Where in the World is Stonehill, Pennsylvania?

Percy's POV

I've been having a hard time sleeping over the past week; I keep
having the same dream over and over again. In the dream there seemed
to be something wrong with the Mist 'cause ever time a monster showed
up people would start screaming off the top of their lungs and running
away way past scared half to death, which could only mean one thing:
they we're seeing exactly what I was. I hoped that this was just a
normal dream but being a demigod I knew that for me it was some kind of
omen telling me about what was to come.

It was about a hour before breakfast time when there was a knock on
the door to cabin 3. 'Who in Olympus is up this early?' I thought.
I opened the door to find my friends Grover and Annabeth, Grover
looked as scared as ever and Annabeth looked as confused and tiered as
I was at this point. "What are you guys doing here?!" I asked.

"I asked Grover the same question." Annabeth said

"Chiron said he wanted to see us about something urgent." Grover
informed us.

"This early," I sighed, "this better be real important!"

After I got dressed the three of us headed to the Big House. We found
Chiron waiting on the porch in human form. "You wanted to see us?"
Annabeth asked.

"Yes, I fear there is something wrong with the Mist" I knew it, Chiron
had just conformed me of my worst nightmare. "There have
been reports of monster sightings in Stonehill, Pennsylvania mostly
around a wildlife preserve call Ravenswood. I've chosen you three to
go to Stonehill and figure out what's wrong, that is if you accept the

Annabeth was first to answer "I'm in, this gives me a chance to get out here."

"If Percy's going, I'm in too" Grover said a little unsure.

I thought about it for a minute this quest would give me a chance to
figure out what my dreams meant, "OK fine, I'll go, when do we leave?"

"Excellent, I want the three of you packed and ready to go right after
breakfast, and Annabeth I want you to lead this quest so go upstairs
and find Rachel, she should be in one of the guest rooms." Chiron instructed.

Just as we had agreed right after we had finished breakfast we all met
on Half-Blood Hill. I could see the camp van waiting for us at the
bottom. Chiron was already at the top waiting out of his human form.
Once we were all there Chiron asked Annabeth what our prophecy was:
"You shall travel to the land of the Rocking stone
You shall meet some creatures you do not know
Your new friend have secrets like you
Which will all be told before your through
But in the end your mission will fail, the Mist will always move
around Stonehill."

"OK, are you three all set?" Chiron double checked.

I looked around to make sure we weren't forgetting anything, "Yap,
we're all set," then I added under my breath "to fail again."

"Good, then I wish you the best of luck and I'm sorry Mr.D wasn't able
to come help send you off but you know he's no good with good-byes."
we knew exactly what he meant by 'no good with good-byes'. Everyone
knows Mr.D hates almost all demigod maybe with the exception of his own kids. With
that we made our way to the camp van heading for Stonehill,
Pennsylvania... Where ever that was.