Chapter 1

I dashed as fast as possible, the netrium batteries in my skates kicking up blue sparks as they were pushed into overdrive. I had to do this. I had to. The yellow can in my hand was cool, I could feel it through my leather gloves. If I wanted to join, I had to tag a billboard high up, something I could only do if I ground and wall-rode quickly and consecutively. I was nervous. I had a fair bit of experience with tagging at high speed, but I had never felt this much pressure before, even with the cops hightailing it towards me as I took time to spray their cars with my own brand of art.

My name? That doesn't matter. You can call me Jolt. I'm 16, and I've been doing this shit for about two years. I live in Shibuya-Cho in the city of Tokyo-to. And I think it's finally time I join a gang.

I had to choose carefully which gang I went after. No one likes playing second fiddle. It's unlikely I'd get into a gang if I had already failed at getting into another, know what I'm saying?

Poison Jam? No, no way. Too far from home and besides, I don't really like monster movies.

Noise Tanks? I can't get into hacking. I ain't got the patience for it.

The Love Shockers are bunny-boilers and the other gangs are either assholes or losers.

That leaves one gang. The GG's. These guys put an end to the 21st century project a while back. If I was gonna run with a gang, it might as well be them.

I was getting close now, and I could make out one of the GG's, standing under the tag location, her black clothes and hair contrasting against the sun. Even though I couldn't really make out her face, I could tell she was smiling.

And now, here we go. I dashed as hard as possible, and leapt at the wall. A streak of blue kicked up and i jumped onto a rail. I jumped and slammed against the wall in another ride before i finally jumped on last time, ground and sprayed my tag, a sort of lightning bolt slashing a 'J', with a mean grin on it while it's doing it.

I landed right next to the girl and bowed as theatrically as possible.

"Yeah, i guess you can roll with the GG's. My name's Cube. Meet me back here tomorrow and I'll take you to our HQ, okay?"

I nodded. "Yeah, cool."

She nodded and ground up the rail and out of sight.

I laughed and did a little victory dance before I jumped too and rode downhill in the direction of home.

Home. I hate that place. My dad died when I was real young, so my mom remarried. Then she died in a car crash leaving my stepdad to look after me. I walked right past him without a word, my skates under my arm. He knew I was a Rudie, and he didn't care. Which suits me fine. I got friends who take care of me. They weren't Rudies of course, but they knew I was. Sometimes I'd tag for one of them if they wanted.

I stomped up into my room and shut the door behind me. I fell asleep in bed without bothering to get changed.

I woke up the next day and the first thing I did was pull on my skates. I gave myself a quick check in the mirror.

I was wearing an electric blue T-shirt with a stylised lightning bolt on the front and a yellow stripe down the sleeves, matching trousers and black gloves. My pale brown long hair was pulled into a ponytail, although a couple of errant strands still fell in my face. Over my eyes I wore visor-like sunglasses with blue lenses. After I decided that I was good to go I leapt out of my bedroom's first floor window, ground along a telephone wire and headed to where I was gonna meet my new ally.