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I kicked off my work boots as I entered my living room and sighed. My arms were heavy laden with grocery bags, dry cleaning and my gun belt. Work had been crazy today. I was a cop, following in the footsteps of my father, and I swear I believe in the full moon making people crazy because it was pure insanity my entire shift. Ten arrests, three burglaries, five fender benders and seven false alarms just to name a few of the calls I went on today. The small corner of Seattle I worked in was a lot different than Forks where my dad was still the chief. I barely even got lunch and I was dog tired now.

"Baby, I'm home!" I called. Emmett would have been home from his job at the software company for over an hour.

"In the kitchen!" he called and I could smell something cooking on the stove. What a guy, I thought happily. I was lucky to have a husband like him. I followed my nose to the kitchen, dropping items out of my hands as I went along.

"Hey love," I said, finally setting my gun belt down on the kitchen table. "Whatcha making?"

"Spaghetti and garlic bread," he said and I loved the way that his black rimmed glasses were fogged up from the steaming pot on the burner. My man was a geek and God help me but I loved him even more for it. As if he could read my mind, he pulled them off his face to wipe the steam away and then grinned down at me, opening his arms so I could fold myself into them.

"Sounds perfect," I sighed as I fell into his welcoming, strong arms. My man may be a geek, but he was solid too and smelled a little like sweat, Old Spice and whatever the hell it was that was just plain Emmett. My uterus did a little happy dance as I inhaled him.

He tilted my head back and met my lips with a hot kiss and I moaned into his mouth a little as he groped my ass to pull me closer. My arms wound around his neck and willed him to forget the spaghetti for just a second more, so long as kept kissing me with his tongue sweeping into my mouth and making me forget my own name. With a soft smack on the bum, he released me and I had to stumble around a little because the way he had kissed me just then made me more than a little wobbly on my feet. I had no idea how he did it, but even after all these years, he knew exactly what to do to make me crazy for him.

"Have a good day?" he asked casually as if he hadn't just started a fire inside me.

"Um, yeah," I said, knowing I sounded ridiculously airy at the moment. I cleared my throat. "Yeah, it was fine. Busy and I'm tired as hell but you know, survivable."

He smirked just the way I liked it and put his glasses back on. "Well, as always, I'm certainly glad you survived. As for me, we lost our entire data stream we'd been working on this week."

"Oh no," I said sympathetically. I knew how hard he and his team had been working to update the system. "I'm so sorry."

He shrugged. "It happens. That's how we make progress, in the end. Learn from the mistakes and fix it."

I gave him a quick peck and went upstairs to shower and change. After twelve hours in my uniform and bullet-proof vest, I was feeling a bit rank and if my hormones were any indication of what was to come tonight, I didn't want Emmett to think so too when he got up close and personal.

As I showered, I discovered that I was already wet between my thighs, where the water doesn't reach and I fingered myself for a moment, moaning loudly into the small room. I bit my lip to hide the sound, because I didn't want Emmett to think I had started without him. He hated it when I did that… unless he got to watch, of course.

I dried and put on Emmett's favorite lotion, the kind that made me smell like pumpkin pie. It wasn't my favorite scent, but it made him go crazy for me and tonight that's exactly what I was looking for. I dressed in a pair of shorts that barely could even pass for that, more like spandex underwear and Emmett's high school weight lifting T-shirt. It had "McCarty" on the back of it and for some reason even that turned him on when I wore it. His turn-ons sometimes confused me, but like hell I would question them. They made him unleash his inner sex god and I loved it.

When I went back downstairs, Emmett was waiting for me. And he did not look happy. I immediately knew why. Apparently I wasn't quiet enough.

"Isabella, what have you been doing?" he asked, barely keeping the growl out of his voice. A shiver went up my spine, because I knew exactly what would happen next. I could feel the arousal dripping from me even now.

"What do you mean, Sir?" I asked calmly, carefully.

"I thought I made it perfectly clear to you that your orgasms are mine and mine alone."

My heart skipped a beat.

"I didn't-"

"But you wanted to," he interjected. "And I did not give you permission to pleasure yourself."

Ohhh, God, I loved it when he got this way.

We had never set out to be a Dominant and submissive couple. I'd never even been so much as spanked until after we were married. But one night during an unusually normal make out session on the couch, Emmett had gently spanked me and the response was immediate from me. My ass rose up to meet his palm and suddenly, without contemplation, I was begging for more. The more we pursued it, the more we liked it and the more we began to discover that we had been missing out on; something we both craved.

I loved being submissive to him. It felt so right the way it would never feel right with anyone else. He was the only man I could ever trust to put my mind, body, soul and pleasure into his hands. The only one I'd ever relinquish control to. The only man I'd ever love.

And in turn, his Dominant nature turned me on like nothing else. I adored that the otherwise geeky Emmett could abandon his seemingly average persona and become… well, a stud. He had the most amazing control that even I couldn't keep up with sometimes. Good Lord, did I love trying, though…

We weren't always like this. Most of the time we stuck to weekends as the time where we would spend time like this, and even then, it was usually kept to the bedroom. Someday, if and when we had more money, we'd invest in a playroom but for now we had the bedroom. We kept any and all play off the bed, though. The bed was our sanctuary and the place we made love as a "normal" couple.

"Isabella, what happened the last time you disobeyed me like this?" Emmett's voice was low and controlled and his eyes were flashing with something dangerous. I wanted to purr like a cat. I was already soaking through my shorts.

"Ten strokes," I replied softly. "Sir."

"And still you didn't learn," he said, heavy disapproval in his voice. "Isabella, what am I going to do with you?"

I can think of several things, I thought but I didn't dare speak them aloud. He didn't expect an answer, nor did he wait for one.

"Go upstairs and be ready for me. Position number three," he said and then he put our finished dinners in the fridge. I didn't wait to see what else he would do, as I hightailed it up the stairs. I knew that if I did this punishment well, I would get a great reward and I was counting on that.

As I ran up the stairs, I heard him plunk his glasses down on the kitchen table and my heart thrilled even more.

Position number three required me to wait for him naked, on my knees which were to be slightly spread, leaning over the ottoman we used for such occasions. We used what we had to the best of our abilities and so far, though it wasn't official stuff, we got the intended use out of them.

My hands were just going over my head, fingers laced together, when Emmett entered the room. I closed my eyes in anticipation, my breathing already heavy. All of the tiredness I'd felt during the day was melting away, as Emmett promised to take all of the stress out of my body with a good and proper fucking. Or at least, that's what I was hoping for.

"Very good," he said, and I was happy I'd pleased him already. "Isabella, I can see that you're wet and swollen. Is it possible you're looking forward to your punishment?"

I bit back a moan. "N-n-no, Sir."

I gasped with a start as he slapped my pussy lightly, making sure to brush against my clit.

"Don't lie to me!" he growled. "You're such a naughty girl, Isabella. Only bad girls want to be punished. Only bad girls get punished."

I inwardly smiled, knowing I was the only "bad girl" he'd ever really had acquaintance with. This had been a first for both of us.

"Yes Sir," I replied.

"Open your eyes," he said and I slowly opened them, meeting his hard gaze in the mirror before us. I could see that his pants were strained already and that he'd taken off his shirt. His muscles rippled as he walked slowly behind me, pacing like a predator that had just cornered his prey. I wanted to whimper at how sexy he was at this moment, when he was in his element.

"How many strokes should we say, Isabella?" he asked. "Twelve? Fifteen? What will make you remember that this," he reached between us and cupped my heat, "is all mine?" He dipped a finger inside me and I wanted to gasp at the feeling but then it was gone and I was left aching for more, knowing it probably wouldn't come any time soon. "Every orgasm belongs to me, Isabella. I'm the only one who tells you when and where to cum. On my fingers… on my face… on my cock…"

I shivered. This was the only time he talked dirty to me and I relished every minute of it and he knew it.

"So you will count the strokes," he said. "I think twelve will be enough. And if you are good, I will give you a reward. That's what you want, isn't it?"

I nodded; my eyes half-lidded with desire. I was dripping wet and he was not making things easier for me, especially if he didn't want me to cum right away.

I could see him grab the soft leather paddle from our closet. It was the easiest of our supplies and I knew that he wasn't entirely angry or too serious about the paddling. In fact, it was entirely possible he was going to go easy on me and make the spanks pleasurable for me.

Whap! I guess not. The paddle came down hard on my ass and I yelped a little in surprise.

"One!" I shouted.

He soothed my ass in between each swat and his hand felt heavenly in comparison with the paddle. By the time we reached twelve, I was a whimpering, moaning, wet mess, and I could barely even hold up my head.

"Get up, Isabella," Emmett ordered and I knew better than to disobey him. Besides, this might mean I get my reward! Somehow, I managed to flip myself over on the ottoman and sit up on my sore ass. I'd have to ask him to rub it down later, not that he'd forget. He was such a good Dom, and husband, for that matter in that way. He always took care of me.

"Do you understand now? Will I need to punish you again?" he asked.

Probably, I thought.

"No, Sir," I said.

"Good. That's good." He was standing in front of me, his naked cock right at eye level. I looked at him hungrily. I wanted a taste of the precum that was readily flowing from him. I wondered briefly when he'd stripped down, but I didn't even care to think about it. Instead, I concentrated on pleasing him…though I needed permission first.

"Take it," he said, his voice now sounding strained. I could tell he was aroused beyond reason and was struggling to get a hold of his control again. "Please me and I promise you'll get your reward."

I nodded and immediately attempted to swallow him whole. He let out a bark of pleasure as I sucked him deeply into my mouth and twisted my hands around the base of his cock. He fucked my mouth and I let him, because I loved it, and he hissed as I lightly scraped my teeth down his sensitive head. I looked up at him and I could see the love, adoration and the lust, pouring from his eyes at me. Though it was unconventional and different, it was our way of telling each other how much love and trust we had for the other.

"Please, baby, I'm gonna-" he said, slipping up his use of my full name as he usually did here. "I need to cum inside you. And I owe you your reward."

I moaned as he sunk to his knees and pushed me back on the ottoman. "Don't cum until I tell you," he said and then proceeded to wrap my legs around his head and dove right in.

Emmett's tongue is fantastic. There is no other way around it. The man is a god. Within seconds, I was balling my fists into his hair and tugging, trying to let him know that I was going to cum. Every muscle in my body tightened as he flicked my swollen nub with his tongue and plunged two fingers inside me. My entire body started to twitch, and he pulled back enough to say, "Cum."

With relief, I spasmed against his face and he drank down every drop of my orgasm, milking it out longer and longer until I was pushing his head back to stop him. It was too much, I couldn't take it anymore.

"I'm not done with you yet," he said and seconds later, he was thrusting deep inside me.

"Oh God!" I shouted, unable to think anymore.

"God's not here," he said and drove into me again, hard. "Only me."

"Emmett," I moaned and then quickly added "Sir," after I forgot. "Ohh, more, please!"

"I love it when you beg for my cock," he groaned and continued to drive into me, grabbing my thighs so he could have better leverage. It would probably leave bruises, but right now, I was beyond caring. Every thrust made him hit my sweet spot and it wasn't long until I was begging to cum again.

"Cum," he commanded and I fell apart, my entire body out of control. I swear to God I saw stars and I wrapped my legs around Emmett's waist so he could fuck me harder.

"Who… makes… you… cum?" he asked and I could tell that he was on his last legs, too.

"Ung," I moaned as he threw one of my legs over his shoulder and got even deeper. "Y-y-you!" I grabbed my own breasts and started tweaking the nipples the way I liked it and with one thumb, he began circling my clit. "You do, Sir! Oh fuck!"

The coil in my stomach snapped one last time and at the exact moment that he yelled "Now!" I came unhinged. I could barely even think to breathe as my entire world came apart at the seams and I knew it was almost over for him, too.

"Cum for me, baby," I moaned, aware that it was out of place for me to say as a sub, but as a wife and lover, I couldn't help it; and he was too far gone to notice. He stilled inside of me and grunted with his release.

"Fuck," he moaned. Sated, he fairly collapsed on top of me, sweaty body meeting and sticking to sticky body.

"Oof, you're heavy!" I laughed, knowing we were out of character, or whatever you may want to call it, now. He laid open mouthed kisses on my neck and licked a line down my salty skin.

"You like it," he said in my ear, making me shiver even as he nibbled on my earlobe.

"Come on," I said, and dragged him to the shower. We kissed slowly and languorously, a change from the frantic pace we'd felt moments earlier. I wanted to devour him whole, I couldn't get enough of him and I could tell that he felt the same by the way his hands so possessively touched me, dragging me close to him. He was aroused again and I could feel it trapped in between us. This time when I dropped to my knees, I took my time and he had no qualms about cumming in my mouth, which I swallowed happily.

"God, I love you," he said as he combed his fingers through my wet hair and brought me in for a kiss. I threw my arms around his neck and he fingered me until I came against the cold tile of the shower, whimpering into his mouth when I released.

"Oh shit, Emmett," I sighed as I came down from my high, and kissed him once more before we shut off the shower, which was now running cold.

We dried each other and went downstairs to have our dinner, which was in desperate need of heating. We spent the rest of the evening talking and I relived my crazy day for him while we laughed about a practical joke a coworker had done at his office. I loved how we could do this; balance the normal with fun, covering every element of what was important in our life with ease. After awhile though, one must sleep and when I started yawning every sentence or so, he scooped me up into his arms and carried me up to our room. We stripped out of our robes and laid down together in bed, our sanctuary from everything. I loved to sleep naked next to him and that's what we did.

"I love you, Emmett," I said, just as I was drifting off to sleep.

"I love you too, my Bella," he said, stroking my shoulder with the pad of his thumb.

I curled into my big, strong, geeky man and sighed in contentment.

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