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Notes: This was written sometime in 2007. It's incomplete, sort of. I'd intended it to be longer, but I couldn't figure out what to do with it and so it's been sitting in my WIP folder for years. If I ever had a plan for it, it's forgotten now. I've finally decided just to post it as it is--because while it's an incomplete story, it's not an incomplete moment.

Lazy Morning

Ashley had been caught by surprise the first time she'd seen rain fall on KO-35. In the midst of something of a culture shock, she hadn't expected anyhing so... familiar. Mild amusement had been Andros's reaction, but she knew that he understood.

She'd grown used to the idea, and then tired of it. It had rained more on KO-35 in the last month than it had rained in Angel Grove in a year. Ashley didn't mind a shower or two, but she missed the sunshine and the outdoors.

Andros's fingers brushed her cheek, and she smiled. Okay, so there were some perks. Like hot chocolate and warm pajamas and staying in bed all morning snuggling her new husband.

"What are you thinking about?"

He raised an eyebrow when her lips curved up into a smile. She shook her head, laughing softly before she kissed him. "That's my question," she murmured.

"You can have it back after you've answer it," he told her, amused.



"Silly." Still smiling, she caught his hand when it came near her face again. "I'm thinking of you."

"Good thoughts, then," he said.

His thumb idly stroked the back of her hand, and she giggled. "Maybe."

"Maybe?" he repeated. He shot her a look that she suspected was supposed to be a frown. It failed spectacularly. His mouth covered hers before she could tease him about it, and she leaned into him without a word.

"And now?" He kissed her again before she could answer.

"Mmm... yes." His breath was warm, his lips gentle on her cheeks, and her skin tingled. "Good thoughts."