Spoilers/Timeline: Speculation on an upcoming episode based on a Stephen Nathan tweet.

A/N: Thanks to space77 or inspiring this idea and then giving it a speedy look over.

Disclaimer: Bones isn't mine, yada yada... Title found in Boys Like Girls' Two is Better Than One.

"So you're not going?" He waves the envelope previously buried on my desk in front of me, eyebrow quirking in question.

"Of course not. Why should I, Booth?" I continue rummaging through the files in front of me hoping to find the one we need in order to distract him. "I am an independent, successful woman; I don't need validation from those people."

I'm not lying. I'm proud of my work, of who I am, but I feel no need to return to my high school in some exercise designed to impress the people who had previously mocked me.

Andy Fluger be damned.

"Of course you don't, Bones, but..." he shrugs, stepping closer, "you deserve recognition for that success and I know you've won numerous awards and whatever else, but don't you think it might feel good to be able to show those people that their insults just made you work harder? Made you into a best selling novelist and world renowned forensic anthropologist while they're stuck stocking shelves at Wal-Mart?"

Damn it if the idea isn't tempting, still... "I don't know many people there anymore, which means I'd either spend the entire night alone at a table or be completely overwhelmed by those wanting to discuss my novels. No, I don't believe it would be an intelligent course of action."

Finally unearthing the file I was searching for, I start for the door, effectively ending the discussion.

Or so I think.

"Bones... Bones..." I hear him rushing to catch up to me, but refuse to turn until his hand grips my elbow and his low mutter of 'Temperance' washes over me.

"What?" I bite my lip realizing it sounds harsher than I intended, but I can count the number of times he's used my first name on one hand and it's always been in reference to something important. Why this is one of those times eludes me.

"I think you should go, ok? I know you believe psychology is a soft science and all, but... I think it would be good for you. And, hey," he pauses a moment, ducking his head before meeting my eyes once more, "I'll even go with you."

"Oh?" I attempt to push away the immediate feeling of relief - warmth - that settles over me, but it's no use; my decision is made.

"Yeah, just think, it'll be a nice excuse for us to dress up and go out, have a nice dinner."

"Well, why couldn't we do that anyway?" I feel my mouth turn up as his eyes widen, jaw drops a bit.

"You, uh, we could..." He flashes that smile at me and slings his arm over my shoulders. "Does that mean you'll go?"

"Yes," I lean against him for a brief moment before starting towards the platform, waving the file and grinning wickedly as I go, "it's a date."