Slowly, Bloom woke up. At First everything was fuzzy, but fast she could see everything.

She was in a dark, small room. There was one little window, but there came no light through.

'It must be night', she thought.

'What am I doing here?' She asked herself. Slowly she remembered what happened.

She was very scared. Who had brought her her? What did they want with her?

'Sky must be so worried right now' , she thought.

'How long had I been unconscious?' She asked herself.

But of course she didn't know the answers.

She cried herself to sleep.


Sky had waited for Bloom for half an hour. When she didn't show up he went back to the palace to see if she was there.

But nobody had seen her there anymore. They told him that she left 45 minutes ago and she never got back.

Now Sky was really worried, where could she be?

He called the other Winx and asked if they knew where she was. Unfortunately none of them knew where she was.

Now they were very worried as well.

They all came to Eraklyon to help him search for her.

Sky had ordered half of the entire guard to go and search too.

The Winx and Specialists came and they searched and searched, but they didn't find Bloom.

It was already very late, so Sky gave the others a room in the palace and they went to bed.

Sky felt very sad and alone when he was lying in bed.

He loved Bloom so much, he wanted her back desperately.

He had to find her, he just had to.

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