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"So, Alice's birthday is comin' up on us pretty quickly. Have you made any plans yet?"

I look away from the tv and over to Emmett with a quizzical expression, "Did I say I had planned birthday plans?"

"Noooo but the big day is in like 4 days. Don't you think you should get that party planning part of your brain reeving it's engine?"

Deadpan, "I'm missing that part of my brain."

"Yea along with a few other important lobes.", he mumbles more to himself but I was still able to hear it.

I hit pause on the video game we're currently playing and turn my body half way to the side so I can give him a good glare, "Oh you're a fine one to talk."

"I know I'm fine.", he states with a cocky yet playful smirk, "But that's not what we're talking about right now."

"I was under the impression Rosalie was going to plan this whole thing!", my foot starts to bounce a little as nerves start to bubble inside. How the hell am I suppose to throw a birthday party?, "Emmett, I-I can't plan things! Things never go as planned with me! THAT'S WHY I DON'T PLAN THEM!"

"Whoa, whoa Bells, calm down!", he chuckles while holding his palms up like I'm about to attack. Huh, when did I get off the couch?, "Bella, just sit back down. I was joking. Rosalie is planning the party. Actually I'm pretty sure she has everything ready so I should say planned."

"Really? You're joking?", I ask him as I push the hair out of my face from when I jumped up. When he nods his head yes I let out a breath of relief. Phew, I dodged that bullet. Wait a sec.. "You thought getting me all worked up like that was funny? Em, you're such an ass!"

"You should have seen your face though! You looked all crazed it was great." He laughs while doing his best attempt to make my 'crazed face'.

"Suck my dick dude.", I chuckle while flipping him off.

"You don't have one to suck! - and, and even if you did I soooo wouldn't suck it.. not ever. EVER.", I smile in satisfaction as I watch him stumble over his words like the big moron he is, "I mean it Bella not even a lick."

I walk out the living room with a giant smirk, looking over my shoulder to add, "You couldn't handle my dick anyway."

Knowing he can never back down from a challenge he replies with, "I so could!", realizing he's just digging himself into a deeper hole his face turns bright red, "I didn't mean- what I meant to say was.. You know I'm not!-"

"It's ok buddy. Your secret is safe with me", I whisper with a wink before walking into the kitchen where Alice is.

I laugh when I hear Emmett groan in frustration, still trying to get his point across to the empty room.

"Haaaaa there was no part of that that wasn't fun."

"Did you say something, babe?", Alice asks when I enter.

"I was just giving your brother a hard time.", I tell her with a mischievous grin before coming up behind her and giving her a soft kiss. She giggles when I leave butterfly kisses all along her neck. I hold onto her tighter when she tries to escape.

"Bella! I'm trying to cook! And your very distracting."

"And you love it when I distract you.", I whisper seductively into her ear while one of my hand takes the wooden spoon from hers and setting it on the table as the other travels down her stomach. A tiny gasp falls from her lips when I dip my hand under the waist band of her shorts, barely grazing her freshly shaved tasty area.

"Ya know, you haven't told me what you wanted for you birthday yet.", I smirk when she starts whimpering as my fingers dance along her slit.

"Bella.", she sighs. God how I love when she says my name like that. I groan when she slowly grinds her ass into my front. Some of the utensils on the counter fall to the floor as I push flush against her, wanting to mold my front into her back.

"Babe do you know how much I love your ass.", I moan as my roaming fingers that are in her panties rub rough against her pussy. "Now, tell me what you want."

I listen to her low moans and deep breathing as I wait for her answer, also enjoying the feel of her wetness starting to coat my slender fingers.


"Alice are you done in here yet", the sound of Esme's voice approaching the kitchen quickly pulls me and Alice out of our very inappropriate position. Not gracefully I might add. I yank my hand out of her pants as I spin to the left to lean against the bar(Knocking over more stuff in the process), trying my hardest to look casual right when Esme enters the room.

"Uhhhh not yet mom.", Alice answers with a voice that was way too high pitched even for her while grabbing her spoon, quickly stirring whatever is in the bowl in front of her.

"Hey Esme", I greet while looking over to Alice so I don't have to look her mother in the face. Cause I just know it says 'I JUST HAD MY HAND DOWN YOUR DAUGHTERS PANTS!'

Alice gives me a sheepish smile and I notice... half her vagina is showing. Really Alice? REALLY?

"Shorts", I mouth to her while Esme searches the cabinets for something just a few feet away. Alice's nose scrunches up in confusion and mouths back "What?"

"SHORTS", I cough out while placing my hand over my mouth for more effect. She finally catches my drift and looks down then back up in a flash with wide eyes and mouths, "OH MY GOD"

My gaze snaps over to Esme when I hear her closing the cabinets, turning back around to face us right after Alice gets herself all straightened out FINALLY. I swear if we get out of this without her mom knowing I'm so giving Alice hell for how clueless she was about her girly parts just flashing around...

"I could've sworn I had bought- Bella, what's on your hand dear?" Oooooh fuck. GULP. My eyes slowly look down to the hand cupping my nose and mouth and of course it's the infamous hand that got us into all this awkwardness. And it's sticky with Alice juice.


I put my digits into my mouth and suck them each clean while saying, "Just wanted to steal a taste of what Alice was making."

"Yea she just couldn't wait.", Alice adds with chuckle.

Esme's eyebrows knit together, "Oh, well don't do it again sweetie. There's raw eggs in there."

"Yes ma'am. No more dipping.", I smile while giving her a thumbs up. I can see Alice from the corner of my eye looking at me like, "You are so retarded"

"Oh holy fucking shit on a shingle that was close.", Alice says in one quick breath after Esme leaves the kitchen.

A shrug, "I thought it went well.", I turn to Alice, "Next time remember to pull your pants up."

"Next time keep your hands out my pants!"

I scoff dramatically as I turn to leave, "Fine!"


When Rosalie arrived later that afternoon for dinner I had asked her if what Emmett said was really true. If Rosalie really did have Alice's party under control and bless her soul she did. All I have to worry about is getting Alice's gift and I already know what I'm going to get her. I've thought about this for months and I know it's what I want to get her.... I've known for years actually.

"Bella are you okay baby?", Alice asks. Honestly, my nerves are killing me. But I can't tell her that. It will ruin the surprise.

"Yea I'm fine."

she smiles and leans up to give me a quick peck on the lips then returns her head to my lap.

"I love you." I can't help but smile when she randomly tells me she loves me. It warms me from head to toe

"Love you too babe."

"Play with my hair." she orders sweetly.

"Okay", I giggle while massaging my fingers through her soft, black hair.

"Mmmmm.", she hums out, completely at ease as her eyes flutter shut. Her beauty always amazes me. It's the little moments like this that makes me forget about all the bad shit. Us just relaxing on the couch with the lights off watching tv is a precious moment of peace.

I use the glow of the tv to watch her face as she stares at the screen, watching a cute little girl with pig tails running from the water that's splashing on the shore and into her mothers arms. Something flashes across Alice's face. A longing, a wanting.....

"That could have been us.", she says softly, not taking her eyes off the television.

Now is the best time to bring up one thing that needs to be discussed...

"It still can be us, Alice."

I watch as her eyes flicker in thought.

"What are you saying?", she asks slowly while sitting up to face me.

"I've given it some thought, a lot of thought actually, about- about our future. About what we could have together. Alice, I love you." a pause, "... and in our future I see a family."

Her eyes are glistening with tears as she smiles brightly, "Bella are you asking me what I think you're asking me?"

I lick my lips while swallowing down a lump in my throat, "Would you like to have a baby?" Her answer is given to me in the form of a tackling hug that nearly knocks us both off the couch. Her lips hungrily attach themselves to mine.

"Thank you!", she cries out through kisses, "Bella I love you so damn much."

"I love you too angel.", I whisper before meeting her for another passionate kiss.

"Do you really think Edward is going to agree to something like this?"

"I don't know. That's why were taking him out to dinner. Ya know, kinda butter him up.", I glance over to her and she nods.

"But really what do we say, "Hey Edward have a roll, oh! and can we have your sperm?""

"Of course not.", I snort and then frown, "I wish we could be that up front about it."

"Name?", The hostess asks with a smile when we reach the podium.


She looks down at her list, "Ah, Bella Swan here you are. Right this way please."

We follow her through the restaurant and to a comfortable booth in the corner. It costs a little more since it's a little more private than the other tables but hey, we're gonna need it tonight.

"Oh and we're expecting one more person, Edward Masen"

"When he arrives I'll send him your way."

"Thank you."

The hostess returns the smile I sent her way and walks back to where she's needed.

"Bella this place is so nice. I didn't even think you could find a place like this in Forks.", she whispers while examining all the different forks and spoons on the table.

A chuckle, "Well we almost didn't find it thanks to you and your wonderful map skills", a pause, "And hello, this isn't a library. You can speak up."

She rolls her eyes and sticks out her tongue. She can be so adorably childish.

"Oh, you look stunning tonight by the way.", I tell her while smiling. Since there's a dress code for this place she wore an elegant black dress with a plunging neck line and I'm practically drooling while looking over her beautiful creamy pale skin.

A smile plays at the corner of her beautiful red lips as she looks down, avoiding my gaze. I love how easily I can get her to blush.

"You look amazing yourself.", she replies softly when her eyes return to mine and they're filled to the rim with lust. Ooooh yeaaaa I am SO getting laid tonight!, "Red looks great on you, Bella."

"I know.", I smirk. I decided on a black pencil skirt and a silky red top that fits like a second skin. And it's something I just bought for tonight because when do I ever dress up like this?

"Good evening ladies."

Alice and I smile brightly at Edward when he settles into the booth with us. Looking very handsome in black slacks and a deep blue buttoned shirt.

"I get to have dinner with two beautiful women. Can you imagine what the other guests are thinking?"

"They probably think we're your high class whores and you're our sugar daddy.", Alice answers cutely while wiggling her eyebrows.

"Too bad we're all gay.", I add and we all share a laugh.

After a little more small talk and a few rounds of champagne while we wait for our food, Edward finally asks what I thought he would ask sooner...

"I'm very happy you asked me out to join you two, but we could have went to any old restaurant to have a good time. Why The Chandeleur?" a pause, "and not meaning to be nosey but, how can you afford a place like this? You still don't have a job what, are you selling drugs?", his eyes narrow as he points an accusing finger at me, "It's not drugs is it Bella?"

Alice and I giggle at Edward's expression, "I got my bartending job back, Edward. I went in there yesterday expecting I would have to beg and kiss my boss's ass but as soon as he saw me he begged me to come back. He said the place was shit without me."

Edward glances from me to Alice and back to me, "So are you selling drugs on the side? Because we still wouldn't be sitting here on a bartender's income."

"NO there are no drugs!", I look around the restaurant when I realized how loud I said that, some people were staring at me. I force a smile and then turn back to Edward and repeat at a lower volume, "No there are no drugs! Remember that night I sang with Dude, Where's My Guitar? Well, they were playing when I went to the bar to beg for my job back, and Dean told me again how much he appreciated that I saved their asses, so he gave me a check."

"A check?"

I nod with a big grin on my face.

"A damn good one.", Alice chimes in with her own grin.

Edward laughs, "Good. Then I refuse to feel bad for ordering the steak and lobster." a pause, "now, what is it that you need to ask me?"

I take one swig of champagne for courage as Alice squeezes my free hand. I send a smile her way and then focus my attention back to Edward, "The other day when you said if there was anything we needed.."

"And I meant it.", he nods.

"Well, this is a big anything."

"It's fine Bella. What is it?"

"I mean it this is like, a HUGE favor."

"Just ask me."

"The macho of all favors."


"The king of favors."

"WE WANT YOUR SPERM!", Alice blurts out, clearly out of patience. The sound of forks hitting plates and gasps are heard through out the restaurant as all 3 of us in unison turn our heads to face them aaannnnd at the same time each of us turn back. My hand covers my eyes in horror and embarrassment as the people return their attention back to their food.

"Ooooh my god.", I whisper to myself and then whisper-yell to Alice, "What did I say about being so forward?"

"Well you wouldn't spit it out!", she whisper-yells back.

I sigh heavily and look to Edward, "I'm so sorry. We shouldn't have-"

"I'll do it."

"You- you'll do it?"

"Bella when I said I would do anything to help you and Alice I meant it. I also considered this as something that would cross your mind.", he smiles proudly, "and I'm honored that you would ask me."

That's it. It's official. Edward Anthony Masen is an Angel sent from Heaven. I blink away a few tears as Edward and I continue to smile at one another.

"Th-thank you.", I tell him so softly that if he didn't nod in response I wouldn't think he heard me. I pull Alice into a hug as we both cry while giggling happily.

"I love you Edward.", Alice squeals while scooting closer to him and wrapping her arms around his neck.

"I love you to. Both of you."

"Really Edward, you're a gentleman in a land of douche bags."

"Thanks Bella.", he chuckles

Now I really believe a door is finally opening for Alice and I....

It's finally our time.


"Is there anywhere else you wanted to look before we leave?", Rosalie asks as she slings another shopping bag over her shoulder.

Deadpan, "Do I even need to justify that question with an answer?"

"Oh come on! We needed a girls day. It's been forever since we've hung out when it's been just the two of us."

"Did girls day have to be all day at the mall?"

"Duh", she answers before taking another sip out of her Big Gulp. "I heard through the grape vine that you, Alice, and Edward went out to eat last night. What was that all about?"

Oh yea. We decided not to tell anyone until Alice goes through the whole procedure thing and we know for sure she's pregnant. "No reason.", I shrug while looking briefly into the stores we pass while walking .

"Then why didn't you invite the whole gang? It could've been fun."

"We just wanted to-", I stop dead in my tracks when I come face to face with a certain store that holds Alice's birthday gift. The gift I can finally afford to give her. The gift that I've imagined getting her for years....

The gift that will make everything complete with just one simple answer....

When Rosalie sees the store I'm eyeing she smiles and raises a perfect brow, "Are you ready to go for it?"

I look into her eyes with a big smile and nod my head towards Kay Jewelers, "Lets do it."

She squeals while clapping her hands excitedly and drags me in...

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