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Chapter 4


It had taken them two whole days to get near the planet.

Now they just had 30 minutes of travelling left.

She had to be there, Sky thought, if she was not there, then where could she be? No, she had to be there.

The seconds felt like mintues, the time was so slow!

Finally, they could land.

Everyone got quickly out of the plane.

The Winx transformed and the Specialists got their swords.

They all ran into the big building in front of them.

First, they searched for Baltor, but he was nowhere to be found.

The truth is that Baltor had fled.

He had forseen that they would come, and he was still a bit weak before he could use his new strength and energy.

So he had fled, he knew he was to weak to fight them all right now.

They continued their search for Bloom.

Sky was the first one to ran into the dungeons underneath the building.

There there were a lot of locked rooms, which you could only open from ouside with magic.

One by one they opened the doors.

Every room was empty until they came by the very last room.

When they opened the last room they saw that there was someone lying on the floor.

'Bloom!!' Sky yelled as he ran over to her.

He sat down beside her and he looked at her face.

He saw that she was asleep and he tried to wake her.

Only, she wouldn't wake up!

'She's unconscious', Flora said, 'come on, we must get her back home, she needs a doctor!'

They hurried back to the ship, Sky carried Bloom in his arms.

They immediately took off to Eraklyon.

During the flight, Flora used her powers to heal Bloom, but there was only so much she could do.

Sky sat next to Bloom the whole flight.

He was gently going through her hair with his hands.

He was so happy to have her back, but he was also very sad about the things that happened to her and the fact that she was unconscious.

What had happened to her?

After two days they landed on Eraklyon.

They quickly got Bloom to a hospital.

Everyone just had to wait in the waiting room.

Sky stoor up, walked for five seconds and sat down again.

He was very nervous, he wanted Bloom to be all right again so badly!

Finally, a doctor came.

Sky jumped to his feet at once.

'How is she?' he asked.

'She doesn't have much injuries', the doctor said, 'but she doesn't have any strength of energy left, is must be taken from her with very dark magic.

There is nothing I can do about it, we just have to wait until she recovers, but that is going to take a while.'

You can see her, but not very long.

She must get some energy quickly.

Sky walked to her room.

Bloom was asleep when he came in.

He sat down on a chair next to her bed and he holded her hands.

He left her room after half an hour.

He got a room next to hers.

Besides his worries, he felt asleep very quick

He woke very early in the morning.

He got dressed and he went to see Bloom again.

She was still asleep, he sat down next to her again.

He wanted to know what Baltor had done to her.

He would deal with him later, first he had to take care of Bloom.

A knock on the door disturbed he thoughts.

'Come in' he said.

The door went open and he saw his friends coming through the door.

'How is she?' Stella asked.

'Has she woken up yet?' Musa asked.

'She is a little bit better, but she is still very weak.

And she hasn't woken up yet.'

They all stood around Bloom's bed, not saying anything for the moment.


Slowly, she opened her eyes.

She saw that she was in a white room and in a white bed.

Where was she and how had she came her?

What happened to her?

Slowly, everything what happened came back to her.

Automatically, she put her hand on her stomach.

You couldn't really see something yet.

She realized that she was in the hospital, that meant that Sky had rescued her!

She couldn't wait to see him.

Would the doctor had already told him about her pregnancy?

She hoped not, she still didn't really know what she thought about it and what he would say.

He had always said that he wanted a child but not in a for a few years.

She was scared to tell him.

She couldn't tell him just yet.

She felt really tired and weak, how long will it take for her to have her full strength again?

The door went open and a doctor came in.

'Ah, you're finally awake. How are you feeling?' the doctor asked.

'Really weak' Bloom managed to say.

'I have good news for you', the doctor said, 'you're pregnant!'

'I know' Bloom said, 'have you told Sky already?'

'No, I haven't, I wanted to tell it you first.'

'Then please don't tell him, I want to do that myself, but not just yet.'

'Whatever you want, your majesty.'

Bloom gave a weak smile to the doctor, and he went away.

Bloom was just lying in bed with her eyes closed, she didn't want to sleep again.

After a while, the door went open again.

She saw Sky walking in the door.

She was so happy to see him, she hadn't seen him for so long.

'Bloom!' Sky yelled.

He ran over to her and hugged her tight.

She threw her arms around him and hugged him back.

She couldn't stop the tears from coming.

After a long hug she laid down again, she had only been awake for fifteen minutes and she felt like she'd been up for two days.

'I missed you so much' Sky said. He wanted to ask her what happened but she had to get some rest first.

'I love you' Bloom said, and she fell asleep again.


The next day, the doctor told them that she could go home.

She had to rest for at least a month, but she could do that at home.

Bloom had talked to her friends, she was happy to see them and they were happy to.

But now everyone had to go home again, they would visit soon.

He carried her to the car and they went home.

Bloom was very happy to see the palace again, she had missed it.

Sky carried her to their chamber and he laid her down on the bed.

She smiled to him, and he went downstairs to get her something to eat.

Her smile faded immediately when he was out of the room.

She got as quickly to the bathroom as she could and she threw up.

She felt so sick and weak.

She didn't know what to do, she was still scared to tell Sky.

She needed some good advice, and she could think of one person who could give it to he.

Her mom.

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