Don't start - I know it's been a really...really...REALLY...long time...

The muse is finally cooperating with these two. This was prompt for a meme I did on LJ. Hope you enjoy.

Gin Makes You Sin

"Come here often?"

Nyota tried her best to add a little southern charm to the greeting. She was rewarded with a twisted grin and the offering of a shot of gin.

"I thought you were a bourbon man?"

She accepted the glass his hand held and took a tentative swallow.

"Gin makes you sin."

There was something in his eyes that mirrored his tone and a shiver shot down her spine. A new wetness crept into the lace that covered her bottom. It didn't take much. She was easy, especially when the man was Leonard McCoy. She directed her attention back to the stage and the series of speeches that played out the career of one Admiral Christopher Pike.

She tried to ignore the finger that brushed across her exposed thigh. She looked around to see if anyone caught the momentary indiscretion. The two colleagues were shielded by darkness and tables intricately arranged in the shape of the ship the guest of honor once held dear. The same finger invaded the space that was still warmed by illicit thoughts of him.

Nyota swallowed what was left in the glass before biting down her lip to silence the moan that wanted, hell needed to escape from her lips when McCoy moved from warmth to wetness. She hissed and cursed as her legs parted and granted him more access. His digits slipped deeper and she was on the edge.

"Told you gin makes you sin."

His lips were so close to her ear…

Too fucking close to her ear…

Her body hummed with the contact and she let go, turning to taste the lips that held the same smirk that started their latest round of debauchery. Their eyes remained open, one testing the other. His lips memorized her movements - mimicking her motions, remixing the dance, and inviting her to take a journey in taste.

Nyota involuntarily shivered and shook, trying to quell the urge to have him…now.

She wasn't about to give in completely. Not here in the middle of a crowded room where crewmembers, former classmates, and friends gathered to celebrate the retirement of their one time superior.

Still her head rolled forward, seeking more of his lips.

The kiss deepened and it was only a matter of time…

"Let's get out of here."

She didn't recognize her voice, lust forcing a husky air to burden her alto.

"Sure," McCoy replied, dragging tongue and teeth from her jaw to the base of her neck, "As soon as you give me back my fingers."