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Bella's P.O.V

When you talk to no one and stick to the shadows all the time, people stop noticing you completely. That doesn't bother me at all though, in fact, it helps me survive. When Charlie beats me so hard I can't stand, no one realises I'm missing from class. When he slaps me, when my face is a mass of blue and purple bruises, no one even bats an eyelash. If you asked someone who has had me in their class for the last however many years, if they know Bella Swan, they'll say 'who?'.

I am invisible, no one knows I even exist. I try to kill myself every fucking day. But every time I press the knife to my wrists or hold the bottle of pills to my lips, something stops me, a feeling that I need to be strong and hold on for just one more day, why? Because I'm meant for something more.

I, Isabella Swan, want out… I just can't find the exit.