Running Out Of Time.

Alice has been raped by her uncle ever since she was 11. She's the social outcast of the school and no one wants to talk to her. And then comes along Jasper, who carries a colourful past of himself. Even though Alice has been through so much, can she see what she's yet to gain? And can Jasper save Alice before it's too late?

It's estimated that one out of four people were abused as a child.

Many people deem child abuse as physical or sexually abusing a child. But I think it's lowering a persons self esteem, may it be by hurtful words or physical punishment. And many people think that someone who abuses children are proverbial strangers with lollipops, but it can be anyone. Parents, uncles, even grandparents. 80% of abusers are close to the child. Child abuse is far more likely to happen at home rather than on the streets, because your close to the child. You don't have to wait until they're coming out at night, you can see them anytime you want. It's less suspicious. People would start to catch on if a stranger came in your house while your on your own, but if someone the area knew as a friendly face came in they would let it blow past.

Abusing a child ruins their life. It ruins their childhood and their adulthood. They have to live with the horrifying memories every second of the day. You can discard clothes and luggage but you can't remove a memory, especially a bad one. And over 50% of prison inmates were abused as a kid.

Being abused limits your freedom. When your abused, there's no way out. You can run and run but you can't hide. You can't hide from the memories or the constant fear. Every person holds their own torch, and it's their decision to do what they like with it. And when someone blows out the flame, it's shuts you off completely. Identity and Dignity are two most precious gifts ever given that are took for granted. When a person's abused, those two gifts are taken away and it's hard to get them back.

29 children and teenagers are killed everyday through child abuse in just New York alone. Add up all the other states, and countries of the world, how many kids are dying? Hundreds? Thousands? Dying's not scary, but living is.

My names Mary Alice Brandon, but I prefer just plain old Alice. My friends call me Alie, not that I have many. I'm 17 and will be turning 18 in two months, as soon as I do, I'm leaving far, far away from Forks. I got shipped here after my parents died in a freak accident when I was 10. Now I live with my Auntie Jam and my Uncle Bill, although calling him something related with me makes me sick to my stomach. Auntie Jam's amazing, she was real close to my mom and when she died it killed her. Apparently her last promise to mom was that she would protect me from anything. If only she knew the truth. Uncle Bill's not like Auntie Jam. Not at all.

I hate Uncle Bill. I hate his face, I hate his personality, I hate what he does to me.

Since I was 11 Uncle Bill abused me. That's the day my life ended and hell began. The gut reaching, wanting-to-commit-suicide kind of feeling. I've tried it, committing suicide. Each time I was caught. I can't escape, at all. That's not the worse part. The part that's worst is knowing he's breaking me down, every day. I used to be happy, I used to like life, I used to want to live. All I can think about is Bill, and not in a good way.

Pretty shit, but an intro. Just to say before, there's not going to be any lemons, I'm fourteen. All of these facts were true, apart from the New York one. I'm expecting at least five reviews or I won't update;]