Title: Harry Snape And The Goblet Of Fire

Rating: K

Summary: This is the sequel to Harry Snape And The Prisoner of Azkaban. Harry Snape enters his fourth year with the school hosting a grand tournament and Harry finds danger around every corner.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Harry Potter characters but I do like to play with them.

Chapter 10: Mayhem at the Ministry

For the next couple of weeks reports were coming in about what had happened at the Quidditch World Cup and how the Ministry wasn't doing anything about it. James made a comment about this.

"This isn't going to look good for anyone if they fail to prove that the Death Eaters that managed to get out of Azkaban hadn't been caught."

"Do you think that they'll be caught," Harry asked.

"I hope so," James said, "The last thing we need is more people dying."

"Yeah, just like my parents," Harry said.

James put a hand on Harry's shoulder, "Look, nothing is going to happen. I know that your parents would want you to be brave."

"I know that but it hurts," Harry said, "I mean, those Muggles weren't doing anything to anyone."

"I know that and sometimes bad things happen to very good people," James said, "But we have to continue to fight against those that wish people like those Muggles harm."

Harry knew that James was right but right now he wished that his parents were around.

"More trouble for the Ministry," McGonagall said, reading the paper.

"And what's worse is that Harry saw it," Dumbledore said, "Harry had Hufflepuff loyalty but sometimes Gryffindor bravery."

"And Slytherin cunning," McGonagall added and Dumbledore nodded.

"What gets me is that the Ministry isn't connecting the dots. With Bertha disappearing and the Dark Mark appearing you would think they would figure it out."

"Albus, I've got a bad feeling about this," McGonagall said.

"I know, me too," Dumbledore said, "Me too."

McGonagall left the Headmaster's office and headed to her own. She knew that Dumbledore being worried was something to worry about and she wondered how in the world Harry was going to handle this coming term. When Dumbledore told her that the Tri-Wizard Tournament was coming she knew that it spelled trouble for everyone.

When she got back to her office she pulled out a sheet of parchment and wrote to Sirius.

"Alright, what's going on here?" Harry asked a week after James had said those words to him.

James was busy drinking some coffee and looked at him, "What are you talking about?"

"Their talking about this big thing going on at Hogwarts," Harry said.

"No clue what your talking about," James said and Harry crossed his arms, "Honestly, I don't know."

"I'll find out," Harry boldly said.

James rolled his eyes and Harry left.

Note: James doesn't know what's going on, though Harry thinks he does. Sorry about the short chapter but I wanted to post something.