Chapter 12

Things for Alice were getting significantly better ever since Jasper came around to her house two weeks ago. Bill was up to his neck in paper work and everything, so he didn't bother her. Infact, he hardly saw her at all. Even at the dinner table he was reading over letters or paperwork. People at school hasn't said anything to/about her either, which surprised Alice. Lauren and Jessica hated Alice, with a passion. Alice just couldn't understand why they were leaving her alone. Perhaps Bella had said something to them about leaving her alone. Alice was doing okay, for once in her life. She felt…good about herself, she was happy. Less alone.

Alice didn't know why she felt the way she did. Ever since Jasper came round she was feeling better, she actually enjoyed life, for a change. She didn't want to constantly crawl into a deep dark hole and die. This is what confused Alice the most. Why did Jasper make her feel this way? Why, because of him, why did she not feel like shit? Why? These questions were what kept Alice up most nights. It just confused the fuck out of her.

Jasper was also very confused. Ever since his time with Alice, he was also feeling different. Whenever he was in the streets, or in school, or anywhere, he didn't look at girls. Well, of course he looked at them, but he never really looked at them. He didn't notice things about them, he just saw them. He didn't feel a need to notice girls anyway, he felt…content, somehow. However, whenever he saw Alice, he couldn't help but notice everything about her. The cute dimples she gets when she smiles or laughs, how timid and quiet she can be, how truly beautiful she is. Jasper had never called a girl beautiful before, 'hot' or 'banging' were often words he used to describe girls he hooked up with, never beautiful. And he hadn't even hooked up with Alice. Whenever Alice was around, Jasper felt safer. More…complete. He didn't understand this either. How could one girl make him feel so much? These questions also kept Jasper up many nights as well. He just didn't understand why.

It was reasonably sunny, for a change in the cold, wet town of Forks and it was also a Friday, double bonus. Because of these two factors, it made Bella suggest a trip up to La Push beach after school. Everyone agreed, even Alice. Whenever they did things as a group, Alice would always back out. Before her sudden burst of average confidence, she never socialized. Ever. In school and out. But today she felt like doing something other than studying or crying. She agreed, which shocked the rest of the group slightly, but no one mentioned it. They liked this Alice, normal Alice and they didn't want to jinx it by mentioning something not worth of mention. Jasper also agreed, he liked having a set of normal friends who didn't indulge in drugs or violence every night. He liked having a good time without wrecking your body regularly. The fact that Alice was attending made him want to go even more, somehow.

"So, it's settled, we're all going to go La Push around…say…six?" Bella suggested, looking around the table to see if anyone disagreed. Everybody nodded to show that they agreed with the times and Bella smiled. "Okay, so where shall we all meet?"

"Should we just meet at the beach? Jaspers new and won't know anywhere in La Push. They beach is relatively easy to find." Emmett suggested, looking towards Jasper to see if he wished that. Jasper smiled and nodded. Jasper was grateful of Emmett for this, he didn't want to disrupt anybodies plans by saying he couldn't find the place where they were meeting.

"Do you think them annoying dogs will be there?" Rosalie spat as she ate her salad. Rosalie refers the local boys who regularly hang out there as 'dogs'. She hated them, only because last time she was there one of the boys had spilt sauce on her brand new white top. The stain never did come out and neither will Rosalies hatred for them because of that.

Edward rolled his eyes. "Lighten up Rose, It was funny." Rosalie turned to his with the dirtiest look Alice had ever seen. Edward jokingly retreated with his hands up for surrender. This made everyone on the table, and eventually Rose, burst out laughing. Edward smirked and sat down.

"They didn't even pay for dry cleaning." Rose muttered sadly and looked down to her salad.

Bella rolled her eyes at Edward. "What a man I have." Edward mock glared at her and Bella mocked glared at him too. The mock glaring latest a couple of seconds before Edward smiled and put his arm around her and holding her hand in the same arm. Bella leant on his chest and smiled, unaware everyone was watching her. Some may call this annoying and soppy, but Alice found it utterly adorable. She wanted someone to rest her head on, someone to hold her hand. Suddenly Jasper popped up in her head. How did that happen, she thought confused as she continued to eat her lunch.

"Get a room." Emmett muttered but then whimpered as Rose hit his chest with a disapproving stare in his direction, Edward and Bella were too lost in each other too even notice his comment. Jasper laughed at Emmetts weakness. Emmett turned to his with her eyes wide. "The girl has rings! A man hurts sometimes!" That caused Jasper to laugh even more. "Shut up Whitlock! I could kick your ass anyday!" Rose spluttered laughing. Emmett turned to her. "What?"

"Like you could beat Jasper! You may be taller than him, but have you seen his arms?" The comment made Alice jealous, somehow. She knew Rose wouldn't do anything, as she loved Emmett. Why did the comment infuriate her so much?

Emmett spluttered, unable to find words. Jasper smirked and got up as the bell had just rung. Everyone dumped their rubbish into the bin and went off their separate ways to their lessons. Jasper waited for Alice to dispose of her rubbish like he always did. Alice smiled at him, silently thanking him for waiting with her. Jasper and Alice walked in silence. It was an uncomfortable silence either, it was a pleasant one. They never found a need to fill in the silence. They arrived at their lesson and started working as soon as they arrived. Occasionally they spoke, but not often. Silence was beautiful to them.

The lesson came and went pretty quickly. Time always did when they were together, whatever the activity was. Alice was glum for a while as it was the weekend and she wouldn't see Jasper for two more days but perked up when she realized she was seeing him again later on. Alice practically skipped to her car which made Jasper laugh.

"Someone's happy." He said as they finally reached Alices car. Jasper always walked Alice to her car and waited until she drove off before leaving the car lot. He didn't know why.

"Just excited. See you tonight." Alice sent one last smile in his direction before pulling out of the car lot. She couldn't wait for tonight. Her. Jasper. She promised herself she would never get in this deep. But she couldn't help it. She really couldn't.

Jasper stood there, his eyes following his car. He sighed and got into his own shitty car and ignited it. what had he got himself into. He cared for Alice. Like really cared for her. It got to the point where he'd jump in front of a car for her. He wasn't sure what he was feeling. Love? He Didn't know. He'd never felt this way about anyone before. He didn't know what love was. It was such a hard thing to describe, love. Love love love. What did it really mean? It was such an overused word. It meant nothing in todays society. Jasper meant nothing in todays society.

He drove home first instead of going to Alices. To get changed and maybe have a shower. His aunt wasn't in, thankfully. She was usually out shopping at this time of the day. Jasper dropped his bag and his jacket by the front door and stomped up the stairs into the bathroom. The hot water felt good against his skin. It released all the tension he had been holding in it before. He stayed in the shower for half an hour or so thinking. Nothing more, nothing less. He thought. A lot. Mostly about Alice. And tonight with her. What was going to happen? Were they going to do anything sexual? He wasn't sure. He Didn't want to force her into anything. Alice was different than most girls. She didn't show her boobs off at any given moment. She didn't play hard to get like most of the bitchy girls he knew. Alice was beautiful. Truly beautiful. Inside and out.

Jasper got dressed quickly and quickly ate something. He checked the clock in the kitchen. It was 5:45. shit he thought. He wanted to be at Alices by 5:30. He wasn't sure what time he had to be gone by, so he wanted to be sure to spend as much time with her as he possibly could. He got his car keys, $20 and his jacket and ran out to his car. It was overcast and looked like it was going to rain soon. no outdoor activitiesf then he thought as he drove to Alices.

Alice was quite scared. And excited. But mostly scared. She didn't know what to expect. What was going to happen? What should she wear? What should she do her hair like? Finally she settled on wearing a simple flowery dress with knee high socks and brown vintage brogues. Alice had a different style than any normal American teenage girl. Then again, Alice wasn't exactly your run of the mill average girl.

Alice sat on her window seat, looking out over the drive. It looked like it was about to rain. Urgh. Alice hated the rain. So much. She much preferred the sun. Everyone was much happier in the sun. Alice including.

Alice didn't know how long she was staring out of the window before she heard a car beep. It scared Alice slightly out of her daydream. She looked down and a large smile appeared on her face when she saw who the person was. She leapt off the window seat and ran downstairs. She didn't care how stupid she looked or felt. She just wanted to see Jasper.

She opened the front door to find Jasper there. He looked amazing. Even with slightly wet hair. He smiled. A smile which made Alices stomach jump. Jasper thought the exact same thing about Alice.

"Jasper." Alice breathed as she took in the full slight of him before her. Jasper smiled.

"Alice." Alice could hear a slight twinge of a southern accent in Jaspers voice. Was he from Texas? "I'm from the south." Alice was slightly taken back. How did he know what she was thinking? Did she accidentally say it out loud? Jasper laughed his beautiful laugh. "your face gives everything away."

Alice laughed nervously. "Okay, come in because you're scaring the shit out of me." Jasper laughed and stepped inside Alice's house and shut the door behind himself. He didn't know what to do. Should he take his shoes off? Hang his jacket up? What? Alice smiled at his confusion. "You can hang your jacket up" she nodded her head towards the fancy coat hanger rack, "and you can take your shoes off if you want, but you can keep them on." Jasper nodded and hung up his jacket. He didn't take off his shoes. Alice smiled once more at him before dancing off somewhere. Jasper smiled to himself at her cuteness and followed her.

He found her sitting on the giant leather sofa. Jasper was overwhelmed by her beauty. Alice looked up and gave him a confused look. "Why are you staring at me?" she asked with a raised eyebrow. Jasper had completely forgotten that he had been staring at her, awed by her appearance.

"No reason." he said as he walked to join her on the sofa. Alice switched the tv on and stared scrolling down the channels. Jasper watched her do this, completely okay with watching whatever she had chosen. Alice had settled on some mindless mtv program which Jasper was oblivious to.

They sat there for a few minutes in complete silence, the way they liked it. Well, silence until Alice looked at the clock and realized the time. "Shit!" She shouted as she jumped up. Jasper jumped up too, taking a protective stance in front of Alice. He wasn't aware she was swearing because of how late it was. "Jasper! The time! We were meant to be at the beach 15 minutes ago!" Jasper had completely lost track of time, but how couldn't he? Not when he was with Alice.

Alice ran out of the living room into the hallway they were in a short while ago and put on her shoes and grabbed a thick cardigan from the banister. Jasper did the same and put on his jacket as Alice opened the door. She groaned. "shit. Its raining." Alice was right. It was raining. Quite badly. Alice ran to her car and Jasper followed short. Jasper fucking loved Alices car.

By the time they had reached the car they were already drenched. Jasper looked out the window. The rain clouds had turned a vicious black. He was about to warn Alice, but she was already driving down the lane to La Push. This was going to be interesting.


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