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Chapter 3

Bloom woke up again. She was still I the room, but this time there came light through the tiny little window.

She also noticed that there was a plate with some food next to her. She was so hungry that she ate it all immediatley.

Bloom felt very week.

While she was eating she thought about who had brought her here.

Would she find out who it was soon?


Sky was so sad. They searched and searched, but they didn't find his love.

Nobody said something durin lunch. Everyone just looked at ther plate sad.

Sky looked at everyone, he started t get angry.

How could they be giving up hope?

He wouldn't stop looking for her until she was in his arms again.

'We cannot give up hope.' Sky said, breaking the silence.

'We have to keep looking!' he said fiercly.

Everyone was looking at him now.

'We want to find Bloom as much as you do Sky.' Stella said

'But where do you want us to look? We've searched everywhere!' Flora added.

'I agree that if she'd be on Eraklyon, we would have found her by now.' Sky answered.

'We must find out who did this to her.' He said.

'We have to go to the Alfea library. According to my calculations, it's most likely that we find out who the enemie is there.' Tecna said.

'Then we're going to Alfea!' Sky said.

They all went to the ship, got in and headed off for Alfea.

When they landed in Alfea, miss Faragonda came to greet them.

They told her what happened and if they could use the library to identify the enemie.

Ofcourse miss Faragond let them into the library.

There the Winx and Specialists started their search for the enemie.


Bloom was just staring at the door. She had already figured out that it was impossible to get out of her with magic.

So she didn't even bother trying.

Suddenly, she felt very dizzy, sick and still week.

Quickly she ran to the toilet in the tiny little room next to her.

She threw up several time's, she felt really sick.

She got to the other room, she was so exhausted that she fell asleep again.

When she woke up the next morning, she felt like she hadn't eaten in days.

She ate all the food on the plate, but she was still hungry.

She still felt dizzy and week.

After she threw up again, she realized it: She was pregnant!

She laid her hand on her stomach and she whispered: 'Oh my god!!

She felt very confused. Ofcourse she wanted to have children somday, but did she want a baby so soon?


They were now searching for hours, would they find the enemie?

Suddenly, Tecna said: 'Here, I found it, I found out who the enemie is!'

Everyone got to her immediatley.

'Who is it?' They all asked.

'His name is Baltor.' Tecna answered.

'This book says that he is our new enemie, he must have Bloom!!' Tecna said.

'Where does he live?' Sky asked.

'This book says that he lives on the planet Skax, it's really far away!' Tecna answered.

'That doesn't matter.' Sky said. 'Let's go!'

Everyone got back to the ship and they took off to Skax.


She was still thinking about her baby when suddenly the door went open and a strange man walked in.

'Who are you?' Bloom asked scared.

'Where and why have you taken me?' She asked again.

The man smiled evil. 'I am Baltor' he answered.

'And I want you powers.'

'You're never going to get them!' Bloom shouted, angry now.

'You don't have to worry about that, my dear. I may not be able to suck them out of you, but I cán suck your strenght out of you.

That is almost as good as your powers.

When I'm done with you, you don't have the strengt to use your powers for at least a month, I guess two.

I already sucked much out of you, you can't get in your enchantix anymore!!' Baltor said, with an evil smile on his face.

Bloom stared at him in disbelief. How could this had happen?

He must have done it while I was alseep, she thought.

Baltor casted a spell.

Bloom fell to her knees when she felt her strength and her energy sucked out of her.

After a few seconds she fell to the floor unconcious.

When Bloom woke up again she fellt like she didn't have any strenght or energy left.

Baltor must have sucked the rest of her strength and energy out of her while she was asleep.

She just got enough enery to get to the toilet and threw up.

She could just manage to get out of the toilet and she fell unconcious again.

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