Title: Harry Snape And The Goblet Of Fire

Rating: K

Summary: This is the sequel to Harry Snape And The Prisoner of Azkaban. Harry Snape enters his fourth year with the school hosting a grand tournament and Harry finds danger in every corner.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Harry Potter characters but I do like to play with them.

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To David Fishwick: This is the first chapter of the sequel and I hope that you like this one as well.

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Chapter 1: The House

Harry Snape was busy working on his homework, thankful that he wasn't going to be bothered. When he had come back from Kings Cross Station he half expected Uncle Vernon to start on him but he didn't and now Harry was in the kitchen working on his Charms homework while Dudley looked upset about something.

"What is the point of doing your homework down here?" he asked.

Harry looked up from what he was doing. "So it gets done and I don't get into trouble," Harry told him, thinking about the wonderful excuse that Malfoy would love to have to give detention to Harry until he graduated.

"Well you're making a mess," Dudley said, pointing to the scraps of paper.

Harry rolled his eyes. "I'm not making a mess, their notes," Harry told him and then returned to his work.

Later that night Harry read another letter that he had gotten from his Godfather. A few weeks ago he had no idea that he had a Godfather and thankfully Peter had been caught and was serving time without a soul. James had been good friend of his father and had allowed Harry to stay with him once his month was over. To Harry it couldn't come soon enough for his taste.

That night Harry dreamed of a figure in the forest. It was moaning and crying out. Harry could feel the evil coming from it and that's when he woke up. He looked around, gasping for air, and when he noticed that nothing was in the room he got up and opened the window.

The air felt a lot better then the air in the dream had been and as he sat there, enjoying it, he thought about what had happened. Harry knew that he was no longer connected to Voldemort so why was he having dreams? He was sure that it was Voldemort that he was dreaming about but why? He closed the window and decided to write to his Godfather.

The next morning he woke up to an owl from Hermione, the girl that he really, really, liked. He opened it and read:

Dear Harry,

I've decided to go to the Quidditch World Cup, even though you know that the game isn't really for me. I'm staying with my parents right now but I will be here when you get to your Godfather's house. I'm looking forward to seeing you again.

With love from,


"Got a letter from your girlfriend?" said the teasing voice of Dudley.

Harry quickly put the letter away and faced him.

"And you got a problem with that?" Harry asked him.

"Yeah, I do," Dudley said and advanced on him.

"That's enough!" said the voice of Aunt Petunia.

Dudley looked like he wanted to protest but he left Harry's room. Aunt Petunia gave Harry a look and then vanished.

Harry didn't hear much from his Godfather for the next few days. He got a invite from Mrs. Weasley to come and visit the clan but Harry was spending his summer with his Godfather and told them "No." He wondered if Mrs. Weasley would be alright with that.

"So how was the school?" Harry asked Aunt Petunia during breakfast.

"It was great," Aunt Petunia answered, her eyes glittering, "There were tons of people that developed magic later in life and they were doing it just as well as those that had gone early on."

"I'm glad that you had a good time," Harry said.

"Thanks and thanks for the gift that you gave me for Christmas," Aunt Petunia said.

"What gift?" Uncle Vernon asked.

"Nothing, I already used it," Aunt Petunia told him.

Harry knew that she hadn't but she wouldn't tell him that.

"Well I don't like the fact the boy is allowing you to do this," Uncle Vernon said, "I mean, you're being allowed to become a freak."

"Well I like it," Harry said, "And if Aunt Petunia likes it then I'll continue to let her do it."

Uncle Vernon glared at him and Harry decided to hurry up with his breakfast as he didn't want to push Uncle Vernon any further.

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