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Chapter 1

Bloom was totally happy. She was lying in bed next to Sky. Just two weeks ago they married.

It was still very early in the morning and Sky was awakening as well. He turned around and looked Bloom in the eyes, he smiled and kissed her. She smiled as well and she kissed him back.

'Good morning my love, did you sleep well?' He asked her.

'I was awake for some time during the night, but apart from that I slept well.'

They got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast.

Bloom and Sky lived at the palace of Eraklyon, they were now king and queen.

'I have a surprise for you tonight' told Sky to Bloom, 'will you come this evening to the beach at 8 o'clock? Then we'll have diner and I give you a surprise.' He said.

'Oke' she answered, curious what the surprise was.

That evening she stood for her closet, trying to figure out what to wear. She couldn't wait to see the surprise. Eventually she picked out a blue dress which came to her knees. She put her new high heels on and she let her hair down.

She slowly walked out of the palace, enjoying the evening sun. She had to walk ten minutes through the forest to get to the beach.

She was halfway trough when she heard a noise behind her.

She quickly turned around to see what or who it was. She stared into the forest behind her, but she saw nothing. It must have been a bird or something, she thought.

She walked further along when suddenly something hit her head real hard form behind. Everything went black.