Bella Vino: Aphrodite in Love

A HariPo Fanfiction

by mew-tsubaki

Note: Unless forewarned, no original characters will be used, so all belong characters belong to J.K. Rowling. Also, the charries' mythological identities are personality- and power-wise only. Don't think too much about who did who and who's related to whom, since this is very mixed…messed up. So, READ AND REVIEW!

CHAPTER ONE: Exposition, Part One

"Voldemort's inextinguishable! Beat it into your head already!!"

"Damn it, Harry!" Remus Lupin combed a hand through his hair, unaccustomed to explicative outburst. "Hope is the last thing we have on our side. Do you plan on robbing us of it?"

Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, winced in exasperation. He inhaled and tried to explain it as best he could to the members of the Order of the Phoenix. "I know. I know… But it's been five years since Ron, Hermione, and I graduated from Hogwarts and have been full members of the Order. Hell! It's been more than ten years since we started fighting him!! And you guys have been fighting him since before we were even born!"

Arthur Weasley stepped forward. "All that means is that we're fighting a long, hard battle, Harry. It doesn't mean it's impossible."

"That's merely wishful thinking!" Harry turned to the bushy-haired brunette to his left. "What about the logic, Hermione?!"

Hermione Granger averted her eyes, not wanting to look at Harry directly when she answered. "'If at first you don't succeed, try, and try again,'" she replied, sounding like a loathsome self-help book.

Harry snarled. "Well, seeing as how I'm not going to get any help from the good guys-" He looked over his shoulder at the form standing in the doorway to the living room of his parents' house. "Care to share your ponderings, Snape?"

Severus Snape stepped forward and glared down at the twenty-something. "My double-agent status is suspicious enough as it is, Potter. Do not cross me."

Harry met Severus' scowl. "Double-agent? More like 'mercenary.' You work first and foremost for yourself and you know it."

At that, Severus angrily backed off, for there was a good deal of truth in those words. He leaned against the door jamb again and hmphed.

"Anyone else fancy the chance to try and refute me?" The room was quiet, and many turned their heads away from Harry. "No, then? Then we're done here. There's no more need for the Order."

Molly Weasley jumped up. "You can't expect us to agree to that, Harry, dear!"

"That's not even your prerogative," Bill Weasley offered, rising from his own seat.

Filius Flitwick agreed. "Dumbledore should be the one to decide whether or not we disband," he squeaked.

Harry rolled his eyes. "So why hasn't he been active lately?"

"Come on, Harry," Ron Weasley piped up. He frowned at his best friend. "Some are on the front lines while others work behind-the-scenes. You know that, mate."

Furious, Harry did his best to contain his anger. "If so much is being done on- and off-stage, then why haven't we won yet?" he spat through gritted teeth.

"Stop acting like a selfish baby," Angelina Johnson retorted, her own blood boiling. "More have been lost than we can count, but we've taken Death Eaters with us. We are making a dent in their numbers, Harry. We don't have that much more to do."

"You were so keen on being a part of this rebellion when you first learned of it, you know," Ginny Weasley pointed out. She steadily met her ex's gaze. "Backing out now, are we?"

"It's not backing out!!" Harry shouted. "It's stepping away from things before we're all dead!"

The room was quiet. Again, no one met Harry's eyes, and he stood there, panting and huffing away.

"So it's settled," Verity Gillian (mt: I felt like giving her a surname, sorry!) mumbled, shattering the silence. "We don't disband."

There were groans of agreement all around. Chairs being pushed away from the table followed, and the Order of the Phoenix moved to the house's front door. Severus left first, then Remus, Filius, and Hermione exited. The Weasleys left last, with the twins and their fiancés pulling up the rear. Fred rested a hand on Harry's shoulder. "It's just a bad rut we're in," the male told him.

"The action should kick up soon enough," George pointed out with a wink. Then Harry was alone in his parents' house.

Harry looked around the place before deciding to sit down in the living room. Godric's Hollow was a quaint place, but comfy, and Harry had easily grown accustomed to it. What Harry liked best about it was probably that sense of belonging he had finally found when he moved in. Of course, back then, his love life had been better…

He shook his head to free his mind of such thoughts. It- This was a chance to move on, move forward. And he knew he should seize the opportunity while it was dangling right in front of his nose.

"SHIT!!" Sirius looked to his left and right, and mussed his hair. "I knew I should've taken a left at the Hall of Albuquerques!"

He decided on the right-hand passage and walked as quickly as he felt like going. Not that it mattered, of course. He never expended any energy, but he wasn't sure why. He wasn't dead or a ghost; he moved, breathed, and was solid. But he was also alone.

Yes, he wasn't a ghost, but he felt like he was stuck in a ghost town. Or something like one… The setting was that of the Ministry of Magic in gray-scale, where he was the lone inhabitant. Well, the lone person there, but not the only voice.

As if on cue, another voice whined. "How many more years are we going to be trapped here?" it complained. It didn't come from nowhere. In fact, it didn't speak aloud. The voice was in Sirius's head.

"Why the hell did you bother coming back?" Sirius asked, annoyed. "I thought you left years ago."

"I wish," the voice snarkily retorted. "It seems that I'm a part of you, though. Or I'm at least trapped in your body."

"What?! I'm stuck with you?!" Sirius felt the dread taking over. He traipsed to the elevators and went to the top floor, where the Ministry's lobby was. There, he wandered to the middle of the floor. Though he knew the Ministry of Magic was always a bustling place, the lobby was as deserted as the rest of the building.

"Seems we're stuck here, too," the voice gruffed.

"On the bright side, I haven't aged," Sirius joked, but his shot at humor fell flat even with him. "Who am I kidding? I haven't been around to do anything, let alone age." He sighed, and silence followed.

The voice was quiet, too. For a moment. "How about we leave this crazy ghost town?"

Sirius blinked. "You can get me out of here?"

"'Us', I can get 'us' out of here."

"Why didn't you do that before?!" Sirius barked.

"It's not my fault," the voice scoffed. "I hadn't awakened in you yet, even though I've been in this body since you were born."

That threw Sirius a bit. "What do you mean?"

"I was reincarnated in you, but you accidentally stayed in your body, too."


"Allow me to introduce myself. I am the god of the vine, Dionysus. Some call me 'Bacchus', others 'Liber'. But they all name me."

"So I've always been a god?"

"No, I've always been a god. You've always had my essence within you. I was wondering if anything entertaining would pop up while we were here, but it's been such a bore. Can we leave now?"

"Yes!!" Sirius agreed.

"On one condition: Please go some place where there's action! You'll be able to us my powers, so it should be a piece of cake stirring up something. Deal?" Bacchus waited for Sirius' reply.

"I don't give a damn!!" Before he could say more, Sirius blinked –and practically went deaf in the ensuing tumult.

That was it. He was out of that strange dimension into which the veil had pulled him. He wasn't alone anymore. But now…

"Bloody Merlin…"

Sirius looked up just in time to see Percival Weasley gape at him. Neville Longbottom stopped short behind him, his view blocked by Percy.

"What is it, minister?" Neville asked of Percy. Then he looked around Percy's shoulder. "You're-!!!" He choked on his gasp.

Sirius, on the other hand, quickly acclimated himself to his magical surroundings. He brushed off his robes and sleeves, and found himself agreeing with Bacchus.

"Sirius Black?" Percy asked. "Is that really you? We thought-"

"-I was dead?" Sirius whimsically shook his head ever-so-slightly. "No, I'm plenty alive, my dear new Minister of Magic.

Black is Bacch."

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