*Renesmee's POV*

I ran as fast as I could. Nahuel couldn't have gotten far. He couldn't have left me. We should be able to get through anything together. Why would he leave me?

My tears were clouding my vision and it was making it hard for me to see where I was going. I tripped a few times, but quickly got to my feet and pushed myself forward again.

"Nahuel?" I called out as loud as I could.


I stumbled forward when the voice answered me. Strong arms caught me before I could fall on my face. It wasn't the scent I wanted. Or the arms.

Uncle Emmett locked his arms around me, trying to comfort me.

"No!" I sobbed, punching at his stone chest. His comfort only meant Nahuel was gone. I didn't want to be comforted. I needed to keep moving. To keep running. Nahuel wasn't that much faster than me.

Uncle Emmett's arms tightened around me. My struggles weren't doing anything to him, but my hands hurt.

"Please," I begged. "Let me go. I have to go."

"Jasper," Uncle Emmett whispered.

Just as he said his name, my entire body relaxed. I slumped into Uncle Emmett's arms, weak and tired.

"She okay?" I heard Masen say breathlessly.

"What are you doing out here?"

"Grandma and Grandpa sent me."

"She's fine," Uncle Emmett lifted me into his arms with ease. I laid my head against his shoulder, too tired to hold it up.

"Take her back, I'm going to see if I can follow their trail." Uncle Jasper patted my arm and turned to run in the opposite direction we were walking in.

"I'm going with him." Masen said quickly, kissed my cheek and ran away.

With Uncle Jasper gone, my calmness disappeared. The tears began to flow again and I kicked my feet. I wanted to go with Uncle Jasper and Masen.

"Put me down!" I screamed.

Uncle Emmett didn't seem to be struggling to hold on to me nearly as much as I was struggling for him to let me go.

"What's wrong with her?" My dad demanded when Uncle Emmett walked into the yard with me screaming and flailing my arms and legs.

"Nahuel's gone. She ran after him. Jasper and Masen are following their trail."

My dad paused, his arms half outstretched to take me into his arms. His face hardened when he looked at Uncle Emmett. "You let him out of the house?"

Uncle Emmett shook his head. "No, bro, Esme and Carlisle did."

"My dad sighed heavily and continued to reach for me."

"No, no!" I squeaked. "Let me go!"

"Honey, you need to calm down." His hands wrapped around my upper arms.

I shoved as hard as I could against his chest. "I need to go."

"No you don't." He said softly, tightening his grip slightly.

Uncle Emmett let me go when my dad's arms were secure around me.

Since he has my upper body, my legs moved, trying to run as they swung helplessly in the air.

"Please, dad." I sobbed. My arms and legs went limp. I had to give up. I was exhausted.

"It's not worth it, baby. He's gone. He's nothing but a spineless coward. You don't need him."

"I want mom." I choked out.

"She's coming behind me. She wanted to make sure Shelby was keeping her mouth shut."

Just as he finished his sentence I heard her faint voice as she called out for me. She could hear my sobs. I tried to quiet them so I wouldn't startle her.

"She's fine, love." My dad called over his shoulder.

"What happened?" Her words were rushed as she darted over towards us.

My dad let me go just as I reached for my mom at the same time her arms stretched out for me.

"He's gone! He just left! He's gone! Gone." I sobbed over and over again, drenching her shirt with my tears.

"Who?" She patted my pack.

I heard two other heartbeats standing behind my mom. Jacob and Seth came back with her. I could hear Jacob growl and his paws were thudding fast on the ground as he ran in the direction where Uncle Emmett brought me back.

"He's gone." I whispered.

"Oh, what the hell!" My mom hissed. "Edward, go after them." I peeked out from my mom's shirt and saw her pointing towards where Jacob and Seth disappeared.

"I think they're fine."

"I meant for Nahuel's sake. You know Jacob won't actually bring him back, right?"

"Yeah, and?"

I smiled slightly at that. I remembered that Jacob only cared about my happiness. Unlike Nahuel.

"Edward, please." She muttered.

He sighed and leaned forward to kiss her lips, then my forehead. "Emmett," he said and they both took off running.

"Come on," My mom put her arms around me, supporting my weight as she brought me inside.

"You poor thing!" My aunts were there to claim me, but I clung to my mom. They settled on stroking my face and hair instead.

"Wait…" my mom trailed off as she sniffed the air. A growl rumbled deep in her chest. "Where's my son?"

"Now, Bella," My grandpa started and her growl got louder. "It was my idea. He went to help your brothers look for Huilen and Nahuel."

"Emmett was just outside! That left only Jasper to restrain him if needed?"

"Now you know as well as I do, that Jasper is more than capable of doing just that."

My mom grunted. Grandpa was right. I heard about the war stories.

I was led over to the couch and laid down with my head on my mom's lap.

"What happened with Shelby?"

"She's keeping quiet. She actually told the police that he fell down the stairs. Edward said she protected Masen hoping it would win him back." She snorted and cussed her name under her breath.

My grandpa cleared his throat, my aunts chuckled, and my grandma shifted uncomfortably. I raised my eyebrows at my mom's choice of words. She's never sworn in front of me, and by the looks of it, in front of the rest of the family either.

The guys piled through the door. My mom relaxed when my dad had a hold on Masen.

"Did you find him?" I asked, looking over the small group of men. Then swept my eyes across them once more.

"No, baby, they're gone."

Masen and Jacob wore identical faces. A mask of hate I've never seen them wear before. Jacob was pale, his skin tone lacked the russet color it always shown. His eyes held mine, but I was looking past his eyes, seeing his heart breaking as he looked at the sadness in my eyes. I suddenly wanted to comfort him. But the fierce tearing at my heart was too hard to ignore. I released his eyed and buried my face in my mom's stomach.