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Chapter 5

She wasn't sure if Sky would give his permission to do that.

He hadn't seen her for so long, would he be ready for her to leave again?

When Sky came in, he saw the expression on her face.

'What is it Bloom? Is there something wrong?' he asked concerned.

'There's nothing wrong Sky'

'Then why do you have that look on you face? You know you can tell me anything'

'Ofcourse I do. I was thinking that I really want to visit my mom.'

'Why do you want to leave so soon again, I just got you back!' Sky said with a sad expression on his face.

Why did she want to leave him?

She avoided his gaze, he knew she was hiding something for him, but what was it, and why wouldn't she tell him?

He knew that she would tell him eventually, he just had to let her go to her mother, maybe she would tell him after her visit.

'Ok, you can go. I'm not saying that I'm happy with this, but if you want this, than you'll get it. When do you want to leave and for how long will you stay?' Sky asked.

Bloom was surprised to hear that he was letting her go, she didn't expected that.

'I'm not sure for how long I will be staying there. I want to leave the day after tomorrow, I'm gonna call my mom to see if that's okay. The girls will be there too. It will be nice, having some girl time.' Bloom answered.

Sky handed her the phone and he went out of the room.

He really wanted to know what was bothering her, so that he could help her.

Maybe some girl time will indeed do her good.

Bloom's mother had said that it was oke, she would love is Bloom would visit her. The girls came over to help her packing her things, she still had to rest.

The next day, the girls took off to Earth.

They all said goodbye to their boyfriends and kissed them.

Sky hugged Bloom tightly.

'I love you Bloom' he whispered in her ear, 'come back soon'

'I love you too Sky, and I will' she answered him.

They got in the plane and took off.

'Are you oke, sweetie?' Flora asked, 'you've been so quiet, is everything allright?'

'Not really, Flora. But it will be I hope, I tell you guys about it when we're with my mom.' Bloom answered.

'Ehm, I have to go to he bathroom, and she quickly walked away.'

She closed the door behind her, and threw up. Damn, she felt so sick. She was lucky that Sky hadn't noticed yet…

The girls all looked worried when they saw her walking away.

'What's wrong with Bloom?' Stella asked.

'I don't know, but I think we will find out soon.' Flora answered

Finally, they were in Gardenia. They walked to Bloom's house, helping Bloom walking. She could walk on her own for a while, but her house was a bit too far.

They rang the bell, and Vanessa opened the door.

'Bloom!' She said. And she hugged her daughter tied.

'I am so happy to see you! And of course to see you too girls!'

It's good to see you too mom, I've missed you so much' Bloom said and she hugged her mom even tighter.

'Come in, I've just made tea.' Vanessa said and walked to the living room.

They all sat down and drank their tea.

'So Bloom, what is it that you wanted to tell us? You've been acting weird for a while now. Does Sky know what's going on??' Stella asked.

'I know that I've been acting weird, I found out something while I was captured. And I didn't tell Sky, I was scared to tell him…' She said while looking down, not facing anyone.

'You didn't tell Sky? What is it that's frightening you? You know you can tell him and us everything!' Flora said.

'I know, that's why I'm telling you guys this, just let me tell you the whole story before you say anything, oke?' Bloom answered.

'Ok Bloom, now tell us what's been going on.' Vanessa said.

'Ok, it all started when I was with Baltor. I woke up in a dark room, I didn't know where I was, and no one came to me. I felt a bit week at first so I fell asleep again. I woke up a few times after that, I didn't sleep very long every time. I felt weaker and weaker. A few days after I was captured I felt very sick, and threw up in my tiny little bathroom. I was so tired that I felt asleep on the floor next to the toilet. The next times that I woke up, I continued to throw up and feeling sick and so tired. After a few times of throwing up, it finally hit me: I am pregnant.'

Bloom didn't look at anyone for the moment, after a few seconds she continued her story.

'I was scared at first, but also happy. Which girl doesn't want a baby after all. Then my feelings went back to being scared. What would Sky think?? He had said some time ago that he wanted a baby with me but not for a very long time. It may sound a bit silly, but I really am scared to tell him. What if he doesn't want a child yet? What if he doesn't want me anymore? I can't raise a child on my own! I don't want to raise a child on my own!' now she looked at everyone in the room. She saw their a bit shocked faces, they obviously didn't expected that. She looked down again. Suddenly she felt the arms of her friends and mother around her.

'It's going to be oke, sweetie, don't worry' het mom said.

'You'll be fine' Musa said

'I'm glad that you told us' Stella said.

A tear escaped Bloom's eyes.

'I'm glad that I told you guys too.' She said.

Everyone sat down again.

'So what am I supposed to do? I really don't know how to tell Sky' Bloom said.

'I think you shouldn't wait too long to tell him, it wouldn't be for him.

You should take him for a walk, you should be in private when you tell him this. And then just tell him, he'll understand.' Stella said.

'You should tell him immediately when you come home.' Flora added.

'Ok, I will tell him. Thank you for your good advice, I love you!' Bloom said. And they all hugged her again.

They decided to stay for a week, they all had a lot of responsibilities, so they couldn't stay long.

It did everyone very good to have a week off, just with the girls.

Bloom had lot's of fun, although she still had to rest a lot.

After a week, she texted Sky that she was coming home.

They packed there things again and after a big hug, they took off.

After some time, they landed on Eraklyon.

As soon as they got out off the plane, Bloom saw Sky and hugged him tight.

'I missed you' she whispered.

'I missed you too' he answered, 'I'm glad you're home again.'

She hugged her friends again, and said goodbye to them. They went to their home's as well.

Bloom and Sky went in the palace. Bloom was still weak, but she felt a lot better.

Sky brought her to her room to unpack her things.

After she did that, she went to search for him.

She found him in his study, working.

He looked up and saw her.

'Hey love' he said with a smile.

'Hey Sky, do you want to go on a walk with me?'

'Of course, let's go.' Sky answered

And they went outside.

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