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Desired Kisses – HSM2

Chapter One – Post "What Time Is It?"

Swinging the door to her locker open, Gabriella couldn't help the small smile that graced her lips at the thought of the summer vacation that had finally arrived – and the thoughts of spending the next eight or so weeks with her friends…and her boyfriend.

She didn't even try to suppress the glowing surge she felt course through her body at that mere thought. Grinning giddily, Gabriella couldn't help but think: I've actually got a boyfriend to spend a summer with…

Shortly after the triple win that fateful Friday afternoon, Troy Bolton had approached her on the rooftop garden wearing a hesitant expression on his face as he carried two pink flowers. Accompanied with the flowers was a nervous request for her to be his girlfriend, and as a reply, Gabriella had launched herself into his arms, her cheeks painted a soft pink as she felt him kiss her cheek delightedly before tucking the flowers into her hair.

And now, not only did she get to spend her summer with said boyfriend, but this was the first time that she'd be in one place for an entire summer. There would be no packing this summer, nor would there be moving houses or leaving friends. She was staying.

Standing on her tiptoes to reach for something at the back of the top shelf in her locker, the sudden presence behind her accompanied with the voice that made her knees trembled appeared and Gabriella fell to the soles of her feet, her smile widening.

"Your summer activities consultant has arrived," he informed her teasingly, leaning against the locker next to hers in a pose Gabriella was sure he didn't know was sexy.

"Hopefully some of those activities will include a job," she murmured glumly, her smile wavering slightly. Despite being excited about lounging around and wanting to do nothing, Gabriella was in pursuit of a summer job, knowing full well just how expensive universities would be come the end of her senior year – and she did not want to have to rely on her mom to pay for all of the tuition fees.

"Hey," Troy's affectionate voice brought her from her thoughts, and she looked up. "As long as we're together, everything's cool, right?"

Gabriella smiled cutely, "You promise?"

Troy nodded in response as he said, "Here's my promise," before gently turning her body away from his and coming to stand behind her back.

Gabriella smiled confusedly, ignorant of the hesitant expression on Troy's face behind her back, and as a necklace suddenly appeared, dangling in front of her vision before coming to rest around her neck, she inhaled a gasp, looking down at the silver 'T' that was glinting softly against her skin. Just as she lifted her fingers to brush against the pendant, Taylor and Chad emerged from around the corner, closely followed by the rest of their friends – but upon seeing the sight in front of them, they came to a halt, Taylor's mouth opening in a silent gasp.

Ignorant of their friends' obtrusive stare, Gabriella turned to Troy, her smile bright and adoring. "T as in Troy?" She asked, her voice laced with a gentle disbelief that had Troy flushing slightly, shifting on his feet nervously.

"Well, I…yeah," he stammered out, but the radiant smile that graced Gabriella's lips reassured him that he'd made the right decision in surprising her. Gabriella gave a soft giggle as she tangled their fingers together, her liquid brown eyes gazing up at him.

Troy froze then, unsure of what to do next. Should he kiss her? The two of them had yet to share their first kiss – and Troy wondered whether kissing Gabriella in the middle of a busy hallway in front of all their friends and other spectators no doubt, would be the most romantic first kiss for them. After all, it was meant to be special.

But as he watched her bite her bottom lip nervously and her gentle grip on his hands became tighter, Troy knew right then that he had to do it. He'd been craving to do it since that day in the gym when they'd come so close only to be interrupted by none other than Chad Danforth and his crazy afro.

Eyes fluttering closed, Gabriella leant up, her fingers gripping Troy's, using his strength as her own vice. Ignoring the swarm of butterflies in her stomach, she reached up onto her tiptoes just at the right time as Troy leant down, their lips melting together softly in a perfect first kiss. Gabriella jolted slightly at the feeling of Troy's soft lips moving tentatively against her own; it was something she'd never experienced before yet it brought a wondrous tingling sensation that she could feel flooding throughout her body, right down to her toes.

Breaking apart with the softest of sounds, their eyes fluttered opened and locked in a dazed expression, coy smiles curving on their lips. There was a stunned silence behind them, and Troy lifted his gaze from Gabriella's to look at the group of friends standing there, wearing shocked expressions. After a brief moment of excited glances being exchanged amongst the group of spectators, Chad cleared his throat.

"We're…gonna go," he said sheepishly, pointing towards the exit.

Troy grinned and stepped closer to Gabriella. "We'll catch up," he said and rolled his eyes at Chad's snort.

"Whatever. Later, Hoops." Chad beckoned the rest to follow before sweeping down the hall, hollering as he did so.

Gabriella looked up in time to see Taylor give her the thumbs up and wide smile before she ducked her head, her cheeks pink, into Troy's chest. A gentle stroking to her cheek had Gabriella lifting her head and her gaze once again locked with Troy's eyes, and she could detect a hint of worry hidden the cerulean depths.

"You okay?" He murmured, his fingers slipping to fiddle with the 'T' pendant that was settled against just below her neck.

Gabriella blushed again before linking their hands and reaching up to his level again. Her smile answered his question and Troy lifted a hand to tilt her chin upwards so that he could capture her lips carefully in another kiss.

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