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Lily saw over her shoulder what had caused him to stop. Michelle and Daniel Potter, lying on the floor. "Oh my God!" she said. James was shaking. There was no doubt that Michelle and Daniel were dead. Their faces couldn't look like that if they were alive. Remus, Sirius, Anna, and Jill all crowded around to see what was wrong. There was a collection of gasps and cries.

This all took place in about five seconds. Before anyone could do anything, there was a series of pops, and a group of five wizards stood there. They raced into the house past the younger wizards. After 5that, Lily's memory was pretty blurred. Everything went by really fast, none of it soaking in part her numbness. Later, Lily wondered why she had felt as she did.

Firstly it was shock that ore people were dead. Secondly, it was that it was the Potters. Then she felt sorrow and anger for James; his parents had been killed. But over all, it was that sense of déjà vu. It had all happened before. To her own parents.

Sirius, Jill, Anna, and Remus all went to their own homes. Lily and James were sent to the wizarding orphanage. They arrived, and James went straight up to the boys' dorm. Lily decided to leave him in peace, and she went up to the girls' dormitory. There were very few girls there, because most had decided to stay at school or with a friend over the Christmas holidays.

Lily dumped her trunk on her bed, smiled in greeting at a few of the girls, and then walked over to the window. The garden had a big pond, a stretch of trees that Lily knew was only a hundred metres deep, a few flower beds, and a lot of grass. She saw James walk out into the garden, and then he disappeared into the trees. He didn't reappear, but minutes later a stag came out of the trees. It was headed in the direction of the pond. Lily knew, with a horrible certainty, what it was going to do.

She let out a hoarse, wordless cry, and ran down the stairs, into the garden, and to the pond. James was already in it, getting deeper and deeper. The water was already past his shoulders. Lily changed into her leopard and raced into the water after him. He ignored her. Lily swatted desperately at him with her paw, but he continued to force his way deeper and deeper into the water. The water was now half-way up his neck. Lily put her powerful muscles to the test. Nothing would matter if she failed to do this. She gripped his hide in her teeth (praying that she wasn't hurting him) and pulled him back.

In the swimming pool so long ago, it had been easy to save him as a human. Now he was much bulkier and heavier than before, and he was fighting her. However, sheer desperation forced her to strive onwards. Gradually, slowly, painfully he came backwards. She didn't let up until James was well out of the water. He turned back human. He was sobbing.

Lily turned back too, and held him to her. She had just saved his life, she was his girlfriend, and he had just tried to kill himself. But now, none of that mattered. All that mattered was the moment. His parents were dead. They would never come back. James needed someone just to be there for him, and Lily filled that position. It may have been five minutes, it may have been fifty, but Lily didn't move, and neither did James.

A while later, James stopped sobbing. He hugged Lily tightly to him. "I'm sorry," he whispered. "I'm so sorry." Lily realised that she had tears streaming down her face.

"James. Next time, talk to me. You played right into his hands."

James hugged Lily tighter. "I won't do it again. I promise. Say the name, Lily. I refuse to show him I'm scared of him by fearing to speak his name. It's Voldemort."

"I know. And 'mort' comes from death. He deserves much more than death.

"He killed your parents too, didn't he?"

"That's why I was hiding for so many years. But not any more. We'll find him, James. We'll hunt him down."

"We'll go back to school. We'll continue to get good marks. We'll still have fun, prank the Slytherins, and get detentions. We can make a map of the entire school! We'll become Head Students!"

"We'll do everything. And when we've finished at school, we'll find him."

"We'll do all we can. If we can't, our children will. And our grandchildren. One way or another, we'll get revenge on him. On Voldemort."

"We'll do it. Together, we'll do it." James stood up, and pulled Lily up too.

"Introduce me to your friends. My life is not going to be ruined by Voldemort. My parents would want me to continue… and I want to continue on living."

Come on, James. I'll show you everything." Hand in hand, they walked back into the orphanage. Together, the walked into the rest of their lives.

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