bella's all to eager to give me what I want as she wraps her arms around my thighs and plunged her mouth further down onto me. Her throat, fuck, her throat clenched around my cock as my hands went into her hair I used the thick strands to hold onto as I fucked her mouth slowly letting my dick come almost all the way out before pushing back in.

"Ugh, suck it harder, baby," I groan as I use my thumb to rub across the head as I imagine it's Bella's lips.

As I imagine her looking up at me, cock in her mouth and eyes glinting with lust I come hard, spurts of my release shooting onto the tile wall in front of me. On shaky legs I finish my shower and dress in some comfortable clothes before padding downstairs to help my mother with dinner.

"Hey, honey, how was school?" my other asks as my father enters from the garage.

"Good, except I have a project to do with Isabella Swan," I groan before stealing a piece of my mother's home made bread.

"The Swan girl? She's a criminal, you need to stay away from that one," my father grunted as he set down his leather briefcase.

I watched as he kissed my mother's temple as she readied the roast she made. We made small talk throughout dinner and I promised I'd be home before eleven. The ride to the concert hall was about an hour away. I had a time slot for two hours that I used to compose and record, hopeful that one day my musical talent would pay off. Sure, I wanted to go to college for something more practical, my father was hoping on law, but I loved music. I truly hoped that one day I'd be able to compose for a living or at least on the side. No one knew about my dream and I liked it that way. I couldn't afford to have someone tell my parents or for the kids at school to have one more thing to sneer at me about. I was considered the golden boy; I made good grades and did what I was told. That's why Bella and her lackeys hated me. They were jealous and immature. They didn't understand that life was what you made it and I was doing my damndest to get the hell out of Forks.