I don't anything you recognize, I just like to play with them every now and again.

Harry has become a magical creature and Draco, who won't get over himself, is his abusive mate. There is another who longs to be with Harry, to show him how he should be loved but Harry's creature mates for life. DM/HP that leads to LM/HP. Severitus.

Contains violence and abuse.

Events have been altered to suit the authoress' will. The events at the department of mysteries take place during Harry's seventh year. As such Dumbledore is alive, as is Sirius and Severus isn't a bad guy and Lucius is a very good actor, he's a spy too. A few other things may change as well, however I haven't yet decided what.


PART 1: Lights Out

Harry watched as the Dursley's brand new company SUV disappeared around the corner, he heaved a sigh as he collapsed back onto the small cot he had as a bed.

His mind wandered back to the events at the ministry. He had no idea how long ago it had been but he was still healing from some of his injuries. He was really hoping that the broken ribs he had would heal properly.

He scowled as he remembered seeing Dumbledore stand back and watch. It had been Severus Snape that had helped Harry when Voldemort had tried to invade his mind. It had been Lucius Malfoy that had helped Harry to finally destroy the madman. He had no idea why they were helping him but he wasn't about to question it.

He rubbed his stomach as it clinched painfully in hunger. He had finished the leftovers that Petunia had left long ago as well as the food he had brought home with him.

He had hoped, futilely it seemed, that Petunia at least would have remembered to leave him some food.

He started as he suddenly remembered that he had heard them say something about going on holiday.


He really hoped that they just hadn't left for it.

He couldn't even guess as to the day it was, and his window was sealed shut and the bars had been reattached and reinforced.

So much for sending a letter to someone.

They returned just before the sunset and he could hear them eating and packing.

He woke to Vernon banging into his cell, er... room, 'don't make me regret leaving you in this house alone, Boy. You are allowed to go the bathroom and the kitchen otherwise you are to stay in your room. Am I understood?' He raged his face somewhere between red and purple, the vein in his forehead throbbed ominously.

'Yes Uncle Vernon,' Harry replied, evenly.

Vernon tried to sneer at Harry but only looked as though he was trying to pass gas. 'Don't touch anything!' he bellowed as he stormed out, leaving Harry's door unlocked and open.

'And clean the house, all of it!' Petunia shouted up the stairs.

Harry blinked, as he stood in the middle of his room. Petunia called Dudley who was whining about his gaming system or something and Vernon was trying to find a snack. Ten minutes later the three were piled into the brand new car and Harry was still standing motionless in his room.

The slamming of the car door pulled Harry back to reality and he scrambled to the window to watch the car drive away.

He gave a whoop of excitement and grabbed up the letter he had written to Ron and Hermione before running out to the shed in the back where Vernon had locked Hedwig.

'Hey girl,' he greeted her, holding out his hand and offering her some owl treats. 'I'm sorry, I tried but you know how they are,' he offered softly. She glared at him as he approached, 'but they're gone for a few days so it's just you and me so you can fly now, and maybe hunt for some good food,' he offered as she let him stroke her softly.

'Could you make a delivery for me? You don't have to rush.' He added when it looked she was going to nip him in protest.

She bobbed her head and Harry attached the letter to her leg and fed her more treats. She hopped up onto Harry's shoulder and rubbed him affectionately as he walked her outside. With a nip to Harry's ear she took off and Harry watched her fly off.

Harry had almost a week alone and was surprised to find that the Dursley's would be coming soon and his birthday was in a few days.

He cleaned the house, which Petunia had never been able to clean as well as he had.

He took some toast and an apple out to the back porch to eat. Hedwig had come and gone already twice and he was waiting for a reply from his friends.

He was supposed to go to the Burrow for the last week of summer, before they went back to school, they also had to pick up their supplies.

He was slightly disappointed when he'd gotten Ron's reply that had been vague at best. Not that Hermione's letter had been any better, but apparently they weren't allowed to say anything about anything to him. Ron had apologized profusely but Hermione had just pestered him about studying.

He tossed his apple core into the bushes and headed back inside.

Harry finished cleaning up and with a loud yawn Harry headed up to bed, not really sure why he was so tired.

At 8 o'clock the next morning the Dursley's pulled into the driveway, pleased to find that yes, their house was still standing.

Vernon and Dudley unloaded the car, which was really Vernon unloading the car as Dudley sat in the car playing his handheld system, and Petunia rushed in to start making a snack for Dudley

Vernon dropped the bags he was holding and Dudley died in his game as Petunia let out a piercing shriek.

Vernon and Dudley shared a look and then hurried inside.

Petunia was standing in the middle the hall as she continued to scream as she pointed into the living room.

The pair could only stare at the sight they found.

Harry, who hadn't made it to bed the night before was levitating in the middle of room and glowing a soft greenish blue.

Vernon gave a bellow and brought his fist down heavily onto Harry's chest. His eyes snapped open as he gasped for breath and he stopped glowing as he dropped to the ground.

Before he could process what was going on he was being dragged by his hair, and he couldn't make out the words but he could tell Vernon was trying to talk about what he was angry about.

'What did I tell you about doing that?' he managed as he slammed Harry against the wall.

'Vernon,' Petunia cried, 'don't damage the walls!' she pleaded as Harry was slammed into the wall again.

Vernon pulled open the door to the cellar and tossed him down the stairs. Harry hoped that the ribs that hadn't healed weren't dislodged in his tumble down the stairs.

Harry had no idea of the passage of time, being locked in a room with no windows and no other way to tell time.

He was huddled in a corner when Vernon came down.

'Are you done with your freakishness?' he asked with an I-have-bad-gas sneer.

'I don't... I didn't,' Harry tried to protest, he had no idea what had happened for him to end up in the cellar. The last thing he remembered was eating outside the night before, had it been the night before?

'Don't lie to me,' Vernon yelled as he backhanded Harry, who flew into the wall.

Harry trembled, he had seen Vernon angry but never had the large man resorted to violence with him.

'Answer me!' Vernon bellowed, advancing on Harry.

'Please, no, I'm sorry,' Harry whimpered as he curled in on himself only to wince as he was grabbed by the arm and hauled up the stairs. He felt something pop and he fought back the tears that the pain had brought.

As they came out of the cellar a blinding pain went through Harry as something connected with his knees and then there was a maniacal laughter. He gasped in pain and as he did something was thrown into his face and he started coughing.

Please, I just want to be somewhere safe. He pleaded to whatever higher being would listen. Vernon let go of his arm and as his shattered knees connected with the unyielding floor he blacked out, as he did he suddenly glowed a soft pink before he vanished.

Dudley however had brought the bat down on his father's foot.