Bella Vino: Aphrodite in Love

A HariPo Fanfiction

by mew-tsubaki

Note: Unless forewarned, no original characters will be used; all charries belong to J.K. Rowling. Also, the charries' mythological identities are personality- and power-wise only. Don't think too much about who did who and who's related to whom, since this is very mixed…messed up. So, READ AND REVIEW!

CHAPTER TWO: Exposition, Part Two

She tossed and turned, until begrudgingly and finally she woke. "Umn…"

Slowly, she opened her eyes, but then they flew wide open. Her hands –Creeping chimaeras, they were freckled! She sat up bolt right, and felt her hair fall over her shoulders. Well, that was a relief. At least her gorgeous hair was still long and-

"Orange?!" she screeched. She drew back in horror, but wasn't completely terrified as her voice had kept its harmonious, inviting lilt.

She stood –barefoot on a hardwood floor, to her dismay –and searched the common, plain room for a mirror. One was hanging on the wall on the opposite side of the bed. She walked around and stared at her reflection in utter disgust. How could this short, freckled, redhead be her?!

"No, it's me," she mumbled to herself when she gazed upon her eyes. At least they were still the beautiful, multi-hued blue oceans they'd always been since she had first been born of the sea foam. She sighed and stared sullenly at the person in the mirror. How had she come to possess this body?

"Excuse you, Madam Git, but this is my body." This second voice didn't come from her, but existed inside her mind. It sounded like it belonged to such a body.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"I'm Ginny. Who are you?!"

"I'm the goddess of beauty and love," the other replied haughtily. "The Romans call me 'Venus', but I'm otherwise known as Aphrodite."

Aphrodite waited for Ginny's reaction. "W-Wait… I'm sharing my body with a goddess?!"

"Aren't you the lucky one." Once more, Aphrodite scrutinized the image in the mirror. "Well, at least you have real breasts and buttocks. A little thin, though, don't you think?" She could sense that the remark had irritate the other woman.

"Sorry if I worry about my weight since I'm just a human!" Ginny spat.

"Whatever… That's not the matter at hand." Aphrodite changed clothes, and Ginny awaited any type of elaboration.

"So what is the matter at hand?" Ginny prodded.

"I had been dormant in your subconscious since you were first created. For some reason, I'm active, but only one mind should occupy a body at a time. We shouldn't both have control. Hey, stop that!"

"No!" Ginny stated, buttoning the rest of the shirt's buttons. "I don't go displaying everything. Especially when at home."

Aphrodite laughed. "Home? You're kidding. … You are kidding, right? Oh, bloody Bellerophon! You still live at home?! Screw figuring out why I'm active; we're getting you a lover! One you can mooch off of!!"

"No! I don't want that! Merlin! All you are is the goddess of passionate love!!"

"I'm sorry, did you say something?"

"Nope. Big fan."

"Thought so." Aphrodite made a move towards the door, but Ginny stopped her.

"You're not going out in public. You're not me!!"

Aphrodite pondered Ginny's words. "You're right. But you're you."

"Wha-?!" Without a moment's notice, Aphrodite relinquished her majority power to Ginny, and the redheaded witch was in control of her own body. She breathed a sigh of relief. "Finally…" She double-checked her hair, stuffed her wand in her belt, and went downstairs.

Now Aphrodite traded thoughts back-and-forth with Ginny. What's with the stick-thing?

You mean my wand? I use it for spells. Ginny smirked when she sensed Aphrodite gasp.

But you said you're human! A mortal!

Human, yes; mortal, yes; but a witch. I could probably get rid of you if I felt like it.

You wouldn't dare! I'm immortal! There is no end for me!!

We'll see about that, Ginny told her, then she shut her mind off from the goddess as she entered the kitchen. Her mother was busy making breakfast.

"Good morning, dear," her mother told her.

Ginny smiled at the normalcy of it, and went over and kissed her mother's cheek. And quickly reeled back. "Demeter?!" Aphrodite realized.

"Aphrodite?" Mrs. Weasley looked every bit Mrs. Weasley, but even Ginny noticed that the body language was certainly not her mom's.

"Why are you in that hag's body?" Aphrodite asked.

"I'm not a hag!" Molly Weasley shouted.

"Ignore it, Mum!" Ginny said. "Um, Demeter, was it? Were you lying dormant like Aphrodite had been?"

"Yes," Demeter answered. Ginny felt it strange to hear a stranger's voice leave her mother's mouth. "Aphrodite, you haven't seen Persephone, have you?"

Aphrodite frowned. "No, I haven't."

Demeter tsked. "I'll bet that damned Hades has his hands on her. Tell me, what season is it?"

"It'll be winter soon," Ginny answered.

Demeter tried to must up a smile, but it couldn't hide the fact that she was crestfallen. "Well, I'll get her back in spring, so that's that."

Ginny and Aphrodite both were saddened by the sudden shift in emotion. Aphrodite wondered something, though. "If I awoke in Ginny's body and you awoke in-"

"'Molly'," Mrs. Weasley cut in.

"-awoke in Molly's body, then isn't it entirely possible for the rest of us to be active in others?"

Demeter gaped at her. "But –who was reincarnated? Surely, not everyone."

"So far, we make four," came a booming, male voice.

The two/four women turned their heads and watched as Arthur and Ron came into the kitchen. But with them came two others –in a way.

Demeter's face lit up at the sight of Mr. Weasley. "Oh, Zeus! It's good to see you! How's the revered wretch?"

"I haven't seen Hera for a while," Zeus replied.

"'Scuse me, but does anyone fancy a sport?" Ron asked.

Zeus rolled his eyes. "Now's not the time, Apollo. Maybe later."

"What about the discus? Or maybe the javelin?" He paused. "What the hell is 'Quidditch'?"

Zeus stuck a finger outside, and the sky turned gray. "Ooh, sorry, Apollo. Looks like there won't be any nice weather to play in today. Maybe some other time."

The women sniggered while both Ron and Apollo shot Zeus and Arthur a dirty look. "Funny."

Ginny cleared her throat to get her family's attention. "What about going round to Hermione's? Maybe she can figure this whole situation out."

"There's nothing to figure out," Demeter stated. "We're stuck in these bodies."

"No, we're not!!" The bitchiness from both had Aphrodite's voice audibly leaking into Ginny's (they said it in unison, folks).

Zeus and Arthur thought Hermione's was a good idea, as did Ron and Apollo.

"Let's go," Ron said.

The Weasleys lost count of all the different crashes and shatters they heard coming from inside Hermione's flat.

"BLOODY BOLLOCKS!!!" It sounded like two voices melded into one…

Ginny was afraid to even knock, but she did so. The din inside stopped. Footsteps came over to the door, and it opened. Hermione peeked out. "Hello, Ginny, Arthur, Molly. …Ron." Indifference coated hr ton when she tacked on the greeting to her ex.

Aphrodite smile. "Ever the trouble-maker, Athena."

Hermione flared her nostrils. "Don't call me 'Athena'. I'm one-hundred percent Hermione."

"No, you're not," came Athena's angry voice from within the genius.

Hermione grimaced; she didn't like being wrong. "You should come in, then." She left the door open and the Weasleys followed her inside.

Once they settled in her sitting room, she brought out some drinks and leaned against the chair in which Ginny sat. Aphrodite looked to Athena. "So what's your conclusion, brainiac?"

"I am quite sure you've all figured out that we were reincarnated in these bodies along with the bodies' hostes. Most likely, one of us did something and that acted as a catalyst to our awakenings."

"Then how do we get back to normal?" Apollo inquired. "Or get our own bodies back?"

"We won't get our own bodies back," Athena answered. "For us to be reincarnated means that we lost our original forms in the first place. Yes, we're immortal, but flesh and blood is merely meat, which can be hacked at, torn to pieces, impaled-"

"WE GET IT!!" the others interrupted her.

Athena huffed. "Well, if you're so smart, then let's see one of you explain it." There was a long pause. "Then let me continue.

I think the only way for us to get back to normal is if we return to our sleeping states or we smite the hostes."

Hermione, Ginny, Ron, Arthur, and Molly frowned. "Hey!" Ginny and Ron exclaimed.

"I didn't say that's what we're going to do, just that it's an option," the intelligent goddess amended.

"In the meantime, we should see if any of our friends and family have an awakened essence in them," Hermione stated. "I would hazard a guess that Harry, Bill, Charlie, the twins, Remus, Severus –they probably all have a deity within them."

"Why do you s'pose that is?" Ron asked.

"Because you are all Weasleys, the rest probably have a god. I'm a friend, but here's another grouping: We're all a part of the Order of the Phoenix." Hermione released an exasperated sigh when Arthur and Molly started. "Give me some credit. Of course I have my flat Charmed so no one can hear us."

Ron sniggered. "And you said you didn't like the Muffliato spell…"

Hermione glared at him. "And I still don't. Just because you can't think of an alternative doesn't mean that I-"


The genius huffed quit like her immortal counterpart. "First things first: Let's pay another visit to Godric's Hollow."

When our group of five/ten was seven meters away from Harry's front door, it was a repeat of Hermione's flat. Except some real damage was being done inside.

"Erm, maybe we should skip this," Ginny suggested.

"Oh, Ares is just having one of his tantrums," Aphrodite remarked. She stepped up to the door and didn't bother knocking. "Ares! Where are you, handsome?"

The noises abruptly stopped. Several crunches were heard, and then the door swung open. Harry stood there, a hard look on his face. "The goddess who eternally scorns me returns. This can't be good –or last long."

"Don't tell me you haven't realized that's not your body?"

"No, I thought I had a hole in the other one, so I changed. Of course this isn't my body!!" he shouted, spraying spittle in all their faces.

"That anger isn't all Ares," Ginny muttered to Hermione, who nodded in agreement.

"I heard that."

Ginny looked up to find Harry glaring at her. Sh was immediately humbled. "Sorry."

He ignored her apology. "Who do we have here besides us witches and wizards?" he directed to Hermione.

"Oh! Um, Athena's with me, he's got Apollo," she continued, pointing to Ron, "she has Aphrodite, she has Demeter, and he has Zeus." Hermione looked back at Harry. "And you're sharing your body with the god of war.

Harry's shoulders slumped. "Great…" He looked behind him at the mess Ares had caused. "Let me clean up here."

They followed him inside and he used his wand to fix everything. After, everyone took their same seats from the night before. Harry didn't bother with refreshments.

"What do you propose we do about this?" Harry asked Hermione.

"I don't think there's anything we can do," she replied. "In time, we'll be used to sharing our bodies. There might even be a positive side to this."

"There's nothing positive about sharing one's body," Harry grumbled, knowing Ares, and probably the others, agreed.

"But maybe we can use the extra power," Hermione thought aloud before she knew what she was saying. "We were just talking about the Order's losses the other night," she reminded her friends. "Why not use the divine powers we've inherited to promote our cause and fight Voldemort?"

"We didn't agree to any war," Demeter protested.

"Why not?" Ares asked gleefully. "It's been a while since the bodies have piled up."

Harry glared at no on in particular. "Obviously you just awoke, because there have been too many deaths."

"So does that mean you won't give up on the Order?" Ginny asked Harry, unblinking.

An odd beat passed, but Harry's shoulders slacked a bit, acquiescing. "Yes. I won't give up on the Order," he softly stated.

Automatically, the tension alleviated. Ron stood and stretched. "We should probably try finding the twins, Bill, and Charlie, then." His family agreed, and the Weasleys and Hermione were about to leave when a stray thought hit him. "I know we saw him at Bill and Fleur's wedding several years ago, but you don't s'pose-"

"Charlie's fine," Molly said. She looked at her husband. "We would know if anything happened to you children. And Charlie's just fine."

"Probably at the Dragon Plains," Arthur reassured.

Ron nodded and Ginny hugged him, both thinking of their prodigal brother. A knock at the front door drew Harry away, and Hermione followed him, leaving the Weasleys to their optimistic yet dismal thoughts. But the house was too quiet.

The silence beckoned, and the Weasleys left the living room to see what kept Harry and Hermione. Their jaws all dropped, as Harry's and Hermione's had.

"What?" Sirius asked. "No hug?"

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